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on 30 September 2013
... why should they all be yellow i hear you ask.... well i shall tell all.... get a coffee, sit back and relax...

Oh, first things first... dont buy it... simple...

Right... the whole thing is a complete Lemon (this is why they should be yellow). We purchased this in the hope that we might use it as an internet radio however it never really worked. At best it's totally unreliable. If it can be bothered to find your wireless network it might sign in... then again it might not... don't hold your breath. Various routers tried with combinations of WPA,WEP, no security, various channels you name it... nothing improves the terrible performance.

If it does manage to sign into the network you can pretty much forget the 'Pure Connect', essentially.... Pure connect Can't connect. Be prepared to be asked to 'try later' time after time.

Our original unit was sent back as we and the supplier assumed that the wireless adapter had packed up and a replacement was sent out with no bother whatsoever. The new unit did work fine during the quick set up and turn-on to see if could see the wireless network and connect etc... it worked fine. The unit was then relocated to another room and switched back on. At this point the whole thing collapsed as the unit started to download and install a firmware upgrade. After successful completion of the update we are back to square one. no connection whatsoever and back to the message that we should try to connect later. Support from Pure is interesting... it's amazing how distorted the use of that word has become, if you get trouble you're better of on support forums.

Comments from using the first unit. The touch screen isn't bad and reasonably responsive however sometimes that whole thing flies into to a funk and locks up no matter how much frantic screen-stabbing is applied. Not sure about the DAB tuning. The unit cannot find a large percentage of other stations that are on a competitors DAB radio. FM tuning.. well it's not bad... but it's not DAB is it.

For us the whole unit is disappointing. We look upon it as a useless, white egg shaped dust collector. When we are old we might gather around and continually cycle the splash screen to see the nice 'PURE' logo.... but that's all it's going to be good for.
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When PURE brought out the Sensia in late 2009, my hopes were high - on the surface it looked as though PURE had designed a DAB/internet radio that was streets ahead of its competition.
Unfortunately this wasn't quite the case - the original Sensia had a number of design flaws that meant it didn't quite deliver what it had promised. The main issues with it included
Clunky, laggy touchscreen control
No equaliser for sound
Volume control only accessible through touchscreen
Only one alarm (on or off)
Alarmingly bright red power button which also got in the way each time the radio was moved or picked up
very slow boot up and mode changing

So although it had it's good points, it seemed that the radio hadn't met its full potential

So enter the Sensia 200D in 2012 - the updgraded version. As soon as I read what the main changes to the radio were I purchased it - I have been waiting for an improved Sensia and I am not disappointed - this really is the radio that the original Sensia should have been - and is the best internet radio on the market by a long way.

Main improvements are:
Graphic Equaliser
Two Alarms (you can now set a weekday only alarm)
Greatly improved touch screen
No annoying red power button
Volume controls included on radio (not just touchscreen)
Much faster bootup and operation
Pure Flow capability (stream audio from IOS or Android devices to the Sensia through the PURE application)
Record timer (programme record to a USB device) - I haven't tested this yet

Out of the box the Sensia 200D looks similar to the original model - but on closer examination there are two volume buttons included on the top of the unit, the annoying bright red power indicator has vanished and there is a neat recessed power button in its place. Apart from that the design looks identical to the original Sensia. It was easy to set up the radio - the set-up wizard took me through all the steps necessary and it was then a case of connecting to my home router which was also very straightforward to do. I was up and running in a few minutes. The 200D manual that came with the radio was more comprehensive than the manual available on the internet and it didn't take me long to figure out how to set up the equaliser and a weekday alarm either. The DAB tuner found about 40 Digital stations on its first scan and it was pleasing to hear that the radio had plenty of tone control - enough to set a pleasing level of bass and treble. With the equaliser enabled and set-up the 200D sounds as good as it looks at low and reasonably high volumes, where it can fill a medium sized room.

The touch screen isn't as responsive as an Iphone's but it's a heck of an improvement on the old one. It's easy to navigate around the various menus and options, select a station or one of the Listen Again programmes available. Searching is also easy to do- the touch keyboard works much better than the old one - and it is easy to scroll through long lists of search results (which was frustrating on the original model). You could manage without needing a PC to manage favourites on the Lounge.

