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on 20 November 2013
I purchased this for my wife's Samsung Galaxy S3. This is a must item for any person who wants to take photos, store music or download games. It slots into the phone very easily, then a trip to YouTube showed us how to set up the phone so all the photos etc were transferred and stored on the new card.

The benefits are that the card can be easily removed and using an adaptor (comes with the phone) you can slot into your PC, TV or take to a shop to print out photos.

In conclusion a great purchase and compared to Argos who charge over £30 a very competitive price.
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on 15 February 2015
Seemed really good value at the time. Bought it to use in a Canon camera which I subsequently returned but kept the card to use in my Galaxy S2 phone. Bought in Jan 13 and worked fine for almost two years. In Dec 14 it refused to be recognised by the phone and would not mount. It had been in and out of the phone a few times without any problems and worked on my Macbook Pro but one day it would just not mount in the phone or any other device. My MBP Utilities saw the card but could not do anything with it. Kept saying "The disk is unformatted" and when trying to format it said "Unable to write to the last block of the device"

I thought the card might be a fake as it was made in China not Taiwan, but SD Insight shows it isn't, and also fake cards tend not to store more than 1-4gb and this one stored well over 20gb. So it looks like this was corrupted by the phone somehow (thanks Samsung) and seems irretrievable.

So if buying this product don't expect it to last long and remember to always backup the data on it, especially if you're using it for photos. Fortunately, I did and wasn't worried about the lost data, only about the fact that I had a useless product after just under two years. I guess that's the state of the industry now, built in obsolescence to promote product turnover. Sigh.

UPDATE - 2 months on - Well whaddya know! This card is now working again, after umpteen failed attempts at reformatting, I managed to get to read the card, so removed the data off it. I thought as I had been able to read it again, I would try in my GS3 and when asked to reformat it actually worked! So i've got a working card again, for the moment. Maybe I was too harsh in my earlier review. The reformat failures could have been something to do with the data on it as it worked as soon as I removed it all. Whatever the reason, its beyond my basic knowledge. Just happy to get a working product again. I'm upping my stars to 4.
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on 28 October 2014
Got this for my Galaxy S4 which I use for shooting videos of my 1.5yo son so I needed a bit more space than the 4GB Transcend card I used before.

I had loads of problems with data corruption copying the files from the 4GB card to the PC and then to the 32GB SanDisk Ultra. I always though that all memory cards were created equally but it's not the case. Spent literally hours trying deferent ways of copying (direct from phone, via a card reader, tried on my Mac, tried on my old IBM laptop) but there was always loads of corruption when writing to this card.

I never would have though compatibility would be an issue but as a last resort I tried using a spare class 4 16GB Kingston card I have for my DSLR camera. Copied the files from my PC to the Kingston and BAM! Worked straight away - no corruption at all...hmmm this SanDisk card isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Today I decided to try the SanDisk card in my DSLR camera, hoping that the Samsung Ultra SDHC card from the camera will work in my phone (and also just to prove that the S4 has no limit on card size). Guess what? Yes, the Samsung 32GB card works perfectly - so I conclude that either my card is not working ok OR there is a compatibility issue with the card and the Samsung S4 smartphone.

The SanDisk card seems to work of in the Nikon DSLR so I'll probably be keeping it anyway - I'll have to test shooting some photos this weekend and transferring files to/from the card just to make sure.

