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2.5 out of 5 stars
2.5 out of 5 stars
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Where to begin? Well it's a turkey of gargantuan proportions and has been released under three different titles; one is this fiasco, another is called `Red Rose of Normandy' and also just `Normandy'. It is allegedly about Klaus who is a `good Nazi' and a veteran of the Eastern front. He is in love with Klaudia who is a nurse in France. He has a pathetic battle with some very old and overweight Russians and then goes to Normandy to advise Field Marshall Erwin Rommel on how to improve the Atlantic Wall, - yeah right Germany's best tactical genius is going to listen to some Captain.

The Russians apart from being crud at everything also have clean uniforms as do the Germans. There is some sub plot about making an heroic final stand to protect the wounded. The hospital is a tent with six bloke's lieing around with childish bandages on. No-one can act in this; so far as this is a masterclass in bad acting. The tanks look like they were knocked up in someone's shed, they do have some authentic weapons though, but that is a small crumb of comfort in what otherwise is the worst use of screen time since the last time I watched a wedding video.

There is no blood when men get shot or bullet holes and everyone dies the way kids do when they are playing at war. The dialogue is so bad that the `actors' should be applauded just for keeping a straight face whilst delivering it. They also all have rubbish accents, ranging from amnesic actor stumble to east coast American and I am talking about the Germans here. The sound is poor in places meaning you can barely hear the cringe worthy guff they are coming out with, which to be honest is probably a blessing. The camera work is shaky cam and sped up and just plain bad. It lacks any sign of decent direction, or production and could have done with some massive editing. The love interest in Klaudia is stunningly awful, she has what appear to be Botox lips and seems to have eaten a whole lipstick in a school girl attempt to look sexy, but instead ends up as a second rate Miss Piggy look a like.

The music tries to inject some `mood' but just underscores how bad the on screen `action' actually is. The guns do not recoil and the muzzle flashes have been put on after. There is one shot where the Swastika is round the wrong way which is a sign of peace. On D Day the Americans land in two boats and I have seen better action and convincing acting in a low rent porno. The star is Tino Struckman who also directed this steaming chunder. He lists himself as being a self protection expert on his IMDB page and perhaps he should stick to what he knows best, because if he comes across anyone who has paid out to see this abomination, he may need to employ some pretty nifty 'self defence' of his person. Avoid like the singles table at a wedding reception.
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on 15 June 2013
Gosh, I have seen some amateur low budget films in the past but this one takes the biscuit particularly in this day and age.The camera work is not too bad but the script,dialogue, clean weapons/uniforms, varying German/American accents and lack of numbers have to be seen and heard to be believed, along with a continuous mournful musical accompliment and weak storyline. I'm keeping this film as an example of how not to make a film. My wife and I found this film so amusing.Sorry if this upsets anyone. Anthony.
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Wow - what a shocker! I have never seen a film with such bad acting; the Gestapo men are Herr Flick types, the Wehrmacht and SS are all over 55 years and the main love interest has a face like a second hand blow up doll. Incredibly, her lipstick looks like it was administered via a jam tart, so bad is the trowelling of it. I like my history and I am sure that the invasion of Normandy was not carried out via two ships and a handful of old age pensioners. However, in this film, that is what happened. The only thing this film has to its credit is the weaponry and uniforms - how on earth they managed to get this correct I will never know, and the makers could certainly give a few lessons to bigger budget films, re authenticity. At one stage I thought they were trying to show ever bit of hardware in the German Army during WW2, as MP43s, MG34s and FG42s (very rare in a film) make appearances. It was also nice to see a panzershreck and Goliath on the screen. The Hetzer looked good as well, although for some reason the Tiger tank looked too small. Lastly, should anyone be surprised at this turkey shoot of a film? After all, it is the sequel to Brother's War [DVD] [2008] another 'masterpiece' of the small screen.
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on 9 October 2013
Weapons and uniforms very authentic and that's it!! Far too clean actors, no emotion, atrocious acting and somehow the nurses would have been better placed in a soft porn movie! Far too few actors and Never in a million years is it convincing as a war film, its just dreadful. We both echo all the comments made by the previous posters. Only watch it if you want a laugh at a film! Absolutely nothing like the front cover.
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on 16 June 2013
This is the worst film I have ever seen the actors are so bad I have seen better acting by kids in a school play the storyline is very poor, and the tanks are made out of plywood. I will never buy this kind of low budget film again.
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on 22 July 2014
This is, apparently, a sequel to Brother's War, if I'm not mistaken. One dreadful mistake compounded by another. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear.

There are so many things wrong with this film that a necessary voluminous attempt at mentioning them all would make Gibbon's Decline And Fall look like a pamphlet! The first thing one notices are the middle aged Soviet troops on what is supposed to be the Eastern Front. Yes, they're about my age (there's hope for me yet!). Apparently the directors must have rounded up the local pub domino's team and paid them to take part.

That bird with the lips. Was that makeup or was it plastic surgery gone wrong? The strippergram nurse's outfit she was wearing was totally out of place in a military hospital. We also had the archetypal, black leather clad Gestapo Herr Flick types sticking their noses in and really riling our hero. One wonders how Germany managed to take over Europe with soldiers like him!

Stilted, unconvincing acting delivered the death blow to this waste of film. The actors really did feel uncomfortable in delivering their lines. One almost felt sorry for them! Uniform and equipment wise it was good but I don't watch a film primarily for uniform and equipment details but for entertainment.....and entertaining it was not. It's marginally better than Brother's War but that's like saying a kick in the testicles is better than being hit on the head.

If you are a collector of atrociously bad films then go for it! If you want to be entertained....avoid!
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on 16 July 2013
Kit looks OK but story line, acting well all is not well should we say. Watch for entertainment value or leave and watch White Tiger instead!
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on 3 July 2013
I'm speechless! This film is so unbelievably bad it almost makes compelling viewing. It looks like they employed the local (overweight and elderly) re-enactment group to play soldiers for the day. For authenticity the producers should have given the "actors" paintball guns to slug it out. The acting, directing and camera work is just awful. There really is nothing good to say about this film at all. What a waste of four quid. I'm actually annoyed I can't give this a minus star rating.
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on 19 August 2013
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on 12 September 2013
It is generally a poor story in unconvincing locations by poor actors. Definitely a very very low budget film and one to miss.
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