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5.0 out of 5 stars Another excellent watch from G Shock, 19 Feb 2014
MPA "MPA" (South Nortants) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Casio Men's Watch GW-4000A-1AER (Watch)
I have had numerous G shock watches over the years and this is my second Tough Solar, multi band. I wanted a more traditional analogue design and this fitted the bill.
After alot of research I decided upon this one as I prefer a rubber strap as apposed to a metal strap. The company that I bought it from via Amazon Trendor were excellent. Firstly the price was extremely competitive and from ordering to delivery was only 3 days from Germany.

Although the watch is a bit awkward to set up I found several you tube demonstrations that eased the process.
Once in the main time setting it is easy and to be honest all I had to do was change the hour hand from German time to UK time.
Others have mentioned that the face is very small and some of the sub dials are difficult to read, this is true but it does not hamper the useage of the watch. There is a stop watch, alarm and world time, once you get to grips with were the watch hands are in relation to the watch face it is easy.

Make sure you shop around and keep a look out for this watch. I put it in my wish list and ensured I got a good deal on it - don't pay more than £170.00.

All in all I am very pleased with the watch and would recommend it to anyone - and it looks fantastic compared to the photos that there are of it online - look it up on you tube to see it in action.
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4.0 out of 5 stars If it's good enough for the RAF skiing team..., 11 July 2012
Purple Ferret "TPW" (Harrogate UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Casio Men's Watch GW-4000A-1AER (Watch)
The GW-4000 is (as of July 2012) the latest progression in Casio's "Aviator" line of G-shock watches. If you're reading this and interested in this watch you probably don't need me to tell you that G-shocks have developed a bit of cult following since the first was released in the early eighties, and the current line up contains a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most tastes and budgets. The "Aviator" form a collection of G-shocks claiming to have high contrast, easily visible legends for viewing in the conditions of extreme lighting or high workload such as pilots may sometimes experience(!). The feature set would also support the active, international lifestyle that clearly appeals to us "jet setters".

The feature set of this watch is impressive. It supports Casio's six band radio controlled time regulation, meaning that if you're in Western Europe, the USA, Japan or China the watch should adjust itself automatically every day to show the precise time. Outside of that it reverts to the "usual" +/-15 secs a month. You also get a chronograph (accurate to 100th second if your "operating finger" is that reliable!), a world time function (dual time zone basically) and alarm functions. It's solar powered, so you'll never need to change a battery.

By comparison to it's predecessors in the "Aviator" range I believe that this model has a somewhat lager face, offset by a slightly slimmer case. The case provides all the usual G-shock protection, depth rated to 200M and this model has also been subjected to the dizzying limits of sustaining 15G (hopefully I'll not be testing that) and to prove the point Casio have used the RAF skiing team to promote this model, which I'm sure will be reassuring to know!

Operation is never going to be straightforward on a watch with this many features - especially when it's entirely analogue and not a digital readout anywhere, and this model in particular has baffled a few trying to perform initial set up. The main pitfall seems to be trying to adjust the watch when it ISN'T in timekeeping mode (indicated by the right subdial showing days of the week), I'll not go into detail here, but suffice to say the manual is quite detailed, although in fairness - if you've used a similar Casio four button watch - it probably won't take too long to master it.

The good points then? - In my opinion a fantastic looking watch, that's built about as well as any, and offers an extremely good feature set for the price. Once set (if indeed you need to at all) you won't have to adjust it till 2099! The timekeeping face is very legible in daylight, with clear markings and large numbers on a matt black background.

What's not so good - A little complex to operate for some tastes I suspect. The finer markings on the subdials are a struggle for my middle-age eyes under all but bright light. Night time visibilty, in my experience, has always been something Casio struggle with. Using Casio's "Neobrite" lume on the hands they retain good visibility in the dark, but the hour markers on the face less so. This is also the case on another similar Casio I own, and why they can't sort things so that the hands and the face all share the same lume, I don't know!

The watch comes in a few variants . The GW4000D has pure black/white markings and on ion coated black bracelet and usually commands the higher price, The GW4000A adds green accents to the black/white and is on the standard G-shock resin band, as is the base GW4000 which has orange accents. Functionality on all is the same.

