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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 27 March 2013
I intially wanted the asus dsl-n55u due to the NAS feature, but bought the Billion 7800n based upon all the very good reviews and the fact its almost universally recommended for broadband at long distances from the exchange which i have. With snr tweaking the billion got me 4mbs which was great for my line. long story short... poor wifi, wifi disconnections and admin lockouts. back it went.

I thought id give the asus a go. It shipped with the latest firmware. i loaded it again anyway just to be sure (twice, with the hard reset as recommended) Set up was a breeze. Checked my connection.... Boom! 4mb with a default setup. no tweaks at all! The range of the wifi is fantastic, easily beating the billion. I will attempt tweaks at some point soon, but im more than happy at the moment.

I've connected a usb flashdrive to my router and set up the media server with a click of a button. now i can stream videos straight from my router to my TV, ipad and iphone. it's awesome.

The only downside to this router is the documentation if you want to go anything further than set up the ADSL or wifi. It's not great and there's no where near as many forums covering this as the billion, but for £30 less and with the usb ports, 5ghz wifi faster adsl i know which i'd rather have. It's been rock solid so far. I know the original firmware wasnt great, so ignore the original reviews, its sorted now with the latest firmware. 5 star product without doubt!
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 25 March 2013
I was using an AOL modem router with two edimax range extenders. Trouble was that the connection kept dropping out with ipad and iphones, also with the smart TV. This was was a real pain. Having a large and old house with thick walls, that goes a long way back, didnt help with signals either.
This model took literally minutes to set up. I'm not a techno but not stupid either, but set up was no problem at all. It basically sorted itself out using the set up disc. This was pleasing given the hours spent setting up previous modem and then the range extenders.
The signal throughout the whole house is great - no need now for the range extenders anymore.
The smart TV is set up wirelessly and steams films with ease. No signal drop outs/lost connection. The ipad and iphone signal is consistently good with no drop outs.
Speed is also significantly improved on devises.
The set itself looks stylish enough and its really handy having the 4 ports to connect second as its not wireless.
The devise has features i don't need or am likely to use but now I have it I'll see how these may be of use/can figure out how to use!
What I wanted was a powerful and stable modem router and thats what I've got, and again, so easy to set up. I now feel I have a devise that meets all my networking needs, with out having to set up extenders or worrying about whether the streamed film will keep stopping part way through.
Only negative is that the box feels a little warm to the touch.
At present I have no reason not to reccommend this model to anyone else.

Update, signal strength is only two bars instead of full three without range extender but this doesn't cause any problems with streaming and access around house. Just to get best possible signal I have reinstalled range extender with the smart tv, just to be on safe side. What I am pleased about is I've had not one drop out yet, so that's mission accomplished.

Also, buying from Amazon, this arrived after 3 days using the free delivery option, great!
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 1 February 2014
This is a great product and works well (had it running for a couple of days now). I've got BT infinity and replaced my BT router (which was faulty) with this one. I was particularly looking for a modem router that had a good interface to set up port forwarding and VDSL capability, dual channels helps a lot too (2.4 and 5GHz). Setup was easy, once you realize you need a PPPoE/PPP username and password for BT (doh!). I now have access to my home Security cameras linked to my DVR via the internet after configuring port forwarding. In addition Asus provide you with a host name (DNS) so you don't have to worry about the WAN ip address changing if you reboot. So far so good!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 16 July 2014
Looks lovely, works or rather doesn't work horrendously. How this got to market I don't know. Took me 3 hours just to get some internet through put. 30 second internet wizard! Naahhhh.

I must have been through at least a dozen modem routers- this is by far the worst I've come across. The setup wizard simply doesn't wiz- I went through the process umpteen times before I factory restored and it decided to work..........well sort of. And before some bod from Asus says try the latest firmware , did that right off the bat (

When I did eventually get an internet connection the 2.4 ghz band kept failing- requiring a reboot to get it working again. Life is too short. It's going back. In this day and age this simply is not fit for purpose.

I should have taken heed from the previous reviews. But this is the only product with both adsl and fibre modems and thought I'd get a bit of future proofing.

I wouldn't even give it one star if I had the option and I'll definitely take heed of previous reviews in the future.

Poor, poor , poor............. If anyone from Asus feels like commenting on this review, don't bother. This product is simply terrible out of the box. Life is too short to carry out some spurious recommendations from you- I'm not getting in contact with your technical support and wasting more of my life on this . You must know how bad it is - why is it still in the market place? Shame on you..................


