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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Absolutely blown away with what this blu ray player can do. Bearing in mind it is quite cheap for a 3D blu ray player.

So the player itself, it is 43cm wide, 19.5cm deep and 4cm tall. It comes with a remote control, two batteries, a user guide, quick reference guide and also a telephone number for the Samsung Customer Support.

Well, I really don't know where to start now.

When you switch on for the first time, it is best to allow at least half an hour for it to update and download the apps. This just makes sure it is as up to date as possible. You do, of course, either have to connect it via the LAN or wi-fi first before it can update. There is a LAN port at the back of the player. It also will only connect to your TV with an HDMI cable (not provided).

So as I have said you can either connect it via a cable or wirelessly. I have gone for wireless. I didn't want wires all around the room. And it connects perfectly. I have it in my bedroom and the signal strength is excellent.

The player also allows you to watch movies, photos or listen to music from a USB memory stick, or a hard drive. There is a USB port on the front of the player. But as the player also can connect to your network you can also watch files from your PC by using the AllShare feature.

Moving on to my favourite, the SmartHub.

There is a program which you may find beneficial for keeping in touch with your family, or even network of friends. It is called Family Story. You register, and then get other people to register and join your network. It's like an intranet version of Facebook. You can load photos, videos and messages on, and only people in your network can see them.

There is also a fitness program, it says that you can connect any wifi enabled balance board to it too. It keeps track of your regime, charts yours ups and downs and a lot more.

Moving on to the apps. This is the first player I have seen where Netflix and LoveFilm are together. Both of them work perfectly, which is surprising as many older Samsung blu ray players have major issues with playing films on LoveFilm. It also has YouTube included.

It also has a lot of other apps to download, and they are split into the following categories: video, games, sports, lifestyle, information and education.

It also has a web browser, connecting you straight to the internet. But to be able to use this effectively you should use a keyboard and mouse, as the on screen ones take ages to do anything.

Moving on to what it was actually built for - playing blu ray DVDs. Well, it plays them, that's all you can say really. Unfortunately, I don't have a 3D enabled TV so can't comment on how it fairs that way. You don't get any 3D glasses, but this player is probably more likely to be an additional player, so you would already have some.

So when you look at what it can do, and the price it is a bargain. I was going to buy a friend of mine a media player for his birthday, but this knocks the socks off what a media player can do, so will definitely be getting another.

I can't recommend this more highly. But like with everything, do your research first to see if it is going to be suitable for you.
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on 6 February 2013
Review Update: My review for this product was quite negative as it stated problems with the device introduced by a firmware update. It has taken about two months but Samsung have finally released a new firmware for this device which has fixed the BBC Iplayer problem. I am still testing this new version but a quick check shows that Iplayer is now ok. I will update the review again if I find any issues.

>>> My old review shown below is based on the faulty firmware introduced in January 2013, firmware was updated and fixed Iplayer problem as of 15th March 2013.

This product is plagued by software glitches.

I was initially happy with it until I tried to use the web browser which didn't work at all. Emailed Samsung support who didn't seem to know that it didn't work and implied that this wasn't a common problem, which is odd since all the devices are identical. The web browser then suddenly started working following a firmware update and hub update. The web browser is very slow, barely usable.

Netflix works perfectly (SD and HD), acetrax good. Blu-ray playback is fine too.

DLNA playback. Irritating software problems. Device randomly cannot find my DLNA server(s), turning it (the player) off and on a few times fixes this until next time. Player randomly disconnects/stops during playback. This isn't a Wifi/networking issue as I use the ethernet port.

Hub randomly show no connection errors/other errors.

BBC Iplayer was working perfectly, which is one of the main reasons why I purchased this device. Then Samsung updated the firmware in the first week of January 2013. Since the firmware update BBC Iplayer standard definition playback is broken. High definition content on Iplayer still plays perfectly well, but not the lower resolution and quality standard definition. Since not all Iplayer content is available in HD this massively restricts what you can watch on Iplayer. I emailed Samsung support, the replies I got were unhelpful, citing bandwidth of my internet connection as the problem. I contacted them back by phone and stated that this was not the problem since the higher bandwidth HD content works but not the lower bandwidth content. The SD content now plays like if you try to play content on an old slow PC without enough processor speed and without hardware accelerated video to play content (video and audio out of synch, video speeds/slows, audio stops starts). The phone operator went through standard scripted support items like "Try hard resetting the device", I did that already, then try waiting a couple of days (as if that will magically fix the firmware that they broke). I then emailed back after a couple of days and Samsung replied an apology and "We are currently investigating this issue and hope to get this resolved as soon as possible". So, for approximately 30 days I haven't been able to use this device for the purpose for which it was intended. If they simply rolled back the firmware and re-released the previous firmware all would be well with my player again but they haven't done that and nothing has happened. It is not possible to roll back the firmware yourself.
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on 31 March 2013
Good points:

- Built-in wi-fi easy to set up and works.

- Lovefilm app works for playing Instant content (over wi-fi) if you're a Lovefilm member. That's a nice useful feature.

