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on 18 May 2012
I'm used to having a 5.1 setup but this time was looking for something different for our smaller TV room without all the cable mess. Looked into and tested various soundbars which were unimpressive. I gave up and was about to go for another 5.1 system until I came across this Samsung in a shop. The sound was crystal clear (as the branding suggests) and the 3D surround effects were quite impressive considering this is a 2.1 system. I did not think twice and purchased it from amazon. After setting it up at home here are my results in a 5m by 5m room with a Sony 40' Bravia with HDMI audio through my bluray and optical for my cable set-top box:

- the sound quality is good, very clear using HDMI but to get a the best out of the system I recommend enabling the 3D surround (but turning off the other sound effects such a cinema, music etc.). Doing so gives you a decent surround sound experience and you soon forget this is a 2.1 system.
-setup is easy. Just connect cables and you are ready to go
-built quality is decent for the price
-value for money

- bass could be a bit better. Slightly low but still crisp sound and sw volume can be increased
- Bluetooth via iPad or iPhone works well but sound quality is not great (it is for home cinema after all)
- analogue cables supplied go straight in the bin (why bother including?)
- only 1 HDMI input

If you are looking for a soundbar at a decent price without sound compromise and crystal clear movie audio then this is a great product and one of the best out there. Surround sound effect is not bad at all.

For those that like a bit more bass I don't think soundbars are the way to go (should really go for bigger 5.1 or 7.1 systems in that case). Don't get me wrong, the bass is not bad at all and you can make this system go very loud... But if you are more into heavy vibrating furniture then this is not for you.

For a 5m by 5m room with 40 inch TV this is totally adequate and again, very clear sound output.
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on 6 August 2012
I have just received the Samsung HW-E450 Sound System and thought I would offer the following

Quality of the product
The sound is very good - not as good as a sound system costing 4 figures but much better than the TV alone. The build quality seems good and I would imagine the design will fit in with most TVs.

Set Up
It took me some time to figure this out (the instructions supplied are not great) and after much Internet searching I came up with this.

I have a Samsung 8 series LED TV, a skybox, apple TV and a PS3 (which I use as a DVD player mainly). If you connect an optical cable between the TV and the sound bar and an HDMI cable from the "out" HDMI slot on the sound bar to the HDMI 2 (ARC) socket (the 2 ARC bit is important) the sound bar will only come on when it is specifically turned on by the dedicated remote however it will...when turned on by the dedicated remote 1. Silence the TV speakers, 2. Allow its volume to be controlled by the TV remote 3. Whatever source the TV is using will play through the sound bar 4. When the TV is turned off the sound bar will turn off. Much has been made on Internet forums of the drawback of the sound bar not activating with the TV and instead needing to be activated separately however for me this is a benefit (e.g. if my young child is sleeping in the house or if my wife wants to watch TV with the minimum of fuss as she calls it). Note - to use the set up I mention you need to have your own optical cable and HDMI cable - the ones they recommend on the Amazon site work fine.

Service from Amazon
As always superb. The price was lower than I could find it elsewhere and Amazon's courier (DPD) again delivered within seconds of when they had informed me they would (they give hour slots).
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on 19 May 2012
Having recently had the Samsung D570 and being impressed with it all round. Here is my comparison;

I have a Samsung 46 inch tv so the d570 width matched better as this one is more the width of a 40 inch tv. To be fair it still looks impressive.

The d570 had a brushed silver look, this is jet black and in my opinion much more modern looking.

Sound wise I think this soundbar is on par or even slightly better than the d570. However, one thing I miss with this one is the booming sub woofer of the d570. I have this one cranked to +6 and I don't think it matches the default boom of the d570.

The d570 came with a wireless iPhone connector that was handy, however, I believe the bluetooth and USB connectivity of this sound bar is far better and much more flexible. The sound via Bluetooth is also very good on my set-up however it does not automatically pair with either the iPhone or iPad and you have to rediscover the soundbar each time you want to connect. I have not tried the USB connector but it is handily placed at the right side of the sound bar.

Connection wise I use an optical cable as my tv does not support arc. It only has 1 optical input as opposed to d570s 2 which is a shame because I would have liked to connect my ps3 via this method also.

The soundbar can be free standing or is wall mountable via the included wall bracket. All cable connections are located at the back of the soundbar. The subwoofer connects to the soundbar completely wirelessly and can be placed anywhere in the room near an electrical point. Both the soundbar and subwoofers electrical leads are hard wired

Finally, my tv remote does not allow you to change the volume of the soundbar which is a shame considering they are both made by Samsung.

Considering the rrp of this unit is £100 less than the d570 then I don't think you can go wrong. Definitely recommended.
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on 14 June 2012
This product is excellent considering the moderate price. It was very easy to connect and absolutely solves the problem we were having with muffled sound from our TV. Yes, we could have spent double the cost on a more up market version but this works for our 46" Samsung model UE46C8000X14 and makes the 3D experience even more impressive.
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on 18 May 2012
I've only just bought and tried this item but I like it. The sound is good, and although not on a par with much more expensive multi-speaker affairs, is pretty impressive.

