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4.3 out of 5 stars423
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 21 February 2016
Do NOT buy if you have hard floors - is great on carpet - but our downstairs is laminate and it cannot pick up much more than fluff. Every morning I chase cat litter round the floor - have now reinstated our Dyson.
Other design flaw is the gap in middle of brush & suction head meaning you can only move across half the width of cleaner.
It is wonderfully light, easy to steer and if I just had carpets I'm sure it would be great . . . but I am SO disappointed in it.
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on 28 August 2012
My in-laws bought this hoover and wouldnt stop raving about it. We have 2 dogs each and they kept saying how it just took every piece of dog hair or crumbs etc from the floor. They raved about it so much, I thought they were on commission for the company! We decided to borrow theirs before investing in one. We currently have a Hetty (from the Henry family). That does a good job on tiles and lino, but after hoovering the carpets, you could still see dog hairs.
I used the Gtech, and crikey! Its like we have new carpets! Not a spot of dog hair anyway. It gives the carpet a brand new lease of life.
It's also great how you dont have to knock a switch to the type of floor you are hoovering (like you do Hetty). This just rolls from the carpet straight to tiles/lino and picks up everything in its path.
Its really light and the manoeuvrability is amazing. You can point the arm straight and the head can be on a 45' angle pointing left/right, which means it can get anywhere. Also the arm moves right down so you can get under beds, tables with ease!
Couple of very small let downsides (and they are very small! :
1. as its battery powered, you are limited on life before recharging, but I hoovered for a good 45mins and only 2 out of the 4 bars were out, so Im sure it can hit an hour...which is a lot of hoovering!...the problem is that its so good, you just want to hoover everywhere!
2. Limited "litter" space. As its light, it only has a small storage for the stuff it hoovers which means you have to empty it quite a few times. However, my inlaws were told in John Lewis, that the first few times of hoovering, it will pcik up loads of excess, then after 2 or 3 hoovers, you dont need to empty it as much as there wont be so much dirt on your floor!
Thats it - they are the only 2 niggles, which are nothing.
We will be getting one of these for Christmas, without a shadow of doubt (by the way, Im a 30yr old male raving on about this, not a 65yr old housewife...thats how good it is!)
A word of warning though, the first time you use this, you may be embarrased about how much dirt is in your carpet!!!
Deff recommend this hoover!
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on 2 June 2012
This has to be one of the very best buys I have made in 50 years of house keeping ! Light, easy to manouvre, but more than anything, has great suction and power and does a brilliant job. Love the fact it has no long trailing cord, which I usually have to untangle and replug around our rather large house. Once charged (easy as pie) it cleans for hours and I just swan around the house, room to room, taking half the usual time to do my cleaning. Whoever was responsible for this lovely little machine deserves an award for design and innovation.
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on 15 October 2012
I love cleaning! I already have 2 of the best vacuum cleaners on the market, the Miele Cat and Dog and the Sebo X4 so I was intrigued by the Gtech and its excellent reviews. The main reason I decided to purchase one was the fact that I now have a serious back condition and the Gtech is lightweight and highly manoeuvrable. does it perform...... Well, the set up was quick easy and straightforward, it charges quickly, although the charging cable is a little too short in my opinion.

Once charged and turned on it sounds a bit like a Flymo lawn mower, but boy can it pick up!! I have a large house with 4 reception rooms and 4 double bedrooms and it hoovered up the lot in double quick time! The fact that its cordless is just fantastic, it's very liberating not to keep unplugging and replugging as you move from room to room. The whole house was completed with plenty of battery life left for another time. The unit is very light and very manoeuvrable, which makes the whole process much less of a chore. The downsides........ Well I do have some gripes..........where are the tools???? I really missed the tools to do my skirting boards, nooks and crannies. Also the dust compartment is tiny, mine was full after the first use, but maybe this shows what my other two bagged models weren't picking up!! However for optimal use I'd recommend emptying every time you charge.

