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on 11 December 2005
Who says investigative journalism is dead? In an age of celebrity and PR-driven mush, the authors have delved into the dark recesses of Scotland Yard, one of the world's most respected police forces, and found cover-ups and corruption. A brilliant expose.
Though the book generally races along, there are moments when the sheer volume of detail and different names can overwhelm, however, in some ways this makes the evidence the authors compile all the more compelling.
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on 5 April 2011
For anyone who was naive enough to think police corruption was a thing of the past this book shows that it is not only alive and well, but thriving. Shocking cases such as that of private investigator Daniel Morgan, murdered whilst investigating local police corruption, or the Stephen Lawrence case, whose inquiry revealed, amongst other things, Masonic links between investigating officers and the father of one of the suspects, ably demonstrate that corruption within the Met is the rule rather than the exception.

On the day we learned PC Simon Harwood repeatedly lied about events surrounding his assault of Ian Tomlinson, who died shortly afterwards, this book could not be more relevant. So long as the Police 'service' remains so unaccountable, corruption, mind boggling incompetence and criminal activity will remain endemic.
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on 6 November 2004
At last a book that tells what REALLY went on during the Metropolitan Police anti-corruption drive of the past few years.
Surely there must now be a public inquiry into the Met's Criminal Investigation Bureau - "the Untouchables".
What went on is shocking and the book deals with it in great detail.
It tells just how innocent police officers were imprisoned and are still fighting for justice.
Surely now the Metropolitan police must wipe its slate clean and order a public inquiry into these 'Untouchables'.
The Met Commissioner who orders a public inquiry will go down in history as the only one with the guts to truly clean up the Met.
A magnificent book by two outstanding investigative journalists.
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on 5 February 2013
As a serving police officer books of this nature are always difficult to read, you always steel yourself ready for a bit of cop bashing from an anti police faction with a score to settle. Although this book launches a sustained attack upon the Police it is balanced, evidenced and highlights deplorable behaviour of named officers who form the untouchables . Honest police officers are identified and seen as victims , efforts of whistle blowers are identified and consequently the book shows itself as balanced and objective. It shows cearly that the actions of corrupt offcer impact dramatically on bith the public and honest police officersThis book makes essential reading for any person iin a position of power as a reminder of the responsibility that comes with the power
The book is complex and difficult to follow at times de to the volume of persons involved nevertheless a little perseverance and patience is all that is required to follow the plot
The book is a little out of date and does not include the update with regard to commander Ali Dizaei which this book portrays as a martyr of sorts and yet he was found by a court to be guilty of perverting the course of justice in 2012. Doesn't make this book any less credible , if anything highlights further the complexities of police corruption

Ths is a captivating and compelling read and highly recommended. Investigative journalism at its very best.
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Many years ago the Greeks posed the question 'who guards the guardians?'
Never has the question been more apt or urgent for we have in our country a police force whose culture is warped and subjective. No longer are they the neutral objective force of the past.
In part this is due to poor recruitment, low educational standards and, in particular, very poor training.

The revelations over the deliberate cover-up by very senior officers in the Hillsborough disaster,the stitch-up of Mitchell and the fact that a record number of police officers are being investigated for corruption is deeply worrying. There are some 250 cases every month-a rise of 62% from 2011. The cases cover bribery, fraud, lying and disclosing information (for money) to criminals and other third parties. These statistics have been revealed by the HMIC in December 2012. Those being investigated or been sacked include Chief Constables, and other very senior officers.
The reputation of the police is in tatters. The ordinary citizen has no faith in their ability to act fairly and honestly. Integrity is a joke when applied to our police.
This book therefore MUST be read by all those concerned with seeing that the corrupt among our law enforcers are exposed and dismissed.
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on 2 May 2009
At £200 for a second hand copy of this book, it's a national disgrace that this book hasn't been re-printed. It is inevitable though because this is the book that Scotland Yard does NOT want you to read. They have done all they can to sweep this under the carpet after initially trying to ban it.
Everyone with any interest in law and order MUST read this book. It opens your eyes to all the dirty tricks that Scotland Yard has carried out resulting in some very dodgy convictions of its own men - convictions that are currently being investigated by the CCRC and the IPCC.
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on 9 November 2004
I read this book in total awe and amazement. As a serving police officer I had heard all the disgraceful stories about the Criminal Investigation Bureau but this book has proved to me that my gravest fears were in fact true. I second the call for a public inquiry as too many innocent police officers have had their lives ruined by these so-called Untouchables. And too many criminals are laughing at us. I chose to be a police officer for all the right reasons. I'm shocked, appalled and greatly disillusioned at how the criminality this book deals with has been allowed to take place, with the full backing, it seems, of the legal system. The book tells how judges have been misled and manipulated and how jurors have had evidence kept from them which proves the innocence of those on trial. All police officers must watch their backs because if the Untouchables set out to get you just because they don't like you, you've got no chance. This book brings a great outrage to the attention of the public. What is frightening is that it is an outrage that is still continuing as Scotland Yard do not seem interested in stopping it. Frankly I think it is worthy of film-makers getting involved.
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on 6 December 2012
The two authors are to be congratulated for this painstaking, eye-opening and ultimately disturbing account of corruption and what might laughably be called 'anti-corruption' within the Metropolitan Police. It is shameful that the book has received so little attention but perhaps it will be a slowburner whose relevance will grow over time.
It is not always an easy read but the detail is necessary to explain the complex intricacies of this particular cesspit. The kind of investigative reporting that is all-too-rare in the UK these days.
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on 8 August 2013
I was a bit doubtful about starting this book after reading something about the author leaving the Guardian because it was too right wing! However, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it moves at a good pace and is interesting and informative throughout. This book is from the same stable as 'The fall of Scotland yard' and 'Bent coppers' but takes a much closer look at the investigators themselves as well as the corrupt officers. An excellent example of investigative journalism.
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on 6 April 2013
A fabulously well written true story of the rampant corruption, cronyism, racism, and the huge miscarriages of justice within the ranks of the Metropolitan Police.

The investigations which are behind this report have taken years and the tale they uncover is not for the faint hearted. The book was rereleased post-Leveson Inquiry as many of the officers named in that enquiry are mention in this book as they had many underhand and even illegal deals with the likes of The Daily Mail, Express and The News of The World to feed them information regarding ongoing investigations.

If you read this book and are as horrified about circumstance as I am, I suggest you write to your MP to express your concerns. It's the only way to bring about change.
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