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3.6 out of 5 stars86
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2012
Recently upgraded to the HTC One S from an HTC Desire. It was very much a toss up between the HTC One S and the HTC One X but I didn't feel that the One X had enough extra benefits to justify the extra cost. Plus I don't really need quad-core processors as I don't do much gaming on the phone. I also felt that the One X was a bit too large for comfort whereas the One S is sized just about right.

After eight days my conclusions are thus far:-

The screen is vividly bright and the super AMOLED display is perfectly visible when outdoors (as opposed to the HTC Desire). The resolution is great and text, images and video are crystal clear - beautiful screen.
Sense 4.0 and Android 4 work together really well. HTC have toned down Sense where needed and streamlined things to make it more intuitive. If you are already familiar with Android you won't be scratching your head trying to figure things out. Although you will get the perk of finding little useful nuggets along the way too.
Face unlock is a bit gimmicky but does work and work well. Another improvement is the Swype option for the keyboard. Other people have commented that it is harder to type accurately (and quickly) on this phone and I agree. The layout is slightly different to before and the keys are certainly closer together in normal 'portrait' mode, so mis-typing is common. But trust me, select the Swype option and be amazed. You don't have to be that accurate and 49 times out of 50 you will get the word you wanted. Typing speed therefore increases ten-fold. Brilliant!
The camera is just awesome. You have a range of options - low light, HDR, panorama, portrait etc. And the image quality really does rival most compact digicams. You even have inbuilt editing to tinker with the photo's which is a godsend. Fantastic work on the camera side HTC.
Beats Audio gives all the music/audio some nice bass and a much fuller sound to the music. Listening on headphones you have quality that in my opinion is better than my ipod. The stock music player is okay allowing multiple playlists and various options and even lets you download the album art if you require.
The oleophobic coating on the screen is a big bonus. My previous HTC Desire used to drive me to distraction with fingerprints and smudges and I was forever buffing the screen each time I touched it. The One S doesn't have that problem, sure you still do get marks and smudges but they are less apparent, easier to wipe away and don't affect viewing of the screen to any degree.

I feel that the phone pretty much has addressed many of the things I would have wanted to be included on a new phone. The old favourites have remained like the animated weather. I would have perhaps liked to see a micro-SD card slot. Yes you do get 25GB of dropbox storage (after you jump through a few hoops) which is good but 16GB onboard (9.5GB actually free) is a little measly. Even having another 32GB model on sale would have been something?
A few people have complained about chipping. I do have the black MAO (micro-arc oxidation) model and thankfully have not noticed any chipping yet although I have been handling it like a newborn baby! There are tiny scuffs appearing around the usb charging slot though as it's a tight fit to get in and out so these might worsen over time. I do like the premium feel of the phone though, it feels solid and well-built in the hand and you can see the thought that has gone into the design. There are beautiful curves and chamfers making this a very attractive piece of kit. Wonderfully thin too - just think of practically any other smartphone on a strict diet!
All in all an excellent phone and highly recommended. Well done HTC.
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on 23 April 2012
This is a great phone. Upgraded it from the HTC Desire. I'll agree with comments made above. Was inclined to wait for Sammy to see what the s3 was like but lost patience and I don't think I'll be disappointed

Great thing about android is you sign into the phone with your Google details and hey presto all your contacts are there. If you have auto update on Play store your apps start installing for you too. Great seamless way to set up. Long gone are the input one by one of new contacts that we all had to SUFFER in days gone by.

It's got a great screen, may not be HD but at 4.3inch or whatever it is are you going to notice the extra pixels? It's large without being massive.

ICS & the new Sense is slick. There's enough difference to make you feel like you've got a new phone (compared to 2.2 of Desire). HTC & Android have done well with social integration. Even two weeks in I'm still finding something new that makes me think "ah that's cool" which is always nice.

Camera is great. Although never replace my Nikon Dslr. Lots of features for editing and getting that instagram look for uploading to Facebook.

Downside to the phone are No SD card slot (but can i really grumble when my desire had 500mb onboard and a 4gb card?). If it did have one I was going to put a 32gb card in and put all my music on it. But that just aint going to happen.

Battery is never going to be great if you use the phone often. Need new battery tech for that to work. However im typically getting 14-22hours out of it. Thats is good especially compare to the 4-8 hours on my 2year old Desire.