For those of you who don't know, the Lounge is the PURE application that allows you to connect with thousands of internet radio stations, Listen Again programmes and PURE music (which is a service similar to spotify that allows you access to a large number of album tracks and singles for a small monthly subscription). When you use the Lounge for the first time you register from a PC and are given a unique access code which you then input into your PURE product to gain access to your own personal account. PURE's lounge used to be a very clunky user hostile experience - but they have worked hard and transformed the site into a user-friendly, very capable site that is a pleasure to navigate. PURE have also produced free Lounge applications for IOS and Android phones - an excellent complement to the main site. With the 200D, you can now stream music, internet radio stations, Listen again programmes from your IOS or Android device to the radio. It really works extremely well and is a really nice feature - the 200D really scores highly in the connectivity stakes.

Having two alarms and losing the piercing red power light are also two excellent improvements to the original Sensia. The red power light could feel like having a high powered laser being shone in your eyes when trying to sleep (it was best to tape it over) and with only one alarm with an on/off setting only, it was easy to forget to turn the alarm off at the weekend (or having done that, to turn it on for monday morning) with predictable results. Not any more.... The main screen dims at night time and provides a clock display or can be turned off altogether if complete darkness is required. I don't find the light of the clock obtrusive so prefer to have it on.

The radio comes with a new, improved remote control - when used, larger indicators appear on screen to make it easy to navigate - using the remote with the original Sensia required a good pair of binoculars. PURE have put a lot of thought into the improvements for Sensia, that's for sure. There is also a rechargeable battery that can be installed for portability - it's not the same one as the old Sensia for anyone who's thinking of upgrading. The battery is an additional accessory - it doesn't come with the radio.

I still have a couple of small niggles - I'd like to have a Sleep dedicated button rather than have to go through the touch screen to access it (I can just about do it in my sleep now though which is good). And PURE persist in showing a couple of screens of advertising for new products which can't be turned off. I've bought an expensive new radio and don't like having to put-up with adverts for other products - please give us an option to turn these off!

But all in all, PURE have done exceptionally well here - this is such a greatly improved Sensia that its practically a different radio from the original one. There are a lot of good reasons for buying one - if you want access to thousands of internet stations, like the Listen Again functionality and would like lots of control from the radio rather than the PC than Sensia 200D does this better than anything else on the market. The PURE stream feature is a touch of genius too - it's great to be able to stream stuff from my ipod or mobile phone directly to the radio. I think that there are enough real improvements for it to be worth upgrading from the original Sensia (even though this will be expensive) but certainly for new buyers, this radio is well worth the asking price - this is certainly a return to form for PURE and positions them as the number one for connected radios.
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on 1 April 2013
Before purchase I read every review I could find on this product, including other websites and so-called expert technical magazines.I had doubts on it's reliability.

After the first day I was feeling reasonably happy. Having read the on-line manual before purchase I knew how to set the radio up.(Similar to a Roberts 83i).It connected to my BT hub without difficulty. I plugged in my USB, played some tracks and recorded some instant and timed recordings, and, played those back.(I am not interested in connecting to my computer to play back music especially when it only takes seconds to transfer music to a USB).

However,the next day it had difficulty locating my USB and then when I could see the USB on the radio screen it would not display the contents.Having switched to internet radio and back to USB the same thing happened again. It then decided to reboot itself.Also periodically the screen went blank and did not respond to touch.

The touch screen is reasonably good but in my opinion is not consistent i.e. sometimes unresponsive and sometimes super-sensitive.

I bought this radio as I liked the idea of the screen size and the information on the music being played. The most important point was the ability to record music. I believe the radio has difficulty locating the USB as it also tries, at the same time, to locate other networks. When this doesn't work it obviously will not find the USB.

I have similar views to others in that I dislike intensely the persistent Pure adverts. If Pure thinks this is what customers want to look at I am speechless!!

The wireless connection on this radio is unreliable. My Blackberry phone has no trouble locating my BT hub and the connection is faultless.I can listen to thousands of internet radio stations thought the Blackberry app which cost 75 pence.

In my opinion and I am not a radio expert Pure is marketing a product which has not been tested sufficiently. I dislike the brand actually - I don't know how they get away with, for instance, marketing radios which claim to be 'portable' but then one has to buy a chargepak to get it to work. And where does one buy the chargepak - no not in the shop but from Pure. After all when one buys a car one doesn't expect to buy it without wheels and then to have to buy those separately from another source!!!