All in all I wasted several (4+) hours trying to make an uncorrupted copy of my data on the SanDisk memory card with no luck at all - a pretty bad experience.
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on 1 December 2013
I've ordered this SD card the same moment I've ordered GoPro Hero 3 Black edition. 1 day after I read about a problem with this card when used with hero 3 black, if I wanted to film bigger than 1080 and at the highest fps rate, especially with Portune on. I have filmed on every useable high res option (720, 1080, 2.4k)and in the fastest fps rate possible(120, 60, 30) and didn't have any issue at all. I haven't tried the WVGA 240fps or 4k 15 fps (for me the latter is not a usable option)yet. I didn't record more than 11min but the camera was placed on the car (both on the door from the outside and in the interior, in the middle, in front of the wheel) filming fast moving objects while driving as well was put on a head strap while walking and moving like crazy. I wanted to test it while having multiple changes of the image. I didn't have any frames skipping nor a shutdown issue as stated in many forums and I cannot understand why or explain it. I did made a firmware update at first as suggested. The camera did indeed get warmer (some are claiming overheating issues) but I haven't compared it with my second Delkin SD yet, so I can't say if this is overheating or not. I will film for a longer period and see what will happen. Until now I didn't have any problems so I wanted to share this with you GoPro gals and guys.
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on 26 January 2013
Worked for a few months, then the problems started. After a few error messages the card became completely unusable, it won't even format using a PC. Do not buy if you are using it in a Samsung Galaxy SIII and you want to keep your data. Lots of people are having the same issues. If you want a class 10 SD card that works you need to buy Samsung.
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The SanDisk Mobile Ultra 32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card with SD Adapter is for me the perfect solution to my storage needs when it comes to my music especially for my Samsung Galaxy S 8GB + 8GB Memory Card Wi-Fi MP3 Player with 4.2 inch Display - White. With this tiny little card I can hold so much of my music, photos etc. within my device and along with the adapter I can then convert it to my laptop etc. with no trouble whatsoever.
I liked the fact that it was so well packaged and with a quick snip of my scissors I had the cardboard packaging opened, usually with items such as this I seem to have packaging which was developed with such tough plastic that my scissors refuse even to put a dent on the plastic.
I quickly put the Micro SD Card into my MP3 player the player does a quick preparation of the memory then unto the card and I was immediately able to pass the music using the Amazon Cloud player and immediately the music etc. was saved unto the card. It worked perfectly and quickly and now everything is safe and sound within the card.
For me the SanDisk Ultra micro SDHC Card with Adapter is a perfect solution to my storage needs within my many devices including my mobile phone, MP3 player and everything else which this little beauty fits into either with or without the adapter and for such a good price what more could I ask for?
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on 16 June 2013
This worked really well for 7 months then failed losing me all my photos and videos with no way of retrieving them
(This is a common fault with the 32gig and the 64gig) which is a manufacturing fault that SanDisk has owned up to see link:

I have now downsized to the more reliable 16gig card. But its a real shame. Moral back up your photos regular and don't trust that it won't happen to me approach.
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on 23 February 2014
Had this in my tablet, so there wasn't too much at stake, when you read some of the reviews, some people lost photos from their phones on a journey of a lifetime, you can never get that stuff back, so I feel really sorry for those people. I thought I could trust Sandisk, however shortly after a year of owning this card, fault free up till then, I noticed that all the filenames of music and the like had been corrupted. Then my tablet started saying that it did not recognise the card, I tried to re format and use it again but to no avail. I did contact the 3rd party seller from Amazon, but it was out of the year guarantee period, I had hoped that the 3rd party might have had a few other responses from buyers and at least contacted Sandisk on their customers behalf, however that did not happen, disappointing but I suppose it is Sandisks problem really. When you do search on the internet they did know about this issue with this particular card. Any how to cut a long story short...ha ha, I looked in to sending the card back to their European claims department, the card had to be sent recorded to some Eastern European destination, so I am sure like lots of others, I didn't bother for a £20 card, that I have now replaced with a £18 Samsung card. Bitter taste in the mouth and I won't buy Sandisk again! Vote with your buying business in future I say!!!
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on 25 December 2012
I bought this item following positive reviews, but to my amazement it has stopped working in just about two months of purchase. It is not recognisable on neither my galaxy s3 or my computer, whereas a new sd card worked perfectly well on the s3. It is very disappointing as I had high expectation.
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on 27 February 2013
I brought this memory card to replace the 8Gb card in my Android phone that had filled up. As soon as it arrived, turned off my phone and removed the old memory card, then I attached two card readers to my PC, and attempted to copy all my files from the old card to the new.

The copy ran fine at first, then after 1Gb had been copied it slowed to a snails pace and took over 4 hours to copy the remaining files. Most of that time the reported rate was in Kilobytes/second, far below specification. Since the initial copy I have not seen any problems in the phone with digital photos being slow to save or the like.

Secondly, the included adaptor is junk. The write protect slider is so loose that the act of putting it into a card reader moves the slider to the locked position, so that it is impossible to use the card in a digital camera or any other device that takes full size SD cards and expects to write to them.

Finally the card corrupted itself twice. On the first occasion I was able to connect it to a windows PC and repair the file-system. On the second occasion the corruption was irreversible, and I lost all my files. At that point I complained to Amazon and they where happy to replace the card. The replacement has been working fine, but I would not buy another SanDisk SD card.
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