And the worst one. SWYPE currently is NOT SUPPORTED which is gutting. Because if you start with swype and get in with it, it's so hard to use anything else. HTC have their own version found in keyboard settings but it isn't as slick as swype.

As a whole it's great. I chose it over the X because that phone is just too ridiculously big. Remember you've got to put this thing in your pocket even if you don't mind using two hands to hold it.
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on 17 April 2012
I have had this phone a few days now and am loving it. I've upgraded from a HTC Desire, and the larger screen and faster response is certainly much better.

The new version of HTC Sense is an improvement over the old one, although still only has 7 screens and despite the larger screen, it is still limited to the same number of icons/widgets as before. However being able to create folders now should help this limitation. The Apps folder however now has filters so you can show for example only apps you've downloaded.

Battery life seems to be pretty standard for HTC. It'll last me a day, or less if I use it for a lot of web browsing. However as I'm often close to a charger it's not a problem. Certainly better than the old Desire with its two year old battery.

I've got the black version and am suffering from the very tiny chips along the top/usb port that have been reported in the media. However they are only noticeable if I look for them. I plan to get a case so I'm not too bothered, considering how scratched my old phone is! The phone does feel a bit slippery, so hopefully the case will help it feel more secure when I'm holding it. Another thing about the phone is it is cold to the touch, which is unusual. The phone itself feels so light and the thinness more than makes up for the extra length in my opinion.

I've not yet fully adapted to the keyboard. It does have the swype like feature built in which is good. However for some reason it seems harder to type on than the Desire. The lack of optical trackpad has also caught me off guard, we now have little arrows under the keyboard. I keep instinctively going to where it was and hitting the home button instead. Annoying, as is the task-switcher button which I keep brushing accidentally. I miss the search button too! However I'm sure familiarity with the phone will solve these over time though.

The camera is great. I especially like the one touch video function now, as on my old phone switching between photos and videos was a painful process. It also has a few filters, although I don't think they are as good as the Instagram/Streamzoo ones.

One thing I have missed is that Sense no longer has a Desk Clock. I used to use this in night mode on my old phone as an alarm clock, but I couldn't find a similar feature. Plenty of other options in the market though.

The only reason I haven't given this 5 stars is due to the storage. I knew it didn't have an SD card slot, but I decided 16GB was enough since I currently had an 8GB card... i.e. double. I hoped I could get several more albums on it. What I didn't expect was that the space available was only 10GB. 2GB is reserved for apps, and 4GB for system. OK we get dropbox space, but this only lasts 2 years (I hope to keep the phone longer and my MP3 collection will be even larger then) and downloading 24GB when you only have between 0.5GB -> 1.5GB data allowance doesn't add up really!

But overall I'm happy with my purchase and look forward to many years of happy use :)
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on 18 July 2012
I am not usually compelled to write reviews however after using this phone for a month, I feel I have to share my experience with you. To start with, I mainly use the phone for social reasons. For me, this phone is brilliant and there are 4 main reasons why:

1) ICS
2) HTC Sense
3) Camera
4) Model itself

Despite being an Apple fan, Android certainly fits my needs better. The freedom to change almost every aspect of the phone allows you to make the phone truly individual. Widgets are very useful also and on the phones super AMOLED screen, look beautiful. ICS is also very fast and responsive and the ability to switch between opened apps and deleting them is very easy. The browser is very good, especially how text resizes when you zoom in to fit the screen. You also have control over data storage, which is useful so you don't end up being charged!

HTC Sense is very useful, and I now don't see myself going away from it. Simple features make the phone so much more accessible and user friendly. The phone rings louder when in your pocket, and quietens when you pick it up. Beats audio in the phone make music sound a lot better than on other devices, but to feel the true effect, you must use Beats headphones. The ability to personalise everything from the lock screen to different skins make it very good also.

The camera is incredible. It's shoots close-ups and distant shots well and also gives you Instagram-like features built in for you to play with when taking photos. It has a good front facing camera too, which allows you to use apps like Skype well.

The phone itself is very beautiful. It's slim and very light which makes it easy to carry. Its unibody design makes it one of the best looking phones out there. The screen is huge too and this makes videos and movies a pleasure to watch. I found it awkward to hold for the first few days because of its size but once you get used to it, it's absolutely fine.

