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4.0 out of 5 stars45
4.0 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Pro Plus Sports|Change
Price:£150.69+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 23 November 2012
Well, I have received today my camera and separatelly my 32Gb micro SD card. Charged camera, slot-in micro SD card, attached it to my bike and off I went. Came back to check my vids and few pics on my new iPad4. Connected camera via WiFi, iON's app recognised camera, checked video and was VERY frustrated with a quality :-(

Well, I didn't know that camera makes TWO videos of the same thing - one in LOW quality and another one in HIGH quality. YES, I was well impressed with FHD or Full HD quality later on when I've realised that I have two shots of the same ;-)

While downloading three videos, I've started to have a ERROR problems?! I didn't know initially what it was?! I've deleted all three videos that came up with error. Because battery was showing only 33%, I've decided to put it on charge. Firstly, I wanted to switch off camera before plug in to charge. Well, I had a problem: green light didn't want to go off. Tried to go on iON's support website to find a solution, but without luck.

I've opened back of the camera and RESETed camera and all was fine :-)

About 20 minutes after, I've started to download again those three videos to my iPad, but this time, instead of FOUR-letter file name, I gave LOOONG name with at least 10 characters and ... IT WORKED PERFECTLY :-) ... I can't tell you if the short file name was a problem for my first try to download them, but these long ones worked :-)

By the way, still shots are of a very good quality in low light and outdoors during the day. Video quality outdoors in daylight is excellent, but indoors with low light very grainy :-(

Anyway, as I am doing a lot of underwater photography, this little beauty will now make vids as well ;-)

I am very happy with my iON Air Pro WiFi Sport Action Camera/Camcorder :-)

Just wanted to share my experience with starting to use this camera, because you won't find these things on their support website.
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on 1 October 2013
Its a little beast! Have used it on my bike, my helmet, on a makeshift monopod. Comes with the mounts to attach to helmets, poles or other devices wher it would need to be mounted. Right angle and straight ball mount included as well.

You will need to get a Micro SD card for the memory and this does NOT come with the Wifi-Podz.

Video quality is quite passable, I have a bit of a hazing on one of the edges of the video and the audio is very sensitive to wind buffering and noise.
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on 16 August 2012
The whole family loves it! We are an active family with young kids, were looking for a robust, child-proof action camera to capture all those moments we don't want to forget. I chose it because I was fed up with stopping the kids using my kit (and usually breaking it), and wanted something a bit quicker to use than my regular camcorder (the moment's gone by the time I've switched the thing on..). So, key criteria were: it's waterproof with no extra casing required, has a one-click record and I thought if it could withstand biking, skiing and the like, it could certainly cope with being on my 4 yr old's bike!
It has surpassed expectations. The quality is amazing and I can watch real time kids-eye-view action on the mobile app while they are tearing around, or film them with a really easy to use, lightweight camera that fits in my pocket and doesn't need a cumbersome case.
The kids are really into it too and the excitement of seeing the playback has made them more active than ever :)
Can't wait to take it on the first family ski trip next year and the kids are keen to take it underwater somewhere soon!
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on 15 April 2015
Great little camera, or so I thought. I bought this to take on holiday while snorkeling and it worked great in and around the pool. As soon as I had it tied to my hand in the sea it broke.
Not sure if mine was faulty or if I somehow it got damaged, but water got inside even though it was locked properly. I think i did manage to take about 10 pictures while snorkeling before it died. Needles to say that all the pictures taken until then are also gone as water also got to the memory card. I was able to see them on my tablet and the quality was not impressive. Video quality much better than picture, but as someone else mentioned, it does take make a low res and high res copy of each video you take.
For those wondering how you achieve the waterproof-ness, the battery acts like a cover lid which you have to screw on slightly and then you just lock in place. On my camera, the cover seems to sit at a slight angle and I think that even if it still turns and clicks in place and you can lock it, this is no longer working as it should and this is how water got in.
It is no a worthless piece of something and also all the pictures I took are gone. So not going to score this more than a star.
Will see if I can get it replaced, but they will probably blame me for not locking it properly under water.
I think if you can afford it, go pro is a much safer choice.
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on 30 October 2013
I've tried the GoPro Hero, and it's fine, but very fiddly - you really don't know whether it's on or not! I much prefer the bullet camera form factor anyway. This is so easy to use - just slide the button and it starts recording immediately. High quality video and snapshots, with vibrating feedback to know something is happening.

