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4.5 out of 5 stars111
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 5 January 2014
First off, this is a MASSIVE improvement on Tekken 6.

I have followed this series since the original was released on PS1 so, having been majorly disappointed by Tekken 6, I was prepared for the worst loading up this game for the first time. However, on first play through you get the feeling that the developers have genuinely gone all out in addressing all the niggles of the previous game in an effort to present its fans with a thoughtful, entertaining and nostalgic experience.

Being a sucker for Tekken 2, I don't care much for some of the new characters so it was great to see the likes of Jun Kazama, Angel and Kunimitsu back with decent skill sets that didn't make them feel like they have been added in just for the sake of a Tag game. For nostalgia buffs there's even a movie theatre dedicated to the openings and character endings from Tekken 1, 2, 3, and the first tag. There is a massive rostra of characters but this doesn't jeopardise the quality of the game.

I found the greatest improvements to be the music (with some reworked recognisable tunes and the opportunity to edit in tracks from your own music library), the levels which are interesting and diverse without being ridiculous or just plain unimaginative and the character renderings with detail paid to the various textures and materials. This game feels a lot less cartoony than Tekken 6. Best of all, its just easy to pick up and play.

All your usual modes are here, Arcade (with some decent and genuinely thoughtful endings), Ghost, Versus, Team Battle etc. Customization has been limited somewhat but I found this streamlining to work in the game's favour.

After Tekken 6 I had all but given up on the series. The FREE DLC characters and the clear effort that has been put into creating this game gives the strong impression that the developers had a genuine desire to appeal to fans of the originals and for this reason TTT2 certainly has more than a hint of nostalgia!
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on 7 December 2012
Starting off; my first impressions of the game was slightly odd, my usual characters (Lili and Asuka) feel slightly different than usual. However after a while i found that the new game mechanics have actually improved the fighting experience. This includes the fighting speed / pace, intesity, the whole experience in general feels vastly superior compared to the old Tekkens such as number 6. Infact i playing 6 after playing tag for a while you learn that its alot slower pace.

Starting on the general game. Now everyone enjoys their music. I can see that Tekken Tag 2 decided to take the approach of using Dubstep & Mixes.
The music completely suits the fighting pace that the game has and even give you your fighting hype during the match. I personally think this is a good move for the game as some individuals may disagree with me; however i think its sutiable 'fighting' type music.

A few deserved to be mentioned such as "IT'S NOT A TUNA" on Bountiful Sea & of course the Boss fight's "What you will see" on Heavenly and Fallen Garden. As well as "Tekstep Fountain" on Fontana di Trevi. I also must say the Main menu and character select songs are good and also worth mentioning. There are many other good ones but i must move on.

Character Customisation.
Now this is a major up compared to previous titles; exploiting the shop with your well earned gold is not a problem if you play alot of VS with your friends online, completed the character tournament feature but Nothing beats ghost mode when it comes to praticing and improving your skills as well as getting a few rewards in the process via gold panel fights and Luckly Boxes.

With the shop you have a huge range of Outfits which seem to have certainly boomed up in Tekken Tag 2. I contemplated where should i start due to this insane amount of clothes so in the end my target is to buy them haha.
Looking at the Laws I'm sure many of you notice that he's basically Bruce Lee in a video game. I also noticed there is a huge amount of customisation for him as well involving getting he's Outfits, additional weapons like the golden & standard nunchucks sutiable for both the Laws. You can make your own fightable Bruce Lee basically!

I started off with customising Lili making her look incredibly sexy. I must say the customisation is almost endless to an extent. Sometimes more is bad however i must say more is good in this situation!

