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3.9 out of 5 stars87
3.9 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 December 2013
I finally got my hands on this brilliant show, which well deserved the critical acclaim it got, and put Lena Dunham on the map (my map, anyway, after a bit of a research I found out Lena was rocking the world with her creations well before the "Girls").

Perhaps not from the pilot, but from the second episode I was hooked. The show is edgy, smart, funny, quite unique, different and a bit (sometimes more than a bit) awkward. Okay, there is not much of a story behind this season (apart from a few drawn lines), but each episode is its own story, and each chapter is one brilliant sitcom in its own right. The series slowed down in the middle episodes, there was, at times, a lot of over-dramatising (and a bit of over-acting in the beginning), but overall the show was very much enjoyed by me.

I loved all of the characters, from narcissistic and aloof Jenna to uptight Marnie, and curious, honest, with a wry sense of humour, phenomenal (and embracing it) Hannah, and, of course, Shoshanna, who lives by the rules of bad reality shows and self-help books with titles like "Listen Ladies: A Tough Love Approach to Love."

Time flew by! (And I appreciated less than half an hour episodes - you can watch a few and still have an evening left!) Yes, when I think about this I admit there is not a lot of philosophising going on, and I appreciate a lot of people may think there is no substance to the series, no glowing idea behind "Girls". But I tend to disagree. And in any case, I think the series is a great way to banish the boredom and cringe at the mistakes made by someone else, rather than you.

I cannot wait to watch the Second Season. Roll on Christmas!

P.S. And you have to check out the soundtrack!

P.P.S. Have I mentioned that I love this show?!
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on 28 December 2014
It started with such promise, and everyone was raving about it, but it just failed. The characters are all impossibly vile and selfish that it's impossible to find any interest in them. And that's from someone who likes nasty characters. I know there's the joke in there about Hannah saying she's "the voice of her generation" and it's supposed to be funny and that she actually isn't, but I get the feeling that Lena Dunham genuinely believes that she is the voice of her generation. She isn't.
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on 3 February 2013
Lena Dunham is a superbly versatile individual; possessing a palette of talent so vast, you would be forgiven to forget that 'Girls' is only her second real project (after her film 'Tiny Furniture') She creates, writes, produces, directs AND YES, acts in this incredibly addictive HBO production.
'Girls' is realism at its best; it's uncomfortable, stubborn, and downright self centred at times. Her characters stir emotions of annoyance, pity, yet not forgetting, dry but calculated humour - all for good measure. But isn't that a great depicition of real people as we know them?
Dunham manages to write experiences (mainly her own personal ones) that everybody can empathise with. Her brutality in capturing every moment with such honesty sets her apart from other creators, who tend to gloss over the less than pretty parts of life.
The characters: Hannah, Marnie, Soshanna and Jessa all feel like people we may know, or have come across, at stages in our lives. Unlike the show, its HBO counterpart, that it was likened to 'Sex and the City' whose character seemed so detached from planet earth; we felt morbidly depressed seeing them whisked off by handsome men, having cool jobs, and a killer wardrobe - whilst we stuffed our faces with 'Haagen Dazs' in our pyjamas (just me, then?)
We never feel like that with 'Girls' - there is more of a chance that Dunham's character would be walking around her apartment in next to nothing, with a far from perfect body, gulping down a pot or two of ice cream herself.
To cut a babble short; this show depicts real life issues, in its brutally honest, organic and witty form. The boys in their lives are not stunning, their jobs are not perfect, but we care for them; not because they're in our living rooms each week, but because they feel like real people, not figments of Dunham's incredible imagination. Her no holds barred style of writing captures this generation living life and dealing with the knock backs and successses as they come, as we would ourselves.
Dunham is a creative enigma, and this show is the most original and innovative production since Mad Men.
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on 6 November 2012
Finally, a superbly written television series that tells it like it is- its full-on and not afraid to take chances and doesn't gloss over themes or actors with a Hollywood veneer. Hilarious, mischievous , blunt and refreshingly current. Television is smart again thanks to this series.
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on 29 July 2012
When I watched this series I loved it. It's like sex and the city except the girls aren't rolling in money and more realistic. I feel like they are the oddball group of friends you wish you had.

Really entertaining and keeps you interested. Would recommend to any girl in her 20s!
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on 14 May 2014
How do I know that Lena Dunham was involved? Maybe because her name appears 30ish times (written by, produced by, directed by, ...) in the credits! In the interviews (bonus features), she comes across as rather smug. I don't think she is at all unattractive or especially overweight. In fact, she scrubs up well and can look stunning. Her least attractive feature is her tattoos, which are a horrible mess.

Especially the earlier episodes are irritatingly disjointed and often confusing. It is difficult to get a feel for the 4 female lead characters. As has been remarked by others, the episodes are a collection of scenes, with a nebulous or non-existent plot. Many seem utterly pointless.

Whatever 'Girls' is, it is neither comedy, nor a realistic portrayal of girls in their early twenties. Although there are one or two touching and engaging moments, many scenes are excruciating and unrealistic. Unpleasant interactions between the friends and/or one of them and her boyfriend, which would most definitely end the relationships in the real world, barely have negative consequences.

It seems that many find this series amazing. I found it OK, but underwhelming and unworthy of all the hype. For an alleged comedy, it wasn't a whole lot of fun.

Update: I watched it again and although most of my reservations remain, the series certainly is watchable. It is just hard to root for Lena's character (Hannah), who just seems so entitled and ungrateful for all the financial and other support from her family and friends. Marnie can be a bitch, but has good reason to be at times. Jessa and Shoshanna are both much easier to like.
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on 12 January 2014
If you're a fan of Sex & The City, you'll love this.
The girls are in their 20's with varied walks in life and different backgrounds and each one is unique in their own way.
It's laugh out loud funny and easy to watch and you feel for each of the girls.
There are some also great guest actors throughout the show.

10 out of 10, great fun
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on 4 January 2016
What can I say about this show apart from quite awful things? I really did want to like it but it was impossible. It's full of absolutely loathsome characters, including the most loathsome, Lena Dunham and her circle of quite frankly abhorrent twenty somethings. I can't help but think we are truly doomed as a species 's if this is the "Voice of that generation". I would have given it more stars if there was a single character to remotely like. For a show about (Girls) the only touches of enjoyment I had was with one or two of the male characters which seems the wrong way round. Most of all it paints the female 20 something generation in a quite disgusting light and gives a truly scary impression of the women of this generation. Frightened awful. Avoid.
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on 23 March 2013
I bought this because of it's rave reviews on both sides of the atlantic. It is apparently novel, brilliant and hard-hitting. But - whilst it was fun watching - it didn't strike me a cutting edge. Yes the main character is smart, and honest, and (let's just say it) podgy. So it doesn't have the superficiality of sex and the city (which, for the record, I love). But they're all still white, american, from relatively good families, etc. It's basically just an enjoyable story of 4 girls struggling in their twenties with love, work, money, etc. As long as that's all you're expecting then I recommend it.
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on 15 March 2013
it took me awhile to get into this as i found it hard to like any of the characters ...but by the second disc of series one i am hooked and will buy complete series two when available
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