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3.7 out of 5 stars
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Corel Video Studio ProX5 Ultimate edition

My background

I run a design agency and now have a requirement to use Video in our websites and presentations to clients. We have always done this by linking to Youtube or using Flash. Both these are workable but not very professional if something goes wrong. We write for the PC, Linux and Mac platform with iPhone and iPad support.

My brief

To find software that integrates with other software without using external third party software. Also I want a video editing packages that is easy and fun to use and most of all stable while in use. I am testing this on a core i5, 16Gb DDR 3 RAM, 128GB SSD drive and a 1TB hard drive with onboard graphics. I am reasonably e3xperienced in video editing.


The Corel software loaded easily with the minimum intervention from me. The whole process took about 5 minutes. I registered and was ready to go.

The interface

The interface is well laid out but all the tools are there as you need them. The system works using a workflow layout. First import clips, edit clips together, add effects and publish and save. It's all very logical and easy to use and get to grips with. After this basic series of operations the user can then add more advanced option like sound edits, background music and fades. The included filter pre-sets work well but can be tweaked by the user if needed. There are lots of effect from useful ones like camera shake correction and exposure to more gimmicky filter effects for those so inclined.

You can layer clips which is great for me to make presentations look less dry and corporate. I managed to quickly do one with a nice woodland background as a trial. Over all the editing process is logical and easy to get to grips with but powerful enough to get much more out of it as experience and confidence grows. The more advanced feature allow multiple layers, Stop motion animation and time lapse which are useful if you need them. I can see film students loving the flexibility here.

The clip input interface takes video information from most common file types and converts them as necessary into your chosen output format. This is useful if you have many file types. There are clean up options which will go some way to re3storing older clips imported from VHS and older cameras. This works well but I found the presets over brightened and made everything a little too contrasted for my liking. A few tweaks of the presets restored everything to my liking. Yes, it that easy to use.


On my machine with the SSD drive everything was very slick, I could never go back to a hard drive only machine now. I expect a lot of the speed was due to the SSD but it was amazing for the amount of CPU time and load needed. This would appear to be a very fast package if run on a modern machine.


This has a great deal of options. The most interesting on for me was to be able to save the video file for use in HTML 5. You can also go direct to Facebook, Flicker and YouTube. If you choose these options the clip is automatically compress for best quality and speed of access. It works well in practice. The HTML 5 is great as you can add interactive hotspots to jump around clips and I can see myself using this more and more to gain interactivity and input during clips.
You can also output pahone and Pad compatible version of videos.
DVD and Blue-Ray authoring

You can save to both formats and this is an automated process after a few tick boxes are filled in. I have only saved a few DVD's out of curiosity and they worked fine and playe3d on my computer and TV with no problems. I don't have the luxury of a Blue-Ray writer but the menus look pretty straight forward.


In use this is a fast and stable piece of software. This is great for a video editing package as most other I have tried have frozen of fallen over at some stage. I have clocked up quite a few hours on this package with no glitches what so ever. I see from reviews that some people have had issues but I expect this is down to machine bottlenecks rather than the package. Video editing software uses a lot of CPU, RAM and system bandwidth so it needs a good machine. I think the SSD drive helps here and now the price is coming down it is a wise move if you use memory and CPU intensive software like this that demands high speed from the data disk. Once I have finished a project I save it on a hard drive so that I keep SSD workspace clear. It's a different way of working but it is a better way in my opinion.


This software actually comes with a decent manual that walks you through the basics, a rare thing these days! There is also online support and 'how to videos' so support and training is very well covered by Corel.
In the Ultimate package Corel throws in loads of effects, transitions and templates and some auxiliary software to add effects.

Any weaknesses ?

The title generator is a bit basic but this is really nit picking here. Apart from that I would recommend this as a good beginners to intermediate package and if you need HTML 5 support for websites then this has it out of the box. It is PC only and no Mac version so my employees won't touch it as they love their Mac's.


Well this package is a keeper for me. It does what I need it to do and is easy to use, I have not written that about software for a long time !
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on 17 July 2012
OK, I didn't buy the product but I was close to doing so. I've been using Sony Vegas Studio HD platinum 10 for a year or more. I'm not a video expert, in fact I'd rate myself as a capable beginner, but I have many years of PC experience and I've also used the Corel tools CORELDraw and CorelPhotoPaint for many years and recently updated to the X5 suite with which I'm quite happy, so it was with this and issues I was having with Vegas Studio in mind that I decided to try Corel Video Studio Pro X5 Trial.

