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on 1 October 2013
The bad points first-

-machine arrived with no external packaging ( only its original box with dispatch invoice attached) and no security seal or tape the machine inside didn't appear to have been disturbed. Consequently the box was a little damaged and a little dirty not a big issue if your going to keep it for your self- I'd recommend asking amazon to place it in another box before dispatch.

- at first it would not dispense any water and the instructions were all visual and made no reference to trouble shooting, called delonghi very helpful. If water isn't coming through, it's down to an air lock in which case you need to fill the water ( bottom of water tank is a plunger/devise when pressed on dispenses water) need to position it in to position on the machine without clicking it in to place and effectively plunge the water tank-filter about 30-40 times to remove air lock. Then water appeared, although slowly and splattering at first.

- not really useful as a pure water dispenser for tea etc as it splatters a lot-think the pod is needed to control/position water flow correctly.

Apart from that its a:

Sensational machine which looks stunning in the kitchen, I think this machine is by far the best of the dolca gusta machine range. It's very very stylish especially when on and the middle section lights up ( 2 small white led lights fitted either side of water dispenser hole) as well as the green led drink capacity selector. I very nearly purchased a manual melody 3, so glad I never as I would have been heartbroken if I had come across this after purchasing the manual melody. This beats them all hands down in terms of looks, design, value for money and the warm feeling you get when it's staring at you.

The important information which wasn't listed on site or mentioned by other reviews but I would have liked to know:

-Comes with a two year guarantee
-leaflet in box for registering on dolca gusta site where you receive £10 credit to use on their site for either pods or accessories.
-Comes with twelve individual pods for a taster. ( cappuccino, lungo, americano and latte machiato)
-Amazon offered the very best price.
- easy set up literally in about 30 seconds
- before use you need to do two flush runs hot and cold in to mini bin( provided) which fits neatly in to centre and also doubles up as a mini bin for discarding pods after.
-very easy to operate as the exact amount of water needed is displayed on each pod and you just select the same level on display.

Highly highly recommend both the machine and amazon, please if your thinking of buying a manual dolca gusta please go and see this first, you will see the difference also for a few quid more why not have the very best.
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on 14 March 2013
this machine is very easy to use with the play and select option,its alot easier than the manual ones as you can set it to how you like your coffee...strong/weak. at first it left a bit of a bitter taste but i think i hadnt washed it through properly. the choccochino is to die creamy and chocolatey. i prefer the skinny latte than the standard latte as its quite sweet. the machine is easy to set up and heats within seconds...handy if ur in a hurry on a morning! this is the best machine i have bought also have the cold option if you like cold tea caters for almost everyone.
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on 25 October 2014
Having read all the reviews on this type of coffee machine I settled on this one for my husband who loves coffee. I can only say that we are thrilled to bits with it. Even had to buy a smaller Delonghi machine for my daughter-in-Law. I invested in buying a complete sample set of all the different flavours available so my husband could try them all. This was an excellent purchase as well (the large sample set) as he ended up loving several flavours, some of which he would never have chosen under normal conditions. The machine is easy to use and easy to clean and I think it is one of the best buys I have made for a long time. Excellent quick delivery as well.
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on 10 February 2014
This is one of the best things I've bought for a long time! Very simple to use and produces a lovely cup of coffee. The whole family is using it!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've wanted one of those machines with the little coffee pods for as long as they've been available, so the Dolce Gusto Circolo's delivery was an event in our household.

These machines aren't all that different from a traditional filter coffee machine, but remove some of the mess and fuss in several important ways;

1) They tend to be faster to boil water as they're designed to make one drink at a time, making it easier to measure out the water for the number of people.

2) The coffee, or other beverage of your choice, comes in a little pressurized pod which is inserted into the machine and then simply thrown away after use, with no messy coffee grinds to deal with.

Some people may point out that these pods aren't exactly eco-friendly. This is true. We use our grinds on the plants sometimes, but not always and there's very little plastic compared to what goes in the bin from the pods. But, if you can live with this then fine.

The device looks pretty futuristic with it's round contoured shape. It hides the plastic water container well behind the device and looks pretty good on a shelf. Once on, the device has an illuminated power button that glows red when busy and green when ready to use. Another set of lights show the water level to use for the cup of coffee and a drip tray sits underneath the cup, with the ability to move it up and down for different sized cups. Finally, a light shines down on the cup allowing you to see better in darker conditions (in case you like your coffee in the dark).

Now to general use...
Despite the instructions being written like hieroglyphs, the machine is fairly easy to use. Fill the back plastic container with water (preferably filtered to avoid limescale build up) and click it into place.

Turn on the device and it will glow red for a very short time (a few seconds) while it heats the water. Move the water indicator to full with the little wheel on top of the device.

Then you need to get a pod and read the lid to see just how much water it recommends, moving the wheel back down to the recommended level. This is to allow for enough hot water for any drink before adjusting for your particular beverage.