This radio lasted 48hrs before I returned it to Amazon who, in my opinion, have a customer service second to none.
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Colour Name: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a nice internet radio with some great features. I already had a Logitech Squeezebox Radio - Black so I was interested to compare the two. The Pure Sensia has the advantage of a touch-screen, this is a good size and enables easy navigation of menus, much easier than using the buttons on the Squeezebox. The sound quality on the Sensia is also very good, I was impressed by the standard of the sound from the small speakers again this is an improvement on my Squeezebox. Both radios come with a mains connection and a battery pack needs to be bought separately, however, the Sensia does come with remote control whereas the Squeezebox remote comes with the battery pack. Both the radios come with access to a wide range of internet radio stations and have the ability to save your favourites. I found that both were set up quickly and connected easily to my WiFi network. I bought my Squeezebox as I was keen to be able to stream music, the Sensia also has this feature, however, the Sensia uses the Pure music streaming service whereas the Squeezebox can use a variety of different music services, including Napster, Spotify and Although the Pure music streaming seems to work well it is not ideal for me as I already have accounts with Napster and, you also have the ability to scrobble from the Squeezebox which is not available on the Sensia. The Sensia does have the great feature of tagging a track from an internet radio station, giving you further information and the ability to buy the track. Also the recording to a USB stick is another really good feature. Both radios can be used to play music stored on your computer, my squeezebox was set up to do this very easily but I have struggled to set up the Sensia despite downloading the Pure Flowserver software, thankfully this is not one of the features of most importance to me. Overall the Sensia is a great radio with some really interesting features and is only let down by having to use the Pure streaming music service instead of any other service you may already be subscribed to and using on other devices.
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Colour Name: BlackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love my technology. I have been taking radios apart since before I could write so I was very excited at the thought of this Pure Sensia 200d Internet radio.

I have never owned an internet radio so I got this as a clock radio as I sleep poorly and thought this would be an excellent companion through sleepless nights. My wife has hijacked it for the kitchen and I agree that it is too beautiful to be confined to the bedroom table.

First of all, the good points. This was very very easy to set up. Plug it in, enter the Wifi password and you are away. It looks beautiful. I was a bit worried about the touch screen. Having owned a series of creative products with terrible and insensitive touch screens and an iPad to compare to, I had mixed expectations. The screen is big and bright and surprisingly sensitive and accurate. It needs no calibration and I have generally been delighted.

I did not buy this to subscribe to the Pure music service. I don't like having subscriptions to pay and I like to own my music as a hard copy so I cannot comment on the Pure Connect subscription service. The access to Internet radio stations is as easy as filling in a search box. You can search for Genre, Title, Country or any other searchable criterion for the radio station, I wanted some Italian music so I found a selection of different styles of Italian to chose from. When I find a station that I like, I save it as a favourite and I can immediately access my favourites list by pressing the dedicated Favourites button on the remote. I also love my Podcasts and again, you can search, store and favourite as many podcasts as you like. The sound is faultless and although it does not fill the room with sound, it gives a clarity which is far beyond what you would expect from such a small unit.

There is an App for Apple products. This allows easy steaming from my iPod and iPad and, all the favourites you save on the Sensia immediately appear on the App on your iOS device. That's great for when you are on the move.

My wifi signal in the kitchen is moderate at best but I have never dropped sound on my Sensia.

The remote is small and stylish and does everything. There is a rechargeable battery that can be bought as an optional extra. It is very expensive and I feel, for the price they are charging, this could be included but you can't have it all.

There are a couple of negatives which I must mention. Firstly, this is advertised as being able to display Twitter and Facebook but I can not find any evidence that there is any way of accessing these services. This is not a problem for me and I am sure I am being stupid but I find devices like this very easy usually but I just can't work this out. I have tried googling without success. The instructions are a bit brief too.

The radio claims to operate as a digital picture frame but, again, I just can't work out how to do it. I have looked and looked through all the possible menus.

The most irritating thing about this radio is the incessant adverts for Pure products. When there is no picture to display, it will display an advert for some Pure radio. I have only just got a new Pure product. I am not in a rush to buy another. Pure are advertising to the wrong group and if anything, this is a turn off from buying any more Pure products. I can't find any way of switching this off.

The only other minor irritation is that, the radio comes on straight to the previously selected station when entering the favourites. Often very loud.

