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4.4 out of 5 stars14
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 November 2014
Though I feel the plots of the novels in this series are rather similar, they are certainly still addictive! I love these covers, the colours used are vibrant and eye-catching whilst the mystery of the last book by completing the face is solved but by the end of the novel you have the start of the face for the new suspect.

Now Thayer's name has been cleared, Sutton needs to find out the truth about Laurel as she begins to hint at the fact that she was not at Nisha's party the night of Sutton's death. Alongside this, her growing agitation with Thayer's affection towards Emma begins to grate on Laurel; Emma needs to be careful of Laurel until she can find out if she murdered Sutton or not before it is too late.

My opinions of both Emma and Sutton are much the same as before:
Loving, kind, friendly, happy-as-she-can-be, determined, gets-into-trouble-on-purpose-if-thats-what-it-takes, sensible, and does not like the lying game. She now easily copes with accusations of things she doesn't know about of which Sutton did as she is very clever in twisting it around to use it to her advantage and acts as clues for Suttons death, making everything that much harder for her. She is also a very likeable character who is mature and practical.
Unkind, hates-everyone, goes-along-with-it, ALWAYS-in-trouble, rebellious, selfish, immature, moody, and loves the lying game! She also seems to revel in everyones unhappiness and does not think about others before herself. Now that we have seen her view from the outside... she seems to regret a lot of things she has done, is great at encouraging her sister even though she knows she can't hear her and shows that she can also be practical and think through the situations and come up with valuable and accurate conclusions.

I am though, starting to dislike Emma's boyfriend Ethan. He feels like a character who is becoming too dominant and his protectiveness over Emma is becoming uncomfortable and rather creepy, in comparison to the previous novels.

The plot of this novel I found to be rather similar to the previous novels, as the imagination for the situations occurring seems to be running rather thin. Though there is still danger and suspense, alongside drama and secrets spilled, there was very little to differentiate this sequel from the previous novels. Yet still addictive, this instalment will no doubt have you wanting more, as more questions are risen whilst others are answered.

This is a good fourth instalment to The Lying Game series however, the plots are sadly not unique and individual enough from one another to make it as powerful and dramatised as it should have been.
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on 29 December 2013
I read "Hide and Seek" without having read any of the previous novels in the series. The protagonist is Emma, the identical twin sister of Sutton, who has supposedly died and whom Emma is impersonating after living a quite sad life in foster homes.

I was a bit lost about Sutton's character (the secondary protagonist) other than hints that she had been a bullying and largely negative figure, and how exactly Emma came to be living Sutton's life. I think this should have been cleared up in the novel to make for effective world-building. For this reason, I was neither completely engaged in the story nor in the characters. What made for an intriguing premise was lost in translation and the questions were never answered about the novel' purpose or Emma's and Sutton's roles in it. Was the story about souls on the way to heaven/ the afterlife, or reincarnation or a delusional person who hadn't died after all?

For an entry into the series, "Hide and Seek" does not do an adequate job of painting the characters, e.g. also the sister Laurel, Emma's boyfriend Ethan or Sutton's boyfriend Thayer. In fact Ethan and Thayer could have been clones of each other's personas but with different coloured eyes. It didn't make sense why Emma dumped Thayer and grabbed Ethan as a boyfriend if she was supposed to impersonating Sutton, unless Sutton is very much alive and due to return to the series as Thayer's girlfriend once again. Or unless Ethan turns out to be murderous and Emma "returns" to Thayer.

The editing also could have been done better as there were a lot of clunky sentences.
A very confusing read.
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on 9 January 2015
I cannot commend the Lying Game series enough! thoroughly gripping, exciting and nail biting. I absolutely adore this series.

I won't be giving away any spoilers so you can safely keep reading.

This book takes off where the last one left. More secrets are revealed, Emma is put under more pressure and made to sweat. I actually figured out who killed Sutton in book 2 (and was right) but this book kept me guessing and questioning my suspect list more and more. It was great. It took over my thoughts and I was so desperate to know I just couldn't read fast enough.

I believe that you're either a Pretty Little Liars person, or a Lying Game person and for me the amount of detail, effort, suspense and sheer thrill of this series blows PLL out of the water. Well done, Sara Shepherd, for you amazing work!

Like the Lying Game? you'll love this!

