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on 8 July 2012
What a relief to discover this mobile, which I'm using on Virgin pay-as-you-go.
As a pensioner I need a mobile phone for three things only - calls, text messaging and FM radio. However for physical reasons I find a QWERTY keyboard absolutely essential, which cuts out most phones otherwise advertised as "basic".
After a string of problems with more elaborate offerings (from Sony Ericsson and Samsung and from Nokia itself, a C63) this is the first model I have ever encountered which fulfils my requirements reliably and which (most important of all) ENABLES ME TO SWITCH ALL OTHER POSSIBLE FUNCTIONS OFF, so that I am not constantly paying for interruptions from services I do not want.
It has a lovely clear screen - high-resolution, considering the size - and the keyboard is a pleasure to use. Radio 4 is excellent on it. Thank you, Nokia.
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on 15 July 2012
I absolutely love this phone. I have owned a Blackberry and for a short while the Samsung Galaxy Y. This is by far the best, it is really easy to use, the qwerty keyboard very convenient for writing texts in full, and the layout on the screen is very straightforward. I don't need fussy touch screen phones, just want to make calls and texts. Plus I can put contact postal addresses in, there is a calendar and it looks great. Love it :)
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on 13 November 2012
the first thing you are probably wondering is, whether this phone is a smartphone?

not exactly, buts it more than enough stuff to keep you entertained unlike feature phones (lets call it bordeline smart)

its a lovely looking handset, and feels a little thicker than today's offering. a little tricky to get used to at first, but after a while you start to get attuned to this phone and tend to learn something new about it by the day.

here are some of the advantages

* Easy to use
* Fairly big display
* Supports mp4 video play back @ 320*240 + "24fps which is bizarre at this price range (but happy)
* The camera is not sharp, but the picture is crisp and clear if you view it on a screen less than 800*600 (not bad)
* You can install various apps like whats-app, Facebook chat, msn etc
* The internet is 'always on' so you get on the fly email notifications (super bizarre for the price)
* it has an mp3 player, basic but pretty good. - There is no equaliser or sound scheme feature keep in mind
* the calender feature is awesome, the easiest I have come across
* your phones data, and others including notes and calender entries, messages etc can be synced with your computer. (Microsoft Outlook)
* The battery seems pretty good, since I'm always fiddling with it, in fact I got a day and a half of use considering I was tormenting the poor thing.
* Internal games are okay and it seems most games on Nokia Ovi are free (Happy Days) and as a bonus you are given a 60 day window to download up to 40 EA games for free! valued at £3.00 each, a saving of £120, look for 'Games Gift' in the 'my apps' section. it may not apply to all phones but it present in version 11 in United Kingdom.
* All the other stuff that you would expect. Bluetooth, to-do list, memo, calculator, converter etc etc
* The photo gallery is superb, in fact it has a 'timeline' feature so you easily find a photo you took last year or in a certain months with a few clicks
* the keyboard and its key assignments is nicely layed out and easy to understand
* No need for battery pull. (YAY)
* The speakerphone is quite good, as it doesnt sound like its filtering through a can of baked beans, i can play my music on it in social situations, and not worry about people questioning the quality of the sound
* Anybody familiar with Shazam, the audio recognition software that identifies a mysterious song, will be happy to find out, this has an app built in with an unlimited license. (Paid for courtesy of Nokia)
* You change the entire theme, with tons of themes to choose from Nokia app site.
* It supports flash wallpapers (Yes I was surprised too)

Some Disadvantages

- Its pretty sluggish and sometimes it can test your patience
- the video camera is a load of.......... (see the video sample)
- it has a few bugs in it, that makes it act in a temperamental manner (restart)
- its a weird concept, having a phone that is heavily crammed in stuff that requires an internet connection, and there is no WI-FI!! but I suppose getting an EDGE signal makes it bearable. (you don't stand a chance in watching YouTube videos)
- The firmware has been poorly programmed in some areas of the phones internal infrastructure. (people with experience in Java, VB.Net, C# would know what I am talking about)

if you can view the disadvantages with trivialization then I highly recommend this phone.

if your after the big boys like Blackberry, but not sure of it, then I still recommend this phone and I would be happy to say this is a "Starter" edition of a Blackberry.

Hope I have been helpful.