The app for your smartphone is very basic, and I initially had a lot of trouble getting the phone to recognise the camera properly. Resetting the camera worked. I used it to record large chinks of high quality video for the RideLondon 100. It seems to hold its charge well - another criticism of the GoPro - and I have never yet run out of battery. Really nice and well designed kit, if the app and software are a bit clunky. Comes with a range of fixings - I've only used it on the very neat handlebar mount, so can't comment on helmet mounting, etc.
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on 22 August 2012
Nice little action camera, good quality pics and video. Great for use on a motorbike.In some ways better than the GoPro, the camera is more streamlined so less wind resistance means less movement. The placement of the recording button allows you to start and stop recording whilst still on the move, and the placement of the LED is also easy to see so you know if you're recording or not.
The functions are a bit limited, similar to GoPro, either still pic every 5/10/15 sec one of burst 10 frames per sec(it would be nice if this was continuous) or movie mode. No loop recording function. Field of view is 170 degrees or 150 degrees, depending on HD or full HD ,again it would be nice to be able to change this, to suit usage.
The WIFI ponz that allows you to connect the Ion camera to iPhone or android device, so you can see what you are pointing the camera at, is( like the GoPro system) an added extra, this, in my opinion, should be included as standard. After all how many camcorders would they sell if you couldn't see what you were filming.
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on 22 April 2012
Fith review update:
Would be 5 if the cost wasn't ever increasing for the rest of the gear and attachments were available.

Camera does not come with micro SD card as stated in sales lit, ordered 32gig class 10 separately via Amazon £35. You require a class 6 or above SD card for HD but would recommend class 10.

The wi-fi and extended battery power kit are extra not available when I purchased and they now want £79.99! gulp, did ask for a discount with negative response. (2013 added review update, kids bought me wi-fi kit. obviously you need a smart phone, the extended battery is just a charger which I'd already got but may come in use, I though it was extending battery life while you used the camera, but it's to charge it whilst not using it for 2 or 3 hours.

When you haven't got the already installed you have to upload the software-makesure your good with pc files it's complicated even when watching the video, I tried and have relative pc experience but somehow my camera failed completely and I had to return under warranty for a new camera which has the files already installed, EXCELLENT SERVICE FROM ION).

The software provided is unusable unless you subscribe £80.
I've purchased a 2 tera bite media play which has transformed viewing and storage of HD files. The ion does download some of it's own soft ware but only to adjust features on the camera and view files.
Cloud storage gives you FREE 8Gigs! storage, won't be using so haven't enquired how much.

The battery takes 3 hours to charge!! and lasts 2.5 hours they quote, actually over 3hours it's lasted in summer and less than 2 in winter, it's ambient temperature related and you also have installed a big enough memory card. Go-pro has a battery heater!

The attachments that are included I'm finding impossible to use for my purposes, but sure there will be after market attachments eventually or universal from other camera's. Had to buy go-pro attachment to strap to body for a go-kart session, not ideal which cost me £65, cannot find a suitable fitting for motorbike helmet yet?? 2013 disappointingly because that is what I bought it for. and no additional attachments available for sale. Brought a windscreen attachment from midland cameras £23 +pp but can only fit upside down on screen!, one is available now.

When attaching to my samsung HD TV and viewing indoors the colours of the picture are very flat but good wide view, could not use other features??

The files down load twice, one Mp4 full version and one in lower Mp4 for down loading to face book, youtube, emailing etc.
The Ion home site has all the instruction down loads in pdf files.

