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4.5 out of 5 stars142
4.5 out of 5 stars
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53 of 55 people found the following review helpful
on 1 September 2003
Until I heard Tainted Love (the Marilyn Manson cover)I had never heard any of his music. After hearing it I developed a mild interest in his work and decided to buy his autobiography as a means to understand him more. I can say that this book is one of the most incredible works I have read in a very long time. It is funny, strange and in places, profoundly disturbing but it has given me a deep respect for this man and an even deeper respect for his music.
People who denounce Marilyn Manson as evil or disgusting should really read this book. I used to think the exact same way but now I see the man and his music in a totally different light.
I don't read many autobiographies but Marilyn Manson's autobiography is a profound and compelling (if somewhat disturbing) testimony of a life that was very nearly wasted but turned around by a need to help people (strange as that may seem!).
Buy it, buy it now is all I can say. If you are sitting there thinking he is just some strange weirdo you need to read this book. It is an insight into the man behind the make-up and the shocking image and a defiant fight against stupidity in our world in many forms.
A truly magnificent piece of literature, worthy of any Manson fan or anybody just out for a good read. I literally couldn't put it down.
You hit 'Buy It' yet?
You should.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 1 September 2001
Being a long time Manson fan i had to check out his book ... right from the first page you are hooked by disturbing stories filled with humour and wit ... The book covers Brian Warners childhood and documents his life as shock rocker Marilyn Manson with stories about the other band members [past & present] ,friends , enemies and everyone in between ...The book also includes colour pics and a 'scrap book/diary' at the end. This is the kind of book you read over and over and still find something new each time ...10/10
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23 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on 30 June 2001
This is a truly amazing biography and a valuable insight into the driving force behind the self-proclaimed Antichrist Superstar. It's written with a dark, acerbic wit and its often intimate detail never fails to fascinate. Manson's childhood days are retold with a dry, sometimes twisted sense of humour. His trouble-hit time at school and the frightening vision of his grandfather's activities in the cellar are chronicled with painstaking attention to detail and helped boost my understanding of the ideas behind the Antichrist album. At times it makes highly uncomfortable reading - there are some graphic descriptions of some of his sexual encounters and the sado-masochistic leanings of Manson and his chums is at times disturbing. The most worrying part of the book is that Manson would most probably be in jail if he hadn't been able to use music to unleash his frustrations against hypocritical Americans, their Bibles and their televisions. If rock and roll is about excess, then Marilyn has had more than his fair share. It is a miracle the man is still alive. He is a true superstar, whether we like it or not, and this book sparkles with his nihilistic energy. He has been through hell and back, and anyone interested in what makes him tick should buy this book straight away. You'll read it more than once.
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on 10 July 2011
I'm not really a "fan" of MM but I love autobiographies and thought it might be an interesting story and it certainly is. A self made larger than life character who was bored simply being Brian Warner, music journalist, and decided to become a musical monster of his own design. A lot of sex and drugs tales which have become cliched and actually boring and repetitive in other books like Scar Tissue and The Heroin Diaries have a darker and sicker dimension in this book - I can't believe he tells you half the things he does. But that's what makes this book stand out. Sadly, it finishes in 1997 but that leads me to hope that there will be another one on the way soon and when it arrives, I'll be ordering it from Amazon.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 28 December 2014
Raucous, deviant, sadomasochist, disturbing, but yet powerful in its brevity. The story of the once idolised term "rock star" hadn't been as emphatically personified or portrayed since the 70's.

Autobiographies are in their purest essence, self-indulgent and egocentric; these both are central themes to The Long Hard Road Out of Hell. From the decrepit basement of Marilyn's grandfather to the filthy and grimy floors of a New Orleans partying drug-den. Manson doesn't hide or pretend to be ashamed of the excess he lavished in as the lead singer of Marilyn Manson.

One witnesses the metamorphosis of Brian Warner as he manifests into one of Rock music's most notorious and controversial front men. Grotesque, repugnant and unafraid in its vulgarity, but much like the artist himself he captivates the audience and delivers a poignant and underlying message. The misunderstood musician is sometimes looked at as the archetype of the tortured artist, and that is true to a degree. At the heart of this book is a story of triumph, ambition, vision, perseverance, drugs, alcohol, distraction, addiction, love, relationships, sex, music and most of all the story of an outsider.

A turning point for me in the book was Marilyn's self-realisation of the destructive nature of the volatile lifestyle he was leading began gnawing at his conscience. The lethargic and detrimental effects where beginning to show cracks within the band- divides became visible, paranoia whispered in disorientated ears and Marilyn's musical vision was in danger. The drugs dug their blackened claws into the core of the group.

