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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Downstairs grooming is not something that I had granted prior consideration to the thought of ever attempting- but it would have seemed silly to turn down the opportunity to explore new horizons. I was initially a little tentative about the potential perils of excavating my crack with buzzing machinery but (with mind and buttocks alike becoming progressively more open) I was soon waving the thing around with a positively gay level of abandon. Although I had doubted whether there might be anything significant to differentiate between this and the side-burn trimmer of a regular shaver, the thin teeth really do allow for confidence. Indeed, after just a brief experiment with my shaver, opaque red liquid was to flow freely from a small breach to the scrotal hull. Returning to this device, not even the most haphazard of technique was able to bring about a secondary source of blood letting- although there's not a hope in hell that I'd be persuaded to use the Gillette blades down there! The clippers couple a more than close enough shave, with a good deal more peace of mind- compared to a giant cluster of razors.

Anyway, since grooming, things are feeling pretty good and the benefits continue to accumulate. Post-defecatory wiping is easier to perform and places considerably fewer demands upon the earth's resources, in order to finish the job. There's something quite liberating about the way paper glides across a smoothed surface (although, when in public, you'll need to be wary of how resolutely the act of breaking wind can project around a crowded lift, say- without the aid of nature's resonance-damping muffler). It's also far easier to dry oneself after a shower, once those last few stubborn pockets of moisture have been robbed of their usual foothold. My bottle of talcum powder has since become little more than an obsolete relic of times gone by. However, I could not personally recommend giving yourself the full works, down below. Personally, I made a point of retaining an adequate old tuft, like a kind of pubic fringe. After all, where else are you supposed to produce/store a thick soapy foam, that can be transferred about the rest of the body during a shower? Perhaps the current popularity of the fully shaven look explains why one sees so many of those puffy washing thingies (that they attach to bits of string), these days. However, I'd sooner be at the helm of a traditional pubically generated lather, any day of the week.

EDIT- I've been wondering about the issue of skid-marks. Being hairless means that you don't have to worry about inadvertently smearing dirty leftovers into your anal beard (which can be a particular problem if you're in the habit of failing to answer a call of nature, before having already allowed the "turtle's head" to poke through). As most chaps will know, on a sweaty summer's day this can turn the stragglers into a dangerous time-release mechanism, that slowly but surely offloads its contents into the fabric of your underwear. However, assuming that you are able to ensure cleanliness of your hairs after passing a stool- maybe it could equally serve as a impenetrable barrier between potential anal seepages and pants? The results have been inconclusive so far, but I've just ordered a job-lot of white Y-fronts for the sake of further research.
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on 16 January 2014
having bought this at a good price I wondered would it do the job it was advertised to do, it did and I was very pleased with the results as I have particularly strong body hair and it was no problem to use
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on 14 September 2014
I purchased this product to replace a Phillips model which had given up the ghost, choosing Braun based on my positive experience of their electric razor range. First things first this product seems to be designed and built to the usual Braun standard, and while this has slipped a little over the last few years it is still reasonable to good.

Having read about as much of the instruction booklet as any man is ever going to I set about some personal topiary, making full use of the grading comb marked 'sensitive' as seemed appropriate and on the first pass I was down to what can only be described as designer stubble which was a couple or three mil shorter than expected and here lies my issue; I was expecting to be able to adjust the length to which the product trims and while there are two other combs available one marked medium and the other long neither are suitable for 'sensitive' areas.

I would also advise that the terms 'medium' and 'long' are subjective and could easily be described as 'very short' and 'quite short'.

In summary if you want a reasonably well built trimmer to take the hair in your personal areas down to the bare roots, this is the one for you, if you want to leave a little grass on the wicket then you may be a little disappointed.
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on 17 June 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Some of the male of the species are "blessed" with the ability to grow hair at an alarming rate on about every part of the anatomy except the head (once they reach a certain age). I'm one of those males and to be honest hadn't really noticed just how unkempt my body hair had become. Well with this whizzo little trimmer (and some help from my long suffering wife) I now have a much neater set of body hair.

The trimmer is easy to use - being rechargeable means that there are no cords to get in the way. It comes with three separate "combs" which allow the user to trim hair to a certain length . These are a good idea because using the trimmer on its own without these attachments will give a very close shave indeed.

The trimmer also has, rather strangely I thought, a second device which is simply standard wet shaver fitted with a four blade cartridge from Gillette. This works well enough and does avoid the need for the use of a separate razor. It is niftily fitted as an integral part of the groomer. This additional option will probably suit best those who wanted to remove all their body hair by getting even closer that the trimmer can.

It fits neatly in the hand. It is lightweight and can be used in the shower.

There's nothing negative to say about this product. I like it.
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on 23 January 2015
Much better than the Phillips bodygroom pro which I owned for about 6 months until the unit would no longer charge so it was binned.

This unit on the other hand is far superior and the dual trimmer and gillette blade got rid of my chest hair in a fraction of the time the bodygroom did as well as being far kinder to your crown jewels!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Bit of a strange product, this one. The Braun Cruzer is a (very) personal shaver for men who are into extreme grooming. And by that I mean men who shave things other than their chin. Namely their chest, armpits and balls. As if this activity wasn't already highly suspect, Braun have chosen to call their item The Braun 'Cruzer'.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but the name conjurs up images of men in leather chaps and clubs called The Blue Oyster. However, I have a job to do. So I put my concerns about the world of male grooming aside and put this item to the test. Unfortunately the results were less than impressive. They were both messy and painful... but we'll get to that later.