After this, with a cup underneath, pull up the metal bar, insert the pod and then press the bar down, which will piece the pressurized lid of the pod. Simply press the cold (blue) or hot (red) button to start the drink and you're done!

Some drinks, such as Cappuccino, come with 2 pods, one for milk and one for coffee. These need inserting in the right order based on the diagram on the top flap of the box (with Cappuccino it's the milk first) and will require different levels of water.

Most of the time the process will take only a few minutes for each drink, which still worked out faster than loading the old coffee machine, waiting for it to boil and then pouring the drinks out. What's more, if you have a glass cup you can see the cool stripes that the machine produces.

The drip tray makes the machine easy to clean, but I'd suggest taking out the pods as soon as possible after your drink is poured to avoid more mess and clogging up the device. Likewise, removing excess water will help avoid limescale build-up.

The pods come in 8 or 16 drinks, based on whether they require 1 or 2 pods per drink. Some come with both Coffee and Milk in one pod, others come just black or with separate pods. Most will set you back just under £4 for a box of 16 pods (8 or 16 drinks) and cover everything from coffee to hot chocolate and iced coffee.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the Circolo and it happily sits pride of place in my kitchen waiting for the first coffee of the day.

One more thing...
I must mention Nescafe's customer service, who were brilliant at helping me to register the device and very helpful on the phone. The website is also very easy to use.
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VINE VOICEon 1 December 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
In the beginning there was the coffee house. Then there was cafetiere, instant and coffee machines in all over the place. Now they are invading homes and this example definitely invades, its huge but tries to bring elements of the coffee shop experience into your home. The machine itself seems well built and looks nice with lights on the top and central sections which add to the experience. The water tank at the back is removable and should fit nicely under most taps making it easy to fill up.

So to the coffee making experience - once you've filled the tank the machine takes about 30 seconds to start up after which its ready to dispense hot water. For this reason, when making cups of tea its probably quicker than boiling the kettle and can do about four cups without the need to fill up. You then lift the lever, insert the pod into the draw and push the lever down to pierce the pod. Select the required amount of water based on the pod and cup size (a nice feature compared to some cheaper models which require you to manually turn the water on/off). The machine will then push hot or cold water depending on your selection through the machine at high pressure which while noisy helps to create a pleasant experience. You then either put in a second pod for some drinks and repeat or simply remove the draw and run under the tap to clean.

So what about the taste? It's definitely closer to coffee shop than instant but personally I don't think its quite there. If I had the choice I'd prefer a machine that ground the beans itself and also had a separate milk frothing function so you didn't have to purchase the dried milk capsules which don't quite get enough air into the foam. What this does have over that type of machine however is simplicity - both in making the coffee and also in cleaning up afterwards meaning that I'm not tense about using it, especially given its size being a constant reminder that its there.

Overall - if you're looking for a pod based machine then this definitely comes recommended but be sure to bear in mind the size and consider grinding/frothing machines instead.
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on 18 January 2016
We love this coffee make it looks great and we are addicted to the coffee, its easy to use and simple to keep clean I worried that the novelty would wear off and it would be an expensive toy but we have consistently used it several times a day every day since we bought it a year or so ago now.. its fab!! cant recommend enough.
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on 31 December 2013
Bought this for my daughters dad for Xmas, wasn't too sure as he'd mentioned that the pod ones aren't too good but after trying it was so impressed! Really fast! Easy to use! Looks awesome too
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have owned or used several Dolce Gusto machines now, from the Piccolo to the original Melody, and seen some of the revisions that have taken place. Ever since I saw the Circulo, I knew it was the one I most wanted. It has a slightly more sophisticated look than the duck-billed Melody, and just looks more grown-up. This model is the more desirable "play and select" model which uses a dial to select the duration of the water flow in order to match the indicators on the pods to save you from guessing. This is a great feature that I didn't realise I would appreciate as much until I had one too many overly-diluted chocochinos. Using the pre-programmed flow levels, you are guaranteed to have the drink turn out as it is supposed to.
Other nice features are the blue/white glow light in the central cup area, the visible water level through the centre void, and the nice sturdy shelf slots which have a magnetic pull to stop the shelf slipping out.
Slight grievances with the design include the slightly awkward water canister which to me is a bit more tricky to get in and out neatly, the fact that you are likely to get a bit of a dribble out of the water canister when you mount it as the nozzle has to be lined up more slowly, and the fact that the pressure of the drink despensing can often cause some spatters.
Oh, and of course the pods themselves are still quite expensive, and a bit wasteful.
Dolce Gusto machines seem to be perennially on offer these days, so it is only a matter of time before this becomes a better-value proposition.
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on 9 June 2014
Arrived on time.
Good machine makes great coffee.
Cappuccini are very nice with good frothy milk.
Nice clean design does not take up much room
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