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4.3 out of 5 stars89
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 August 2013
Another I have given up on. There were too many stupid punctuation errors annoying me. I only made it 7% in and I'd got cheesed off. I should have been tipped off in the table of contents as one of the starsigns was written around the wrong way to all other chapter headings which to me was pretty careless.
I kept going back to this passage too that made no sense to me. "She'd met Tom when she was looking for a new flat and had ended up moving into one not far from the town centre. It had been a real wrench to move, as she had great neighbours, but she was hardly ever there. She missed Jennifer and of course, proximity to town" seemed to totally contradict itself and I was utterly baffled by it yet kept going back to it to re-read it and still it made no sense !!
Another confusing sentence that didn't need to be but for a randomly added semicolon was-..."she heard several voices speaking; in what she was certain was Arabic"....again I kept re-reading then realised the punctuation there wasn't needed !!
There were lost speechmarks, commas randomly added, missed apostrophes and all in the 7% I read !! It didn't bode well and I don't have the patience to persevere.
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on 25 March 2012
Sign of the Times
Downloaded this to my Kindle last week and have to say that I wasn't disappointed with it. Since becoming a Kindle owner I have read many books that I would never have considered before. The characters in this book were very believable and the fact that it was based in the West Coast of Scotland made it even dearer to my heart. Loved each of the characters in the book and found that I couldn't stop reading it to find out more about them. Loved the way they all came together at the end. Good work Susan Buchanan and hope you find time to give us more.
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on 14 January 2013
The sign of the Times is a very well written book and a lot of thought has been given to each of the characters.

This book has a lot of characters with a story of their own to tell.  Just when you are getting into the story and WANTING to know what happens next, the story starts on to the next characters story.  How frustrating.... But only because I found myself sitting up half of the night to read on to find out what happens.

Susan Buchanan could have written a separate book for each character in the book.  

Holly is the main character of the book and the other characters are connected to her in some way.  Holly is a likeable girl and I warmed to her straightaway.
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on 21 November 2012
Sign of the Times is the first book I can remember reading showing different view points of the same story. I was very impressed with the cleverness of this, and also the traits of each star sign. The characters are brought to life through the signs, and you can very easily relate to them. I especially like the way Susan Buchanan DIDN'T translate the foreign questions into English, but instead answered them in English. Bravo. This book has has everything in it to make it such a good read: highs, lows, shocks, sadness, dramas, kindness,and unlike many others I've read, I was delighted with the ending! This is a book that I would have liked to have written myself. Three cheers for Susan!
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on 14 January 2013
Following lots of good reviews on Twitter and having just finished Susan's second book, I downloaded her debut. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, fantastic concept and very easy to follow. I loved how all the characters life's intertwined, each telling their own story but linking in with each other. The concept of the star signs was a nice touch and each character fitted in with their star signs. I did feel the ending was a little rushed, however I loved this book and would definitely recommend it. I'm very much looking forward to book no.3
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on 10 July 2012
This is an outstanding debut novel. Most first novels read like first novels, but Sign of the Times is obviously a labour of love that the author has worked on with passion. It is very well written, as if the author had been writing for years. I am interested in Astrology so was naturally curious to read this book. I wanted to see whether the Piscean character would be anything like me. However, once I got into reading the book, the matter of the Star Signs took a back seat for me; yes, it is a novelty and very well done by the author, but the storyline is far more gripping. There is so much going on in this novel; so many characters, so many lives, with all the twists and turns that go with everyday living and relationships. Buchanan certainly set herself a challenge when she set out to write Sign of the Times, creating 12 main characters and then giving them each the characteristics of a certain Star Sign. But she lived up to the challenge and has written a wonderful book. The characters seem like real people, their stories are such that many will be able to relate to them. The great thing about this book is how all the characters' lives are connected in some way. I found the 'cliffhangers' at the end of each character's section of the book, suspenseful and intriguing, and I couldn't wait to get the to the end to find out how all the issues would be resolved. All the stories fit together perfectly and the ending is rather like putting together the bits of a jigsaw puzzle. I am so pleased to have discovered Susan Buchanan's writing, she is a rising star in literature, definitely a name to look out for in the future. I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes novels that contain realistic characters and gripping story-lines. At the end of the book the author states that there will be a sequel. I am very pleased about that because this is the type of book where you really get to know the characters and it leaves you wanting to read more about them.
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on 10 February 2013
Once I started reading this book I was completely hooked!

Take 12 people, each one born under a different sign of the Zodiac, each one with a different story to tell, but whose lives are all intertwined in some way. There's Holly, a successful travel writer who's researching her next book in Tuscany. Unfortunately her car breaks down before she even reaches her hotel and she is forced to spend the night in the home of a handsome vineyard owner. Then there's Tom, Holly's fiancé, who has business problems and who thinks an internet chat room might take his mind off things whilst Holly is away. Holly's sister, Lucy is a beautiful and highly successful cardiologist with an eye for younger men. Unknowingly her latest fling will cost her more than she could ever imagine. That's only three of them. There are 9 more!

Each story ends with a bit of a 'cliffhanger' which pushes you on to the next one to see if that will shed any light. Towards the end of the book though, everything starts to come together although not necessarily in the way you might expect.

I haven`t read anything written in this way before and found it really refreshing. This is Susan Buchanan's debut novel and I'm now really looking forward to reading her second book, The Dating Game.
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on 21 February 2013
The concept of multiple characters, presented from multiple view points, is not a new one. However, Susan Buchanan gives it an unusual twist by assigning each person to a different star sign and then developing their characterisation accordingly in four or five consecutive chapters. The central thread is the story of travel writer Holly and her latest book, about Tuscany. Each character is connected in some way to Holly and many are also connected to each other. Occasionally, we see the same incident from different perspectives, which is an interesting approach. All twelve stories are brought to conclusion, or at least the reader is updated on their outcomes, at the book's launch party. The level of detail at which Buchanan must have planned this book is impressive. There were no obvious plot holes or inconsistencies that I could spot.

I would have liked a contents list, which would have made checking back on details relatively easy; you can't flick through the pages on a Kindle. There were occasional grammatical slips, but generally the editing was good.

This is not great literature, nor does it pretend to be, but as a light read on holiday, on the bus or in bed, it rattles along nicely and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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on 25 January 2013
loved this book, each chapter made me want to know what happened next and very cleverly linked. made a refreshing change the way different characters were portrayed in each chapter.

looking forward to more novels in the future.
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on 20 February 2013
I must admit I was a little sceptical before I read this book. 12 separate main characters? How would that work in one book, is it not too much to have to keep track of in what is, essentially, an aid to relaxation?

Well I must say this book works! I enjoyed each little tale, how each character was introduced, built and their story told within a few chapters without feeling like they'd been rushed in. The reader gets to know each character and learn a little more about some of the others and how they all fit together as each new chapter unfolds. I loved how they all knitted together, an intricate pattern that the writer deserves an award for keeping track of! I am very impatient, and for the first few characters I wanted to skip to the end to see what became of them following their cliffhangers, but my patience was rewarded at the end, which came all too quickly! Now I am simply impatient for the sequel!
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