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on 28 September 2012
After looking around and reading different reviews on LCD, LED, Plasma tv's and already purchasing one of the first lcd tv's many moons ago, I found this. It fulfilled my wish list requirements, ie, we weren't interested in 3D as I'm a spectacles wearer and couldn't face the ordeal of having to wear two sets of glasses to watch tv; wanted freeview HD without having to have another wretched box; wanted larger screen but with good quality. As I'd been recommended to look at Panasonic, initially I was going for a different model, but that model was a good £200 pricier.

I got all these things with this model plus a good sound, too, which is important as a lot of the cheaper-end tv's sound really tinny; Panasonic have always had a good reputation for good sound set-up. I find this tv very good; picture quality excellent - contrast etc - important for black/white films. HD works well, especially for my beloved Formula One. In all, great tv and great value for money.

One final word, a large 'thank you',Amazon, for spectacularly impressive delivery; next DAY! Especially considering we live in a very very far off land in the middle of nowhere - only problem is that we have now acquired an extra viewer in the shape of a sheep who watches happily from through the window.
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on 10 June 2012
Firstly, reviews are very subjective and one man's medicine can be another man's poison. I've read poor reviews of products I have thought to be good and vice-versa. Anyway, I work in broadcast TV (HD) so have some idea of what I'm looking at and purchased this TV after many months of comparrisons, reading reviews, going to shops and looking for myself. I was all set to buy a 1080p TV, but then when I considered what the TV would be used for, decided on a 720p unit. The freeview HD picture is great as expected, but I was concerened about the SD picture quality as I mainly watch freeview which, as we all know, is mainly SD. I was not let down! Whatever Panasonic do to process the SD pictures is very good - some channels look better than others. As most broadcast HD TV goes out at 720p, I reckoned I was going to gain little by having a 1080p screen. The acid test of course was to hook up the TV to a full HD source (blue ray player in my case) The pictures were great, but only slightly better than my DVD player which upscales. Now if all you intend to do with this TV is watch blue ray at a range of 6 feet and you have good eyesight, then a 1080p is probably better suited to you, but for general high quality family use, this is a steal at £349. Viewing angles are not an issue and motion blur is not evident at all in any material I have watched - fast film action and football for example.
Picture quality is very good, build is excellent. Many reviewers mark down TFT TVs for poor and tinny sound - not a bit of that here although I do prefer a brighter sound, some may say that this is "tinny", but that's a matter of taste and you can always pipe the sound out to external audio if you need more bassy sounds and width. With only 2 HDMI ports, connectivity is limited, but for a few quid on ebay you can buy HDMI switched splitters that allow many more HDMI connections. I was hoping for a VGA out port to stream video from my laptop, but this is not offered although £30.00 can buy you a VGA to HDMI convertor / upscaler if your laptop has no HDMI out. This is not a smart TV although it does allow you to play media via USB sticks and SD cards. I tried this on a few sample files and found that only MP3s played at the first time of asking - MP4s, MOVs and AVIs did not play although supported according to the TV's spec. I have not investigated this in detail yet so couldn't say it's a fault or a gripe. All in all I'm very pleased only after a couple of days with the TV. It does all the basics very well and after all, it is only an entry level offering. The first one delivered had a cracked screen, but Amazon moved very quickly and had a replacement with me in no time - top marks Amazon as usual.