In the box you get a nice little cleaning brush, three clip on clipper guards (to help you trim to different lengths), a charging station which has a lead with a 2 pronged shaver plug on the end (but I'd have preferred a standard 3 pin) and a holder to hang up in your shower. You also get a pull string pouch to keep everything together.

I, myself, don't see the point in this product. It's a [Gillette] razor combined with a hair clipper which allows you to first trim your chest hair and then shave it in one pass. My first impression was that this is a product that has been engineered to solve a problem which doesn't really exist. We all have razors, so why not just shave your chest with your Bic and buy a dedicated set of clippers for 'down there'?

They were my initial thoughts and they were thoughts quickly confirmed: a separate set of sack-trimmers and a dedicated razor for above the belt is definitely the way forward as there is something very disconcerting about having a razor blade that close to your nether regions. But anyway, not wanting to shy away from my duties (and what with it being the Jubilee and all), I closed my eyes, thought of England and set to work tidying up my own crown jewels in honour of her Majesty.

As mentioned before, the clippers come with 3 guards - allowing you to select how close you want to trim. I didn't want to cut my curlies too close right of the bat, so went for the longest setting. I took the clippers with me into the shower (it's water proof which is good) and set about giving Mr Wonka his hair cut with gusto. Due to the extreme fear of severe sack severage it was a hair cut we'll never forget, and to say his trip to the barbers went smoothly, would be a lie.

I found the Braun Cruzer doesn't so much trim your pubic hair as tug it out at the root. And fighting an overwhelming urge to shave the batman logo into my pubic region, I also discovered it takes several passes to trim an area properly. Even then, you'll still be left with the odd hair that the blades just don't seem to cut (possibly because, genetically, I'm more advanced than the rest of the human race), so a little extra grooming is needed with a pair of scissors.

Using the Braun Cruzer is a process that focuses the mind - this is because the whole time you're stood there with your legs akimbo, you're terrified that your nut sack is somehow going to slip from your grip, and swing like a big fleshy pendulum into the humungous 3 bladed razor that it's dangling dangerously just 3 mm away. One slip could prove fatal. This is not a time for distractions and at one point I was concentrating so hard I thought laser beams were going to shoot out of my eyes.

I eventually got Mr Wonka looking nice and smart but I drew the line at tidying up the chocolate factory because the razor blades terrified me. I'd done the sack but stuff the crack (so to speak). There are just some lengths that this reviewer will not go to. Shoving a Gillette Pro Glide 3 between his arse cheeks is one of them.

This critique was challenging to say the least. At times I had to dig deep to get the job done. I explored new areas of my sexuality, confronted my inner most fears and came away feeling ashamed, kinky and slightly confused. I'm not sure if I'll keep my new look - but one thing I will say is this: If I do, I'll be buying another set of ball trimmers.

This product is just so ridiculous, so over engineered and so bad at it's job that it's almost unsafe to use. In fact, I think myself lucky that me and the giggle stick both made it out in one piece. But having gone through the trauma together, we're both better for it. Our bond is now closer than ever thanks to the painful, terrifying and kinky experience that is using the Braun Cruzer Body Groomer.
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on 30 September 2012
It's okey for a man to do a little manscaping in the 21st century. I'm a man with youthful looks with the hair growth of a person from Southern Europe. I've previously used Philips Bodygroom Pro for my back and other areas (I probably use these trimmers on more areas than others). While I do like the Bodygroom Pro, it's not good for certain areas. It shines when trimming beards or neck hair. However, I find it does not work well when trimming back hair or hair in areas where extra precision is required. One day I saw the CruZer 6 Body here in Amazon and, at first, thought it was a gimmick (combining a trimmer with a Gillette Fusion blade) and kind of cheap looking. However, Amazon had an amazing deal on it so I ordered it. First of all, the CruZer is very ergonomic (it's thinner than Bodygroom Pro and thus has better maneuverability). I love the shower hanger case (the Bodygroom Pro stand is a bit clumsy and bulky). The performance is much better on body hair in general than with the Bodygroom Pro. I use the '2' setting (trimmer+blade) the most as it trims longer hair off nicely and finished the shorter ones with the blade. The '3' setting (blade only) is handy for areas requiring maneuverability and precision. Moreover, I find that when the blade is extended (setting '3') you get a better reach than with a regular Gillette Fusion shaver. I rarely use the '1' setting as the Bodygroom Pro is a better regular trimmer. You also get attachments with the CruZer 6; long, medium and intimate. These attachments work much better on long body hair than the Bodygroom Pro attachment.

I would recommend the CruZer 6 to anyone who wants (or should I say dares) to do a bit of manscaping. I wouldn't call if a Jack-of-all-trades as it bests the Bodygroom Pro only from shoulders down. You shouldn't be worried about the Fusion blade as it's quite safe to use (even on intimate areas) just as long as you keep your skin even and not wrinkled (although some of us cannot help the wrinkles).
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on 25 July 2015
Good product overall, but the razor attachment is a bit awkward for it's intended use in the nether regions. Better of buying a separate razor. The gillette fusion razors this product is compatible with are good for down there though. No nicks so far!.
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on 14 February 2013
This is a great item that comes with a holder to hang in the shower so its always available for when you need it and it does do what it says and shaves every part of the body with cutting or pinching those delicate areas
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on 23 February 2015
Was honestly quite nervous to use the sensitive seeing on my 'sensitive area', but can easily get a close trim every time with no problem. Great to use in the shower as well. However, not the best for trimming my armpits, as the trimmer doesn't cut as effectively. But not that big of a deal to me as i mainly bought them for my bits
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