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on 22 July 2012
I was a bit skeptical about this computer but was proven wrong after opening the box, charging it and connecting to the internet which it did with ease.
Camera works fine.Battery life is good so far. I have no complaints about it. Speed is good but would caution that if you are expecting a high speed performing machine, then go in for something else.
It slips into my pocket easily as if it was a tablet. Ideal to carry out and about. I connected an external DVD writer and it worked straight away.
Comes ready with Skype and McAfee 2 months free antivirus protection.
Great gadget.
Would recommend.
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on 11 November 2012
Item arrived very quickly and well packaged as expected from Amazon - no surprises there.
Whilst it is a nicely presented machine with a better than expected display quality and of course an HDMI out port; when using the machine generally, and especially using Internet Explorer, it just seemed to lack zip and there was noticeable latency when moving between websites.
Having read some reviews and also having seen the strip down procedure on YouTube, I decided to upgrade the RAM to 2Gb - MUCH better! The machine is now a lot more responsive and is a joy to use. The HDMI out works well and hooks up nicely to a TV and the battery life is quite good - although I did get a completely dead machine when the battery had run out and despite being connected to the charger, it failed to charge or turn on until I disconnected it from the charger and physically removed the battery. I then re-inserted the battery and reconnected it to the charger and it booted up just fine - it's also been OK since ...
I feel Acer are pushing their luck with 1Gb equipped machines running Windows 7 .... so buy a 2Gb version or be prepared to spend a tenner on a 2Gb RAM DIMM and fit it yourself.
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on 27 October 2012
Firstly, a note about Amazons strange pricing policy. I really wanted a Blue or Black version but noticed that they weren't all the same price. The White one was actually more than £30 cheaper than the others. Since functionality is all the same and £30 saving is more money for another toy, I went for the white one.

After the machine arrived I took another look at the pricing and found that Black was the cheapest and the White more expensive. Who says we buy what we really want instead of what Amazon wants us to. Still a great fan of Amazon though.

Now, this is the second netbook in the same series that I've bought. My first one got commandeered after my wife started to use it and I couldn't get a look in. So I got my own - which is actually better than hers, so there.

There's a slight change in spec from the previous model, mainly in that this version has a Dual Core Processor and different Graphics Engine; a higher capacity hard drive; and an HDMI output ( although I haven't tried this yet and not sure if Windows 7 Starter supports it).

The 1Gbyte memory it comes with isn't really enough so I bought a 2Gbyte module and fitted this. The instructions are the same as in my previous review.

It's certainly noticeably snapper in use than my wife's machine - YES!!! other than that its much the same. Didn't come with Android as the previous machine but that's no great loss in my opinion.

I bought this instead of an iPad or other tablet for a number of reasons. Cost is obviously one but a machine that functions just like a desktop PC and will run virtually all the software that I have on my workstation was very appealing. And a real keyboard and no annoying - sent from my iPad messages in my emails.

As a photographer I needed something onto which I could download Gigabytes of image data that results from a trip, plus I can geotag, organise the images and rate them ready to transfer to the workstation on return. I also control my camera from this to produce timelapse videos. FYI I'm running Adobe Lightroom, GBTimelapse and Geosetter. Obviously not as fast as the workstation but a workflow I'm familiar with and a seamless transition on return.

The screen is sharp and bright - I wouldn't use it for image processing though. The viewing angle is much less than my laptop or workstation but does prevent people reading your screen if they are sitting next to you on a plane for example.

Keyboard is a little small but I can make just the same mistakes as I do on a full size keyboard - probably using less fingers.

Touchpad is Ok but not that smooth a surface to slide around on. The gesture functions (a tablet thing) don't work that well so I'll probably forget all about them.

All in all another great machine
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on 29 April 2012
This netbook met all my requirements and impressed me into the bargain.

Great features:

Superb colour and look - the blue doesn't look 'girly' or tacky.

The keyboard - my main worry about a netbook was the keyboard. However, Acer has built this one more comfortable to type with than any internal or external keyboard I have ever used! Really impressed.

Screen size - my other main concern. This is not a problem. Now, looking at full-size laptops or monitors, I feel I have to look around too much and that space is wasted. For physical size, I would go for a netbook over a laptop any day. This has a beautiful screen.

Speed - with more than a few power-draining applications running at once, the speed can suffer. This is only to be expected, but I know that it is much better than many netbooks (and even many laptops). The HD video streaming would be great if we had high-speed internet...

USB ports etc. - these are abundant and well placed. It has:
1 VGA1
1 Ethernet
1 SD (or any other) card reader
1 Microphone
1 Headphone

The power cable is great. It's lightweight and the transformer is attached at the plug (not following you around on the floor).