I did quite like the interface, at first, it didn't take me long to start building a slideshow, but I did find the library not at all intuitive. Folders were listed in the order they were added and sub-folders are not possible (as far as I can tell). Folders can be re-ordered with drag and drop - liked that. But I could have liked it more. Once I got used to the library idea I did quite like it.

Ok making a video, initially it seemed pretty straightforward and in less than 4hrs I had a pretty good video in the making. It was when I started making adjustments that I found how awkward the interface seemed to be. Eventually I found all the things I wanted, but invariably it was only after several failed attempts to locate what I was looking for, most things seemed pretty logical once you located them and I did have to resort to using the help a couple of times which is something I try to avoid, even then it took me a while to locate some features.

One of my biggest gripes, and it could be lack of experience with the tool, came about when I started trying to copy items, eg text overlay. When copied it goes straight into placing it somewhere, not a normal copy and paste function, but actually quite helpful, but if the destination is beyond the visible timeline, the timeline won't scroll when the mouse reaches the timeline boundry so the item has to be dropped, timeline moved/zoomed and then the item moved to the desired location.

After using the trial version for more than 5 days (about 25+hrs of testing) I've been frustrated more than once by the apparent dependence on the mouse - I'm a keyboard person and use the mouse when I have to/want to, but I also expect to be able to use the keyboard for things like tabbing between items and other functions. Another annoyance is the apparent inability to preview and change/select other things at the same time - it's a 64bit program so surely it can play a preview whilst I'm tabbing through the library, selecting fade effects, etc, but apparently it can't. An example of this is the 'Chapter manager'. Open it to navigate to defined chapters - great but you have to close it before you can do anything else why? Another niggle: Want to delete a chapter marker? Intuitively I'd click on the marker hit delete - nop, OK, right click and select delete, nop, no, the only way is to use the Chapter manager or drag the marker off the timeline, OK not a bad idea but why can't the conventional approach be maintained as well? It was this sort of frustration that dented my overall view of the product.

So in summary, an excellent package on the face of it and a full 64bit program with good use of multi core processors, but, for me, it's just a little too clunky. Shame really because I mostly liked it but I find Vegas Studio, despite it being only 32bit and not utilising the multi core processors, much more intuitive and a lot more versatile even though I don't know how to use most of it. So instead of shelling out £60+ on Corel Video Studio Pro x5 I've opted to upgrade my Vegas Studio to v11 at a cost to me of a little under £30. And it seems the problem I had with Vegas Studio v10 has been resolved - so I'm a happy bunny!

For the next 25 days I have the Corel trial and I have Vegas studio 11, but I'll have to redo the project I built in Corel because I can't transfer it to Vegas - ho hum!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Now that even the most basic camera seems to enable the user to film in "full HD" these kind of software packages are becoming increasing popular, but also increasing necessary to enable the home user to snip here and snip there and either upload to YouTube or to bore friends and family with endless holiday clips.

I've lost count of the amount of Video packages I've tried over the years and I have to say that this is one of the best. It's relatively cheap too which is also a bonus.

Editing and uploading your video is pain free - even on my newish, but cheap laptop, so the spec isn't anything special. The controls are intuitive and it's one of the first products of this kind where I've not had to pore over manuals or forums.

It seems by other reviews that this is used by professionals, but personally as someone who only dabbles in video software when I need it, I would say it would certainly be useful to the amateur too.

A big plus point is it's stability. Too many programs like this seem to freeze or crash, but I never experienced anything like that.

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on 30 March 2012
I found this program incredibly easy to use - the UI is one of the best i have ever seen in an editing suite and will be
very attractive to beginners. When you first start the app your greeted with the Corel Guide window which has video
tutorials and free downloads of additional templates, titles, fonts and audio files. Although it's an easy to use app it
has all the features of competing products as well as some nice extras like importing and editing 3D files such as MVC/MPO.

As with most editing programs the timeline runs along the bottom half of the screen, top left houses a preview/trim window,
and the top right has your video library as well all the video and audio effects at your disposal. Very simple user interface.

