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3.2 out of 5 stars82
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 16 November 2012
Ive been a fan of the MOH since inception on the PC. My favourite being MOH Pacific Assault.

Ive never been one for the single player campaigns so I cannot comment on this one in particular at present. I go straight for the online multiplayer games.

If you are into your COD series or simliar this game style will suit you. It is not as open, explorative or dpeendant on team specific skills as the Battlefield series. If you are a die-hard Battelfield fan then this game may not be for you. Ive adjusted form Bad Company 2 to this over recent weeks and I am enjoying it!

There are several gamestyles you can choose from:-

Deathmatch- simple just wipe each other out.

Sector control- 3 "flags" whoever controls the most flags, for the most time wins. you can capture and lose flags throughout the whole time (10 mins)

Combat mission- capture 3 flags in sequence, or defend depending on your team at the time- if you attack, you only have a finite number of spawns- for defending its limitless. If you like Batteflied "rush" games this might suit you!

Hotspot- Random "flags" appear all over the map, you never now which one appears next so you need to be quick! each team must compete to get to the next flag and hold

Home run- a bit like capture the flag, but you dont get respawns! you change sides at "half time" so good intensity and good realism


Lots and lots of custom weapons, you can change countries, classes, optics, muzzles, stocks, barrels, magazines, paint job etc etc its great to modify you own weapon to stand out or for what specs you like (agility vs range etc)

Overall I am enjoying this game a lot, if you are liking COD series youll love this, if you are a die hard Battelfield fan then give it a try, persevere and youll love it!
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on 6 November 2012
I had ordered this on the preorder on Origin due to the fact that I will get an early Beta of Battlefield 4. First of all this is not battlefield 3, the graphics is on par with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PC DVD). I believe that EA tried to see this game as the new Battlefield 3 (PC DVD) . The interface layout looks quite naff. It can defently been seen as designed for an xbox/PS2 as its all blocky and cannot be changed. Its actually looks like it was designed bout 4 years ago which would make it quite out of date.

The first player section takes bout 4-5 hours to finish, I found it not bad, and a little better than the previous version. The problems accur in the multiplayer. It looks like a bad carbon copy of MW3 which had tight & extreamly small maps. It has introduced a system called the 'Buddy System' which is effectily you work in groups of 2 to get what the objectives that are required. Its a good concept but unfortunally doesnt work. The main problem with it, is that the majority of the time your buddy will run off and leave you to fend for yourself which nullify's the system. Other problems such as the game feels quite rushed ( I fell through the maps at least a dozen times). It has none of the distruction that BF3 has, ie: walls and buildings cannot be blown up.1 of the main issues is that the max players seems to be around 12 people. This probably why the games graphics feels and looks quite dated. I would even go to say that it looks like the game sat on a shelf for a few years and was forced to be released as it was taking up space on the shelf. I have played it on multiplayer for around 15-20 hours and in this time I have noticed that there are very few multiplayer servers out there. This might change in time but from the negative comments I have seen over the web it is unlikely.

However, If the game was dropped to bout 5-10 it might be worth getting. For me though, I feel that I have been had and is leaving a bad taste in my mouth!
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on 21 November 2012
This game is far from perfect. The single player is buggy, unpolished and in places unplayable. The multiplayer has come under a lot of fire and currently (November 2012) you may struggle to find players on servers.

That said when things work with this game, they work. Sections of the single player are brilliantly done, well scripted and executed with real cinematic panache. The downside is that you might get dumped back to your desktop when reloading your rifle, forcing you to replay the same section 3 or 4 times.

The multiplayer can be exceedingly fun. Fireteams allow you to buddy up with another player and form a two man assault team. It's just a shame that you can't swap teams. Or that sometimes you'll be spawned out of the map forcing your brethren to spawn with you and both die slow, painful deaths. When you have a good team player with you this game can be gripping and fun. When you have a numpty with you it can be frustrating and poor.