Looking more at the Fight Lab.
Now for players who are thinking why is the new character "Combot" so useless with only a total of 17 moves / combos. You must do the fight lab and unlock various of other skills from other charatcers. Now this is an interesting character. You can customise this character to the max! giving him the the randomness of Alisa, the cartwheel of Lili, the power from Hworrang to send players flying and many more!
However you need to complete some quite chalenging 5 stages which could be annoying for certain segments of the gaming audience. Completeing these will teach you how to use combot and fighting techquines in this basically a tutorial for new players as well. This character could be the best character (not that i agree with my self) but COULD. Its basically a Mokijin without random randoming each round. its your personallised one! which actually sticks to what move set you have inputted into it.

Now talking about Gameplay!
I'm sure you can see Tekken is still the same as it is back in 1994. Along the way with minor tweeks entered and visually improved however the gameplay is basically still the same! However Tag 2 is a major improvement over the first Tag as well as the orginal 1V1 in previous tekkens. Fighting has never been harder than before now since the Tag feature was added and for them to release the orginal tag as "Tekken Hybrid" is a good feature for us. But You can tell there is minor graphical difference compared to Tekken 6. So thats why we have Tekken Tag 2 now!

My experiences of this game is quite sturdy! The Tournament feature is a nice one (Arcade Mode) as always it will gradually increase the differculty of the fights. But this game is wants you to farming in ghost mode if you want to aquire many money, which is a slight repeative downside however this game is a fighting game right? I'm sure some of you have actually complaned about how strange Tekken 6's Story Mode felt in the 3D 3rd person enviroment. Of course i enjoyed the story however the gameplay wasn't great. You will usually need to have a friend to play Tekken.

Talking about playing with a friend the Online mode its actually pretty smooth to play on. But still nothing beats playing side to side offline. Talking about the tag feature it's great to use in battle, it will take some pratice to use in a very effective form however its certainly great for keeping recovery hit points down.

When you tag out the player you are not using will recover hit points until its recovery bar is completely full (this obviously doesn't mean it could recover to full health) i think this sort of even-out Yoshimisu being such an over powered character as its the only character with healing back in Tekken 6. However no charatcer is better than another. I'd say its all up to preference who you pick and if you can put in the time and effort to being good at using him / her. At first i used Law and found him to be very good, however I liked looking at Lili so i picked her up and took a while to get used to using her and after a few hours shes already better than Law.

There also one feature i found pretty interesting which is Pair play :) now unlike before you can actually have 4 people playing at once. Its quite interesting to get fighting styles in sync with your friend vsing your other friends as well. This is also a good edition if your always having a Tekken tournament around your house with friends so you don't have to take turns with swapping the controller. (However some people might not prefer it)

About classic spamming. If your good enough its easy to avoid spamming using simple parries, side steps and counters etc... However i did notice a few moves are very annoying to dodge/avoid such as Law's Dragon Kick, The Boscanovich spam, Steve's smack down etc... This isn't easy to balance out due to the odd over 9000!! plus combos. So you can't really base the game being bad due to spammers. Like i said if you are "Pro" enough they are easy to get around and use your endless 3/4 health taking combo on them :D

Also forgot to mention, MORE CHARACTERS!!
More characters some carrying simlar aspects and generic move sets as to others one being the "Laws" combanation in tag. of course if you prefer using one character and don't quite like the tag feature you can go solo.
(Telling you a nice trick, go solo, Pick Miguel and if the other person isn't also solo you will get a power boost to make up for the lack of man power, Now Miguel is over powered as he is really - hes one of those block then attack charatcers making him a good character - With rage mode a few seconds of hitting the guy 3/4 of he's health is gone and hes gotta switch now. Now this may sound un even but Miguel is pretty slow compared to others like the Laws, Alisa, Anna and Nina etc... But if you can use Miguel and master blocking, parrying and contering grabs you will basically be a tank with the firepower as well)

Back to new characters we have the good old slim bob, which i found to be quite useless compared to the orginal bob as well as he feels slower (logically it should be the other way round) and even has more power than the orginal bob.
Angel - as more aggressive & faster Devil Jin i would say however a little bit limited i think.
Unknown - well this is the boss however its moves are of what downgraded compared to the actual end boss in Arcade.
and Many others which you will see when you get the game. If you are new to Tekken you will need to do alot of experimenting with different charatcers to workout which are sutiable for you. As for previous tekken owners i'm sure you all know about generic move sets so its easy to workout which works for which charatcer.
Kuma and Panda are both now seperated characters (Bear and Panda) as in Tekken 6 it was a set costume for one charatcer which i found abit odd.
Just basically more new characters to play around and experiment with!
(P.S - i did noticed Alisa has a higher time gap between moves compared to Tekken 6) Still a good character however i think it is because of evening out the characters in other words nerfing her.