I am in my twenties reading this series.
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on 5 January 2013
This book was great and has very interesting twist to it. I can't wait until I find out who was the murderer and hope that Sara Shepard will hurry up and finish the series soon as they are some of the best books I've ever read.
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on 27 July 2013
This series just keeps getting better. They are cleverly written with twists and turns to keep you hooked just when you think you've guessed who did it. You are shot down in flames and its on to the next suspect.
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on 23 March 2013
Bought for teenage daughter who loves this series. She devours these books and as she is not a reader I buy her them all. I would rather she read these than not at all.
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on 26 December 2012
I love the story, little bit gutted its being dragged out a bit as thought the last book was the last book but I love the characters so much I don't mind :)
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on 20 January 2014
Loved this book. Only problem I have is the next book is not available on kindle yet. Can't wait to read the next one when it's available.
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on 3 January 2013
i bought this book for my 15 year old daughter and i am sure she will read it with pleasure. she wants to read every book of sara shepard!
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on 5 August 2012
OK, first of all I assume this will be the last book because it was stated the lying game was a 4 part book series but it seems there is a fifth and sixth book which will be releasing February and July 2013 respectively.

With that, I went with the mindset that we will be finding the killer here but as I progressed to the end, I realised the killer hasn't been revealed yet and the book is ending so I checked and saw there is indeed a 5th book so I was disappointed with not finding out the killer.

Now I will try my best to not reveal any spoiler so I won't mention any names but it may be obvious in some way.

First of all, the book is repetitive. The first book was great because it introduced us the the characters and the setting of the story. Then we progressed to the 2nd and 3rd book with a possible prime suspect character and with Emma trying to find out in the whole book if they are the killer then at the end, she finds out, they are not. Then we are left with a cliff hanger and a possible next suspect for the next book.

Now this formula is the same for the this book and well it gets boring because we the audience know they aren't the killer, it's a bit obvious. However I feel we are moving at a slower pace. Now the ending is the same way, a new possible suspect and No, they are not the killer.

In the next book we will find out more about Emma past and family, that's much guaranteed the way the 4th book ended.

We are introduced some new characters and I really like the Grandma character so I hope we see her again.

Character development, Emma has grown a backbone. Yes at some time she is shown to be a scared girl but at some moment, she finds her inner Sutton and channels her well. Now I Hope Emma stays that way and doesn't revert back to a 'scared out of mind girl'.

Sutton, we we see some depth, we see that she has a lot of regrets, with Thayer, and her parents, and how she never experience that again but the question still remains, how is it that Sutton can observe Emma, is there some sort of supernatural element to the book or is Sutton still alive as we haven't found a body yet to confirm she is dead and she can be experiencing some sort of unconscious body like mind event, something like that.

Now the secret, I was like a shocked. I been reading this story knowing that it's obvious that the prime suspect isn't the killer but the secret was a WTF moment for me, I was shocked, honestly for the first time and I find it weird in a way. But I am happy because it brings happiness to a certain someone we know.


Now THE KILLER: Spoiler I suppose and my Views and Why.

There has been a couple of people who acted suspicious and I think until the killer has been found, Emma will suspect them and eliminate them until we find out the killer.

However, there is one character who the audience and myself never suspected until I read a review and I was like yes, it has to be him. I think the KILLER IS .......ETHAN. Yes ETHAN. This is a character we have never suspected and never will because well Ethan is the handsome adorable geeky guy who has been with Emma since the beginning and we would have never suspected him.

The reason why I suspect him because how is it he can recognise that Emma isn't Sutton when Sutton Parents, sister, grandma and best friends, even Thayer couldn't tell. The only way he could tell Emma isn't Sutton because he knows his killed her and hidden the body somewhere.

Ethan is a loner guy who had little interaction with Sutton, he wasn't popular, non existent so it makes sense for him to have a crush on Sutton as she was the popular girl, a girl he can never have and he mentions a lot to Emma about Sutton quirks, like he has been observing her every time, sounds stalkarish behaviour.

What we know, Ethan lives next to Nisha house and Sutton was going towards it, she was near it, something like that and I think Ethan found Sutton when Sutton was at her most vulnerable due to the secret we and she found out, and comforted her as he was generally the good guy. Maybe he saw this as his chance to kiss her and Sutton, well she has a boyfriend, and of course must have channelled her bitchiness and rejected Ethan brutally, and Ethan in a fit of anger, strangled her.

Ethan is good at hacking as seen in the 4th book so he can easily have hacked Sutton Facebook account. We have seen his personality changes slightly, getting jealous of Thayer or getting some brief happiness over the popularity.

Emma is Sutton Twin, so even though he can never have Sutton, he take the next best thing, naive Emma who is only relying on him and no one else.

It has to be Ethan, it fits, we have seen signs and obviously Emma won't see the signs until it's too late. I think in the next book, Emma will reveal her secret to Thayer as she can't hide it forever and Thayer will be the one to save her.

Now that is my view that Ethan is the killer, and the audience won't see it until the ending, and remember Sara Shepard loves to shock us and she has in PLL so the killer will be the least obvious character WE WILL NEVER SUSPECT until it's TOO LATE.


Anyway, while the suspect story was a bit repetitive, it was an enjoyable read, a one time read for me, and I like the ending so I will give it a 3.5/5.

Give it a is a nice quick book to read, took me like 3 hours with breaks to read so it a was a short book for me.
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