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on 4 June 2014
Purchased two of these cards to use in MHD Action camera. Initial tests were fine and off we went to Spain cycling. On examining photos and videos they showed file sizes but actually examination at bit level showed all '0's. No pics or vids of trip :-(

Thought this issue would be the camera as SanDisk are a good known brand. Sent back camera (no problems there) and got a Liquid Image EGO instead - and the result...........same - duff files created!

Ran 'h2testw' on both cards - 30G corrupted. Tried various formatting techniques including SDFormatter. results the same.

Ordered a Kingston Memory 32G Class10 card (same spec) - worked perfect first time.

After the trip and subsequent testing it was too late to send back under normal process but guess what Amazon - i can still post this review.

Either these memory cards are fake or I happened to end up with two duff cards - either way Amazon you 'F A I L'
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on 29 November 2012
The card arrived within a couple of days, so no issue with delivery times from 'MyMemory'.

However, the card itself almost immediately produced a cyclic redundancy check error when trying to write data to it. I encountered the same result when attempting to format the card.

Using the 'h2testw' utility confirmed an underlying issue when it returned a file writing offset error and aborted its own testing process.

The write speed was extremely slow too - in fact lower than you'd expect from a Class 4 memory product, let alone a Class 10.

I followed initial testing on my laptop with the same process on my desktop using two different card readers with the same results every time.

I may well just have been unlucky, but this one's definitely for return, which is an inconvenience I could do without.
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on 10 June 2014
I bought this item for my husband for his birthday to go into his new phone. Immediately he found that photos he was taking on his phone were being corrupted before he was able to view them.

My husband contacted SanDisk who asked for a serial number and photos. My husband did this and was told by them that the disk was clearly a fake.

The card is going back to Amazon.
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on 3 August 2012
I have produced flakes of dandruff bigger than this, yet it has the memory capacity of a small herd of elephants (or a herd of small elephants? Who can say?). Isn't modern technology wonderful?

I bought the 32GB version to pop into my new smart-phone (a Samsung Galaxy Ace) so that I could use it as an mp3 player as well as a pocket camera (oh yes, and a phone). 32GB is twice the capacity of my old Walkman which was beginning to groan at the seams so, short of shelling out more than a half-ton for the 64GB card, it seemed like a decent choice.

Popped it into the phone and watched it format and then started to transfer my entire music collection. I may not be John Peel, but I do have a few albums (I daren't count them) and they filled the card up to just over half-full. Excellent! Plenty of space left for musical expansion, apps and photos.

This is supposed to be an "ultra speed" card: presumably it's quicker to load files on and off and access them as well. I can hardly comment with any authority, never having timed that sort of thing, but I will say that I managed to transfer on all of my 16GB of music in the time it took to run a bath. Well, OK - I exaggerate, but I would have expected something like that to take up a long and boring evening in front of the laptop and was VERY pleasantly surprised.

The card comes with an adapter that allows you to use it as a full-size SD card should you so wish - a miracle of electronic engineering all in itself, if you ask me.

The only down-side is that the card is so small that if you take a deep breath, you're liable to inhale the bloody thing.
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on 1 February 2013
I was afraid to get a faulty card, so I bought directly from Amazon and so far I'm happy.
The card looks like a genuine product, supplied in original packaging.
I did a card test using the H2testw Tool and got the following results:
Writing speed: 8.40 MByte/s
Reading speed: 14.7 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

I haven't format the card or anything and I know these card classifications says "UP TO" 30MB/s etc.
I was not expecting a top score test, so I really don't know what to say about this test? Maybe someone out there can tell me more about my test results and I'm also curious to know why people are formatting a new card before use?

However, I think the card will cover my needs and I sincerely hope this card will last for a long time.

After a few weeks I started to get the message; "sd card unexpected removed" - which mean I couldn't use the data on the card.
I just received a replacement card from Amazon and tested the new card with the following results;
Writing speed: 7.81 MByte/s
Reading speed: 14.7 MByte/s
Not impressive test result I must say!
If the new card gives me same problems I will send it back for full refund and go for another brand.
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on 29 September 2012
There's not a lot you can say about an SD card. It either works or it doesn't.

It's amusing to hear people (especially salespeople) eulogising about the 'quality' of the recording abilities.

It's digital folks. On's and off's.... the recording medium adds nothing to the quality,.... honest.

It's speed of recording and playback and quality of manufacture and quality control that are the differentiator.

I'm pleased to report that this works, is fast and apparently good quality of manufacture... phew !

The only negative to comment upon is the packaging, it almost defies penetration.

After 3 rounds and a near submission (by me) I eventually achieved a knock out and gained access to the card..... the bad news is that I had bought two !

Sandisk products are first class and my only choice. I'm a heavy professional user and over many years have had only a couple of faults. Sandisk have responded very positively with immediate replacement.