Manson's resentment for societal norms and the mechanical and predictability of civilisation- sacrificing the hedonistic, impetuous passions of the flesh would become motivational and inspirational for him. Later this intellectual dissatisfaction with humanity would become synonymous with the man, the myth and the legend.

The instability of the glitz and glam of rock n roll symbolised an escape from the monotony of Canton, Ohio. The reckless lifestyle a fight against conformity and a parody of American pop culture I.e reality tv, talk shows, consumerism ect.
The time was now! He needed to finally transform into his creation in mind and body, and shed the insecurities of Brian Warner. The Antichrist Superstar would be born.

"Down there, I saw my black, ancient, ineluctable core exposed, like a crab forced out of it's shell- dirty, vulnerable, and obscene. For the first time in my life, I was truly alone."

As a massive Marilyn Manson fan, I'm glad I got the chance to read this. Parts of the books that people were calling ostentatious where the ones I connected with on a deeper level. The ego-driven self-adulation an attempt to gloss over the emotionally traumatised and insecure boy? The sentences where he is pouring out his soul and allowing the reader to see him so vulnerable are when his gift for writing truly stands out. I'd like to see a second book covering the tumultuous period in his life from 1998-2014. That's 16 years of undocumented Manson stories! Lol

Anyway if you're a fan, you'll love it, if you're not, you'll still find this a morbidly-fascinating and slightly humorous read. The drugs and alcohol induced escapades need to be read to be believed in their entirety.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 8 January 2013
I think its fair to say that this is the creepiest book I have ever read, but amazing at the same time. His past when he lived with his parents is very visual, and you find yourself thinking about the scenes in the book - especially the basement!
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on 8 June 2008
Being a fan of Marilyn Manson for many years now I had been very interested to read the autobiography in an attempt to actually, truly understand the man and how he came to be what he is. When I finally had the money (I don't have much money) I bought the book and was very excited to finally read it (so excited that I read it in a day). Upon reading the book, wow, fascinating stuff here, everything you could possibly want to know about his origins are in this book and even passages on the band's journey into the mainstream and the work before the "Sweet Dreams" cover in 1996 including the controversy of "My Monkey" and the problems and successes that came with working with Trent Reznor. Chapters on his childhood, his growing up, his good experiences, his bad experiences, losing his virginity, his times with drugs, his many relationships, the forming of the band, the search for the band members, his work before the band including the story he wrote when he was 19; "All In The Family". It's all in here, even a very amusing chapter entitled "The Rules".

After reading this book I can honestly say I have a very good understanding of the man and a new found respect for him. He truly is a very intelligent man with an amazing life story to tell. And all of this by the time he was 29!!!

I urge all people to read this book! If you enjoy his music then this is an essential read to fully understand the man and if you don't like his music this is an important read so that you at least don't just judge the man based on his appearance!

Go! Read! Enjoy! Respect!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 22 September 2003
This book was written brilliantly. From his abnormal childhood with his distirbing grandfather to his sexually confused teenage years. The development of his band, and his battle against christianity. Before reading the book i could understand why people thought he was a "freak", but afterwards you kind of feel sorry for him. His life behind the scenes of the music is very normal, behind the make-up and weird clothes is an actual human being. This is a must read for all Marilyn Manson fans!!!
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on 2 July 2010
I was 39 yrs old before i became a fan of MM, and then only because Gary Numan raved about him in a doco. Warners music leaves you with a lot of questions and this book has a fair crack at answering them. Although frequently "shocking" its apple pie at others and appears to give a sincere account of Brian Warners life. Written in an almost "matter of fact" style it smells rather than reeks of nastiness, he certainly could have made it more shocking or dramatic if he'd wanted to. It's interesting that although Warner has clearly been an enormous worldwide success, the book understates the size of his achievements. Neither does it really tell the reader why the causes had their affects - nothing explains why self mutilation later became an obsession for example, but then MM's lyrics cover that side of things. It's a child to rockstar story (pre divorce) that covers the "Reznor" thing and spends alot of time recounting the beginnings of MM. Intelligent rather than glib and frequently funny, Warner gives clues aswell as statements about why he felt obliged to brake the crust of the american pie. He is a bad boy, but his mommy loves him.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 12 March 2013
A wonderful read that has opened my eyes to the complexity of the man that is Marilyn Manson. I now hope i understand him as much as a 15 year old girl can in this day and age and feel even more connected to him now than i did before. This book is an excellent read for those who either love or loath him and i thoroughly recommend it- well, as thoroughly as a naive 15 year old biased fan girl can *haha*.
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