Like the previous version the 3 step workflow of Capture, Edit and Share remains. Once you have finished importing/capturing
your video and have completed editing your ready to share your masterpiece. The program has several built in options allowing
you to upload directly to services such as Flickr, Vimeo and of course YouTube (with a 3D option too).

Performance wise everything is very smooth due to the app's enchanced multithreading capabilities which take full advantage
of the latest multicore processors from AMD and Intel. Different tasks are assigned to the various cores making everything
from previewing HD video to exporting it run much smoother and faster. On my Intel i5 processor everything went nicely.

An excellent new feature included is screen capture, its built into the app and allows you to record what you're doing on your
screen - both audio and video. There is freeware that does the same, but this is built into Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 and is
very quick and easy to use, and there is hardly any lag or slowdown because the app uses the Windows Media API for acceleration.

Another great feature is the ability to create stop motion clips from webcams, digital cameras and SLRs. Like the rest of the
program its very easy to configure. The app takes all of your shots and compiles them into a video clip which makes the job
of adding titles and effects even easier.

VideoStudio Pro X5 is easy to use, packs all the features expected in modern editing suites and then some. It's not cheap, but
the templates and effects included, as well as all the free ones available from Corel Guide definitley add some value to this
package. This is a good editing suite suitable for beginners and intermediates - 8.5 out of 10.
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VINE VOICEon 17 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
With this program there are truely no limitations. You make make it as simple or as difficult as you need it to be. The interface is easy and clear to understand and with experimentation you can create anything you wish to achieve. The installation was quick and simple and it hasn't had any impact on my computers performance.

The best thing about this program is that anything you've imagined or dreamed up to create you can. This has every little tool and gadget for you to create the most amazing, professional looking movies and DVD's imaginable - I love the vast array of effects available - from changing the videos colours, much like editing a photo adding sepia, black and white etc to adding more advanced options. My favourite feature has to be the anti-shake - great for if you've captured your favourite band on film at a concert but you were jumping around at the same time! Or if you've filmed whilst on your mountain bike etc it really steadies it so many of your movies you thought were unusable you can dig out and enjoy them!

This really has everything you need and I cannot fault this - it is your perfect video editing software and an absolute bargain for the vast array of things you can do - it's professional enough to be used to serious editing or simple enough to deal with the most basic edits.

Amazing product - look no further for all your editing needs.
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on 20 September 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
...and handles 1080 60p for the first time. Having used previous versions of VideoStudio, I am familiar with the system and can say that this is the best version yet, in all areas. The major change for me is therefore the support for 50/60p files. These take noticeably longer than interlaced video, but it handles them pretty much flawlessly, including complex transitions. More codecs for both input and output would be appreciated, but I'm hopeful they will be added over time.

You will, of course, need a powerful PC to handle 1080p 60p files. My system is a couple of years old but managed it without any major problems. For 'normal' SD video or even 720p, this application flies along.

Installation is simple, the UI is good and relatively clean, and the tools and options are exactly what you'd expect in a top-end package.

Highly recommended.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I previously tried VideoStudio Pro X4 and felt it was imperfect but with no serious flaws and easy to use compared with my normal Sony Vegas editor. X5 is a clear improvement on X4 and of course the Ultimate version offers extra effects, filters, transitions and templates such as Boris FX and Mercale. I particularly liked the latter, for minimising camera shake.

Apparently X5 is designed to take advantage of the latest Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Fusion CPUs as well as offering some GPU acceleration, so should be much faster than X4...if you have the right processor (I don't, so can't comment). I read somewhere, though, that rendering doesn't benefit, and certainly rendering is rather slow. The excellent proxy mode carried over from X4 speeds the editing process itself - work in low-res mode and then render using the high-res source files.

One of the most significant enhancements is with footage intended for playing in a browser - the ability to produce HTML 5 multi-format output. That should mean that anything you upload to a web page will be compatible with any up-to-date browser. You can also build in target areas that become links to other pages. I didn't test this since I'm only interested in making movies to play from disc or on a PC.

There's now a screen-capture facility. This lets you make movies of what's happening on your PC screen. You can add voice-over while recording, too. As well as recording games or creating tutorials, you might want to use it to capture streaming video.