On one occasion I inadvertently washed at 40C and then tumble dried, a pair of jeans with a Sandisk card in the pocket. The images were fine and the card gave sterling service for several years that's tough !

PLEASE sort out the packaging.
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on 30 October 2013
I bought two SanDisk microSDHC Ultra 32GB class 10 UHS-I cards in hope that they are original SanDisk cards and work as advertised. I was wrong. The cards are slow (with both Android tablet and desktop PC). Their write speeds on Android tablet is closer to class 6 speed than the class 10, and nowhere near 30MB/sec (it is roughly 8mb/sec based on tests)! In fact the other SanDisk card that I have is actually 2-3 times faster than these cards. This card was bought directly from the computer store.
On my PC, my existing SanDisk card demonstrated write speeds which were roughly 3 times faster than write speeds from Amazon SanDisk cards. I tested using the same SD card adapter and the same large file.
I think these cards are either not genuine or they are defective, hence I am returning them.
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on 3 December 2012
Ordered and bought this card in mid-September to use with my (then) brand new Galaxy S3 phone. Item arrived and worked fine with nominal/normal everyday use up until today (Dec. 3rd) and suddenly my phone no longer detects the card. Connecting it to PC via an adapter results in the same problem. For reasons unknown, the card has completely died resulting in the complete loss of all my files. As is my luck, I am out of the Amazon 30-day return period so it's looking like more hard earned money down the drain. I'm sure this is most likely just an isolated incident but I'm extremely disappointed that this has happened and there's no easy way for me to get a replacement or refund. Hope others have better luck than me with this product and I'd seriously advise potential buyers to beware.
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on 24 June 2012
Was looking to increase the memory on my HTC Desire HD phone, from the 16gb it had.

Steered clear of eBay for buying SDHC cards, due to the amount of fake cards out there (appear to be certain capacity, but "hacked" to show larger size on smaller cards).

Was dissapointed first time I bought a simmilar (no-brand) card from Amazon - turned up in non-original packaging, print (logo etc) on card itself rubbed off.

This time round, went for a good branded one (sanDisk ONLY do memory, so better than even Samsung - sanDIsk actually make the memory rather than simply badging).

Arrived in proper "bubble pack", fully branded, even had a login for some SanDisk media software (which I wont use - but shows it's genuine).

Ran h2testw to test capacity and speed of card to check genuine - this tool basically takes the stated size of the card (as set in the card - this can easily be hacked to appear as WHATEVER SIZE THEY WANT). Then, it writes test files to the card till it's full - which will match the shown size of the card if it's genuine.

Mine reported as follows - which confirms it's definately 32gb, and the R / W speeds are in the upper end of the spec for a Class 10 card like this - pretty impressive numbers!

Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
Writing speed: 7.72 MByte/s
Reading speed: 18.9 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

Now, on to the phone...

Connected phone to PC via usb and copied entire contents of SD card to folder on Desktop.

I (unmounted) and removed the original 16gb card from my phone (HTC Desire HD), taking the bottom of the case off to access.

Left the back off to allow easy access to put the new card in.

Put the new card in... and it WOULDNT READ IT!
Couldnt mount it etc - phone just kept saying it was safe to remove the card.

Had heard that the DEsire HD cant handle a class 10 - gave up for a bit and thought about it, researched the issue.

After a break finally twigged - the DHD has "connectors" in the bottom part of the case that you take off to put the card in. Without this back on (and connectors in place) it doesnt power the SD card or the SIM (obviously some benefitial purpose - dont know what off hand).

ANyway, put the case back on - and Voila! Worked first time... :)

Copied everything back to SD card from PC, partitioned the card to add EXT4 to install apps into (rather than the fixed memory phone) using CyanogenMod 7.2.

Happy to report all is good - having this extra memory onboard allows you to max out some of the memory optimisations CM7 - did all of those and the phone now works fine - noticably faster.

NB - for anyone looking for a Micro SDHC card bigger than 32gb - you wont get one... 32GB is the max for the specs on Micro SDHC, though I believe there is another version of Micro SD (X... something or other) that can handle bigger.

All in - good price, good card, good specs - dumb owner for a few minutes (! ;)) would definately recommend. BUT be careful of fake cards, always remember to select AMAZON.CO.UK as the "Fulfilled by" when purchasing here, to avoid getting some fake PoS from some 3rd party here on Amazon like i did the first time.

Remember to put the blo*dy case back on if it doesnt seem to work!
The Micro SD -> SD card adaptor thingy is VERY difficult to get the card out of again. I had to use a pair of pliers the first time. In the end, bent the back edge of the adaptor card down so I could get it out next time.

Highly recommend this unit - hope this review has helped others answer the same concerns I had when looking for one of these...
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on 1 September 2012
Pros - This is perfect for extending your memory on the Samsung Galaxy S3. You don't notice any difference between the speed of the internal memory and the external. Great value for price.

Con - None
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