All in all a good looking watch to my eyes, well made and with loads of functionality (some of it a little more than most will need I would suggest!). Not without the odd flaw and certainly not one for those wanting a basic timepiece, but then you won't have read this far if that's the case. In terms of "bang for your buck" Casio generally deliver, and this is definitely no exception. I'm very pleased with mine and have no regrets.
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5.0 out of 5 stars great watch, 17 Jan 2014
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This review is from: Casio Men's Watch GW-4000A-1AER (Watch)
Quality, easy to read, accuracy, doesn't need a battery.. as good as i thought it would be. Great value too
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent all round day to day watch!, 1 Dec 2013
Thomas Downey - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Casio Men's Watch GW-4000A-1AER (Watch)
I deliberated for a long time before buying this watch. Wanted a reliable, durable time keeper that was presentable & practical. This watch is just that, if you're thinking of purchasing don't hesitate, you won't regret it!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Just as expected...does exactly as advertised, 3 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Casio Men's Watch GW-4000A-1AER (Watch)
This watch comes closest to a perfect watch.
Keeps itself powered up without having to put it in a winding box etc etc
Self corrects the time and finetunes the hands.....
So you can count on this watch on giving you the exact time...finally I don't have to check my watch daily agains computer or this watch actually helps me to be on time instead of casuing me to be late or be anxious of being late.

And I don't have to be carefull of damaging this's a product that finally helps instead of generating extra work and hassle.

This should be standard for every you hart out panerai, IWC. etcetc... 8 day time reserve......pffffff...old designs that are beautiful are useless if the basic funtion doen't the correct time....every time allways...

Thanks Thanks Thanks Casio...superb job
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5.0 out of 5 stars Rugged Elegance, 10 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Casio Men's Watch GW-4000A-1AER (Watch)
I haven't written a review in a while, but felt that this little beauty deserved some more praise and exposure! I will touch on some of the features that I love and others that people should be aware of, but I have to assume that anyone looking to buy a G-Shock is doing their research first (I spent a long time looking before I decided on this one)!

The first thing that absolutely must be said: This is a seriously sexy watch and the picture simply can't do it justice! The understated colour(s) and textures - even on the band - surrounding the bold highlights all work together to create an extremely pleasing aesthetic. I have to stress that, aside from the highlights and what the picture may imply, this watch is definitely black. Terry Pratchett once referred to "shades of black" when describing Death's home; that, in my mind, is the most apt description for this watch.

The Good:

The look - A large, visible face that clearly provides you with the information you bought it for: local time, day, date, 24 hour time (why?) and the time in some far away (or not so far away) city.

The build - This watch oozes that weighty, solid reassurance that it won't let me down. Tasteful enough for a suit, happier outdoors getting bashed about!

Atomic Timekeeping - The name sounds like marketing jargon to me, but it works and that's what really matters. My £60 digital has never had the time wrong and updates every night. I know this, because it lets me check in the morning! Upon setting this up, I noticed it was 2 minutes out from my phone. One time set later, it adjusts by 2 minutes and now matches my phone's time to the second. Ultimately, it gives me the right time and is this not the whole purpose of a watch?

? - I can't remember what this feature is called off the top of my head, but once every hour between 5 to and on the hour, the watch will readjust itself so the hands land exactly on the markers for the seconds, minutes and hours. For me, this is a superb little idea, because ever since I owned my first analogue it irritated me no end when the hands fell out of alignment with the markers! You can do it whenever you want, but I just did it for the first set up and will leave the watch to do it for the rest.

The Band - I don't understand this love of metal bands (this watch is available in metal, by the way. Just search GW-4000D-1A), as my resin bands have lasted just fine. This one feels more supple than my last and is very comfortable. In fact, it feels so supple that I actually wondered at first if it was as durable as the one on my last watch.

Solar powered - certainly worth a mention, although I've only owned my last one for 3 years and can't say for sure if this feature actually does extend the life of the watch. Casio states that it should extend the life of the battery to the life of the watch. Believe that, or not.

The Bad:

A 24 minute stopwatch: why?

There's a 24 hour dial yet no Month, nor timer?

That's all I can think of for now. So, why the perfect score, if there are clearly imperfections? I bought the watch knowing about the little quirks and I don't have to like them, but there they are and I knew of them even as I clicked to buy! I bought the watch for its look, its build and the way the hands all spin round when you're setting things up and moving through the modes! Hey, it's a cool little feature and I'm allowed to be entertained by the little things!

In conclusion, this watch is a functional stunner. It won't win everyone over but, as I wrote at the start, my knee jerk reaction to unwrapping it and setting it up (cool, spinning hands aside) was such that I thought it deserved some praise! Its functions are clearly geared towards making sure you're given the correct time as accurately as possible and Casio simply know how to make a piece that can withstand life while looking the part. Nicely done, Casio, nicely done.

If something does go wrong (or doesn't), I may come back to amend this review at a later date!
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