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on 30 September 2012
I've owned this set for a week now and have to say it really is good value. It may not have Panasonic's best panel and may 'only' be 720p not 1080p, but it still produces a cracking picture. Suffice to say BR's look fantastic but the quality of the freeview receiver impresses too. SD is clear and accurate but it's the HD that impresses most. Blacks look very good and colours are rendered superbly. Being Plasma there are no motion blur issues which is where LCD's really fall down. There are no LCD sets anywhere near this price point as good as this Panasonic. Like all flat screen TV's sound quality isn't great but still perfectly acceptable.
Please don't be put off by this set's 'low' spec. For less than £400 this is one hell of a bargain.
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on 19 December 2012
Panasonic TX-P50X50B 50-inch Widescreen HD Ready Plasma TV with Freeview HD - Black
I purchased this Plasma TV after a great deal of research, which in the final analysis came down to a choice between this model and the LG 50PA650T.
Having had the opportunity to view both these TV's at my local AV emporium, In my opinion the Panasonic edges the LG on build AND picture quality, those who have done their research will know that Panasonic's reputation for building quality Plasma displays is second only to Pioneer's, who sadly no longer manufacture them, and this Tv is no exception, yes I know it's 'only' 720P or 1080i with a native resolution of 1024 X 768 but as other reviewers have testified It's how the picture looks to the individual watching it that's important and to my eyes the Panasonic has better contrast ratios and a sharper picture. A lot will depend on the TV's intended use, If mainly used for viewing Freeview or broadcast HD (currently either 720P or 1080i)via the onboard Freeview HD, DVD or Gaming I suspect the Panasonic would be the superior choice, If bluray is your bag then, possibly, the LG might edge it with it's higher (1920 X 1080) resolution and 1080P output capability, but let your decision be informed by viewing these Plasma screens at a local outlet before commiting to buy and bear in mind that in brightly lit 'superstores' Plasmas will look a little pale and washed out alongside their LED counterparts but once installed in your living room Plasma is superior in every way to LED/LCD partcularly with fast moving sport or blockbuster movies and I doubt many people would be disappointed with either of these TV's, yes they lack network/internet browser capability but I imagine most people will be connecting these up to PVR's or DLNA equipped bluray players so this should not really be a problem.
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on 16 February 2013
My Panasonic was not purchaded from Amazon, but I would like to warn everyone that there is a high possibility of failure of Panasonic Plasma TVs. When they work they are wonderful. My died after only 30 months and will cost £290 to repair. Search internet for Panasonic plasma blinking red light problem and you will find many people complaining their TVs will not switch on.
For a TV that cost over £700 I expected it to last for longer than this.
Last year I bought a Panasonic Blu-ray home cinema systen from Amazon, that too packed in (not recognising Blu-ray discs). I had no joy from Panasonic who never even replied to my e-mails. Amazon wonderful as ever game me a full refund which I used to buy a Sony system.
My advice is do not by Panasonic if you hope to have long trouble free use.
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on 26 August 2013
For 16 months it was good, then (overnight) power supply issue resulted in it being "dead". Contacted Panasonic customer service.
Their response was: "well, it may be covered by the warranty but it may not. Have it checked by our service agent, you will have to pay for this, then we will decide once we have seen their report whether the repair is chargeable."

