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4.3 out of 5 stars37
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2012
Poor quality audio adversely affects video. An external microphone is essential for higher quality video recording. Research the subject to understand whether a shotgun mic (ideal for e.g. isolating vocals in an interview situation) or a stereo microphone is what you need (for ambient noise recording, e.g. of a concert). You may need both a shotgun and a stereo mic.

I also own the previous version of this product which is much bigger. I bought the new stereo videomic pro because it is lighter and more compact, making it more suitable for use with a DSLR or compact camcorder. It offers much better audio quality than the on-board camera's microphone. It allows you to add a "dead cat" to block out wind noise (ideal if you film outdoors and actually want to hear what you are recording when you play it back, rather than hear distorted wind noise - which is nigh on impossible to sort out in post production - you may be able to lessen the problem, but you will not get perfect audio and it is very time consuming; much better to record the audio correctly in the first place!). The green light tells you when it is on and this turns red when the battery is low. Audio quality is excellent. It is well made and backed by the RODE warranty.
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on 11 June 2012
Was originally going to buy the videomic pro then noticed this stereo version. Have it fitted to my Panasonic X900 and have to say that the audio quality now matches the video quality and so I'm well pleased. I have the "deadkitten" and with that fitted the wind noise is deadened very well - the bass cut-off filter also helps reduce wind noise even further as required. Bass response is generally excellent and sound field is spacious and you really get the "atmosphere" from recordings (something I guess would be lacking with the mono version). Even with the deadkitten fitted there are no signs of it obstructing the lens and making an unwanted appearance in your video's. So if you have an HD camcorder which has stunning images then you should really get one of these so the sound matches up too. Expensive but worth it.
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on 16 June 2014
I have a log of microphones and have done music performance / recording professionally for years so I know quality when I find it.

I had been through and tested a number of other mics, but if you want the best ambient sound captured this is definitely the one to go for.

One of the main reasons I bought this was that it plugs into the Canon 1000D as a stereo mic and avoids the common problem with AGC (Automatic Gain Control) Let me explain;

The Canon DSLR Cameras come with a rubbish built-in mic for videos. It's there so that it has one out of the box, but the money has certainly gone into the camera and not the mic. The problem comes when most mics are a mono (single track) sound which leaves it up to the canon to decide what to do with the other side (i.e. stereo being L + R ) Now the canon will use the built-in mic as the other side for stereo, but in order to control the levels of sound recording, they use Gain control to adjust the levels according to the sound input from your external mic. This means you're going to get a lot of hissing and static, because the sound levels can change just too quickly to avoid it.

The Stereo videomic from Rode eliminates this problem completely, and makes this a no-brainer if you want to record great sound on a DSLR, and have the budget to buy it. Anything else is a rubbish solution by comparison without making your own inputs, forcing a mono mic to input sound to both channels - but then it won't be true stereo. (I've experimented with this myself, successfully. It is OK for voice only, but rubbish for ambient sounds) hope this helps
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on 21 March 2013
Many of the currently (2013) available DSLR and small system cameras from mid range up now have microphone sockets. Until recently I made do with the onboard microphones, but especially in smaller classical venues I record in, I was finding the sound quality not quite up to par, and often too much affected by my pressing buttons or adjusting the lens.

This little mic features switchable high pass filter to cut out air con, mains hum, traffic and floor vibrations, attenuator and gain boost switch (often a real help dealing with low quality mic preamps on DSLRs) and the capsule unit is fully shock mounted to further reduce unwanted noises messing up your recording.

I was a little surprised to find it needed a 9V battery, but this will supply power for 100 hours of recording, and the power light turns from green to red when you have about 10 hours record time left, so you shouldn't get any nasty shocks running out suddenly!

The sound quality is much improved on the onboard mics - no longer can I hear my own breathing in recordings, either. If you care about the sound in your videos, this mic is a no brainer at £100.00 or so.
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on 11 July 2014
Paired with my Panasonic HC-W850 camcorder it works great.

The only really issue is that is windy conditions you can hear a ringing noise as it moves about. I have the dead kitten on so the wind noise itself isn't there, just the occasional ringing sound from the mounting.

Also it picks up the sound of your mobile phone easily so remember to turn it off before recording or you will ruin your video.