Otherwise, I'm not sure much has changed (but no longer have X4 to do a proper comparison).

As before, it was easy to get started, with the main window offering three tabs: Capture (to import clips), Edit (for timeline editing) and Share (preview and export). There's a comprehensive range of templates with custom titles, music, and transitions to get you off to a flying start. The interface is highly customisable and you can even save different versions of the desktop but I liked it pretty-much the way it was delivered. Multiple monitors are supported, if you're lucky enough to have them. The instructional videos were genuinely helpful.

Against that, there's no built-in help. "Help" takes you to the Web where you have to subscribe first. And there are idiosyncrasies that will confuse beginners, such as the confusing naming of the three video tracks as `background' tracks, and the need to press Shift with Play to play the entire timeline (or maybe I was missing something).

The fun features still seem to be present but I didn't check them out with this new version: time lapse, stop-motion (for animations, which some will love) and 3D.
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on 26 June 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My setup
ATI Radeon3000 Graphics, AMD Phenom 11X4 965 Quad Core CPU 8mb 3.40 Ghz16 Gig Ram DDR3, PSU ATX 12v P4 750W

No problems installing this. Upon booting up it came up with registration which you have to give your email address to take advantage of Updates, Community support, Help, etc and a little video tutor pops up but you get a printed quick start guide and a full printed manual anyway in the box.

The Interface looks pretty much the same as before in X4 and in new features there is HTML5 and all you need to do is export your project as an HTML folder. Creating an HTML5 web page is very easy without any previous programming experience.

When using HD content its much more smoother now then the previous version

A problem did pop up as regards one of the plug ins, the NewBlue video essentials pack that was suppose to be included with this package had the serial number missing so I tried to contact them but kept going round in circles so gave up in the end. The help screen didn't help either it came up as the OOPPS blank page you get when you go to a web site thats not finished properly or some other problem. I tried the FAQ too but its full of pages and pages so tried a search for my problem but it didn't come up with a solution. You can't email them without going through this process first but I still couldn't email them after trying a search, I just don't like this practice at all.

One problem for me was the voice over feature I couldn't get it to play sound from the original video while overdubbing which is a pain if you need to do a voice over on a musical performance video to keep it in sync.

The included Winzip programme proved to be a nuisance. Had to contact winzip
Twice on this issue trying to fix an activation problem and still awaiting a fix from them but the main program is the main thing here.

The video titler proved to be a great feature with lots of styles and variations to choose from and again very easy to use as I didn't need the manual to use this feature either.

In all fairness the program worked fine most of the time and I have noticed a big increase in video FXs since the last version which is a big improvement, its more easier to use too I managed to do most things without referencing the manual apart from using the Chroma Key feature which was a little fiddly to get used to but well worth it for the results. For the asking price and anyone wanting to get into video editing for the first time its ideal and at the same time competitive with other video editors.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This package provides enough to keep the budget-conscious home-video maker very happy. It provides all the usual features of video editors at this price, and presents the process in an easy one-two-three method. You get the following things in the box: two software DVDs (the second DVD is "the Ultimate Pack" DVD), a WinZip Pro licence, a getting started guide, and a user guide (also now as PDF). The previous version - X4 - contained almost identical items, but though it lacked the second DVD, it did include 3D glasses. The box does not shout about HD, as every

The first DVD includes the product, Apple QuickTime and Adobe Flash (though there are newer versions online). All the extras are now on a second DVD, and includes ProDAD RotoPen, ProDAD Vitascene v2 LE, ProDAD Mercalli SE, and Boris Graffiti 5.4. Installation is easy, but takes a little while to copy all the files over. Before you do anything after installing, I suggest you download the VideoStudio SP1 patch. It fixes quite a few bugs, and makes the whole thing more stable. For the record, X4 also had an SP2 patch.

There are a few reasons to upgrade. The main one is multi-core processor support, which speeds up the whole package, though the native 64-bit mode I was hoping for isn't here. Also new is HTML5 output. This enables you to apply attributes to videos, titles and graphics, add cue and chapter points, and so on, for better integration of videos into web sites.