Bad points:

- Unbelievably, this machine clicks and groans rather loudly when a disc is inside, even when not playing. I expected a gentle, constant whirring maybe, but nothing like this. It sounds more like a HDD hammering away than a DVD player. Far too distracting while watching films; it is loud enough to hear over e.g. quiet dialogue (at several yards distance), and silences in films would be ruined by it. This is why I am returning the unit, even if it was perfect in every other way it would be reason enough. Read on if you want to know some less important drawbacks as well...

- Text entry on-screen keyboard is poorly designed. Mobile keypad style functionality (as on my Youview box for example) is much handier. But even as these on-screen keyboards go, this one is poor as you can't go from the end of one line to the other side (not sure what that feature's called), so lots more button presses!

- I nearly injured myself trying to get the battery cover off the remote, and I'm not mechanically clumsy. It took me a good 10-15 minutes to get it off, never happened before. That's bad design for a market-leading brand. It has a shape that gives you no leverage when something sticks a bit coz it's new.

- Samsung SmartHub interface is clunky, slow and unattractive, as others have commented.

- Samsung menus. I have a recently bought Samsung TV as well (a somewhat regretted purchase, although the picture is good) and I hate their menus - it takes me about 5 button presses to switch subtitles on on the TV, to give you an idea. Not sure how subtitles are implemented on this, as the DVD I used to test the appliance did not have a subtitles facility. It's probably not quite as bad as at least the button isn't shared with audio description (and the latter prioritised!) like on my Samsung TV.

- While slim, this box seems very wide, it only just fitted into the compartment in my generously sized tv cabinet. As it seems mainly hollow, I wasn't sure it needed to be this big?

- No HDMI cable included - a bit stingy maybe? Obviously no big deal though.

I am giving 2 stars as some features work well and so as to not appear like an angry, dismissive reviewer. In my opinion, any player this noisy does really only deserve one star as it's basically useless (at least to anyone who, like me, gets irritated by background noise). The worst thing is that it's not a continuous noise and therefore all the more noticeable.
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VINE VOICEon 28 June 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As with most electronic items nowadays they do more than their primary function. In this case Samsung have their Smart TV apps, which is where I shall start with this review.

On first loading the Smart TV function it seemed to take a while to download and install and do the initial setup. It downloads a selection of apps and installs them for you. For me only 1 of the 14 it installed was useful - Lovefilm. Before logging into Lovefilm I thought I'd have a look to see what else is available. The only other app of interest to me was Netflix. At the time of writing this there is no BBC iPlayer app despite the product description although a quick look on the Samsung site slates this app for release before the end of June.
General navigation around the Smart TV service is slow and entering text is painful. A keyboard appears but you have to use the remote to select one letter at a time. The input isn't particularly smooth.

The Netflix and Lovefilm apps are brilliant though. Once logged into them the interface is easy to use, although still sluggish in my opinion. Playback quality is excellent and any HD content on Netflix is just mind blowing for a streaming service. Side by side I would be unable to tell apart this app from a Sky Movies HD movie. It really is that good.

As for blu ray playback, both 3d and 2d, the sound and picture is simply stunning. As a basic blu ray player this ticks all the boxes for me. Sharp images, deep blacks and full, clear sound through our surround sound unit. I can't really comment any further here - it's simply stunning.

Overall the unit is a bit of a mixed bag and it depends what you want from the player. If you are in the market for a stand alone 3d/2d blu ray player then this will not disappoint on bit. But then if you are in the market for that there are cheaper models without the "Smart" stuff. If you find the addition of apps attractive then you might find yourself getting frustrated. Other manufacturers attempts at this are much slicker and for those who are used to the Playstation 3 apps (albeit a very limited selection) this really does disappoint on the user interface front.

Hopefully a few updates to the Smart TV function will make the user experience more acceptable, but in it's current form, with a lack of many decent apps and the poor performance, it is hard to recommend this for it's "Smart" functions. As a blu ray player though it is excellent! 3.5 stars from me.
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on 13 November 2012
my reason for purchasing this item is to get netflix and lovefilm on my TV, i have little use to play DVD's, blue rays or use the 3D feature. the player looks good and is of decent quality bearing in mind the price. the interface is ease to use and setup was no hassle. the negatives are that it is a little slow to react once you press a button the remote (2-3 seconds delay) but for what i paid it does the job well and would recommend, if your a real 'film buff' then i would recommend that you spend a bit more and get something with decent hardware, stoarge for the apps is small, in the region of 250Mb HDD. however as i have said all i wanted to use it for the netflix and lovefilm apps so i stream tv and film to my TV, this is does very well and am very happy. only got 4 stars becuase the hardware inside is a little slow. considering buying another one for my parents for christmas.

at the end of the day if you are unsure you can always send it back !
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on 16 October 2012
First impressions out of the box are fine. Quality satisfactory, very slight cheapness to the plastics, perhaps more than on say a Sony or Panasonic but perfectly fine for he price paid.

Basic set up is easy and intuitive. Menu system seems very straightforward.

