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4.4 out of 5 stars241
4.4 out of 5 stars
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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 16 June 2014
I wanted a pair of comfortable, good sounding headphones I could use on a long haul flight without costing the earth. I went into my local electrical superstore and tested 5 different brands in the same on ear design. I had to keep going back to these latest Lowriders as a reference point for the others, including a set costing £145 B@se!! Firstly, these latest Lowriders have a single cable including one button play/pause/end/answer/mic with removable jack, so cable replacement is easy. The build quality is surprisingly good and very lightweight, although care may need to be exercised with the headband hinge at the top. The earpads are covered over, unlike the earlier 2.0 Lowriders that are hollow. They are extremely comfortable to wear with no pressure on the head or ears. That was box number 1 ticked. The sound is awesome and shocked me how good they really sound plugged directly into my phone. They have deep firm bass that does not overpower or roll. Warm, detailed mids and clear non sibilant highs with very pleasant vocals. They are closed back and even though they are not noise cancelling, they do reduce outside noise quite significantly and do NOT leak sound which is important sitting 3 abreast on a plane! I have Senn 650's for home use with a quality amplifier, so I know what good sound is. These latest Lowriders just knocked me sideways with disbelief with their presentation of sound. There is excellent stereo crossover, but I wouldn't call it soundstage as for one thing, they are closed back, but nonetheless it is compelling to listen to. I could definitely wear these for hours and enjoy all genres ofmusic on them. If you can get the chance to try before you buy like I did, be prepared to swallow your pride and admit that they are superior to similar style cans up to 4 times more expensive! Im even thinking of a buying a second pair in another colour. I would have given 5 stars, but they come in the box with lead and no case or pouch, but I got a hard case on an auction site for £4, so ain't complaining.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 5 March 2012
These headphones at first feel and sound excellent. But after a few weeks of use the pattern will start to fade and scratch off. Also after a few months of using these the sound quality has became very poor and sound jumps from one side to the other. An ok product for indoor use but can't seem to handle the wear and tear of being out side.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 23 December 2011
Great headphones, very comfortable. I can where them for very long periods without any discomfort, unlike in ear ones!
They're exactly as described, well put together and light to wear.0
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26 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on 30 October 2011
Very good headphones, considering how much they cost. They feel comfortable upon wearing and you can have them on for hours. Great sound quality, overall i'd say that i am quite happy with' em.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 28 October 2011
bought these for my son as a present for doing so well at school and he loved them, also a bonus that he uses them when on his laptop so i don`t have to lisen to his music, bonus, would highly recommend them to anyone.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Colour Name: PinkVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was never a fan of over the head headphones as i didnt think they could give me the same quality or loudness as my in-ear bud headphones.

How wrong i was on this occasion.

These are absolutely brilliant.

Bass is perfect and boy are they loud, in fact i tested them on my ipod and put the volume on max and put my tv on 100 which is the loudest you can get and i couldn't hear the tv.

My bf came into the room and was shouting at me and i couldn't hear him at all.


Plus they come in a really funky pink colour and its not as bright as the picture they are more of a deeper darker pink but it was nice.

The only things i found that were wrong with them was that they tend to slip off your head, i found the trick is to place the band further on the back of your head, near the crown and they dont fall off, i did try and make them with a bit of headbanging but they stayed in place.

Also the mic feature is really good, i plugged it into my Sony Xperia J and phoned a few people and they could hear me crystal clear with no interference.

Tried them out on my laptop and they were fantastic, very loud and clear.

Small problem though when plugged into my ipod classic the button doesn't control my music at all, wont play, pause, skip to next track, absolutely nothing and also i plugged it into my phone and i have the exact same problem.

On my phone however, it will pause the song and play it but will not select the next track, highly annoying but i found that it did not interfere with my entire views on them.

I had them plugged in for 8 hours straight today and to be honest my ears started to hurt and so had to take them off but i think that would be the same with any headphones.

I was very impressed and am now going to buy a separate pair in the athletic purple as that is my fav colour.
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on 15 January 2014
black-golden version :

I bought the black-golden version of those headphones two years ago and have never been happier with any earphones than with those.
Due to a lot of travelling with public transport I had always trouble with storing headphones in my bag, simply because I was afraid I might break them or they tangled themselves up etc.
Skullcandy earphones however can just be folded together to a little (I like to call it) headphoneball and stuck in the bag using less space that usual headphones would. Apart from that you can simply pull them out when you like to use them again, and don't have the spend ages on getting the cables untangled.

In two years of permanent use (folding together, wrapping the cable around the headphones, bumping against other items in the bag) the phones did it's perfect job. I now just had to get new ones, because I lost them on the beach in hollidays.

blue-chrome :

Anyway I now have gotten myself the blue chrome ones, because they fit my outfits better (yeah, girly-problems) and have to say that I like them even better than the golden ones.
It sounds weird, but even if they seem to be the same, the pad of the blue ones feel softer (maybe just becaus they aren't 2 years old?) and aren't that "tight".