The second unit

Having sent the first unit back for being hopelessly terrible Amazon reduced the price to where I thought it maybe worth another try. The first one performed so badly perhaps, just perhaps it was a faulty unit. Surely a company like Asus with it's reputation for quality couldn't produce something so bad. Well yes and no.

Initially I didn't upgrade the firmware on the second unit, but found the DHCP table didn't work- reserving ip addresses for devices. So I upgraded with trepidation to the latest firmware. I had trouble with the dsl connection too as other reviews here have mentioned. This was rectified by manually using one of the preset profiles. Not lost a connection for over a week as of this review. I think a lot of the problems with this unit is where people are not installing the firmware properly/ it's over complicated to install. After upgrading the firmware it is essential to perform a hard reset- pushing and holding the reset button for about 10 seconds.

I also had repeated problems with the wireless where certain devices talking to each other on the 2.4ghz band over the network would cause the 2.4ghz band to totally fail- requiring a reboot. However this seems to have corrected itself and I've not needed to reboot the device in a week.A few gripes, in order to get wireless stability I've had to turn off the support for older b/g devices. This seems to improve initial connection to the router from n devices. The second gripe probably isn't really Asus' fault. The 5ghz band is near to useless unless you have clear line of sight to the router. Put a wall, floor or ceiling in the way and the performance is terrible. More the nature of 5ghz than poor manufacturing.

So it's been stable for a week. If the situation changes I'll update this review accordingly.

On the day to day practicality of the unit a few things I would like to see in any future firmware update. One would be an option to turn off all of the led lights on the unit. At the moment you can turn off all but the two wireless band traffic indicator lights- I find where my router is placed the lights to be a distraction.. And secondly an option/button on the user web interface to disconnect the modem- useful if you want to get a new ip address and also justto stop internet access.

Out of the box this device is terrible. After a proper firmware update and instillation it may work for you.

So there you go. My faith in Asus products partially restored. I hope this review is proves useful to you.


So I've had this second unit for about three weeks. One of which it was not plugged in. I managed to get wireless stability for all of six days and then it started to fail constantly at which point I unplugged it. Talked to Asus support where the issue was escalated, a few requests for network info etc and now well over two weeks and no solution. Noticed a firmware update release and thought I'd install and give it a try from the previous Only forty minutes of wireless stability. Hence to say it's going back.
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29 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on 6 September 2012
Not a computer geek, so don't ask me to explain all the fancy stuff it can do. I can explain from my point of view.

My Wifi was struggling to cope with all the stuff connected to it, or so I was told. Apple tv, iPad, phones, printers, laptops, play stations the norm stuff a normal family have.

Opened the box, plugged it in, followed the instructions on screen, apple stuff on the 5 band thingy all the other stiff on the 2.4 band thingy and it all works.

Netflix, apple tv works well without stalling, ipad super quick... other laptops/playstations, I have no idea as the children just grunt, eat and fester in their own pits but assume it all works.

I reckon it was worth the £109 quid it cost just to stop the kids whining... result!!
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26 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on 8 August 2014
Important update, please read below

I have owned this router for over a week and been having a hell of a time with the DSL ping and speed. I search everywhere online on how to resolve x2 higher ping (from 15ms to 30ms) without success. Firstly you must remember that any new router will face the dreaded DLM ( Dynamic Line Management - ) that can last week(s) finding the optimum speed. But anyway, here are the things to help.

Here's how to improve speed and decrease ping:

1. Update firmware

2. [wireless] settings
a) Disable [WPS] (security risks)
b) 2.4 GHz
i) Disable [b/g Protection]
ii) Set [Channel bandwidth] to [20 mhz]
iii) Set [Control Channel] to one of [1, 6, 11]
c) 5 GHz (Dont touch)
3. [WAN] settings
a) Disable [uPNP] (security risks)
b) Set [Connect to DNS Server automatically?] to [no] and add [] and [] to DNS Server 1 and 2 (Google Public DNS).
c) !important part! Set [MTU] to [1442] and [TCP MSS Option] to [1400] (Improve ping and connection speed).

4. [Advanced] settings, select [DSL Setting] tab
a) Set [DSL Modulation] to [VDSL2] (vDSL line)
b) Set [Rx AGC GAIN Adjustment (VDSL)] to [performance].

I couldn't be more than happier now, extremely fast and great WiFi range/speed! Good luck!


Update: 2014-09-16

Unfortunately I've found my vDSL connection dropping again and with the recent DLM effects my connection speed has dropped from 48Mbps to 20Mps. Looked at Asus wireless forum and it seems others are experiencing the same. Follow [vdslhelp] posts, I'm hoping my DSL speeds return to normal. It seems the DSL-N66U isn't ready for vDSL yet, due to firmware issues..?