Connected to wifi easily with built in card (no need to buy a separate dongle) and streams Lovefilm instant very well, on what is admittedly a good broadband connection.

The Samsung all share app for the PC hung the first time trying to install it (found on forums that isn't uncommon) reinstalled very easily on second attempt. Configuration took a bit of tweaking but no more than 5-10 mins to get the hang of it and now it plays files from pc very well.

Other Apps are ok, but like the TV no where net as good or user friendly as your PC or iPad.

USB socket on front is okay, but would have preferred it on back to hide cabling away. It seems to take about 2 mins to load up files from my 320gb hard drive, but when loaded it plays files quickly, silently, with easy navigation - A lot better than the media player buit into our Panasonic TV.

Limited number of other connections - I Ethernet port and HDMI, and I think there are all some connections for speakers ( cant remember this last point).

Up scales DVD's well and sees to play Blu Rays fine. There is a bit of noise loading the discs to start with, but I don't know how typical this is, as this is our first blu ray player. Disk Tray is a bit noisy opening and closing.

Display on unit at front is a bit basic and the green display a bit retro.

Remote seems fine, but nothing to rave about - in this day and age do we really need something with about 40 buttons on it?

We picked this unit because of its built in wifi, ability to play wirelessly files on our pc, and the alternate apps not found on our Panasonic TV (Loveilm instant). Does this show blu ray off to its best? I've no idea. Yes it's better than DVD, but we're playing both on a very good HD TV, so maybe I was a bit surprised that the difference wasn't as jaw dropping as I expected. Hopefully Blurays won't be as temperamental with scratches as DVDs.
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on 19 February 2013
I spent a long time reading reviews of various blu-ray players. I wanted a reasonably priced one with wifi and this, with all the positive reviews on here, seemed to fit the bill. Initial set-up was easy, it found my BT home hub 3 and connected fine through wifi. Watched some Netflix with no problems - great! Played some dvds (not bought any blu-rays yet) which were fine, loaded and played swiftly. It was only later that when watching very quiet/silent parts of films I could hear an intermittent low-tone buzzing as the disc played. Not just the usual sounds you hear when pressing play/jumping to another chapter but throughout the operation of the disc. Found this more than a little irritating. The other main problem was iplayer. It never played in sync or smoothly - always stuttering picture and sound. Tried googling the problem and it's some software issue with Samsung. So after 2 weeks I returned the item to Amazon and am awaiting a refund.
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on 21 July 2012
This is a very good 3-d blu ray with some great picture quality.

The biggest draw back is that the selling point item of Web runs very very slow and crashes all the time when it streams video...other Smart apps are standard samsung ones which seems to work in par with other models.
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on 11 July 2012
Only 87 of your earth pounds !!!

That is amazing value for money - I upgraded to this from the C5900 when Lovefilm stopped working and it became obvious that Samsung were not going to do a firmware upgrade for that older player.

So now Lovefilm, Netflix, Youtube, BBC I-player all work superbly, loads more Apps available and a web browser as well (needs external keyboad/mouse ideally)

No wifi dongle required as it is now built in.

I was very anti Samsung when over their policy with the C5900, but at £87, this is pretty well a throw away price should a similar thing happen in the future to the E6100.
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on 3 March 2013
Edited to reflect changes after downloading the latest updates.
The BBCiPlayer now functions perfectly (end of April 2013), but there's still no sign of an ITV Player for me.
I am so pleased with this Blu-ray player I'm planning on purchasing a second one for my bedroom tv.

Original review:

I don't have a smart tv but I use Netflix so I decided to get this, to be honest partially on the fact that I've been really pleased with all the Samsung products I've purchased.

It's a fantastic bit of kit!

My TV is not smart, but I no longer care because this is.
Plugged it in (HDMI cable required, not supplied), switched it on, logged into my router then let it update stuff.

Netflix, Love Film, Blinkbox & BBC iPlayer are all apps you can download for free.
There are loads of others which seemed a bit random.
There is a web browser & something for You Tube - I haven't tried either of them but may be things someone else wants on their tv.

I've used Netflix, Love Film & Blinkbox successfully.
iPlayer kept stuttering to the point it was unwatchable but I don't really use it so not a problem for me personally.
There is no sign of an ITV Player.
This is no use for Skys NOWTV as they don't have an app for it, so if you use that you'll still need to plug your laptop in.
I asked them - they have no timeframe for adding one, but are 'looking into it'

No more plugging the laptop into the TV & using the mouse whilst fighting to protect the laptop from my toddler was my number one priority.
Now I just watch Netflix etc.. like they are channels on the TV.

It plays DVDs & Blu-rays just fine, I'm not really one of those people who notice the difference on quality between SD & HD but it does seem better although I didn't have a problem with my picture before.

The remote has a source switcher, power on/off & volume control in the top right corner which work with my Samsung TV without me having done anything.
The power on/off for the player is at the top on the left.
Sometimes I confuse them which is my only real bugbear with this product.

For the price it's very good value for me, as my main requirement was to get Netflix etc.. on to my TV without wires or having to buy a smart tv.
I don't really like the remote layout but I love the product.
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