I like it overall.
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on 31 July 2012
The Stereo Video Mic Pro by Australian manufacturer Røde comes with a ten year warranty and a battery life of over 100 hours. The microphone itself has a high quality, as the word Pro says. Only the suspension with the rubber bands feel a little wobbly but I guess it fulfills it purpose. But the Røde comes with replacement rubbers, which are fairly easy to replace.

In addition, a wide range of accessories is available. I got the Røde with a windshield. The recording quality leaves nothing to be desired, but I would use a different microphone for an interview.

The Røde is more suitable for recording the ambient noise, it cannot be adjusted so well to an object. But that is what this microphone has been developed for.

A green LED light helps to check the battery condition, however for an important shoot you will have of course a spare battery in the luggage. The 9 V battery is not included, what would be expected given it the high price tag.

For a Sony camera, unfortunately, you need a hot shoe adapter as the Røde microphone cannot be attached directly to the Sony camera.

The microphone can be screwed onto a tripod, I can also adjust the volume initially by a slider, a high pass filter can be switched on. The microphone is connected via a three and a half millimeter jack.

As a conclusion I can say that the Røde mic is a really good buy. The quality of the sound recording is perfect for me. If you want to record ambient sounds you have with the Røde Videomic pro a perfect microphone. The size is obviously very noticeable on a small camcorder like mine.

If you would like to check the sound, please watch out for the Youtube channel: StephansBilderwelt there you will find some samples and some other test's.
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on 28 March 2013
Rode Pro mic plugged into a Nikon D600, urban ambience. More than a dead cat needed, unless it's a Scottish Fold cat.
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on 5 February 2016
I own this microphone for about a year now and thought it a good idea to offer a review after prolonged use. I'm using it with my Panasonic HC-VX870. When I don't use the camera for a longer period, I remove the battery from the camera and take out the battery from the microphone. Otherwise I've always got them ready for use and I almost never film without the mic.
I decided to go for a camera that allow the use of an external microphone because I do a lot of filming outdoors. I film both nature (especially along the coast where it usually is very windy) and airshows or airport visits. I find airports and airshows also notoriously windy venues. So as you can imagine I've had problems with wind noise in the past. I've tried to put protection over the microphone areas, but this only helps in very light winds. Now, with my external microphone in combination with the dead cat all this is a problem of the past. Even in fairly windy circumstances I do not hear any wind noise on my recordings, whilst the audio I do record is excellent. I also find using it very easy. It has separate power, so I just make sure the green light is on when I begin to film, then plug in the cable to allow transfering sound and finally acknowledge using an external microphone on the camera, and that's it!
I've decided for this microphone instead of the tubular aiming ones because of the specs and because of the reviews that were on-line. After using this mic for over a year (which was really intensive, I think I did a dozen airshows and dozens of visits to airports in the past year) I've only grown more fond of the microphone/dead cat combination, and I can no longer imagine being without them.
As for background noise caused by the microphone, I haven't noticed it. I think the suspension functions perfectly for me, and there is no movement by the mic once it is fastened to my camera. Maybe this has something to do with the combination of the mic with certain camera types. I don't know. I just know I don't have it and I'm glad. So, all in all I'm very happy with this item, and can't imagine doing without it.
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on 7 February 2016
I'm a big fan of Rode microphones. I started by using a Rode Videomic Pro with my Nikon DSLR. I spent months researching microphones, reading reviews & watching demo videos including other users clips for information. There are loads of great mics out there & it really comes down to personal taste.
I don't like the internal mics of cameras & wanted crisp, clean & almost pro like sound. I'm an amateur user, it's just for family functions & my young nieces/nephews but I still wanted top audio.
I decided to improve my audio even further & this microphone kept popping up. So glad I bought it. Sound is crisp, lovely & clear. You barely, if at all, hear the sound of the camera/lens mechanics which I love. Different settings allows for different environments. I love the shape, the sturdiness & the sound quality is top notch.
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on 18 July 2014
Based my purchase on reviews. So far it is performing well as expected. Only thing is standard wind guard is not good enough by itself, but that is expected in very windy conditions. Need to go buy the dead kitten to go on top, that should cure it.
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