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4.3 out of 5 stars84
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2013
Well what do I think of these headphones. first off the style these are probably the best looking headphones I have ever seen, a lot prettier then Dre Beats, skull candy and a few others.
The durability of these headphones are great I can bend them and twist them and much more so if durability is your thing I'd consider getting these as you will be shelling out a few £'s for these and you wouldn't want them to keep breaking now would you.
After listening to a few songs Rap/Drum and bass/ and a lot of bass heavy songs I can clear up that even though the on ear headphones are meant to have better bass 'so people reviewing them say' I'd still consider getting these, these have as much bass you need any more and it will either ruin the song or ruin your hearing and if your wearing glasses they will ruin those as well there are a lot of bass in these headphones but not too much that you cant hear the song and appreciate it well enough to enjoy it.
The box was well designed id recommend getting these just for the box itself I was that impressed with it 'simple things ay' in the box there is a tangle free blue cord which looks strong, durable and sexy just like the headphones they will be attached too, the box also contains a few booklets letting you know more about Mr 50 and his range in headphones, a carrying bag and a cleaning cloth all though this is a matt finish so no more figure prints for these babies.
to finish off these are bulky yes but they are a good looking bulky I wouldn't be ashamed to wear these around town or the street as they look so nice, these are comfortable on your head even if you are wearing glasses, earing's or just have a big head thanks to its flexibility.
Overall I'd recommend these headphones to anyone who loves listening to music the way it was meant to be heard.
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on 20 August 2012

There are no other words to describe the SMS Street Headphones by 50 Cent, but I'll try...

Having just received these headphones I felt slightly hesitant when I saw the size of the box and first took them out of the packaging as the headphones are quite bulky, and being "a lady" I thought I might have made the wrong decision. However, after an hour of listening and trying out different tracks, I am absolutely besotted with them.

I bought the headphones in black (detailed with blue) and the quality of them is awesome. They have a glossy finish, comfy ear cushions and they can be very easily adjusted by pulling down on the sides of the headphones to elongate the headband. They are comfortable when worn and although they are quite big they are actually extremely light. In the box you get a neat drawstring bag, cable and cleaning cloth. The packaging itself is well made and for all the ladies out there that appreciate Mr. Cent, there is also a rather divine picture of him too...

Initially I was going to choose various songs to try out the diversity of sound on these bad boys but I genuinely could not decide which songs to write about - the sound clarity, bass and "size" of the noise on all songs that I tested was incredible and not something I can stress enough. With regards to noise leakage, I will have to agree with previous comments that my music was extremely audible to those around me but if you listen to decent music then I suppose there is nothing to be ashamed of..!

In the small booklet that accompanies the headphones there is "A Message From 50" and it reads: "Sound quality: I like my music to sound the same at home, around the city or on the road as it does in the studio." Me too 50, and you have surpassed yourself with these over-ear headphones.

Using my iPod Classic I thought I would start by honouring the man himself and listen to some "Fiddy" songs. Well, as the title of my review suggests, it sounded like I was "In Da Club". I very quickly realised that "So Amazing" which features Olivia was one of the best songs heard and I put it down to the female vocals.

With this revelation in mind I chose a number of tracks with female singers to listen to - I was not mistaken. I ask you now, if you buy the SMS Street Headphones please listen to La Roux's "In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)" - it will blow you away. The sound was crisp, raw and when the slow bass kicks in you will not be disappointed.

I think these headphones best suit dance, rap, electro and dub tracks. There is something about the way they pick up individual elements of the songs that makes them very special. I heard depths of songs, backing singers and instruments that I did not know existed in certain tracks prior to listening through the SMS Street Headphones.

So, on deciding that these are my favoured over-ear headphones*, I urge you to purchase them. Girls, following my earlier comment of the headphones being bulky - ignore me. Plenty of female artists are seen wearing over-ear headphones: Rita Ora, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna. These headphones rock and so do the girls, so do not fear the SMS Headphones and prepare yourself for a musical phenomenon.

