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3.6 out of 5 stars128
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 February 2013
OMG! Dreadful! Dull, boring and not even worh the £1 I paid in the charity shop for it other than it was for a good cause! Don't waste your time or money. She has nothing good to say about anyone! Just bitches about them and says how great she is! This book does her no favours whatsoever! I was never that keen on her in the first place but thought that maybe TOWIE put her in a bad light, obviously not as she comes across worse in the book!
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on 5 July 2014
Not particularly interesting, all she does is portray herself to be perfect and can do no wrong and is very nasty about Lauren Goodger.

She mentions her childhood, relationship with her biological father and of course Mark., in my eyes she seems a little bit desperate for him, saying she never knows what the future holds with them to after mentioning how she took him to her Christmas work party and he claimed he had went home sick when he really slept with a glamour model, she's on about Lauren having no self respect etc what about her!

To be honest I think Sam is way up herself and this book reflects her cocky attitude, and confirms what a nasty piece of work she really is, and I also think she is way over rated and ver average looking but she seems to think otherwise and its quite funny reading her "make up tips" lol.

No real juicy gossip, defo not worth the £12 price tag, this was book was a birthday present so glad never paid to dead this!
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on 16 February 2014
Had always viewed Sam as one of the more modest and genuine cast members of TOWIE, however having read this book, which I was surprised to find in a pound shop, my opinion of her has changed. She repeatedly makes snide comments about other cast members, goes on about herself as if the shows success is down to her. She has done herself no favours writing this book as it has made her look like a snob who thinks there is no one else like her.
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on 19 May 2012
So I'm a massive TOWIE, and have been an avid supporter of it since it first launched in 2010, with Sam being one of my favourites, so I was quite excited to read this book after it was described as "the truth about TOWIE" - I've just, this day, finished reading the book after owning it for a week, and all I can say is that I was very disappointed.

The first few chapters start very much like a biography - talking about her childhood and teens, which was quite interested - learning about how she grew up with some of the TOWIE cast members (Lucy and Amy), and her flings with Mark Wright when she was 16. All very interesting to read if you're a fan of the show, but it then quickly just falls down to Sam basically describing her looks and fashion sense. In all honestly, about 70% of each chapter revolves around her appearance; infact in about 5 chapters all she does is describe her hair, her fashion sense, her diet, her makeup and then her tanning.. all very boring to be honest, and almost somewhat "page filling".

In all honest, there is not MUCH description about TOWIE itself - I don't know whether this is because Sam's still contracted into the show, and therefore can't discuss it in depth, or what (as she says - she's grateful for what they have given her), and she only really described the stuff that TOWIE has produced; she discusses her business Minnie's, doing P.A.'s (personal appearances) across the UK, and then TOWIE winning a BAFTA. Besides that, there's not much written about the show, and the cast itself - she only briefly mentions a few occasionally, and even then, she doesn't go into depth - she describes Arg as having the biggest ego, how her friendship with Amy has ended since she left the show, how she doesn't like Lauren G or think Lauren's business is good, and then briefly mentions how Lucy has changed since school (oh, and she mentions how she loves Lauren Pope's hair extensions.. juicy gossip right there!)

Overall, as a TOWIE fan, I'm glad to have read it to see what Sam thinks about the fame, and it was interesting to read about how she set up Minnie's completely on her own, without any help from the TOWIE producers, but overall, it isn't really about "the truth about TOWIE" or "TOWIE & ME" as the title of the book says.. it's much more "Sam Faiers: Beauty Advice... with a quick chapter on TOWIE".
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on 11 November 2014
TOWIE is very much my guilty pleasure and as I really like Sam on the show, I wanted to find out a bit more about her so bought this book and to be honest, It wasn't what I expected. I expected this to be an autobiography and it definitely isn't. The first couple of chapters are the best - we find out about how she got on TOWIE, how it started, her past relationships and her friendships. Then the rest of the book is pretty much all about how she does her hair, how she tans, how she puts on her make-up... As interesting as that is, after a few pages of it it got a little boring which is odd coming from me as I usually enjoy reading about those things. It was very much stuck in there as page fillers. Sam was very frank about earning money and how much she can earn from public appearances. She was also very frank about calling photographers when she is out to get more money which as much as I can't blame her, it was very strange reading about! The book itself flowed nicely as the writing style was very chatty and easy to read but after a while it got a little boring reading about how great Sam is from her own mouth!
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on 20 July 2013
Vile self absorbed tripe! I love TOWIE but no where near as much as Miss Faiers loves herself. Reading between the heavily hinted lines the show is a success because of her because she is the best looking most business minded successful member of the cast. There are little digs and snidey comments at all the other cast members. There would be no show without her lets hope that doesn't come back to bite her!
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on 2 January 2014
I never stop reading a book half way through, until this one. Never been so bored ever, Sam loves herself, she thinks everyone else does too. I slated Chloe's book too but this one is far worse, at least Chloe has a life story. I really like Sam in the show, she is average looking and down to earth, unfortunately she thinks she is so much better. Avoid, you won't get the time spent reading this back
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on 5 June 2014
This book is dreadful. I skimmed through the second half. I got the impression from the show that Sam was fairly grounded and decent. Her book demonstrates a different person. She makes snide comments about other cast members and just seems to brag. What self respecting person tells the world how much money her shop makes in a week! The book is also really boring. I was expecting to find out more about her life in terms of upbringing, education, issues etc but all she talked about was hair, fake tan, clothes etc. she comes across as extremely superficial and driven by money and fame. Her life must be really boring if that is all she cares and talks about. There was no emotion reflected in there at all. I read Chloe Sims book before this one and it was much better, really interesting. Don't bother with Sam's book. It was a waste of my time and money. She is making even more money from people reading her rubbish!
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on 25 November 2013
Terribly written. No substance. Three chapters on how to tan? Really, really poor. Wouldn't recommend to anyone even if you are her biggest fan.
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on 21 June 2013
Was looking forward to a sort of autobiography and an insight into the world of TOWIE. What I actually got was page after page of pointless comments about herself and other people from TOWIE. Basically a book about how great she is and how much she loves herself and step by step instructions on how to do very basic tasks!? I'm not sure how many times her great business mind is mentioned and whenever she makes a negative comment on something there is then a self made compliment towards herself on how she would have handled the situation.
She came across really poorly in the book, which is a shame because on screen she seems fairly nice and grounded but in writing she was up herself and just plain egotistical.
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