Overall this game is highly recommened, i've decided to write a review due to the fact I played it for 200 hours now (not including the other several hours in Euro Gamer - London) since it came out, and considering i play it regularly its worth my money as a game (No good not playing a game which you bought and found your self not playing it in the next week) I must say you will need a friend to play with, its definatly more fun that way.

I might have missed a few points however thank you for reading my review.
Please keep in mind that this is a fighting game, presented in 3D however its gameplay is basically 2D fighting in a 3D enviroment. If you haven't ever played tekken please check youtube for videos before deciding. For exisiting Tekken players, i hope this review has been of any use to you and again thanks for reading!

*EDIT* i noticed i did forgot to mention that the character endings are good to look at, some of which are very funny. great CGI used worth your time viewing, Lee's one is just epic end of. To unlock them you select the character you want to get the ending of first in Arcade Mode. however you can unlock them all at random in Ghost mode via Gold Panels. As always Tekken always seem to amaze me! - Also Tekken's CEO said no to DLCs which have been a plague in morden video games even Squre Enix's Final Fantasy as hit them and i bought them being a fan, Tekken's CEO Actually care about us, the fans more than he's wallet. As we get all the new stages and characters free via update. so when you buy the game thats the price you pay. no additional costs (except for the Online Pass however you get it free in a new copy)
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on 18 September 2012
As a long time fan of Tekken I can honestly say that this game has done everything right. The character roster is already huge with over 50 characters and there's still more to come as FREE DLC.

The original Tekken Tag Tournament was my personal favourite game in the series and I'd say that this surpasses it.

The previous instalment Tekken 6 had great gameplay, possibly the best of the series at the time it came out, but had issues that held it back like often poor online with lag, not the best presentation eg. the menus didn't look that great and the stages and soundtrack, while decent failed to be as memorable as in previous games.

This game takes everything that was good about Tekken 6 and the original Tekken Tag and builds on it. The stages all look truly great, many of which are updates of classic stages and the soundtrack is godlike and puts the music from Tekken 6 to shame. Plus there's the option to add any music you want to any stage and there will be DLC that includes all music from all the previous Tekken games.

The ending movies are now longer and are easily the best they've been since Tekken 4.

The online now runs smoothly with very minimal lag.

The tag system has been updated to allow for much bigger combos and also lets you tag in in several different ways.

There's Tekken Lab mode which is a good tutorial and entertaining to play through.

All the characters added to this game are returning characters from old games, some of which haven't been featured for a long time like Jun, Kunimitsu, Ogre, Michelle, P Jack, Angel, Forest Law and several others.

Like Tekken 5 and 6 this also features customisation which allows you to change the clothes and hairstyles of your characters as well as give them weapons and change the image of them that appears before a fight.

It also includes all of the essentials like survival, time attack, practice and team battle.

For those who hated having to play scenario campaign in Tekken 6 you don't have to worry about that now. This is Tekken back to just being classic Tekken where you unlock stuff by playing through arcade mode and ghost battle.

If you've played any Tekken before or even if you haven't played a fighting game before I'd recommend this game. Its easy enough to get into at first and offers endless replay value in mastering all the fighting styles of each character so you can take them online and kick some ass.