That said, I am delighted with this radio. Beautiful, great sound, easy to use and does everything I wanted it to. I am sure I will work out how to load photos and access Facebook one day but the would just be a bonus.

Just to be controversial, I am going to say this. I cannot work out what functionality this unit gives you that an iPhone and dock don't. My iPhone has the tunein radio app installed which accesses digitalradio, listen again and Internet radio. The podcast app is excellent for podcasts so I can't really see what this offers over an iPhone or iPod touch and a dock which I have all over the house.

It's not cheap but it is lovely and I am so pleased I have it so, if this sounds like what you are after, go for it. You won't be disappointed!!
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on 27 September 2012
First off the radio did tune itself in to the Dab stations and fixed the clock etc all by itself. However the wi-fi is a different story and like one of the reviewers said its got some technical problem connecting via wi-fi even when near the router. I've set up many an internet radio without fuss but this thing doesn't want to know. I also tried connecting the unit at my daughters house and the same thing happened again Another problem is you can't connect via cable unless you buy an additional RJ45 adaptor which will set you back another £20. Why didn't they just add a plain socket like everyone else. That's not all the bottom piece that is suppose to latch on to the radio is very poor design and dosen't hold on properly in fact its so bad I had to buy some blue tak to hold it in place. Another bad point is when you plug in a USB stick it bends because there's not enough room once its plugged in which could damage your USB Stick and maybe damage the socket too so I've had to order a USB adaptor. The designers need to get their act together.

I bought the battery to avoid the nuisance of having to reset my network settings and other stuff while unplugging it to take it to bed. Anyway trouble is I can't seem to get it to connect to my network again, grrr back to the teck support I been at it for a good part of the day trying.

After I had my supper I Finally got it to connect by doing a router reboot first while leaving the radio on, however this time it saved my favourites radio settings due to the registration and the Pure Connect that used to be called the Pure Lounge. Phew!!

To add further to this review I have had to return it as its constantly not picking up the network, my other internet radio works fine with no problems for months so I know its not my network at fault here. Shame as it could have been such a great radio otherwise. Also I still havent heard back from Tech support for 4 days now which is unacceptable as they promised 48 hours min. They need to iron out all these problems before putting out a product.
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on 30 December 2013
I've been so tempted to vent my frustration with my Sensia 200d over the nine months that I've owned it but I've never got round to it. Instead I've simply shouted abuse at it - which seems to have worked - either that or the latest Firmware Update has fixed things!

The "Thing" ("Thing" was usually the second word in what I called it) now finally works as a consumer product. It's always had great sound, it looks cool and neat and it's packed full of useful features but it's been dreadfully buggy until the latest software update. The main problems for me were:

It would lose connectivity to the Pure Connect service every couple of days, meaning a power-down re-boot was necessary to get it back up and running. This was incredibly frustrating because, when the power was restored to it, the Thing had lost the podcast (or whatever) that I'd searched for.

The second major irritation was that whenever I switched to DAB it would change to the correct channel successfully, play for 30 seconds or so, then re-boot. Which would take a couple of minutes.

Every now and again it would tell me that a new Software update was available - I'd get my hopes up only to find all the same bugs still there - and maybe one or two more thrown in for good measure (the clock stopping was a fun one!).

Then, one dark December morning, it threatened me with a new update - to V1.9. I looked at the list of things that it was supposed to fix - none of them seemed to offer any hope but I gave it a go anyway. After ten minutes or so the update completed and the Thing sprang into life once more. I touched the DAB option... hmmm... it responded immediately - no lag, maybe that's what they've fixed. I could change channel quickly, the volume control responded instantly... yes, this is what they've fixed. I waited for the DAB re-boot. It never happened! I switched to Pure Connect. It connected! I opened the "Play Again" menu and navigated to the latest Mitchel and Webb podcast. I fast forwarded the first couple of minutes. No crashes. Everything worked! And everything's continued to work in the two or three weeks since.

I'm now delighted with the Thing. Of course there are still one or two bits that could be fixed: stop displaying adverts for other Pure products (it really doesn't help!) and fix the "select first channel" bug - but these are trivial. Now that Pure have got it working properly it looks ripe for development:

- Remote control via iPhone\Android?
- More built in apps (I only ever seem to use Weather)?
- And the next version - Bluetooth?