All in all I am delighted with my purchase, it's just a shame that the lack of tools and small dust compartment let it down, hence 4 stars instead of 5. I won't be getting rid of my Sebo, but I definitely won't use it very often. I'm loving being cordless :-)
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on 31 January 2013
I bought this as I was having difficulty carrying our Dyson around, particularly upstairs. Was very impressed with how easy this is to use, empty and charge. Until you have one of these you don't realise how much time is taken up plugging and unplugging your hoover. I can hoover the whole house in a third of the time with a lot less effort. The cleaning power is excellent - even fetched up small dirt particles from carpets I'd not longed cleaned with the Dyson. I haven't rated it as a 5 in this review only because my first one broke a few days after I bought it, demonstrated and recommended it to several friends. I think this may have been unusual as the fault was inside the arm of the machine which shouldn't be affected by use, and so far the replacement I received before Christmas has been reliable. GTech sent a replacement the next working day and arranged for the other one to be collected at a time of my choice so I was very pleased with their customer service. Particularly impressive given that it was the week before Christmas. My neighbour has since brought one and had equally quick delivery. I'd recommend following their advice on washing the filters monthly as I was surprised at how much dirt they'd picked up. A tip from the neighbour was to occasionally use our small hand held hoover to clean the filter cage when emptying it to keep it a bit cleaner between washes. Proved to be a great idea. I'm now hoping for a long life for my AirRam as it is one of the best household labour saving devices I've found.
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on 5 June 2013
This doesn't need a review as it is has so many great (and true) ones but I wanted to add to it.

I saw an ad for this vacuum in a national newspaper and as I wanted a new one, my existing one being very heavy and cumbersome to lug up and down stairs, I thought I would order. But I checked out Amazon reviews first and it seemed it really was as good as it said it was so I ordered here using the '1 click' service.

The vacuum arrived less than 48 hours later and was easy peasy to put together. Being a warm day I thought I'd just run it round and maybe do a proper vacuum later. It was so light and easy to use - ideal for a house with stairs like mine (and if you talk dirty to it, it will do your stairs too) - and wonderful not to have to plug it in all the time and lug the wire around with it. It seemed to find its own way around the room and make very encouraging sucking noises. 'OK', I thought 'How much dust did it suck up after such a short time'. To my horror the tray was full but my carpet looked like new again. I filled another tray again just a few hours later (yes, sad but I appear to be addicted to it!)

What do I like best about it? The fact it's cordless - yes. Light? Even better. You can see the dust in the tray? Yes. It is easily chargeable? Yes. It goes around corners and twists itself round the rooms? Yes, yes that is a great feature. It's price? Yes, that is OK too. And it looks good, design wise for a very boring practical household item. Easy to store. (this came a close second).

So what did I like best? I love the fact that ultimately it does exactly what a vacuum should do. It really sucks up the dirt on the carpets and gimmicks aside - isn't that ALL we want? The other things are great icing on the cake making this a very good buy.
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on 15 May 2012
I have mainly wooden floors and a (hairy) dog.

The Gtech is lightweight compared to my Dyson and so much easier to move around without the need for wires, plugging in, unplugging, etc. It made vacuuming the house so much quicker and I mean really so much quicker!

What amazed me the most was this... I mainly have wooden floors but a rug (carpet) in the bedroom. It used to take me about five or six minutes of continually hoovering over the rug (it's only about 3ft by 5ft in size) with the Dyson to get all the dog hair off of it, the Gtech cleared the hair virtually first time and in about two minutes! I was a bit sceptical that it would not be able to shift the hair that easily - but it did!

My first impression with this is a very positive one.
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on 2 May 2012
Oh my goodness, I am just "blown away" by this!! This was a gift (to myself).
It was always an absolute nightmare to hoover properly under my bed as it is fairly low, this breezed under it without any problems. I could not believe the fluff in the collection box - I was SO amazed that I did it again and got even more up. Just because it is cordless, have no worries/doubts about the suction abilities. My only critism is, the charging power lead is not massively long, and as my socket in my understair cupboard is fairly high this is a minor problem, but can be got around easily enough.(especially having a electrician for a husband)