I find the bass to be absolutely fine. I'm not one to crank it way up and I've always thought a woofer should be a very subtle addition to the sound. I've found a setting of 0 or +1 ( out of a range from -6 to +6 ) is fine for my room.

I agree that some of the pre-set sound settings are a bit unsettling. The "drama" and "cinema" ones are all right and I found them to be good for their uses but setting the unit to no sound effects is fine. The false surround settings are also very good.

As one reviewer has already noted the supplied cable is not right for the more recent Samsung sets which is weird and even though they claim that the auxilliary one in the box works, it doesn't. Also the instructions are wrong for the latest sets. I phoned Samsung and they admitted this was the case. Not good!

I tried a cheap auxilliary cable to get it going and this resulted in a bit of interference in the speakers especially the woofer. The solution was to buy an optical cable which sorted things out. I suspect a HDMI cable might be the best option though.

As I say, I've only just bought it and listened to it but all in all I'm pretty happy with this purchase so far but Samsung gets a big black mark for not supplying the right cables and then compounding this by providing incorrect instructions.
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on 18 March 2013
Samsung HW-E450 310W 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Active Subwoofer Compatible with 40 inch TV (New for 2012)

Once setup with a Panasonic 50" Plasma TV the Samsung E450 Sound Bar worked admirably. I say "once setup", because it took me an hour to configure with the other non-Samsung products (Panasonic TV + Apple TV 3rd Gen + Panasonic 3D Bluray player). This is my review and some guidance so hopefully you don't have to waste time.

Note: Many other reviews for this product state that the sound bar does not turn-on automatically when the TV is switched on. I had this issue at the start, but then realised my HDMI cables were not compatible. You need specific HDMI cables that carry CEC standard signals for controlling other devices. I had some high-end HDMI+Internet cables that simply did not work. However, a couple of Apple Store HDMI cables made a world of difference, but other cables that conform to the CEC standard should also work.

Configuration: TV HDMI 2 (ARC) port connected to Samsung Sound bar. Samsung Sound bar connected in-turn to the Panasonic Bluray player. HDMI connects from Apple TV to HDMI 3 port on the Panasonic TV, however, Fibre Optic cable is connected from the Apple TV direct to the Fibre port on the Sound bar. Note that you must enable the option "Anynet+" on the Sound bar for your TV remote to control the sound bar volume and to enable on/off signals to be transmitted to the sound bar.

That's the configuration sorted, now for the review...

Overall I would rate the 2.1 channel sound quality as excellent - 5 stars. Sound volume remains constant between scenes in a DVD or Bluray film. The bass is subtle, but can be pumped up should you feel the need to feel the full bass effects.Music from my iPod over Bluetooth is equally impressive. I've had much more expensive 5.1 sound systems in the past, and the sound quality albeit in 2.1 virtual 3D surround sound I find perfectly acceptable.
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on 11 November 2012
Having bought many items through amazon, I don't often leave reviews. I felt compelled to leave a review for this product. Why? because it took me 2 days to figure out the setup and would hate for anyone else to waste so much time also. So simply 1) If you have a samsung tv with a HDMI (arc) connection: all you need is a HDMI 1.4 cable from the HDMI (arc) jack at the back of the tv to one of the HDMI jacks on the back of the soundbar. It is as simple as that (apart from power cables). If you have anynet+ on your samsung tv make sure you select your tools from the remote to select the 'receive' device to on. Now your TV will see your soundbar and turn it off WITH YOUR TV REMOTE. The soundbar will NOT turn on automatically when you turn the tv back on (like the ps3 for example). This is something samsung needs to sort out, why it doesn't turn back on automatically when you turn the tv like the ps3 does is a mystery. Anyway, I really hope this helps someone else, I really thought I needed a digital optical cable to connect the soundbar to the back of the tv and I didn't need it at all as I have HDMI (arc) that deals with this with one cable. Samsung tv loves to talk to the samsung soundbar through anynet+ like it does to other devices like the PS3. Just make sure it is turned on. Also don't forget to put your setting on the soundbar to 3d high. That is the best sound (IMHO). This soundbar is very good, it sounds wonderful for the price (have owned other home cinema sounds) it is nice to at least have less clutter and enjoy the sound in the living room. The Subwoofer is also adequate in our room, we have a medium sized wood floor living room with rug, the SW is placed in the corner behind the TV and sounds great. Love this Purchase.
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on 29 August 2012
This sound bar is awesome. Having heard my dads £700 5.1 ch system I have to say that for 2.1 it comes close. I'm in a solid brick house with plastered walls in my front room which seems to bounce the 3d surround very well from the bar. The volume ranges up to 50 max, I found 20 to be very loud and even went up to 50 on music which was unbearably loud yet perfectly clear and undistorted. The bass from the wireless sub is also very impressive especially in cinema mode, can feel the vibration all through the floor and furniture.

The bar looks modern, sleek and fits in well in the living room. To top off the remote controls my Samsung tv functions as well so no need for extra remotes, bar also switches on automatically when tv is switched on and connected via digital optical.

I would highly recommend this bar to any who want a 5.1 system but don't want all the wires. It may not be a BOSE Cinemate bar but its damn close and the sound is insane, worth every penny.

