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3.6 out of 5 stars28
3.6 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: 2 x SWIDO Diamond ClearChange
Price:£3.90+ £2.20 shipping
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on 7 October 2012
I bought these screen protectors after they were recommended by a number of members on the Olympus UK E-System Users Group. I was a bit wary because I have never needed a screen protector before (the screen on my E-3 folds inwards to protect it when not in use) and was sure that I would make a mess of fitting it, particularly as I have Parkinsons Disease. I needn't have worried, it was simple and straightforward. OK, I didn't get it completely square but certainly it is good enough not to annoy me in use, and I didn't get any bubbles.

Another reviewer has commented that these protectors are cloudy and when you hold them up to the light so they are. However, this is because they are anti-reflective and they don't appear cloudy once fitted to the screen. In fact, they allow a remarkably clear view and the anti-reflective properties really do seem to work. Since fitting it I am hardly aware it is there, but it does provide invaluable protection against scratches and other damage.

To sum up, I think they provide excellent protection, excellent viewing, are easy to fit and secure once fitted, and are excellent value for money.
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on 19 November 2013
I have now used this product for around a week. The first sting that struck me when applying the NON CLEAR film, was how fuzzy everytning looked. The E-PL5 uses around 460k pixels, and delivers a relatively sharp image. With this protector on, the LCD pixel count more seems like 200k or below. I'm not sure how the manufaturer was thinking when they made this product. Well, I had read that it was "anti reflective". What I did not know was that the plastic film was...blurry...frosty. It is like there are tiny crystals in the film. This results in a blurry image on the back screen. I recently visited a car expo, but I constantly found that there wasnt a chance I could see if the focus was set or not. I'm thinking of turnning this back, cause it wont be usable for us semi-pro users, or others that would like to keep the crips and clear image on the LCD. If the company that sold this item reads this (which would be quite normal to do, since you want to know what the customers think), please tell me how I can return this item and get my money back. The only mistake I did, was to not read all the comments on these pages. I relied on a source that told me this was a good protector. That person did not have high, or even medium expectations.
Do not by this if you're not using one of the VF-series EVF's for you camera. =/
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on 1 February 2014
The screen itself is OK, the correct size etc.
However when peeling back the backing to apply the screen protector the adhesive breaks away unevenly leaving noticeable vertical streaks between the protector and the camera screen. I purchased the pack of six thinking that if something went wrong when I applied the protector I would have plenty of spares, how wrong I was. Every single one of the protectors adhered with the aforementioned vertical streaks. In fact I feel I'm being slightly generous giving a rating of two stars because the whole lot is now in the kitchen bin!!
Not recommended I'm afraid.
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on 29 December 2012
Bought these screen protectors for my OM-D as they come recommended on a few forums, but must say I'm a bit disappointed as they turn what is a brilliant display on a high end camera into something that would be seen on a camera at a fraction of the price. The protector has a very matt finish so pictures look slightly fuzzy and noisy....just what you don't want when reviewing a photo you've just taken!

Unsurprisingly it came straight off the camera, now to renew the search to find another protector.

In summary the protector was fairly easy to fit and it does protect the screen, although at the cost of picture quality so only two stars.
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on 3 August 2012
I never write reviews unless something is either fantastic, or it's so bad it's a con, and I wish I had read a review which had stopped my buying it.

I bought these because I read the four (at the time) `five star' ratings.

Either the other reviewers have exceptionally low standards, or I received a duff set.
Due to the amount wrong with these covers, I don't think mine are duff, just very bad due to the low quality standards of this company. However, I have considered the possibility.

I would like to point out that during every stage I followed the very vague instructions. Neither did I allow any dust or dirt to get on the screen, because I literally removed the film cover from my brand new OM-D just before I put this screen protector on.

What is wrong with these screen protectors? Three fundamental things.

1. The protectors are cloudy. Yes CLOUDY. The OM-D has a fantastically sharp and vibrant LCD screen, but with this screen protector, it looks marginally better than it did before I removed the manufacturers film cover. As I removed the film cover around 1 minute before I applied this screen protector, I was in a pretty good position to judge this. A cloudy, blurry LCD screen protector? This is unbelievable. I have a smart phone with a cover that I can't even tell is on there, so the technology is definitely available. To produce a cloudy LCD protector is simply a con. These covers are so cloudy, that I literally mistook the actual protector for the peel off backing... and wasted it in one fell swoop. I am NOT exaggerating here. Perhaps it was very poor judgement on my behalf... but the protector was definitely cloudy. For an MP3 player this might be acceptable, but for the LCD screen on a (IMO) semi professional camera, this is not acceptable. By using this product, you are negating one of the many fantastic attributes of your new camera. You cannot judge a photo looking through this protector.

2. The protectors are too small for the OM-D screen. Perhaps almost as important as the above point. The protectors included in the pack (both of mine) are too small to cover the OM-D's LCD screen. This is terrible. Poor QC. You cannot protect the whole LCD screen, and if you remove the protector a few months later, you will probably have an dirty and maybe damaged (if you're rough) edge to your beautiful LCD screen. It will only be the 1mm all the way around the edge of the screen (if you apply the protector to the middle), but to me this makes the protector not fit for purpose.

3. The protectors are very difficult to apply. Three points here:

There are not enough tabs on the protector to have a good chance successfully applying it. You may well get through both just because you mess one up (or like me you threw it away thinking it is the adhesive backing, because it is cloudy).

Unlike other protectors I have used for other devices, the removable film backing carries no adhesive, so once you have applied the protector, there is no way of removing it without putting your finger nail underneath it and ruining the protector trying to get it off to remove a small piece of dust or to realign it. Should have used sellotape!

The instructions are very vague, and for anyone who has not applied a protector before to any device, will not find them very helpful.
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on 11 March 2013
I wouldn't want to damage my camera, so I put one of these on as a precaution. The first one bubbled and seemed to have some dust or something stuck between the screen and the protector, the second is barely better and does significantly change, I'll not say impair, the view. But, my camera is still undamaged, maybe it would be tough enough without.
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on 14 August 2013
I was quite surprised at this item as £7 for two bits of plastic suggests it might be a quality item. However I've just had to use the second one after just two weeks as the first one suddenly bubbled up and obscured the screen. I wont be bothering with these again
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on 8 October 2012
This screen protector is not worth the money at all. It's not clear at all and has left the screen of my OM-D looking greased up and ready for action.

Forget seeing any fine details on there.
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on 18 May 2012
These might seem a bit pricey compared to the available eBay items at the moment, but are well worth it. Extremely easy to apply and bubble-free, plus the touch screen still works as it should with no apparent loss of sensitivity, even though the protectors seem much thicker than the usual wafer thin items.

Highly recommended.
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on 17 June 2012
These screen protectors are exactly as advertised - easy to apply, non-reflective, just the right size, and and slight flaws in fitting seem to disappear after a couple of days. Do make sure your screen is clean and free of grease before applying!
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