**I HAVE BEEN USING THIS FOR ABOUT 10 DAYS OR SO NOW, AND WOULD NOT WANT TO BE WITHOUT IT!! My husband is always walking in "mud crumbs" as I call them from the grooves on the bottoms of his trainers - this is truly effortless to just hoover them up - of course him taking his shoes off would be the better option!! Then all that needs to be done is to use my "BARE FLOOR PRO S2S VAX STEAM" mop which is another of my favourite items!! My cleaning is cut in half easily with these 2 items alone - more time to go shopping on Amazon :-)
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on 22 August 2015
I hesitated before buying just like you probably are reading this. I had a dyson which had pretty much given up picking anything up and so was searching around for something new. I was going to go for a dyson again but the adverts and the comments about the gtech air ram kept bugging me and I was torn as to what to buy. In the end I figured I would try the gtech air ram, firstly because the cost was equivalent to a new dyson anyway and secondly because with two young children I seem to be constantly needing to hoover and if the claims were true then this would surely make my life easier.
And it does. Now I have to say that along with the gtech air ram I also bought the gtech multi as I think the two together provide the full solution I was after.
Even on its own I really love the air ram. I use it so much more often than I used to use the Dyson because it is so easy to pick up and use and there is no hassle. Which when you have a one year old who is obsessed with throwing food on the floor (let's hope that phase finishes soon) is a blessing. The lack of cord and the weight of it just make it so easy. Instead of just focusing on the patch that needs doing as I used when food went flying I end up hoovering the whole floor as it is so easy. Our floors are so much cleaner than they ever were before. We use it on wood floor, tiles and carpet.
One gripe I do have is that we have a long shag pile rug in the lounge. The first time I used it on here it kept stopping. This is because it is so sensitive it thinks that it is getting blocked up with the long strands from the rug. However I have found that if I keep it moving fast it is fine. Now the rug is cleaner than it has been for a long while.
If I didn't have the multi I would be a bit gutted about the things that it can't do like the attachments and would hate to have to keep my old heavy, space filling dyson just to do the odd jobs. So I would definitely recommend the two together. I can carry both around easily together and when I have done a patch of the carpet, I don't have to worry about swapping attachments I just pick up the multi and do that bit then carry on the with the air ram.
It has definitely changed the way I think about vacuuming. It is no longer a huge job that I have to do once a week that takes a couple of hours. I tend to do the downstairs every other day as it is so quick and then the upstairs twice a week. And it is all over so quickly.
I have not had it run out of battery on me yet when doing the house. And although with my old dyson it would have easily have taken over 45 minutes to do the whole house (an average sized three bed house), because I am now hoovering often it doesn't take as long each time. And therefore it hasn't run out.
I probably do have to empty it once or twice during the full house clean but it is so quick and easy that it isn't a problem.
My husband is quite picky about hoovers and he is really impressed with this. He does love gadgets so I did suspect that he might!
Someone told me they were really noisy but it wasn't any louder than my old dyson and my one year old doesn't get disturbed by the noise at all so that's all that bothers me.
Overall I definitely think it has changed my vacuuming lifestyle, it now seems less of a chore. If you are dithering about it like I was I would say go for it.
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on 18 May 2012
I bought the Air Ram after seeing it in a tech magazine. It was deliverd quickly and was soon in use after an initial charge of 4 hours. Sadly after about 10 minutes use the battery died and even after recharging it kept on failing... however after phoning G Tech (I had bought it directly from them) another was speedily delivered and this one works perfectly. (There was battery fault with the first one).
It is very easy to use. It gets right into corners and under furniture. I live in a flat and have no stairs so I cannot comment on its use there.
It is very easy to manouvre especially for me as I am partially disabled. It picks up all dirt,including hair and fluff and it leaves the carpets looking 'groomed'. It is very easy to empty and is not at all messy. All you do is tip out the little blocks that have been compacted from the container. The filter just needs a little tap to release the dust. I have not yet washed the filter but it should be very easy.
It is a little noisier that my other vacuum cleaner (a Miele) but is not at all loud.
It is so easy to get out quickly when something needs picking up off the carpet. I have 5 grandchildren who can very quickly make a mess!.
I would recommend this to anyone who has difficulty using a heavy machine or who wants a quick and easy way to clean the floor.
A fantastic product which I hope will give me many years of service.
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