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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 May 2013
Having read the very negative review from another customer I was wary of buying this set. The points he makes are very salient, the picture has been stretched and the vast majority of games do have dubbed in commentary. However these flaws although damaging are not fatal. Modern technology means we can change the picture settings on our television. I am as fussy as the next person but that problem was easily taken care of. As for the commentary, the lack of original commentators is more irritating for the older viewer, most young people couldn`t care less if they miss out on the dulcet tones of John Motson or Brian Moore. Much more relevant is the fact the crowd noise is original, believe me, having a dubbed in crowd noise would really damage this. I have heard a few of those in my day. Shudder. The choice of matches is really good, the great players in Euro history (Zidane, Platini, Van Basten, Muller, Riva, Schuster etc) all feature and the games are just the right length for such a collection. I would definitely recommend the set to any football fanatic.
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on 29 December 2012
I'd give this a five star rating if it were not for the match commentary which is dubbed and not live from the time. It's farsical and this DVD would have been perfect had they not done that. They should have used original commentry from the likes of Brian Moore and co.

That said, there are 50 great matches and the running time for each game is just right at 30 mins. I really enjoyed re-living these games, and also watching games from decades ago which I'd never seen before.
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on 2 August 2014
UEFA Euro 50 Classic Matches is one of the most comprehensive football dvd's I've ever brought. I'm a big fan of this tournament and often I find the Euro's deliver more excitement than the World Cup. The match listing is excellent and features so many key historic games and features every final between 1964 and 2008 (No USSR from 1960 though). Each game has a really good length (around 25 minutes each) and gives you a decent flow of each game. The match selection here is excellent and there's not much I'd change about it.

This set has a wonderful set of matches so it should be a 5-star right? Well it almost certainly would have been had it not been for the aspect ratio. As the 1-star reviewer pointed out, all matches filmed on a 4:3 screen have not only been stretched (I could forgive that), but also the top and bottom of the screen have been chopped to make everything widescreen! This is flat out disgraceful from UEFA because these matches should be enjoyed without a stupid compromise to the picture.

Despite this horrendous flaw, I would still recommend getting this set because there is just too much wonderful football here not to, the matches from 1984 and 1988 in particular are matches that must be seen and shown to younger fans so they can see how different (and in my opinion better) the game was back then. And all of the modern Euro's have been covered well too, and its a much better set than the "Great Matches of European Football" box set.

For some reason I've not seen a full list of matches online, so here are all the matches featured:

Disc 1:

1964 Final
Spain 2-1 USSR

1968 Final Replay
Italy 2-0 Yugoslavia

1972 Final
West Germany 3-0 USSR

2008 Group Stage
Spain 4-1 Russia

1980 Final
West Germany 2-1 Belgium

Disc 2:

1984 Group Stage
France 5-0 Belgium

1984 Group Stage
Denmark 3-2 Belgium

1984 Semi Final
France 3-2 Portugal

1984 Semi Final
Spain 1-1 Denmark

1984 Final
France 2-0 Spain

Disc 3:

1988 Group Stage
England 1-3 Netherlands

1988 Semi-Final
West Germany 1-2 Netherlands

1988 Final
USSR 0-2 Netherlands

1992 Group Stage
Sweden 2-1 England

1992 Group Stage
France 1-2 Denmark

Disc 4:

1992 Group Stage
Netherlands 3-1 Germany

1992 Semi-Final
Sweden 2-3 Germany

1992 Semi-Final
Denmark 2-2 Netherlands

1992 Final
Denmark 2-0 Germany

1996 Group Stage
Netherlands 1-4 England

Disc 5:

1996 Group Stage
Russia 3-3 Czech Republic

1996 Semi-Final
Germany 1-1 England

1996 Final
Czech Republic 1-2 Germany

2000 Group Stage
Portugal 3-2 England

2000 Group Stage
Yugoslavia 3-3 Slovenia

Disc 6:

2000 Group Stage
Yugoslavia 3-4 Spain

2000 Group Stage
England 2-3 Romania

2000 Quarter Final
Spain 1-2 France

2000 Quarter Final
Netherlands 6-1 Yugoslavia

2000 Semi Final
Portugal 1-2 France

Disc 7:

2000 Final
France 2-1 Italy

2004 Group Stage
France 2-1 England

2004 Group Stage
Sweden 5-0 Bulgaria

2004 Group Stage
Czech Republic 3-2 Netherlands

2004 Group Stage
Croatia 2-4 England

Disc 8:

2004 Quarter Final
Portugal 2-2 England

2004 Final
Portugal 0-1 Greece

2008 Group Stage
Netherlands 4-1 France

2008 Group Stage
Turkey 3-2 Czech Republic

2008 Quarter Final
Portual 2-3 Germany

Disc 9:

2008 Quarter Final
Croatia 1-1 Turkey

2008 Quarter Final
Netherlands 1-3 Russia

2008 Semi Final
Germany 3-2 Turkey

2008 Semi Final
Russia 0-3 Spain

2008 Final
Germany 0-1 Spain

Disc 10:

1976 Semi Final
Czechoslovakia 3-1 Netherlands

1976 Final
Chechoslovakia 2-2 West Germany

2004 Quarter Final
France 0-1 Greece

2004 Semi Final
Portugal 2-1 Netherlands

2008 Group Stage
Netherlands 3-0 Italy
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on 1 June 2012
I literally have no idea what the first review is talking about (mainly because I don't understand most of the words and terms he's said!) but, in short, I totally disagree with him.

I'll be honest, I haven't watched the entire boxset yet (there's a lot of games!) but so far, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. These are produced really well and bring back some great memories, particularly from some classic England games for me. If you like your classic matches and reminiscing to the good old days, this is up there with the very best!
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on 30 May 2012
I've never been one to buy football dvd's but after seeing an ad for this i decided to give it a go. I have to say it is a really great collection for any student of the game, with 50 games included spanning five decades of one of the biggest tournament's in the world. All the iconic players are featured such as Beckenbauer, Platini and van Basten as well as the modern masters Zidane, Ronaldo and Xavi.

There are about 25 minutes of highlights for each game, meaning this is no quick review of what happened. you get the opportunity to experience the ebb and flow of the games as well as the stand out moments, making it brillant viewing on a rainy day (there's over 20 hours of football, so for about £1 an hour you definitely get your money's worth).

I found it really interesting to watch the games from pre-1990 that i didn't know much about (Panenka's chipped penalty is a stand out moment) and of course there was the chance to watch england lose on penalties... again! There are several england games featured including the 4-2 against holland at euro 96 and the win against croatia at euro 2004, and the tragedies (germany, france, portugal) are also in there that bring back a lot of memories. Hopefully now chelsea have shown you can beat the Germans at penalties england can as well...
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on 10 August 2012
Contrary to all the people saying the dubbed commentary being a joke, awful etc, I think it's pulled off ok. Most of the matches are either great or good. A few ok ones. I missed Euro 2008 but some great highlights in these discs, though the final was just ok. England winning just ONE match says it all. Disc 2 and disc 8 are my favourites.
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on 31 May 2012
This is a great collection of some of the best European matches to date.
Being a young fan of football, I have never been able to appreciate some of the "classics" outside my generation, but this Boxset fully delivers.
Of the 50 matches, these really stood out for me:

France 3 - 2 Portugal, EURO 1984
USSR 0 - 2 Holland, EURO 1988
Holland 1 - 4 England, EURO 1996
Spain 4 - 3 Yugoslavia, EURO 2000

I am so glad these matches are across 10 discs, thus allowing enough time for each game to be shown with enough footage to capture the essence of each game.

Anyway, I would fully recommend this for any football fan out there.
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on 1 January 2013
This is perfect for my brother who was in hospital and missed these matches. Good quality and just what I was looking for . Worth it, every penny
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on 25 March 2016
Great collection of highlights of memorable euro champs games. Game highlights last about 20 mins and are so this is kindve like a match of the day style lay out. Very much recommend this, cant see any negatives.
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on 29 May 2012
Dubbed commentary and cropped stretchy-vision on original 4:3 matches destroy this collection. What should have been the most fantastic boxset is absolutely ruined by such shoddiness. First, the dubbed commentary. Only the 2008 world feed commentaries are original. There are a few original 2004 commentaries too (from the likes of Martin Tyler), but everything else features John Helm pretending to be in Madrid in 1964 (yes, really), and Tony Jones faking presence in Germany in 1988. Awful.

Whatever about the dubbed commentary, perhaps the failure to author each disc properly is even more egregious. This means that every tournament up to and including 2004 - originally broadcast in 4:3 - has been stretched and cropped to fill up your widescreen TV. This seriously compromises the picture quality and means only the 2008 matches look anything like they should. Absolutely dreadful. This is made all the more unforgivable by the fact that the sister UEFA Story boxset has been properly authored with 4:3 footage treated as it should be with borders added to the left and right-hand sides of the screen. Why they couldn't do it here I'll never know.

All in all, this is largely unwatchable and unlistenable. An utter waste.
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