Its hard to see where Namco could go from here with Tekken 7 because this game has set the bar so high that it just seems hard to imagine how they could top this. I think they should wait a few years and let us enjoy this game then release Tekken 7 for the next gen consoles. It will be a hard task but if anyone can do it its Namco.
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on 24 February 2016
TTT2 serves as a celebration of the Tekken series as a whole. Like the first tag game, it rounds up nearly all the fighters that have ever been a part of the series for its roster. Some notable observations include the return of Dr Bosconovitch as a playable character for the first time since Tekken 3, Heihachi's slightly younger appearance compared to recent Tekken games, and Julia Chang's "Jaycee" revamp.

The graphics are slick and the game can be played in 3D if you have a capable TV. The arcade mode proves rewarding, as the fights are endless fun, allowing your two fighters to play off of each other's strengths. Plus, the ending movies are much more entertaining than the lazy efforts we were given in Tekken 6. There are tonnes of customization options and you now have the ability to save them as seperate costumes instead of replacing the fighters' standard attires.

Exclusive to TTT2 is Fight Lab, in which you train up Combot, who returns from Tekken 4. However, those new to the series will find this mode useful for training up themselves, as the mode talks you through and requires you to perform powerful moves e.g. jugglinb, which will bode well for bouts against the CPU or your friends.

In terms of DLC, you can get a hold of all the classic ending movies and stage music from the early Tekken games, and enjoy them in the theater mode or use them to replace the existing stage music.

There is much go enjoy for both Tekken veterans and newcomers, though the latter may find the game's large roster intimidating, and you do not need to unlock any of them, much as you did in previous Tekken games.
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on 25 February 2014
Tekken is back and better than ever, with a new tag tournament style that enhances everything you remember from the first tag tournament game. In fact Tekken Tag 2 has the biggest tekken roster in Tekken history with over 50 fighters, there is no doubt that this is one of the best fighting game of all time. Being a massive fan of the Tekken series -- Tekken 3 being my alltime favorite -- I'm happy to report that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 only intensifies my affection for Namco Bandai's flagship fighter. Simply put, this game includes every feature you'd hope to see in a modern fighting game. I have to give praise to the massive amount of extra content Namco Bandai crammed into the title, they make it attractive to those who prefer a fighting game's single-player options, or those that invite friends over for some fun matches and those who only see the genre as an excuse to punch random people over the Internet.

There are more than 50 available fighters and I'm also glad that Michele, Jun Kazama (she even has a heaven and hell stage) and Forest Law are back, each with new arsenals including tag-throws and tag-combos, it's pretty much old school meets new. You also have a new "Fight Lab" mode which allows players to customize their character's appearance and moves. Up to four people can compete in tag-team fights or the "Ultimate Team Battle" mode, while solo gamers can hone their skills in "Practice" mode or the classic "Arcade" mode. When you want to maximize your combos, you tag your partner to help you out, with these new tag abilities like tag assault or tag crash. It's quite satisfying as some of these moves can be quite devastating and helped me out with online matches (just got the platinum trophy YAY!). TTT2 offers alot of value and tons of re-playability, for those who want the ultimate fighting game available then look no further than Tekken Tag 2, highly recommended.
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on 31 December 2012
I bought this game because I have been playing the Tekken series since the day of release of the first Tekken game. I am a fan of the series but I will try to keep this review as unbiased as possible.

I've played the game for about 3-4 days now and I have to say that it is a very good sequel to the first Tekken Tag Tournament game for the PS2. The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay is fluid. What I like about this game is that all characters in-game are automatically unlocked. In previous game, you had to clear the story mode of the default characters to unlock more, but here you can jump in a game with you favorite fighters.

TTT2 uses a money system, where you get paid with in-game currency when you win fights, obtain bonuses etc, and you can spend this money on customization. This gives the game a high re-playability value as you can equip different outfits and items which you can even use during the game!

Another thing that is new, is the Tekken Tunes. Here you can load custom music tracks and have them play on stages of your choice. You can download extra music tracks in previous Tekken games from the PlayStation Store and have them play instead of the default background music. Note: If you want to use custom music on your HDD, loading times will take longer and might affect your game with slight lag. I noticed stages took a little longer to load, but the gameplay was as fluid as ever, even with custom tracks.