Would have expected more than 16 months life from a Panasonic brand but research on the issue would suggest they have similar (power supply) issues across their range and that generally these kick in soon after 12 months use.

Won't buy any Panasonic brand again.
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on 4 April 2014
Bought this TV 18 months ago.
After it was unplugged from the mains and plugged back again it refused to switch back on.
Spent some time reading lots of complaints about the same problem.
Had to order spare parts and luckily that I'm an electronics engineer managed to fix it myself.
Very disappointed from low quality of power supply design which appears to be very common Panasonic issue.
My opinion - not wort spending that amount of money on that TV, buy yourself any other brand with extended warranty.
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on 4 January 2013
This Panasonic TV uses plasma TV technology for the screen so not only does it give you very good blacks and natural colour range but also can be viewed from a very wide angle with no loss of contrast or colour.
The fact that it is only HD ready is for me fantastic as all BBC/ITV HD broadcasts are transmitted at HD ready standard only rather than full HD specification so it matches these and there is thus no value in paying more for a fully compliant HD TV when it can give no better display for TV broadcasts than a HD ready TV .
If you wish to watch blue ray DVDs then the HD ready standard would for people who concentrate on the minute detail rather than the film may show a small difference which I personally could not see when I viewed demonstrations.
Only a few Blue Ray discs have the original material filmed at full HD standard and so again you could be paying for a higher technology standard than can normally be effectively used by purchasing full HD standard at £150 more.
So in summary for £300 you get a very well built good looking TV with 2 HDMI inputs and digital audio output etc which has an excellent picture and good sound quality. It also has a slot to take a 2GB SD card in containing all your pics and music for slide shows or acts as an MP3 player. I am delighted with this TV and would recommend it to anybody who wants a true bargain.
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on 7 January 2013
Bought this from a competitor of Amazon who are "never knowingly undersold" and include a five year guarantee in the price (42" £329.95, 28/12/12). We had no intention of buying a slimline tv to replace our 36" CRT Sony Wega as we'd never seen an lcd that came close to having an acceptable quality of picture. All we ever saw was pixelating picture breakup, blurry deconstruction every time something moved, horrendously poor & un-natural colour representation (paint box red) and 'white-out' whenever there was a bright white on the screen. So when we were wandering round critiquing the damnably bad lcd's in John Lewis we were quite taken aback to see this stunningly realistic entirely watchable plasma sat there for under £330, next to a much worse picture on a £1400 Sony. So we bought the Panasonic on the spot.
I'm no expert so cannot say whether it should have more than its two HDMI sockets, more than its digital and analogue audio outputs or another scart input. We don't like surround sound and can like live the worse sound from this tv compared to the subwoofer wielding Sony of old. All I can say is my wife and me love this telly and can't really fault it. So we give it five stars without any qualms and suggest you see one in the flesh (as it were) if you still think all modern sets are unwatchable trash.
Our old Sony was the £2000 top of the range job from around 2001, the Panasonic has a picture as good if not better for just over 15% of the price.......

A very strong recommendation and a big thumbs up.
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on 17 November 2012
My main reason for this telly was Xbox and sky HD so the albeit small 720p HD ready (by today's 1080p and soon to be 4k standards) was perfect as both sky and Xbox output 720p natively anyway and if you don't have a blu-ray jobbie its something you may want to consider when purchasing a HDTV as you won't need a full HD resolution.

Out of the box, HD from sky looks super sharp and with very natural colours (although I personally prefer more vibrant colours with punch but you can adjust easily in the menu) with decent shadow detail and good, fairly deep blacks. All with very little messing to get the picture just right for my livingroom. Really can't fault it at all.

Xbox gaming is equally so. In fact, I'm seeing a better, more vibrant and detailed picture than I ever did on my old full hd samsung 2011 LCD.o

The telly is absolutely amazing to game on due to its ooooh so responsive ZERO input lag! I'm talking absolutely spot on CRT stylee! It really is a pleasure to play on this tv with it being so precise. Love it!

All-in-all this panasonic is a beauty and the friggin' steal of a price is just a very welcome bonus to that. You really can't go wrong.

5stars to amazon and DPD for a quick no BS 1 day delivery.


Had the tv a while now and have noticed some screen burn from a session of xbox gaming where the mini map was. Entirely my fault for having contrast way too high for a new plasma apparently! Only found out the other day that plasma screens need upto 200hours of "breaking in" before you can crank up the contrast without damaging the tv screen. So please be careful with your new plasma and look up plasma break in times and why you HAVE to do it on the internet. Wish id have known beforhand. But, to be fair its only BARELY visible on a black.screen and can't be seen when any content other than totally black content is on the screen.

Just beware.

*EDIT 2*

Ok so after my initial disbelief at the burned-in image, I'm just updating to say that after a week or so of using a combination of the inbuilt "screen wipe" function and leaving my TV on discovery channel HD while I'm at work or in bed, the image is fading away, which is a relief. Still, better to be safe and keep the contrast low for any content with static images i.e news channels, games with a H.U.D or tv channels with big solid ident logos. Otherwise just crank it up as far as you want without having to threat.
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