Screen capture is new. There are many such tools available, but this one is integrated into the package, and so makes importing video (with voice-overs) a bit easier. DVDs may now be burned directly from ISO files, as can DVD subtitles. There are a few other minor changes, but that's what you get in this version. Also make sure you have enabled hardware acceleration in Preferences. It is switched off by default!
As with many packages these days, you have to register to get part of the package. In this case registering gets you NewBlue Titler. It is just 39MB but takes an age to download.

The software interface is almost identical to that in X4, with just a few new menu items. It is divided into three main areas. At left you have the preview panel, where you may review your movie, picture or soundtrack; at right you have the tools panel, where you may organize your content, choose titles, transition effects, and so on; and across the bottom you have a traditional timeline, with a row for each item of media in the movie project. However, you may drag these parts where you want them. I prefer the preview window on the right, so I put it there. The interface uses a mixture of drag-and-drop and clickable toolbars for feature selection and editing. This can be a little confusing to the uninitiated, but with experience you soon get the hang of how it likes you to do things.

1-Capture, 2-Edit, and 3-Share...

"Capture" is impressive and easy to use. It can capture video from external devices, such as a camera or smartphone, capture from DV tape, or digital media. If you are interested in animation, it can also be used to capture stills during a stop-motion movie-making session. For example, if you are animating an object, connect the camera to the computer, and use this software to grab a sequence of stills. To help you, it keeps a ghost of the last still on the screen as an overlay, so you can set up the next frame. That's very handy!

"Edit" is where the complications are. To make best use of this software, you really need to spend time with it, and learn how to use the features. This is crucial. This is not something you can just muddle through. If you are looking for an idiot-proof bit of software that does everything for you (and inevitably doesn't do very much), then look elsewhere. Edit is complicated because it is where your movie is assembled, cut together, and refined. It therefore includes a range of transition effects, titles, and sounds. Having a good idea of what you want to create will help you. However, If you start a video project with no idea where you are going with it, this software offers "Instant Projects" to help you build a basic movie structure.

"Share" is where you may save your project as a DVD, a DV recording, video file, a sound file, an HDV recording, export to a mobile device, and so on. You may also upload directly to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr, and (new to X5) YouTube 3D. You may also, of course, create a DVD, Blu-ray, AVCHD, or BD-J disc. The DVD and Blu-ray wizards are fun to mess around with, offering chapter points and a menu editor. The wizards also include a preview mode, with on-screen remote control that you may use to interact with the menus you have created, to see if they work as you expected.

"Corel Guide" provides a range of tutorial videos. These are very useful, and now don't have the intrusive background music that ruined them in X4. It also offers a range of downloadable video titles, sounds, templates and tools, some of which cost extra. I like this feature, but I've seen so many things like it over the years, which are never updated by the manufacturer, and soon become pointless. If Corel keeps adding to it, it'll be handy, but I am not optimistic.

Overall it's a great package for the money, and offers a few nice reasons to upgrade from X4. It gets your videos, sounds, and pictures into the project with ease, provides many ways to make a movie look great, does plenty on the export and disc-writing side, and comes with a decent manual. It beats the overpriced Avid Studio, but doesn't quite match my favourite - the more powerful Magix Movie Edit Pro MX Plus - both of which I have reviewed here on Amazon.
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on 14 September 2012
i have used VideoStudio Pro since X2 and found it a really capable program. This upgrade doesn't give a huge setp change from X4 but there are definate improvments in processing time. I went for the ultimate version as it contains extra 3rd part effects. If these were bought on their own they would cost almost as much as the entire program! The best one is the RotoPen and Boris Graffiti. Both give really incredible title and overlay effects.
Contrary to some reviews indicating support was poor i have foudn Corel support excellent. I ran into a problem with this nd had to re-install it but the extra effects refused to show up. Even teh solution on their web page didn't solve it. An e-mail to Corel support was answered within the hour and gave a solution that worked and it now happily shows ll teh extra add on effects & filters.
The integrated DVD aurthoring based on DVD Movie Factory is excellent and far easier to use than those in other products.
One big advantage is that it will import .vob files from DVD folders or disks (i.e. from non-copyright disks) This is handy for me as my hard drive recorded used with my TV will only output onto a re-writable DVD so it is handy to be able to pull this in to edit out the ads and nake into a form that can be viewed later (but minus the ads!)
All round then an excellent video editing product with a good library of effects & add-ons
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