When the DSL-N66U had a connection, the download/upload speed were slightly faster. The upload had increased from 12Mbps to 16Mbps, but my ping had increased from 15 to 30 back to 20 in addition to this I was experiencing a lot more CRC errors.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 13 January 2015
I've had to revisit my original review after my recent experiences with this router.
Whilst, on paper, the router looks excellent and the various 'strengths' this router has are great (wifi, USB3 support for media servers, interface etc) they DONT ALL WORK AT THE SAME TIME.
First it was connectivity. The router would just not stay connected, dropping at various times (usually just when you dont want it to) during the day. It's better now, but there are still occasional WAN connectivity drops..
Then it was the media server. It would - on an almost daily basis - lose the connection to the USB device (and not show up in DLNA on multiple devices). That also is now better than it was - though not perfect.
Now it's issues with the WiFi connection. It is absolutely, hair-pullingly, screamingly annoying to say the least. It drops out (without informing the laptop or other device, so it looks connected) and basically kills your connection. Disconnecting and reconnecting to your wifi connection fixes it - but only until the next drop.. They were as much as hourly. I did notice that they didn't drop as much when I was downloading a lot of large files - maybe the router thinks it's not busy or something? The other things I could put up with - this I definitely cannot..
We are extremely close to the end of our tether with this router..
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 14 October 2014
I have spent the last 5 days since receiving this router, trying to get theVDSL connection to stay up. As reported by other reviews, there is a major issue with the modem side that causes it to drop the DSL connection regularly, despite updating the firmware tothe latest version ( that was specifically meant to address this issue (and believe me, updating the firmware on this router from a Mac was no walk I the park but I'll not go into details here).

Furthermore, the WiFi performance is terrible. I have read some reviews stating that it gets better with time. That may be the case but my ps4, situated in the next room (8 meters away through a thin plasterboard partition that passes for a wall in new houses these days) can only get 4.7 Mbps download and 2.3 Mbps up. My BT HH5 was giving me 18/7Mbps!

These aren't just figures; in the real world my LG TV struggled to detect a signal and stutters on streaming and an ATV3 in the same room took so long to load a movie over LAN (!) that I gave up (the file was being streamed from my iMac). I won't go into all the issues I've had but I consider myself to have pretty good IT knowledge and I've spent about 20 hours over the last 5 days trying to sort these issues out with no real success.

In summary;

Positives - it looks good, No it really does and has a very small footprint.

- frequent DSL drops (1-2x daily). If you're in the middle of an online game this is a killer
-WiFi terrible (both speed and range - worse than a BT HH5)
-bug ridden firmware (ie enabling UPNP has not the slightest benefit in enabling services such as Plex and also causes immediate DSL connection)

If the router accomplished half of what the manufacturers claim I'd be happy. This barely scrapes a percentage point.. Really is not fit for purpose and unless my call to Asus resolves these issues, it is going back PDQ

EDIT: 15/10/14

I contacted ASUS support, who I have to admit were very friendly and helpful. I was advised to go back to the latest firmware (I had downgraded back to factory shipped firmware out of pure desperation) that gives the option to tweak the upstream VDSL power (and ADSL if you have that), I had already done this a little without success but support suggested I try maximum values. OK, fairly logical. Unfortunately it would not connect at all to my isp with these values, so had to try lower ones.
I did notice that the wifi signal strength seemed to have improved with the newer firmware, incidentally. I could now get -44dBm signal strength, with a connection speed of 150Mbs (the maximum supported on my galaxy note 3 on 5G N band apparently) but the range was no better than my HH5 still, as out on the patio I could no longer get a signal on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Interestingly the internet connection speed didn't improve and was still a poor 4/2Mbs on the PS4 for example.

I also didn't really have the chance to see whether the increased dsl power had any affect on dropped WAN connections as things were abruptly brought to a head when my daughter had a rant about her "ping speed being 7000ms on league of legends" making it unplayable.

I ordered the Netgear R7000 and plugged it into my basic Huawei BT supplied modem that for the last 2 years has been quietly getting on with the job without so much as a single reset (so much for the single box idea). The Netgear is far better, admittedly it is another £50 and to be honest looks like some alien monstrous spaceship has landed on my desk (it's looks won't suit some, not even sure they suit me!) but you can't argue with performance. Daughter's happy: ping now down to 50ms apparently; I'm hoping it will pick up from this once my ISP establishes a steady vdsl connection with the Huawei again.