Camera well made and light and very user friendly and simple to operate.
The lense has 170 degree angle of view so there is not any need for a screen to view direction of videoing. With the new wi-fi kit you can view with your smart phone, I managed to cut heads off on first trial though?? the camera if set will rotate the videoing if you want but films in lower resolution if its on it's side not FullHD, so mounting to the side of a helmet would be difficult or stick out to far with the attachments if you want HD. Upside down gives full HD recording.

The go-pro 2 has come right down in price since the Ion's launch and seems a better deal all round but cosmetically awful in my opinion, but now wished I'd bought because the attachments range is excellent and very well made.
I nearly went for the well proven but little written about HyVid SPORT 1080 HD Video System, but opted at the last minute for this Air pro camera.

It would of been nice, very nice to have spent £250 and been able to use this Camera instantly???
Took Video in the car stuck to the window screen (garmin adaptation) for a 3 hour trip in the dark, excellent footage in the Dark and in colour and sound quality is very good, battery still had life in it after 3 hours, recorded on fullHD setting, used 17.5 gig. Just completed go-karting footage although I got angle wrong the picture quality is great.
Summary:- expensive camera, attachments poor, camera excellent, footage excellent, design excellent, quality excellent. Expandable:- Wi-fi too expensive if not purchased as package.

Recommend if your looking for a top quality sports camera. but consider the Go-pro2 for it's optional extras that are available.

Wish I'd bought go-pro only except the looks 2013.
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on 12 September 2014
did capture day and night movie on my motorcycle. moving images are not very clear and even less so at night. may be my scooter vibrates too much. sound capture is good. it is supposed to be water tight and water proof up to 10m. I took it down to shallow dive but the cap came off and water went in and ruin the camera and my SD card. Fair enough the company gave me a refund after more than a month long investigation of the unit, but I still lost money on my expensive SD card.
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on 2 July 2012
ION Air Pro Wi-Fi is brilliant! Not only can my son use it for filming his skateboarding and snowboarding while away and share it with me and his friends quickly and easily using the ION App, but I can use it for everyday life such as birthday parties and special moments. I have recently used it to film my daughter learning to ride a bike and the video shows her point of view as well as me filming her which is fantastic. PLUS the footage is so clear and can capture stunning, wide photos anywhere too. I'm looking forward to taking it on holiday.
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Style Name: Pro Wi-Fi Sports|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My first impression on opening the tin storage box that this little camera came in was how neatly it was designed and how sturdy it felt. Included in the pack was a connection kit that allows the camera to be fitted to a tripod, a helmet, handlebars, or almost any post or rail up to about 2.5cm wide. A mains charger connects via the supplied USB cable, which can also be used to charge from a PC USB port.
Before use, it is necessary to install a micro SDHC card, class 6 or higher, up to 32GB on which to store the captured video. When recording in HD, a second, lower resolution file is also created, which is fine for uploading to the internet?
To set the camera up before use, it must be connected to a PC, and the setup programme run from the micro SDHC card. Video recording quality can be changed later by use of a switch inside the back of the camera.
The most useful accessory, however, is the "WiFi PODZ", which can be inserted into the back of the camera, replacing the back cover, to allow Wi-Fi connection to a PC, tablet or smartphone. If you want to use a mobile device, the only other thing needed is the Ion App, which can be downloaded from ITunes or Play Store.
As the camera has no viewfinder, the Wi-Fi connection is really essential, as the video from the camera can be streamed to the mobile device to ensure accurate positioning. However, this is not the only advantage; captured video can be uploaded, stored, edited and shared from the mobile device.
The lens is fixed at a very wide 170°, so focus is not an issue. Provided the back is correctly fitted and locked, the case is waterproof to 10 metres, so using it in wet conditions presents no problems.
Video quality is excellent and captured files can be played back on PC's, mobile devices or directly on an HD TV using a micro HDMI cable. I found audio quality and volume rather disappointing but for action video, this is probably not too much of a problem.
All camera functions are "one touch" which is very useful when participating in action sports. A helpful audible buzz and vibration confirms activation when the camera is mounted out of view, as on a helmet.
All in all, a very useful little camera that produces video of the highest quality.
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