The unlocks, much like BF3 and the ilk, come with playing the game. The XBox culture of play to gain is in force here and it's quite addictive as you level up with each kill.

The forthcoming patch (not formally announced but hinted at on the EA forums) may solve a lot of these issues but overall consider this a game with a 65/100 score. Better than average but not exactly something you'd write home about.
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on 11 November 2012
I brought this game for the fact it looked pretty decent with the whole SAS and Navy seals thing, however I was oh so wrong.
First single player:
I have to say its taken the whole Battlefield approach to single player with one guy talking over and you visiting flashbacks... that's old and repetitive now just like found footage movies.

Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaah no.
The multiplayer is alright until you compare it to other games... which then you just realise its exactly between Battlefield 3 and Call Of Duty: Modern warfare series
Its a fast paced action game with the mechanics of a battlefield game... which its okay to play but comparing it you just don't need it which is a shame because if you look at this game for what it is its an okay shooter I've had no problem with multiplayer menus or selecting loadouts but it can be awkward at times to find new unlocked guns.

Overall If Call Of Duty didn't exist I would give this game a 4/5
However since it is around I have to give this a 2.9/5
Sorry E.A. you're gonna have to put more effort if you want to scab more money off us.
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on 10 November 2012
This game got a lot of hype, with a lot of people expecting a good mix of battlefield 3 and Call of Duty. They were disappointed. There are very few aspects of battlefield 3 included, notably no destruction, and it wasn't enough like call of duty for it to be a good game (I haven't played CoD but I understand it's more casual than bf3, thich this game isn't great for). It has a reasonable campaign, although I haven't finished it, but it changes the screen resolution for the driving levels, making me think it has crashed AGAIN, because it seems to crash after every 2nd level. On the multiplayer there are a number of invisible walls, the spawns aren't great (especially on the death trap black hawk), and the menus are appalling; if you change something half the time it doesn't save and sometimes it spawns you in with a weapon you didn't even know you had.
This game looks and feels like an alpha, and most of the community won't be around by the time the new DLC comes out. This game had potential, but needs a lot more work, but most of the community will be gone by the time the biggest issues are fixed.
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on 26 October 2012
I just don't know what's happened to the medal of honor series. They started with something amazing in 'Allied assault' with it's expansions.. but since then, it's been nothing but disappointment. And warfighter follows the trend here i'm afraid. Sure it's using the very impressive frost bite 2 engine, but it almost feels like a toned down version. Here's a run down on my opinion of this game.

Graphics : As mentioned above, despite using the frostbite 2 engine, i have to say the visuals are far behind battlefield 3. While still enjoyable, it doesn't make sense to me that you'd use toned down graphics with such a great engine. It's a much improvement from COD in terms of visuals, but what game isn't? 6/10.

Gameplay : While using Battlefield mechanics, like how the soldier moves and crawls etc... Apart from that it feels very much like a COD replica. quick and face paced enviroments.. Guns you can spray and hit anything with (Not much thought went into this game about realism) Infact the entire game, unlike it's previous games to the series, they've seen to drop realism this time around, and go for a more 'Epic' feel to it, action and tense moments to replace it. While it is fast paced, i never felt 'gripped' to any of the singleplayer if i'm honest. Felt same old. 6/10

AI : This one frustrated me the most. I hate how enemy AI moves so quickly in the blink of an eye, making them illusive targets sometimes. It's pretty the set for the whole game. Clear a few enemies, move up a little.. Then 3-4 enemies will sprint ridiculously into the scene, take them out and so forth. it just feels lazy and ridiculous 3/10

Single player : Possibly one of the shortest single player campaigns i've ever played. Completed in about 3-4 hours. It does have a storyline to it, rather than random things happening. The cut scenes of how the story unfolds very much similar to BF3. It's okay, but again it's been done before. One thing you can take heart from the single player is apparently some of it is based on what happened in reality. I don't know which parts, but i know certain soldiers names are in it. Which i suppose is a nice touch to remember those who fought bravely. But aside from that. Missions feel very similar apart from a couple of driving missions, which are average. Lots of repetitive breaching (Which makes sense to why it's so short) 5/10