** PLEASE NOTE - The technical details, specifies this phone has a radio recorder, this is not true and is highly misleading. there is no such feature, as far as i am concerned
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on 23 September 2012
This phone is simple, but if you need it just for contacting people, either by phone calling or facebook, then this one could be the best suitable for you. Battery life is excellent, temporarily using the Internet, FM radio and texting without any charging within 3 days. Backlight is also nice but the colour is just ok. Physical keyboard is one of the best feature of this phone, my fingers are ok with these little buttons but not good for people who have big thumbs. 2G network isn't that bad if you are using it for facebook, twitter and any other social networks on the Internet. I find the speed is reasonably fast when the phone is running on EDGE, however if you have it load websites with mainly pictured sites it may become slower.

Overall I like this phone very much. It's light, easy and handy, which does not eat loads of data that saves my money.
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on 1 June 2012
Having had quite a few Nokia phones myself I brought this phone for a friend's birthday. As can be expected with Nokia the functions and menu are easy to use and the phone works well. The signal is good even though we live in the countryside. The battery life is also good although it does take quite a time to recharge the battery. The screen is large and easy to read. I have not been able to find a way of the phone using wireless to connect to the internet or pick up emails so if you have this phone as pay as you go it could end up expensive. The camera is fine for everyday photos. The music player is good given the price of the phone. The phone takes micro SD card so no need to worry about running out of memory.

Unfortunately I do not think the casing is the quality and standard generally expected from Nokia. The plastic marks easily and even with a gel case the phone casing does not feel strong enough for heavy usage, it all feels a bit cheap.

If you want a basic social networking/internet/music player phone with clear and easy format this may be for you, but if you are willing to pay a bit more the Nokia C300Nokia C3-00 Sim Free Mobile Phone - Dark Greyis a far better option as not only does it have the feel of an expensive phone, it looks good, and it also has wireless connection availability for internet and email use.
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on 30 October 2012
I wanted to buy a second phone which I can use to call my family abroad. I had seen it at one of local bangla shops, but the price there was way much higher, so I decided to get it from amazon (where it was cheaper).

Phone is very good, would use it daily, if I hadn't have my iphone (of course, you can not compare it with that lol)
Battery lasts for almost one week, good quality phone. Only buttons could be a bit bigger, I guess.

Worth to buy, good for a second phone.
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on 21 June 2013
This is the one to buy if you're on a budget and you don't need all the functionality of a Smart phone. You can do a lot with this; the camera is decent enough, texting is easy but, if you're not used to the QWERTY keyboard it will take some getting used to. Be patient with yourself and you'll be fine. Sending and receiving emails will take a few minutes to set up but really very straight forward.

I'm pretty much a technophobe but even I haven't needed to consult the manual once in the three weeks since I bought it. It really is very intuitive.

I sat next to someone on a train the other day with someone who had a Blackberry. In terms of looks and even build quality my did not seem like the cheaper option.

At the time of writing this is priced at £46. I did look at many others but I kept coming back to this one and I can recommend it without hesitation. Excellent value.
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on 4 September 2012
I am so pleased with this phone. I had a Nokia fold-up phone before so I chose Nokia again because it would be familiar and easy for me to find my way around - I'm not very techno savvy! It really surpassed my expectations though, as it seems to do so much for the price and is very simple to use. I honestly can't think why anyone would buy anything more expensive - I love it.
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on 31 December 2012
I've only had it a couple of days, but I like this phone a lot. I particularly didn't want a touch phone and I've always had 'slide' phones in the past; I wasn't 100% sure about a querty keyboard but I decided on it on the basis of the reviews I'd read here and elsewhere.

It's very easy to use and navigate through the features (I didn't have to consult the manual!). The screen is large and clear, which I like a lot. The keyboard is fine for me, but if you're a bloke with big hands you may struggle with the size of the keys.

I suppose it's 'basic' in the scheme of things, but that's exactly what I wanted - no fuss, easy to use, good price :)
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on 1 April 2013
This phone has been a godsend; my last mobile (the similar in appearance-only Polaroid mobile phone) was terrible, so I decided to replace it with this, and I've been more than satisfied with the replacement!

It has all of the features you would expect from a mobile phone: a calendar with lots of room for reminders; a seemingly decent camera (not that I have used it much yet); and a small but decent selection of games (two card games, a side-scrolling platform game and a racing game (the latter of which is only a demo)). Its full keyboard makes writing text messages easy, and there is an option to view whole conversations with contacts rather than just single messages, which is good if you want to remind yourself of what has been said previously. It has a seemingly ample memory, unlike the Polaroid mobile I owned before, The design of the phone looks great and it is very simple to use, and I haven't had to charge it very often yet, despite having used it every day. The only reason I can't justify giving it 5 stars is that I haven't yet sussed out connecting it to the internet... although that might be because I haven't had enough credit to pay for internet usage, rather than a problem with the phone itself.

Well worth the cheap price tag!
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