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4.3 out of 5 stars84
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 August 2006
This is an extraordinary movie experience, and David may have out-Lynch-ed himself with this one. It is quite surreal and, contrary to Mulholland Drive which can be "explained" - I do not think there is a tidy plot you can unravel 100 %. It is like some mathematical surfaces that you cannot quite put flat on a plane: works 90 % but some wrinkles remain. No matter: the sound, images, atmosphere, music, characters, and story line all make this fantastic. I don't know how to describe this, you have to see this.

This is really a DVD worth having because you can watch it many times and still be amazed. BRILLIANT.

A MUST HAVE, no question.
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on 23 January 2007
There are other comments about the plot, I will concentrate in the quality of the 2006 release.

Packaging is nice, with a plastic cover for box itself, pretty much like the remastered release of Twin Peaks.

The picture quality is superb, also its has a brand new DTS track. Overall excellent quality. There are no subtitles.

Tons of extras, interviews (even multi-angles), featurettes, making-of, teaser, trailer...

This release is worth buying even if you have the older DVD release (this one blows it away in every aspect).
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on 9 May 2005
I'm assuming that most people who are going to read this review are at least familiar with some of Lynch's films, if not, i'd probably suggest a different start point.
For me, Lynch, is about the individual scenes and not the plot, which may not even exist. I don't see a need to worry about the plot, as each scene is constructed with enough power, that i find myself immersed in each one. Though, i concede that there are recurrent themes, as with much of Lynch's work. Here, Lynch, to some extent, seems to be exploring the difference between historical reality and memory.
The first part of the film is a masterclass in how to create tension, the atmosphere is so thick it's tangible. The idea, recurrent in so much of Lynch's work, that there is 'a darkness beneath' is at it's most evident in 'Lost Highway'. The second half of the film, in atmosphere, is more reminiscent of 'Twin Peaks', the sinsiter side not pressing as heavily as it had in the claustrophobic first part. Lynch showcasing a wider talent for mood, making it feel although not only the central character has changed, but the whole world.
I still think the serves as a fairly inadequate reasoning of my love for this film. In the same way that Lynch's characters sense a danger which cannot be quantified, I sense greatness but can't really put my finger on what it is.
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on 14 October 2013
Given David Lynch's extraordinary talent for doing your head in, I do think this is one of the more approachable of his "difficult" films. It certainly has a more direct and linear narrative feel than "Inland Empire", for example. The layers of "meaning" and/or philosophy etc are undoubtedly there if you want to have a go at digging into them, but the film remains quite exciting and engrossing to actually just plain sit and watch. Provided you're happy with the Bill Pullman main character changing his appearance completely half-way through...

Seriously, this really is one great movie and the picture quality of this BluRay release is outstanding. The bonus features, as other reviewers have said, are worthy of David Lynch, in that they're totally weird, cryptic in the extreme, and shed no light whatsoever on the film ! Oh well. Very highly recommended anyway. Enjoy the head trip !
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on 9 March 2011
This is the new David Lynch. Up to this point Blue Velvet was his only great film, he was making interesting failures, but now this is a new type of film and would lead towards the maturity of Muholland Dr. and Inland Empire.
There are many interpretations of Lost Highway and this is just mine. It's about a man and woman whose relationship is falling apart. The man may have been deeply in love with his wife once but now he suspects that she's having a secret life outside of their marriage. Nothing in this film is made easy for you to understand but we are led to believe that the man kills the wife and is put in jail. The rest of the film is then the dreamlife of the main character, who imagines a life where things turned out differently, but he cant hide from himself and the real life creeps in and so everything that led to the murder is explained in Lynch's dream logic. We enter the mind of man on the edge of sanity. But above all this is a love story. A very sad story of a failed marriage.
This film will stay with you long after it finishes and call you to watch it again.
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on 7 December 2011
why-oh-why do people buy thier updated Blu-Ray , and NEVER tell us what the picture and sound are like.....WE KNOW WHAT THE FILM IS LIKE !!!! tell us is it worth buying it again !!
WHY do AMAZON link the VHS video review with the Blu-Ray ??? its 10 years OUT OF DATE !!!!!!
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on 2 February 2014
if you like hard to decipher, mind bending storylines ;this film is definately for you.this film is so wacky , it's good.the only way to enjoy this film is to let it wackiness hit you and send your brain haywire.its hard to describe but easy to enjoy.
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on 6 November 2013
After reading the reviews here I was really looking forward to a top-notch transfer. I just don't see it unfortunately .
There seems to be a digital grain present especially in dark scenes, and otherwise the whole film seems to have had the brightness turned up too high. I don't know the technical terms, but this is not how i remember the film. It actually kills the mood, the saturation is all off whack, and things that lurked in the shadows before now have an artificial visibility.
Am I the only one to think this ? It seems the BluRay transfers for David Lynch films have been generally mishandled from what I read elsewhere - and is extremely disappointing and surprising coming from such an important filmmaker.
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On the strength of the excellent Mulholland Drive I decided to rent another David Lynch film and I wasn't disappointed. The plot is strange, non-linear and thought provoking but incredibly hard to explain, but just expect to be amazed. The performances are excellent - Patricia Arquette in the dual role of Renee and Alice is particularly inspired, as are the rest of the cast including Bill Pullman and Balthazar Getty. Special mention must also be made of Robert Blake who plays a truly scary character.

I love the thought that the different interpretations of this film would emerge each time you viewed it. I couldn't recommend it more and inspires me to rent more of David Lynch's work.
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on 9 September 2013
Other reviewers have described this film well so I will be brief.
It is surreal, ground breaking and unmissable. David Lynch creates masterpieces, every scene seems to be meticulously laid out. The soundtrack complements the film perfectly. It is sometimes difficult to know exactly what is happening in his work and plot twists are not signposted which is very refreshing. If you want to see unique, memorable films try anything in his back catalogue.

Also, Twin Peaks, in my humble opinion is the greatest piece of film making of all time. If you haven't seen the series, I urge you to buy it. Absolute genius.
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