I already have quite a small head, so if you rather consider your head bigger, you'd definitely go with the blue-chrome ones.

However I can only recommend those earphones! They have a brilliant sound and are affordable!
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on 11 September 2013
For the price that these headphones come at, they are definitely worth it.

After my previous headphones broke, I went several months buying sad excuses for earbuds from pound shops until I thought the poor sound quality was going to make my ears bleed and decided to splurge on something more...long lasting.

Being a student, I was looking for headphones of "actual quality" although I wasn't going to buy "proper" high-end phones which start £100 upward.
Reading the reviews for these, and judging by the brand, I decided these were the low risk investment I was looking for and went for it.
I have not regretted it a single minute.

The bass is beautiful and the sound is rich. The controller on the cord is very handy as I mainly use them for listening to music on an iPhone so I can skip tracks without having to dig the phone out each time. It also has a built in mic, so if someone calls me while I'm listening to my tunes on the bus, I can just tap the controller and take the call again without going rummaging.

Being on the go, the fact that these headphones fold is infinitely useful and they tuck nicely into my handbag (which isn't even all that big).
The actual phones also swivel so if I need / want to have them around my neck, I can turn the ear pieces flat against my collar so that they are comfortable and don't stick up awkwardly.
The cord is also a very good length so I rarely have issues about having restricted movements (lest I be unplugged). But with my headphones the cord has a curl which was there when I unpacked it for the first time that hasn't come out, and also tends to sprawl all over the place, so I'm often untangling myself from my handbag.

The sound leak is also not too bad, so for the level I listen to music at no one else has ever heard it. But I think if I blared at full volume, then I might bother others.
Purple is also a bit of an unusual colour, in that I've yet to see someone else in public with purple headphones, and I like having something a bit out of the ordinary. If I wanted to be more inconspicuous though, I'd go with black or white.

With all that said, these headphones are very nice for their price range and for a student definitely exactly what I was looking for.
However, for high-end sound I think these fall short of the mark. If I were looking for headphones for a truly immersive gaming experience, unless money was an issue I would not get these. They're certainly better than any cheaper alternative, but now that I've had them for about 3 months I'm getting hungry for even better bass and richer sound.

All in all, I can so see myself going for another pair when the time comes, or even recommending these to friends / family.
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on 4 June 2012
These are smart looking, cleverly designed headphones but they do not work at all on my SonyEricsson Xperia Android phone.

- Very stylish. Loads of colour options and all of them (in my opinion) look very cool
- Lightweight. There is a lot of criticism of Skullcandy for being flimsy and easily broken, and maybe this is related, but I wanted something light to use for travel and they fit the bill nicely
- Very comfy. I have a large head and struggle to find headphones which sit comfortably on me without squashing my ears. Most phones get very uncomfortable for me after about 20 mins but the articulating ear cups on these work an absolute treat.
- Neat folding design. They fold up very nicely and so long as you're careful, you can probably take them around in your pocket.
- fabric braided cables, much nicer than the usual naff plastic especially against the skin
- features - the mic has an integrated button, which according to the instructions can play, pause, answer phone calls, and even fast forward and rewind. If it worked. See below. I wanted them for travel and this would have been a big bonus.

- No sound comes out of them. Seriously! Just a series of pops and then nothing. Really not a fat lot of use.

- Sound quality. No idea, didn't get any sound.

I returned them to the supplier, who tested them and reported that they were not faulty but just don't work with Android phones, and gave me a refund. I note from the reviews on Amazon that I am not alone in this, and also that at least one iPhone user also found they didn't work as described. So I'm not sure what they are designed for? I have many sets of headphones - JVCs, Sennheiser, Sony, some Apple earbuds, my original SE headset and two pairs of Skullcandy earbuds, all of which work fine with my phone. A big waste of time and a big disappointment, because the pros above had me quite excited about this product. They are shipped in non-resealable, rap-rage inducing packaging so if you buy these and find they don't work, expect an argument with some retailers (mental note: always choose Amazon frustration-free packaging...).

In summary: Got Android? Don't buy these. Got something else? You take your chances! 1 star for presentation, 0 stars for performance.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 26 December 2014
If you are going to wear these in public, beware that everyone around you will be able to hear what you're listening to if you turn it up over the sound of a whisper. Not comfortable on the head and feel cheap and light with the majority of it being made from very light plastic. The sound is good, but so much is lost to the outside that you may as well get some speakers.. In terms of fashion... they are the dogs bollocks supposedly, but the person i bought them for wasn't too keen after trying them out in the library and nearly being lynched by everyone in there..
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