*I would be interested to try the wireless version of these headphones and assume it would only make them more user friendly and adaptable.
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on 19 June 2012
A really good set of cans! Something to finally take on the Dre's at a better price! Nice. Did a little video opening style video for these who are interested.
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VINE VOICEon 10 April 2013
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The most important thing about headphones is the sound quality. These ones are incredible, both the deep bass sound and the beats as well as the clear high sound like acoustic guitars. I've already tried them listening to rock, pop, 80s disco, jazz, bossa nova and classical music, and I happily give them AAAs. Jazz, especially, sounds good and I can hear the subtle sound from cymbals as well as bass clearly.

With the small remote control you can answer the phone (if you connect it to an iPhone) although you can't adjust the volume with it.

The material that is used next to your ears is very comfortable and fits well. They're not noise-cancelling headphones, but this material manages to cut noises from outside very well - probably they have achieved the best level as the non noise-cancelling headphones.

They may look slightly big, but I think they look stylish and in order to really enjoy the deep sound quality you'll need this size, so I love them.

I hope you'll choose these ones and I hope you'll agree with me. Enjoy the great sound!
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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
50 Cent has joined the growing list of celebrities endorsing a custom range of headphones - this Street range in association with Florida-based SMS Audio. Although you could get a serious pair of AKGs or Sennheisers for the same price the market for celebrity endorsed phones is really Apple users and other forms of music-on-the-move.

There is a lot to like about the Streets - they are very comfortable with good padding on the ear cups and headband and not too much pressure on the ears or head, one of the most comfortable I've used in fact, with no hot and itchy ears even after long periods of use! The build quality is very good mainly because the designers have made no attempt to add a means of folding for portability, so no hinges to eventually break! These phones look more like a home Hi-Fi product than a portable one and the sound quality is also very good, quite neutral but not really like studio monitors. They do benefit from a burn-in period and will sound better after a period of time.

There are also some less good points though. Firstly the in-line mic has no volume up/down buttons for Apple devices - a feature I use a lot with my other phones. The carrying case is a bit poor - really just like an old drawstring spongebag - only good for protecting against dust! Passive Noise Cancellation? - err, no! Just the same as any other phones that fit over your ears. Although these are more like phones for home or DJ use there is no adaptor to ¼" provided for larger jack sockets.

In conclusion I like the Streets quite a lot for some uses. I find them just a bit too big to use out and about, and no volume controls for my iPhone rules them right out for this purpose anyway. However, they can be worn for extended periods because of their high comfort level and unfatiguing sound and I use them a lot for listening to Spotify via computer or Squeezebox - a function they perform very well.

If you are looking for a good all-rounder have a look at the Soul SL150 for around the same price and my favourite phones for Apple and portable use. For home use check out the AKG K701, also currently around the same price from Amazon. The Streets are good - but have serious competition at this price range.
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on 4 January 2013
Im by no means an audio geek but i do have perfect hearing and i know what sounds good to me, these headphones work great straight from the box before any burning in period! I have never written a review before and i doubt i ever will again (thankfully!) but i felt compelled to write a couple of lines for those dithering about whether to buy or not. I read countless reviews and chopped and changed my mind by the minute because when it came down to it i hadnt actually listened to any of my possible choices, so talking my wife into joining me :-) we spent a couple of hours doing the rounds of all the electrical stores on my local retail park.

My wife was very patient as i went around jamming leads into my phone trying to see what headphones i preferred and finally i settled on these beauties, not because 50 cent endorses them or that they look cool but because when i played spotify through my Samsung Galaxy s2 on them i was blown away by how good each tune sounded.

Im not saying these are the best just that for my needs that granted are very basic they really do deliver so if your gonsidering buying these i would say go for it you wont regret it.

P.S, im sorry the reviewer who said "dont buy for android" had problems because frankly i have had none whatsoever.
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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
After removing the external Amazon packaging, I was in immediate awe of these headphones. The box itself is pretty big (for a pair of headphones) and visually, it is stunning! I was confident that I was in for a quality item, even before I opened it. There is magnetic closing on the box and once opened, the headphones are displayed in all their glory. Under the cans are the accessories; a cleaning cloth, tangle-free cable with mic and headphone control, instructions and guide and a carrying pouch.