To conclude, I would recommend this phone to all users. It fits all different user requirements and is a pleasure to use on a daily basis.
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on 14 June 2012
Shades it over the One X. Build quality far superior, screen better, quicker processor in real terms (Yep, quad core sounds impressive on paper, not quicker in practice) Storage not an issue, just use cloud, sorted. Galaxy S3 nearest rival to me on paper, in reality it looks (and feels) cheap to the One S. Apple just get you tied up to their apps and their phones are like bricks compared to this beaut, don't believe their hype.
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on 9 September 2012
Design, weight
Look and feel: nice to hold, perfect size
Snappiness: really fast, no lag
Sense IU 4.1, a nice addition to ICS 4.0.4
32GB internal memory
Very nice screen
Good camera

Homescreen bug: ruins the experience (see comment)
Battery life is poor, not replacable
No microSD slot
Signal reception is average at best
Charger cable is ridiculously short. Come on, reduce production costs elsewhere!

Generally a nice device, but be aware that hundreds of users, including myself, are experiencing a SERIOUS ISSUE whenever carrier signal is weak: The capacitive Home Touch Button sometimes likes to press itself. When in an app or the home screen without or with the finger near the home button it seems to spaz out as if the home button gets pressed a few quick times in succession.
Basically, you then completely loose control over your phone. Just google "HTC one S touch button issue" and you'll see many times many posts about it.
This issue has been reported to HTC by many users for several months now, but no patch or update has been released now as to address the problem. So keep this in mind if you want to purchase this device... You have been warned.
HTC, please take position and FIX THIS ISSUE! Thank you...
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on 17 May 2012
Well I was umming and ahhing whether to get this or the One X. Coming from a Galaxy S2 which has a large screen, I thought about the One X until I saw it up close and personal. It's not a phone, it's a tablet! Anywhoo, I tested out this model and instantly fell in love.
One of the main points I was looking for was a good camera. I know it's a phone and the quality of the camera should be taken with a pinch of salt, but this saves me buying a digital camera which can amount to a few hundred if I want a good one... trailing off topic...
The dedicated image chip in this thing is awesome. Snapping takes a fraction of a second, keep the shutter pressed to take continuous shots. This is amazing when it's a group photo and its tricky to get everyone looking, just keep the button pressed, review them after, select the best one and hey presto.
Performance-wise, since I was coming from the Galaxy S2, I couldn't really compare since both have the dual core processor, although the One S is 1.5 as opposed to 1.2.
Display is really clear, sometimes over-saturating the photos but this is definately not a negative.

All in all, this is a great phone. It runs very quick, takes snaps in a snap and is HTC, oh how I have missed HTC
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VINE VOICEon 19 May 2012
Its hard to start this review without talking about the complaints, the storage of 16GB. Now i know you cannot expand but realy do you need to fill it up? most of us take photos, download apps, record video listen to a bit of music on it, nothing realy else, i dont hear many people whine about the 8gb iphone, or the 16gb iphone, in fact i saw one reviewer praise the storage on the iphone 16gb and then go on to complain about this one. Silly realy, if you want to fill it with music, buy an ipod, if you want to fill it full of movies all HD, buy an ipad or another tablet.

Right then, first off im not biased like some reviewers are, in fact i love all tech, i own a Mac and a PC, i own this phone and an iphone 4, i own an ipad but still use my alienware, so i wont give an android lovers opinion or an apple lovers opinion.

HTC have gone forward in the last few years, vastly improving the design of their phones, from the good entry of the HTC Hero and Legend a few years back, they have leaped forward to offer a phone like the HTC One S, which sports a fantastic camera, great multimedia functions and a top end on board cpu. HTC now have to be taken as one of the big boys in the smart phone market.

The HTC One S packs Android Ice Cream Sandwich which shines on this device. Fully using the 1.5Ghz Snapdragon Dual core CPU, its slick, fast and doesnt lag. Its beautiful to look at and has all the customise options you could ask for. Android has evolved into a great OS, outshining Apples IOS in terms of layout and speed.
Android users wont been unfamiliar, its not a world away from the older Android OS systems but has enough new features and layouts to make it worth the while using.

