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4.4 out of 5 stars18
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 August 2012
For someone who grew up to the sound of Girls Aloud and Busted, Miike Snow is fresh, new, something I haven't heard before and it's magical. Not so much a fan of their debut self-titled effort, I absolutely adore Happy To You.

The beginning of `Enter The Joker's Lair' is captivating, the strange effects sucked me in. It's floaty and reminds me of an ice-cream truck or fairground ride, with arpeggios galore it's enchanting. So sickly sweet it's ridiculous but there's a darkness behind Miike Snow that is just waiting to be uncovered. `The Wave' uses distorted vocals, basic piano chords and a steady drum beat - this simplicity works so well and is a trademark of this new album. The falsetto `oooh's create a hook that's impossible to ignore & the charm of the distortion is irresistable. Not the best lyricist in the world, Miike Snow makes up for this in pumping electronica and fun music. `God Help This Divorce' is dark and moody but at the same time it's alluring and the chorus echo `She was a beauty queen, but I held her down' is beautifully sung.

`Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)' is by far my favourite from Happy To You - the chorus melody is addictive and futile to resist. Perfectly constructed and an unmistakable stand-out track from the album - definitely a hit you'd see hundreds jumping to at a gig. `Black Tin Box' features Lykke Li (a swedish singer-songwriter) but this song is weak & her sultry vocals don't do a whole lot for an already average song.

Overall this album may not have the best floorfillers or the most innovative electronica you've ever heard, but it's pretty damn good. Miike Snow has crafted a fantastically ingenuitive collection of hits, proving to be my favourite album of 2012 so far.
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on 28 April 2012
I quite enjoyed the first Miike Snow album. They don't really sound like anything else, with a distinctive twist to the dance-pop genre. With all three members in demand in other projects, I didn't really expect a second album, but here it is.

The sort of yelping into to Enter the Jokers Lair is not an auspicious start. Within 30 seconds however, a twinkling little synth noise emerges, grows, and runs away with the song. It's delightful. Second track The Wave sets the palette for what's to come - a martial beat, piano riff and a bed of synths, with glossy treated vocals over the top.

The pace doesn't drop off as the album progresses either. Bavarian #1 has fabulous dueling synths that segue into strings, a military rolling drumbeat and whistling, and the distinctive vocal distortion that defines Miike Snow's sound. Pretender employs the same trick in the chorus, while a bass sax grumbles away in the background.

For me the only dud is Black Tin Box, for it's rambling vocals. "I bought you a black tin box" mumbles Andrew Wyatt, "...but it struck me as the property of the childless." Really? Then again, I've heard others say that with its darker tone, that's their favourite track, so each to their own.

What I appreciate about Miike Snow is the depth of production. The songs are catchy and immediate, but repeat listens reveal little musical touches and new layers. There's always more going on beneath the surface.
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on 28 December 2012
I had heard Miike Snow a few times on BBC6 Music and didn't really pay much attention until I heard 'The Devils Work' track being played by Radcliffe & Maconie whilst in my car last Summer. I didn't actually buy this album until December, and WOW, had i missed out! The album really is packed with quality (dare I say) pop songs that have a reassuring individual electro sound with subtle bass lines. This album doesn't feature heavy drum beats or uncontrolled guitar sounds - just quality melodies and tunes that'll have you twirling the tunes around in your head all day, and the quality of the recording is superb.

I wouldn't want the appeal of this album to be too accessible and too easy to like for some, but both of my son's (I'm in my mid-forties) now play this album to death. It turns out that the last track 'Paddling Out' features on the xBox FIFA 2013 game, so the boys were actually familiar with Miike Snow before me - "Come on Dad - Keep Up!"

So there you go, just buy it, you'll love it. But do not over play it, my wife has put a 7 day ban on this album - too much risk of over exposure? I'll have to buy their first album now.
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on 29 March 2012
I admit, I wasn't sure what to expect 'Happy to You' as i really loved the first album 'Miike Snow' and wasn't sure if this album would be just a carbon copy but no, it's not! It's really very different from the first album. It all a bit more subtle and it pays to spend some time to appreciate the differences. 'Paddling Out' is the radio airplay song which is probably the most similar song to the first album. 'Enter the Joker's Lair' is musically quite a bubbly, springy song with all manner of bleeps, whistles and barks! 'The Wave' is all pianos and snare drums. 'Devils Work' is arguably the most single like track on the album. Quite 90s sounding with pianos again making an appearance. Andrew Wyatt warbling about lost love. 'Vase' changes the tone to more twiddling buttons! 'God Help This Divorce' is Miike Snow's idea of a ballad! It's a slow paced melancholy song about lost love! Common theme here! More snare drums for 'Bavarian #1 (Say You Will) which in my opinion is one of the weakest track but is still good! Shows how good the album is. Which brings me us on to the weakest track, 'Pretender'. Fairly bog standard dance track that doesn't really hold your attention too much. 'Archipelago' more vocal focused than the other tracks. 'Black Tin Box' is the darker song on the album with an altered vocal and theremin sounds.

All in an enjoyable second offering from Miike Snow. I am sure these songs will sound great live. Well worth a listen.
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on 18 May 2012
The first album of tuneful ditties was a hard act to follow but Miike have just about managed it. Great musicality and production with irreverent and at times plain nonsensical lyrics but boy can these boys pen a hook line and melody. Pay attention, get drawn in and then zone out. Nearly marvellous.
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on 14 February 2013
Miike Snow are fantastic and their second album Happy To You has grown on me as much as 2010's Miike Snow did. Handy hint - don't watch the videos for the singles if you are easily disturbed by strange occurrences!
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on 13 January 2016
Used to work in a shop that played about 5 songs and I like about 5 on the album. There is some stranger weaker songs but thats just my taste. It is a great cd.
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on 26 November 2012
What a great Album, great foot tapping tunes... Miike Snow is indeed a very accomplished musician. I look forward to the next album!
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on 10 December 2013
Another great album by Miike snow, always loved them and always will. Great listening from beginning to end. =) =)
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on 17 May 2012
Another great album, hope there will be many more. Equally as good as the first. Shame case was broken on arrival.
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