(Note this is a 280 watt system consisting of two 80 watt sets on the bar and a 120 watt sub woofer not a 310 watt).
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on 16 December 2012
The 'Samsung HW-E450' is a massive improvement over the TV speakers.

This is apparent, when pressing the 'Speaker' button on the remote, which switches between the TV and the soundbar.

When I did this I couldn't believe how bad the TV speakers were in comparison.

Also comes with Bluetooth subwoofer, which is great for positioning whereever you want (within reach of a mains socket), with no messy wires around the room.

The other outsatnding feature IMHO is how you can connect your phone via Bluetooth and playback music (audio from Youtube videos too).

With regard to connectivity, I opted to connect mine via HDMI.

BLURAY > Soundbar 'HDM In'
Media Player > TV HDMI 3

I'm not sure if connecting via optical, does this, but when connected this way via HDMI, the sound from all connected devices is directed to the sounbar.

The TV does have to be equipped with an HDMI with 'ARC' (Audio Return Channel) though.

This is HDMI 2 on my Samsung, but you'd have to check whether yours has HDMI with ARC (older sets dont AFAIK).

Obviously not as good as a proper surround sound kit, but at £200 you wouldn't expect it to be.

As for the posters who say the sound is not great, then all I can say is their TV speakers must be exceptional to start with or more likely, they haven't managed to set it up properly.

All in all an excellent product and as usual brilliant service from Amazon.
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on 3 January 2013
I felt like writing a review as there are some conflicting opinions so this will hopefully clear things up. Last year my significant other gave me a green light for a new tv as long as it was wall mounted, she could not see any cables and (this was the kicker) get shot of my sony Pascal 5.1 surround sound and my Panasonic projector.

I sold my old 47" and other aforementioned items and did what any other man with a wifes blessing would do. Brought the most state of the art (at the time) tv a ES800055 from john lewis. Even 'er in doors' was impressed with the voice and motion control. To samsungs credit over the months they have been releasing enough apps to keep things interesting. I was not fussed about 3d but seeing my first movie in 3d had me convinced it was the way to go. I was happy.

However, although the speakers are good they are no match for an amp. For the last few months I have been researching soundbars. Not the route I wanted to take but considering what had to go I knew it was all I would get away with.

I narrowed it down to Samsung for obious reasons and Panasonic as which and other reviews were positive. The Panasonic was the way I was going to go but really wanted Samsung. I had listened to the Panasonic and was impressed. The only Samsung I had seen in the flesh was the HW E551 looked unique but how stupid can you be that the sub has to be wired to the tv! Samsung, how can you conceal that with a wall mounted tv!

So got to work on my wife dropping hints etc she finally gave in. I had not considered the HW-E450 dont know why. Read the reviews and was still in 2 minds. Finally ordered new years eve and recived today. Packaging was over the top. The wife was a bit worried. When I unpacked it she was happy and I was worried due to the size of the bar (small) and light weight of the sub.

The wall bracket is also small but as the bar is small it works. I fitted the bracket to the stud wall using plasterboard fixings. As the bracket is small and is central to the tv (which is supported from studs) I could only fix to plasterboard. It is fine and well fixed.

I have run all the cables through this wall. This was the first problem, the power lead does not detach from the unit. So either a hole in the wall big enough to fit a plug through or cut the lead. I went for the later option. Whilst fitting the unit I noted the location of the hdmi out (arc) in relation to the wall bracket. I ordered a new hdmi 1.4a lead which is required to conect using the hdmi arc but this was not due till tomorrow. So plugged in the sub and hid it behind the sofa(which was paired from the factory), conected my phone via Bluetooth and pressed play. I don't know if my judgement has been clouded from so many quiet films but i am blown away. Very very good sound. Bass does not deserve to be so heavy. I have placed the sub in a corner which may help but if you are debating on sound, unless you have unrealistic expectations (buy a Yamaha for £750+) you will not be dissapointed.

After an impromptu party with the kids and converted wife, the doorbell rang. Amazon delivery. New cable a day early. Set to work to install straight away. As the tv is wall mounted it was always going to be difficult. But, due to the placement of the hdmi out and the wall bracket it was made a lot harder. It is possible but help was needed and the lead needed to be bent in not ideal ways.

Turned all kit on. Switched the bar to hdmi nothing. Checked connections all good and sound muted from tv so anynet+ was working. Pressed the bar SAT Source button again. TV ARC appeared in the display and all is good. Have not been able to test with films as loudly as I would like as my children are in bed but I'm fully confident that it will be fine. I watched Total Recall at low volume and experienced solid lows and clear dialogue. Much better than the tv.

In closing for the money and size a perfect solution. The hdmi v1.4a cable conected to the hdmi out on the bar and arc hdmi on the tv is all that is required. If you connect an optical cable the only advantage is that the bar will turn on with the tv. NOTE anynet + must be turned on on the tv and the bar. You will then be able to control both the tv and the bar with both remotes.

If you have any questions comment on this review and I will try to answer. I paid £220.00 with prime delivery. Hope this review helps. 4 stars due to the placement of connections.
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