I suppose it should now be nearer to a 5 star review but... the memories of a summer swearing at it are too fresh right now! Basically if you are purchasing one now, with the latest firmware installed you're getting a great device that as well as being a radio can record, reply and stream - and have a stab at the weather. What else can do what it can do - a tablet with speakers maybe - but that's not exactly elegant is it?
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on 14 January 2013
I wanted a music player for our kitchen that was both a DAB radio and streaming music player (i.e. DLNA). I struggled between the Revo Axis XS and this Sensia 200d and, based on a number of reviews and in particular What HiFi's, I bought the Revo. However, 3 weeks later I have returned the Revo, bought the Sensia and am delighted with it. This review is about the Sensia but if you are interested in my experience with the Revo then I have reviewed that on Amazon too.

The Sensia doesn't look as large as its dimension imply because of its rounded, rugby ball shape and that shape is also less radical than I feared and fits well in our rural kitchen. Setup was straightforward and the radio immediately auto-tuned and found all expected DAB stations. The network setup wizard found our wireless network quickly and connection was immediate once I had entered the password. 5-10 mins after plugging in the unit everything was configured and working.

Some reviews have complained about the screen and user interface but I have found the screen to be highly responsive to taps and swipes with no noticeable delays. Furthermore the user interface is clean, simple and intuitive. This combined with the large screen size in the centre of the unit makes the Sensia a pleasure to use. Whereas the Revo feels as if the touch screen hasn't been fully embraced, the Sensia makes full and effective use of this interface.

Sound quality is good and detailed. There is also good bass without that becoming overwhelming or intrusive. The two side speakers means the Sensia can achieve good volume and do a better job of filling a room than other single speaker units, e.g. the Revo, although the lack of forward facing speaker makes the sound slightly thinner or less direct. On balance I still prefer the Sensia's approach.

The DAB radio and music streaming both work very well. I haven't had any issues with either and they do everything you expect. The music streaming is responsive, very reliable and displays album art correctly. I use Windows Media Player as my music server because, while it doesn't support my FLAC files and won't transcode, WMP handles album art and gives a better user interface than other music servers. WMP has worked perfectly with the Sensia.

The internet radio, i.e. live internet radio, catch-up radio and podcasts, works very well and without issues. The interface for finding what you want is OK but works best if you know what you want and can search for that, otherwise you are faced with long lists and a search function to support your browsing.

The remote control works well and provides a good range of functions. I have read other reviews saying it could do more, and while this is true I don't think it is lacking anything I would expect from the remote. All commonly used functions are there and I'm happy to walk to the unit for the rest. Given that I use this for music streaming as much as a DAB radio I installed a DLNA (i.e. music streaming) client ("BubbleUPnp") on my Android phone and use that to control the Sensia. That works flawlessly and I think that's further testament to the Sensia's handling of music streaming, especially as this is something else that didn't work on the Revo Axis XS.

Overall I am genuinely delighted with this unit and while it is far from cheap the cost is justified if you want more than a DAB radio. Definitely recommended. If you want music streaming as well as a radio then ignore What HiFi's reviews for this and the Revo and definitely try the Sensia.
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on 20 February 2014
The sound on this radio is good, but that is about it ! The touchscreen interface is terribly clunky by modern standards, it constantly displays adverts for other sensia radios which you can't switch off. Internet radio is hard to effectively navigate. It keeps trying to install firmware updates and every time I have updated it, the radio has crashed requiring a factory reset. During the last update the product would not even restart so is now useless whiel I await help from Sensia. I very much regret spending so much money on it!
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on 29 July 2013
You must consider why you want this radio.
Bad points first.
The DAB and FM reception where I have my radio situated is not useable. You cannot improve reception as you can't attach an external aerial.
The wi-fi reception, compared to my laptop in the same position, is only 40%. I have bought a direct ethernet connector to ensure that I don't get drop outs.
When internet stations are not broadcasting seperate images, the pure adverts are shown. All internet stations have a logo that they broadcast, but this is not transferred. I would find it quite nice to have this in view rather than adverts. Pure have told me that they are investigating
Good points are
The speed of internet radio connection and the amount of stations available is very good
The picture frame facility from a home server is excellent
The playback of audio tracks from a home server works well, but it will not play lossless files such as FLAC
The amount of saved favourites via Pure is excellent
Therefore if you are purchasing it as an internet radio with server connection it works very well, but not as a DAB / FM receiver
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