I bought the Targus Case/Netbook Skin 11.6-inch, as this netbook, while being very slim, is an inch or so larger than normal. This case is very protective, and due to the Aspire's slimness, would take an external disk drive as well (problem solved).
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on 28 October 2012
It does..what no tablet can, no ipad,no nexus,no nothing!
it has vga port(still standard for most projectors,and tablets don't have it),hdmi, lan, mic, usb ports, it has win7, you can install all programs,for full use, like ms office, adobe suites, etc, download legal torrents with utorrent, etc, things that NO TABLET comes even close...its perfect for mobility,presentations,surfing,movies, 8 hours battery, you can do everything you do with
normal computers or expensive laptops, except high end gaming! so..netbooks still outdo tablets in my opinion for price/value choices in general(except for the quality of the screen, but that also depends on the model of either netbooks or tablets!).
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on 3 September 2012
Chosen for its allegedy faster N2600 processor, and bought for normal web browsing around the house, it is a hit.

Upgraded to 2Gb. The hint from Amazon - 204-pin SODIMM, DDR3 PC3-10600 - works great, though very fiddly to change (remove keyboard to access screws and lug to remove base cover (don't take out the keyboard connector, and be determined with the keyboard clips and the cover lug) - there's a video on YouTube).

Removed all the optional software (installed Microsoft Security Essentials), and Windows 7 starter is fine - I for one prefer it to be basic. It just sits there with a number of tabs open on internet explorer, and I can flick between them and others fine. Very fast to start up from suspend states (after closing the lid).

The smaller keyboard takes some getting used to - I miss the 'home' and 'end' keys (available through the fn shift), and the mouse pad has a couple of tricks to help scrolling. Screen is bright, though (obviously) small. It needs web designers to get rid of large headers, so we can see what they want us to see.

All in all happy.

An update, two months later, and I'm still happy, though unfortunately it is with a direct replacement - the fan on the first became excessively noisy. Thankfully, Amazon were fantastic in their return and replace.
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on 1 November 2012
Acer Aspire One D270 10.1 inch Netbook - Black (Intel Atom N2600 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 320GB HDD, LAN, WLAN, Webcam, Windows 7 Starter)

Superb Netbook for the price.The first thing was to upgrade it to 2GB memory for just over £10 & then upgraded it from Win7 starter to Home Premium for £70 - This was so easy online just started the process by typing "anytime" in the search bar at the bottom. Now I have a speedy usable netbook for on the go computing -Ace
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on 28 September 2012
This is a nice tidy little netbook, I mostly use mine for basic web surfing when I can't get near my 17" Dell laptop because of my wife(thank you, Farm Story!). The first thing that struck me was how poor the performance of the basic unit was, it would quite often grind to a halt for 20 - 30 seconds plus. I read around and discovered that some people had issues with the 1GB of RAM being insufficient. Bought a 2GB SODIMM for less than a tenner, fitted it (which is probably more fiddly than most, but there is a video guide on youtube) and, hey presto, the performance is excellent. Imo it should be shipped with 2GB already fitted. The screen is bright and clear, the mouse is responsive and the keyboard is nice to use.
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on 4 December 2012
Bought this for my 16 year old daughter so that she didn't need to keep nicking my laptop for her 'homework'!

I read reviews here and elsewhere and this seemed to be the best around for the price, despite many who complained about the lack of speed.

It's a nice piece of kit, very smart looking (I got the white one and said daughter loves it) and has everything you need for run of the mill computer use. However, with the installed 1GB of RAM it is slow - particuarly for web browsing.

I waited for a few weeks to see how it went, but my daughter did complain of it being slower than she was used to, had to wait for web pages to upload, and word documents to open, and it even locked up a few times, and it has only been used for web and word/excel stuff.

So I took the plunge and ordered a 2GB RAM card, having seen a good YouTube video from a nice Indian guy showing how to open up the Netbook and install the new RAM. It looks tricky and it was with a bit of trepidation that I opened up the netbook, removing the keyboard etc..., but it only took me 10-15 mins max, and we now have a netbook that runs at much more acceptable speeds - not fast, but enough for the use it gets.

Why they don't do these machines at a standard 2GB RAM I can't understand, especially when it only cost me about £8 for the upgrade!

Would I recommend this netbook - YES. It's great value (got ours for only £180 - Amazon change the price almost daily!) and a nice machine, but I'd definitely recommend you get the 2GB upgrade...
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on 10 January 2013
Got this for my son who has Aspergers, he can be careless and I was concerned so opted for cheapest option available, well it arrived super quick, but when I opened it I was pure jelous lol, what a lovely piece of kit! and my laptop is such an old croc, I actually concidered keeping it for myself, so smart and light, so anyway I figured its probably slow and not so great when I turn it on, but I was dissapointed there too, because it wasnt slow and does everything better and faster than my own laptop, why oh why did I give it to my son? 8 years old and he has a better machine by far than me, a cheap option turned into a great option.
With aspergers he cannot cope with too much stuff, but seeks knowledge like most kids do sweets (yes he loves sweets too) so this was a bit of a "should I shouldnt I" situation, but he loves the thing, he googles his questions now instead of asking me, and then comes and lectures me on comets, asteroids, the big bang, burnt out stars and why we still see them even though they are no longer there, geology, you name it, he now has the answers at his fingertips, and that was money well spent.
So really Im saying its a great price for a product I would have been very very happy with myself, but I gave it to my son, going to have to save up and get one for me now, just hope they are still available, fantastic machine.
Oh ya and he can play games on it too.
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