My first impressions were positive. The build quality is absolutely fantastic. The material is of a sleek glossy back, similar in texture to the PS Vita. This makes it a fingerprint magnet, but luckily a cleaning cloth is included. The headphones are also very robust and I would imagine could potentially handle some bumps. They are 'very' flexible and can be bent and twisted quite a bit, but being a creature of caution, I would still handle all my items with care.

Included accessories are a nice treat. The cable to control the headphones is fantastic. A mic is included which allows calls to be received, and music automatically pauses when the call is answered and resumes once the call has ended. Tracks can also be forwarded and reversed, by pressing the mic button two or three times, respectively. I found this a bit troublesome and would have preferred additional buttons for this, although the feature works flawlessly. Also, there was no volume control on the cable, which was disappointing. The headphone case is essentially a drawstring sack, which is an adequate fit for the headphones. A nice addition.

From a pure cosmetic perspective, I would rate these on-par with the Dr. Dre Beats. Everything has a very high finish and I struggled to find any flaws. Even each bolt used in the headphones oozes quality. They handle well and are very comfortable indeed, despite looking heavy due to their large size, and are quite light. And that is a point to stress; they are rather large indeed!

The Streets pack punchy base and completely cover the ears. However, I was a little less impressed with the actual quality, and felt I was receiving loudness in favour of hearing each and every note in my music. I should add that I am no audiophile and it does not take a lot to impress me in terms of sound quality. If something sounds good, I will like it, regardless of the price tag. This set does not include active noise cancellation, but passively does, by covering the entire ear. I was not completely satisfied, as I could still hear background noise, even with my iPhone volume at 60-70%. The Streets do go very loud, and I doubt anyone would listen to them at full volume for a prolonged period of time. And this is where the biggest negative point in these headphones lie; the noise leakage. I played these with the volume at around 80% and my music was clearly audible to those around me. For this reason, I may be sceptical about wearing these in public.

However, conclusively, I am very satisfied with these headphones. They may lack the quality of some higher end, similar products, but are well designed, comfortable and pack an awesome punch to the music I listen to (mostly movie and video game soundtracks). I feel I must `burn in' these cans and see if the general quality improves. Due to the noise leakage issue, these headphones lose some merit (and a star). 4/5
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on 7 February 2013
I have owned these headphones for a couple of days now, and i can honestly say if you love music these are the perfect headphones. Me Being a multi-instrumentalist, music producer and having owned some really good quality head phones in the past i can honestly say you are getting alot of headphone for your money the build quality and the comfort is 5/5

The sound on the other hand is true and crisp especially if your device has EQ settings you can tweak to your liking, this is my 100 percent unbiased opinion because i listen to all sorts of genres of music and believe these headphones really give a high quality output. (well done 50cent i almost was considering the monster by dre headphones im glad i waited for something worth the value).

two minor drawbacks for me personally is although the headphones sit comfortably on your head and around your neck, when it is around your neck i find it a bit too big (i can live with that)
and the headphones would of been perfect if there was a volume rocker on the control.

overall ratings its a 9.5/10 set of cans and you will not regret the purchase
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on 24 March 2014
I bought these a month after a friend bought some beats studios and these headphones are pretty tough it's been over a year now and his studios was broken within the first 3 months whereas I still have my SMS working perfectly and barely any scratches and I have dropped them a lot.
Also the sound quality is so crisp and clear and the Bass is amazingly good I could hear every beat the way your supposed to however when trying my friends beats along time ago they weren't as good with the bass I think they may have slight advantage on volume but it's ain't anything as the top volume in the SMS is really really loud.
Overall a good strong great quality and sound pair of headphones I would definitely recommend this product.
I have never looked back at my choice of buying them.
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on 3 May 2014
I am a n audiofile and proud of it.

Leta get started by first giving MAD PROP'S TO FAST LINK, next day delivery on standard post and awesome price at 49.99 (real). No box but who cares.

Let's move on, brilliantly designed headphones, utterly impressed. Extremely durable and strong.

Sound, now this is important so read on, better than beats solo HD but on par with studio. Why? Only difference bass and clarity, (Dre) bass, (50) Clarity, but SMS edge a little but further as you have the bass too it's just not over powering, whereas the dre's will be distorting after a certain level.

Love bass but I appreciate some clarity also with the high volumes.

All in all I would recommend.

Thanks for you time.
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