The phones design itself is fantastic. Its slim and feels amazing, although it is on the large side. Companies have gone from making phones as small as possible to now pushing them to the limit size wise, almost as if they want to bridge the Tablet pcs and the mobile phones in your pocket. The size does however mean the screen is huge. I'll be honest, its not on the same level of quality as the Iphone 4s Retina display or the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but its realy nice and does look great.
The front of the phone consists of 3 soft keys "Back" - "Home screen" - "Running Apps" all of which are used constantly so its good that they are there. Also the front of the phone sports a camera for vid calls and the speakers at the top.

The back of the phone has the fantastic 8MP camera. Now HTC phones lacked a good camera for a long time, the HTC Hero was abismal (trust me i know) and several later models also lacked a decent quality camera, this has now been resolved with a very very good camera which produces some great looking images. It can also record HD video which again looks fantastic. The back of the phone also has the top removable panel which hides the Sim Card slot (NOTE - Its a Micro-Sim card so be warned). And the Beats Audio branded label at the bottom near the rear speakers.

The feel of the phone is great although it feels a little slippery to me, worries me that ill drop it.

The HTC ONE S is the middle phone of the new One series. But on the benchmark scores it comes out top, more because the big brother HTC ONE X quad core cpu doesnt work well with all apps and has had some teething problems, so if you dont need the huge phone, go for the faster One S.

I could go on and on about this but well just get it and you will not regret it one bit, my iphone has now retired and this is my daily use phone, simply outstanding.
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on 27 November 2012
Initially I was very pleased with this phone, a big improvement on my Orange San Francisco, my only criticism was a slightly weak mobile signal. However the dreaded home screen bug developed which renders the phone unusable if on an edge connection.

After talking to HTC customer support, I was told to reset the phone. This did nothing to cure the fault. After contacting HTC again the phone was then sent back for repair. It was returned to me still with the home bug (I`m not convinced HTC actually did anything). I contacted HTC a third time and was told there will be an OTA update to version 2.38 which should cure the problem. I am currently waiting for this update to materialise stuck with an unusable phone and am sceptical it will actually work.
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on 8 October 2012
I'll admit it - smartphones are a big thing for me. I follow news and releases etc. and it's important that I have one that is perfect for me. As an anti-Apple, Android enthusiast, the platform is settled on pretty easily. This is my second Android phone, and I chose HTC because of how well my HTC Legend served me for 2 years.

Up there in the top ranks of Android at the moment are the big quad-core beasts, the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S 3. Just below that are the two dual-core leaders, the HTC One S and (you guessed it) the Samsung Galaxy S 2. Now, there's no denying that Samsung is top of the 'droid tables these days, and I have nothing against them - but what happens if (like me) you happen to be more of an HTC Sense man and your choice now switches to the other duo? Why should you choose the One S when it has a bigger, faster brother available too? Well, Cnet puts it better than I do (and you should definitely read their review - the One S is almost certainly their favourite phone this year), but I'll try to explain here.

In terms of the comparison between HTC's top two phones at the time of writing (Ignoring the two very new but not very different variants of the One X), I will be brief. I don't own the One X, so I am just basing this on what I have gathered from many other review sites - most notably Cnet.
Essentially, it boils down to this: The One X can be seen as being just too big. Too big for the hands and pockets (pockets in more ways than one, as I will say in a moment) of many people. The huge screen can flex at the sides a little too, which does not happen on the One S. The second point is that, in spite of its (unncessarily?) beefy processor, many reviewers experienced more lag on the One X than on this one, which did not lag at all. Finally, the One X is significantly more expensive, and many argue that (because of the above) it is not worth shelling out for.

So you're going to buy the One S? OK - here we go:

-Fantastic, crystal clear screen
-Super speedy, zero lag (even when gaming)
-Excellent sound quality - Beats audio
-Great camera
-Fancy design which looks and feels amazing
-Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (Jellybean upgrade due Oct./Nov. '12)
-HTC Sense is better than ever

I could go on...

-No expandable storage

In conclusion, this is almost certainly the best phone I could have opted for, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. HTC could not have done a better job - if you're looking for an excellent quality Android phone at a decent price, the HTC One S will not disappoint you.
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