Multiplayer : I suppose this part of the game is the one that's meant to keep it installed on your computer for a fair amount of time. Let me first start by saying this is no BF3 experience. Nor as gripping. However, i think fans of COD will probably appreciate this more than anyone. Small maps, quick kills. I'm not to keen on this 'buddy' system to allow you to respawn on certain team members or 'falling' back to a spawn. It's ok, it'll give the same enjoyment of any FPS when killing others online. An unlock system we've already experienced time and time again. You get to customize your own gun.. Choose from a number of special forces from various countries. Another nice touch is the overall stat system to each country you choose to represent online, there's a table of which country is getting the most points in the world, and gives it a extra edge to prove something. While all very similar, it's still a fun multiplayer experience, and while there are a lot of glitches and bugs, you can let that go as patches will be introduced i'm sure shortly. 7/10.

Overall i wasn't overly impressed with the game, i don't see much of a gain from the previous medal of honor. They have changed a few things but it still boils down to the same result for me.. Still playing catch up to everyone else. There needs to be new ideas and a new approach, rather than trying to fight other FPS on things they've nailed down pretty well. I personally wish Medal of honor went back to it's WW2 roots. However not on the 'Airbourne' engine. Think allied assault, but on a frostbite 2 engine.
Anyway i think it's more of a rent game due to the short single player, and all very similar multiplayer. 5/10.
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on 29 October 2012
As a games player with 30 years experience, and a lover of first person shooters like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Far Cry etc, I have to say MoH Warfighter is a serious disappointment.

I was very much looking forward to playing this game after thoroughly enjoying Tier 1 last year. Graphics are only just above average (when I expected an improvement on Tier 1, which were very good). I've had nothing but issues with sound since first launching the game, with echo, sound delay (i.e. firing a weapon but the weapon sound is out of sync) and more.

Single player campaign is short and underwhelming and multiplayer is just beyond boring compared to Tier 1 which was fun and exciting. The lack of map choice and variety is a big issue.

Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty MW3 are so much better. I have Far Cry 3 on pre-order and hope that will be more satisfying.

We have all these big game releases in the latter part of the year and expectations are high, but in this instance MoH Warfighter has let me down.

Such a shame.
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on 3 June 2013
The Campaign story line seemed to pay too much attention to story-telling than was necessary. Although playing the campaign first, the multiplayer option I found was more enjoyable to play. Plenty of weapon types and different combat scenarios available. Overall worth the money.
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on 5 November 2012
There are better and more involved reviews than mine out there so i will just add to the negative aspects of this game.. Its Glitchy,(can lock up without warning) The graphics are abyssmal, the AI pathetic,Multiplayer is a failure in many ways..The game will probably soon be on sale for below a tenner,so save your money and go and buy Far Cry 3 or somerthing that looks like its a lot more fun and has originality in it as well.
One final word of disgust is that the developers decided to use the name Sal-ar-Din for the main baddy, as many people might (or might not) know Saladin was a great and honorable muslim leader ( i am NOT muslim myself) and i think that using his name in the game this way does not promote peace and tolerance between religions.
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on 4 November 2012
First off I love FPS games and especially Battlefield 3 but what I didn't like was controlling the transports like helicopters n jets, mainly because I'm hopeless at it, that's why I think I'm enjoying this game more. Despite some dodgy reviews I bought this game and love it, just running round popping people and the buddy system is great, even if they don't mic up n talk you can still get by quite well healing n restocking each others ammo. Defintely better than COD in my opinion and the graphics are pretty nice when everything is up on ultra. Also like the FIFA style fight for your country leaderboards which I'm obviously doing for Great Britain but I like to control the Polish GROM they're awesome. Give this game a whirl I think you might like it.
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