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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 June 2013
Update April 2015 - We have been running up to 15 of these in the kitchen, utility room and bathroom and for nearly 2 years with no failures yet! They will have seen 2000 - 4000 hours use, as some of the rooms are north facing and need a lot more lighting. Only one lamp has shown any signs of flickering and strangely that stopped about a week after it started.


These LED GU10 replacement lamps provide 120 degree cool white lighting, which we find brilliant for the kitchen, utility room and bathroom. They use about 11% of the energy of an equivalent halogen GU10 lamp and give a much broader spread of light, which is great for the rooms that we use them in. The cool white lamps can give a very 'clinical' type of lighting if you are not used to it, but we find it much better in the rooms I have mentioned. There is a 'warm white' option of this lamp available, if you prefer that type of lighting, which many people do. This tends to be more suitable for the lounge or bedroom (in our opinion anyway).

The 120 degree light beam from these lamps is great for providing shadow free lighting in areas where you need all-round lighting rather than spot lighting (traditional GU10 halogens tend to give a 38 degree beam). These lamps do look a bit strange when you first fit them, with the 27 bright yellow LED cells, but you soon stop noticing that, well, we did anyway.

Whilst the initial purchase price is high, the rated longevity of the lamps coupled with the low energy usage, makes them a sound buy from a cost and energy reduction point of view. I have rated them at 4* because we have not been running them long enough to find out if the life cycles are as long as claimed by the manufacturers. I will update as we get more experience. I bought 12 of these to start with and all have run OK so far - they do come with a 2 year warranty so keep your proof of purchase!!

The only thing I cannot find out is how their performance varies with age - compact low energy fluorescents are well known for giving a lower light output and a much warmer or yellow light once they get to around 80% of their rated life. I would like to find out if these LED GU10 lamps suffer from the same problem, but there does not seem to be any easily available info on that. Anyone have an answer??

These lamps do seem to fit any lighting that accepts a standard GU10 lamp and the ones that I received stated that they were suitable for use with dimmer switches - I cannot comment on this as we do not use them!!

Initial experience has prompted me to buy another set of these lamps to replace the other GU10 lamps in the house, which are going to fail soon anyway!!

Update December 2013 - After ~ 8 months use we have not had one premature failure of these lamps (and some of them have already run in excess of 1100 hours in the north facing parts of the house). The reduction in my electricity bill is a very welcome benefit of running these lamps.

Update August 2014 - After 15 months the lamps are still performing well and not a single failure so far - fingers crossed!!
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on 22 October 2012
Forgive the pun, but these bulbs really are brilliant!

We replaced 12 filament GU10s directly with these LED bulbs, and the results are startling - they really do make the old ones look dim. Some of this may be due to the LEDs being cool white, but that's ideal in the kitchen and matches the colour temperature of LED strip lighting already installed under the wall units. The LEDs are 5.5w against 50w of the originals, so what was 600w is now 66w - and better lighting to boot. Makes sense to me, even allowing for the increased initial cost.

The LED lamps run cool, so far less energy is wasted as heat. My experience suggests that the best LED lamps to go for are those with 5050 chips such as these.

Be aware though that these are not reflector lamps like the originals, the spread is even across the stated 120 degrees, so there's no 'spot' effect. I don't see this as a disadvantage though, the originals didn't have a concentrated beam anyway.

We don't know yet, of course, how long these will last - time will tell.

Overall, my advice is 'go for it'!
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on 19 October 2012
Well they certainly do what they say on the tin ..... the biggest thing to be aware of these is the colour ... the cool colour is quite "blue", it's a very stark colour, not as warm as a standard halogen bulb. I wanted this colour so perfect for my needs .... there is a warm bulb option too which may suit some lighting needs better.

It is, however, terrific to be able to run 10 lights (55 watts total) for less than the price of 1 halogen (60 watts) .... predict it'll take 5 months to save back the cost of purchase.
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on 11 March 2014
Bought 10 bulbs. 2 bulbs are not working. a failure rate of 20% just out of the box.I wonder if the 3 year warranty is not worth the cardboard it is written on.