It's probably not fair to directly compare the 2 routers as the Netgear has AC but for anybody still interested, it has better than -40dbm signal strength (WiFi Analyzer only goes up to -40dBm - the lower the number the better BTW). On the patio with 5G (probably AC) I get signal strength of -70dbm and connection speed of 87Mbps and even on 2.4GHz i still get a connection speed of13Mbps. Bearing in mind that there was no signal from the ASUS.

It is shame as the ASUS really is a nice looking all in one bit of kit with a tiny footprint conpared to the behemoth that is the Netgear R7000 Just wished that it would work.

Finally for the sake of complletion and the waning hope that the ASUS would somehow "spring into action", I was prepared to forego the inbuilt DSL and connect it to the Huwai modem. Unfortunately it did not improve things and had been on for no more than a couple of hours when my daughter, having just returned from college started complaining about 8000ms ping rates and her FPS was so slow that it would be quicker for her to draw the frames by hand. It has to go back I'm afraid.

Anyone thinking of buying this modem/router needs to be prepared to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to get it to work correctly, even if that's possible. I couldn't manage it and gave up after about 20 hours: and I would say that I'm fairly good with IT, oh and also retired!

Netgear = plug and play. Spent no more than 5 minutes setting this up and after the ASUS .....little perturbed by simplicity :0
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42 of 46 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 May 2012
Style Name: N600 Mbps + ADSL/VDSL modemVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Firstly, it should be said that this is a high end modem router and is designed for use with a dial-up telephone line based adsl internet service and not for use with a cable or external modem.

This router has a modern and up to date appearance, stylish and suitably high tech and will look well on any work desk or even in the living room.

The wizard based setup was easy and straightforward and for most users all they need to do is input their ISP user name and password to access the internet with no need to use the supplied CD. Many adsl routers such as the AVM Fritz! Box Fon 7390 Wireless 4 Port VDSL/ADSL2+ Router DECT VoIP Phone Adaper that I usually use myself now support internet access from a cable, external modem or another router. Not so this router which is limited to an adsl connection only. Although Asus claim a maximum speed of 600Mbps this is slightly disingenuous as this is in fact the combined speed of the 2.4 and 5Ghz network streams. Rival high end routers from Netgear and other now support a single band connection of 450Mbps or higher - although few network adapters yet can handle this. Perhaps I overlooked it but I could not see anyway of using this router as a repeater to another existing router network. As another review has already pointed out this device does not allow for MAC address spoofing - this is a way of fooling some ISPs that insist on their own specific routers being used by allowing the user to input a suitable MAC address into the router settings and which is then passed on to the ISP during the connection process.

Like most of the current generation of routers this one offers a built in Media Server, FTP Server and (via a separate utility program on the CD) a Printer Server. The easy to configure QoS settings ensures that network traffic will be given suitable priority your needs. No sign of dedicated hardware VOIP support of the type used across the AVM Fritz!box range.

This is a top of the range product and delivers a high level of reliable performance. It has many advanced features perhaps not required by the average user but seems to be lacking some others to be found in routers of comparable price.

The Good
Wifi on/off and Reset switches on case
Two USB ports
Printer server
Media server
FTP server
Gigabit LAN
Table or wall mounting
Free Asus DDNS service
Aerials are detachable for storage
Easy to configure QoS settings
Good build quality
Dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks separately configurable

The Bad
300Mbps speed max
No hardware VOIP support
User Interface is old fashioned
No support for external or cable modems
No support for MAC address spoofing
No support for use as a Repeater
No Guest network
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 November 2013
After 3 weeks I'm impressed. I upgraded the firmware as recommended by others. Simply pressed the button in the browser controls and waited 2 minutes.
MUCH better wireless signal than the Netgears.

I won't repeat what other positive reviews have said but will add:

Power consumption is 9 watts. I turned off the 5 GHz as none of my devices use it and it dropped to 8 watts. I turn the wifi off 11pm tp 7am and that drops the power consumption to 7 watts. I've read that for maximum speed leave routers on 24/7 otherwise your exchange sees the line dropping and lowers your speed in an attempt to stabilise your line.

This Asus has powerful parental controls. You can set times of day for any given device to allow internet connection.

My router history
My first router was the Netgear DG834 - Lasted 3 years before dropping.I replaced that with a Netgear DG2200 that lasted 18 months before constant drops. I replaced that with another Netgear DG2200 under the 2 year warranty of the previous - Replacement was also faulty and dropped continuously.
So I bought an Asus as it had a 3 year warranty after having enough of Netgear
review image review image
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