You can also play with other gamers online, but before you can actually do so, you have to download the Online Pass from the PS Store using the code you get with the game. However, for me, I found playing online was extremely frustrating as TTT2 implements new fighting techniques (which you can learn through the in-game tutorials), and enhanced tag team combos which were always used against me. Out of 10 games, I won none :( You will have to practice and experiment with many tag combinations before expecting to do well against online players.

Overall, I give this game a solid 8.5/10. It's an extremely good game for a longtime Tekken fan like me, and the tutorials in-game are very useful for players new to the series. There aren't many faults, but I hoped the developers would include some story behind the characters, like in previous games. Another negative aspect would be that this game is much more complicated than it's prequel, with many more attack combinations and damage multipliers. This game requires a lot of practice!

All in all, I highly recommend buying Tekken Tag Tournament 2!
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on 15 November 2012
Being a long time Tekken fan in fact all my life, I was really looking forward to this game. After each Tekken you usually wait till the next one but this should keep you going for quite a while.

Arcade Mode

I don't really see the hype over the difficulty of Unknown; it was easy. If you put it on very hard you are more likely to get a decent fight out of it.

Ghost battle

I preferred the ranking system in this one because you get 2 seperate ranks: online and offline. Which means you don't have to stop at 1st dan on offline like Tekken 6.


I don't see why every has taken the mickey out of this. It is so much better than Tekken 6! You have a lot of varieties now and the luck box thing is pretty cool but a little too frequent! And I like how you get secret costumes that you can't buy when playing ghost battle for about 30 games. Forest Law's is the Bruce Lee game of death costume that he had in the first Tekken Tag.

Pair Play

This is pretty cool as you can have 4 at once or 2 people against Arcade Mode. I prefer how anyone can change over anytime they want to.

Fight Lab

This is really boring for experts but for beginners it gives a good insight on how the whole Tekken engine works. It also give a good idea on how to use juggles with partners which is helpful. But the trophy for this is really annoying. You have to replay the stage till you get enough money to unlock all of Combot's moves. After this you'll hate Fight Lab!

Overall, after playing 1000 games and aim for even more, I think this is a brilliant game as Harada has really tried to give everything to the fans. (Dr. B is too sick.) My advice to beginners: learn how to play the game, you won't regret it! SPOILER: there is a build up to Tekken 7; Jin and Devil Jin's endings.
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on 15 February 2013
Bought this game on the strength of the last Tekken Tag game, and I am not let down in the slightest.
I will be fairly brief with the review giving people what I figure they will want to know in pro's and cons


Hugely addictive
Lots of customization available on all characters
fast, fluid look to the move-sets
A lot of fun when played with a friend online
Value for money (when i bought it was £17, it has given me more fun than games twice the price so far)


Filler characters (Tiger being an actual character instead of just a 2nd costume for eddy, slim bob and fat bob) just to name 2
Online ranked matches are filled with people just using low fast kick on any char (this isnt really controllable by namco)kind of defeats the purpose of having lots of complex move-sets.
Some of the end movies are terribly cheesy (though this is kind of always the case with tekken games)

All in all i am really happy with this game, especially considering the last Tekken game really felt poor.
Grab a couple of mates and play winner stays on and you really cant beat it for fun, especially at the price its at now.
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on 17 July 2014
Despite how much my favourite character resembles a Mexican pornstar (Heihachi), this game executes its role as the king of fighting games once again. Replayability is top notch and is always a good one to have for friends visiting. Fans of the older tekkens from PSX will remember some familiar faces in this installment.
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on 8 July 2015
Awesome, improved on every aspect of Tekken 6 apart from the really annoying fact that the KO replay is a LOT shorter in this game. Actually makes the whole experience a lot less fun, but I guess they need to sell me Tekken 7 somehow...
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