I sent the first faulty bulb back to Amazon. What did they do sent me a pack of 10 not one. They may know something I don't. At this rate I will need to relace all the bulbs.

Another bulb gone this week I will be sending this back. Looks like a full time job sending these back every week.

Dont buy these bulbs
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on 28 January 2014
Bought 4 of these and installed them last has already stopped working......

so if you are happy with a 25% failure rate....go figure.

They say a 3 year life span....but you only have 30 days to return to you will be at the mercy of the supplier.....

Have now returned all as for the money seems too risky
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on 22 November 2013
Decided to fit these into the Kitchen instead of the CFL energy saving fitted at present. i was a bit jubious as to the cost and claimed performance. DO NOT have any dooubt. Amazing is what comes to mind. The light is instant and a lot brighter than the 35W CFL's that were fitted. There also seems to be a lot less shadows to work in. ( 15 foot by 6 foot galley kitchen) Time will tell for the long livety claims by the manufacturer. Buy one to tyr and i am sure you will buy more.
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on 13 April 2014
I ordered a pack of ten of these bulbs from Sourcing4U, fulfilled by Amazon, and the eight that worked are exceptionally bright. I've fitted them in my kitchen as a replacement for the B&Q own-brand LEDs that were already in there and the difference is astounding. We'd put up with the dim lighting on the grounds that it was saving money on the bills, but now you could perform surgery in there. We have some same-brand LED lighting in our lounge and dining room, albeit the "warm" variety, and these SMD cluster bulbs are definitely the way to go. They may look a bit Sci-Fi when they're turned off but the light they produce for the energy consumed is staggering.

Unfortunately two of the bulbs were DOA. One of them is actually a dead short and tripped my lighting RCD. Amazon have been very good in arranging a partial refund, something that's not normally available on multi-packs and is especially problematic when Amazon are only the fulfilment centre for a third-party vendor (they can only offer refunds not replacements) but the trend is worrying. With relatively new technology and high demand some QA failures are only to be expected, but my experience now meshes with some of the less flattering reviews on here. A 20% failure rate is pretty bad whichever way you spin it.

It only remains to be seen how long these things actually last before starting to pack up, and in fact I nearly gave them 3 stars just to be on the safe side. But to be fair the "warm white" variants we have elsewhere have been in for over a year and show no signs of deterioration, and I can only base a rating on my own experience. So they get a 4 star review for now, losing 1 star for the obvious QA problem. If any of them start to deteriorate before their time I'll adjust my rating accordingly.
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on 16 October 2014
I bought 10 of these GU10 bulbs on 29th March 2014, roughly six months ago. I installed 4 of them in totally waterproof outside lights which are also under a porch so nothing gets wet. They have a 3 year warranty and an expected 50,000 hour life - that's a long time. Initially I thought that I'd never use the other six but within a month all four had blown.

Forgetting the long-life and the warranty I installed them again and now I only have one working one left.

I found an original box but Amazon's return time had lapsed. I expect I'll have to talk to the manufacturer but, as we all know, all sorts of excuses will be made so I may just end by saying;

'Don't buy them'
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on 26 May 2014
Just had my first bulb fail after a pretty poor 6 months but as the bulbs come with a 6 month guarantee I thought I would write off to Sourcing4U to ask about a replacement. Can't say I am overly surprised to get no response at all. Based on the short lifetime and lack of any support from the seller this isn't a product I can recommend.

After 18 months 8 out of 10 bulbs have failed. A total waste of money.
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on 24 September 2012
Just purchased 10 of these and they are by far the best yet.I replaced my GU10 bulbs in my kitchen several years ago and I thought at the time they were the best but these knock spots off them, they are so bright and give off a nice glow. I fyour concidering buying replacements for your old bulbs look no futher than these. Will be buying more and delivery was very fast.
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