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3.9 out of 5 stars13
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 23 May 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well, things have certainly moved on since we bought our last compact camera! We were happy with that, but this Sony model really takes things to a new level as far as I'm concerned. I was a bit concerned about the lack of information in the paper manual, but it soon became clear once I turned the camera on that a lot of information is available in the touchscreen menu. The touchscreen is easy to use and quite intuitive. Most of us are used to using cameras on our phones now, so it's all quite easy.

Other points to note:

- It's a very small camera, which is great in terms of fitting it into a handbag. The downside of this is that it does feel quite delicate. It's apparently shockproof to an extent, but I would be concerned about dropping it. It almost feels a little bit too small, but perhaps that's something I'll get used to.
- The video function is great, and the quality of it is excellent.
- The photo quality is very good indeed.
- I found it hard to affix the strap. If you have the same problem, try using a paperclip as that worked for me. Given the size of the camera, I think the strap is very important.
- The camera is waterproof and can therefore be used in a swimming pool etc. I've not tried this function yet, but there are lots of instructions about how to use this function without damaging the camera. This makes me a bit nervous, but I will try it once we go on holiday.
- You can fiddle around with an edit your images on the camera.
- The screen is a decent size for viewing your pictures.

I'm no camera expert, but we do take a lot of photos as a family and I'm very pleased with this model. It's a great alternative to our digital SLR and, given how small it is, will probably go everywhere with us.
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VINE VOICEon 24 May 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The camera is roughly the size of a credit card and the thickness of a TV remote control. It has few external controls, those being the zoom lever on the top right shoulder of the camera, on/off switch and shutter along the top right and next to it the record button. All other controls are built in and accessed via the touchscreen on the rear. The top half of the front of the camera is protected by a slide-down cover which needs only gentle pressure to move but this must be in just the right place (near the top on both sides). Sliding the cover turns the camera on and off. It can be recharged via mains or computer.

The built-in memory is only 19MB which means there's room for about 4 photo's before it's full, so a memory card (class 4 or higher) must be purchased for any meaningful usage. Video recording is one-touch - hit the red button to start and again to stop. This function however seems heavy on the battery, eg, a 4-min recording used up 20% of battery life. Video quality however is quite high, camera size considered.

The display is hard to see in daylight but brightness can be adjusted. Zoom is pretty good - zoom in on maximum and then zoom in again on any part of the pic to maximum. There is some loss of quality as one would expect but few cameras will not have the same issue. It has no viewfinder.

Handling the camera is fiddly because it's so small. While the size is good for slipping into a pocket or evening purse there's not enough of it to get a good grip on and fingers need to be carefully placed to avoid obscuring the lens or triggering the on-screen menu. The latter can be disabled during use to avoid inadvertent triggering but this means more pre-shoot faffing about, so if you expect to be whipping this out for impulsive snaps you might be thwarted. Small fingers will fare better on the touchscreen - which at times simply does not respond - but any sausage-fingered folk will find themselves hitting several items in one go. The camera is equipped with a touch-stylus for menu selection, but often this doesn't work. The stylus can be used for drawing on images but it's shaky and lines drawn are offset to the right by quite a few millimeters. So if you want to black out a few of Auntie Gladys' teeth on her 80th birthday snaps, you may end up blacking out her ear.

Colour balance was disappointing. Hue and lighting balance can be altered but within limited settings. Tungsten balance is largely ineffective and using the normal balance leaves colours over-saturated. So far I've been unable to get an accurate colour match either indoor or outdoor. Outdoor is pretty good but still not correct, though indoor is a long way off. For example, regardless of colour balance, white skin and brown hair come out tinted orange and auburn respectively, with or without flash. Pale orange becomes deep orange, so there appear to red balance issues.

So far haven't been able to do a complete panorama pic. This is a potentially nifty application but the last third of the sweep is always greyed out. However it copes well with camera shake and movement. Snaps seem unaffected by inadvertent camera movement.

Overall it has lots of bells and whistles - the manual is available free online for download which will give an indication of what it has - but much of the help content is built in, so buyers will be in the dark until they purchase it. The help files however are good enough to be useful and contain about the right amount of info.

It's a nice looking item and has a quality feel to it but it remains to be seen if buyers will be put off by the fiddliness of its functions due to its size, compared with the better handling of a full-size equivalent. It doesn't seem to quite fit the requirements of either the keen photographer or the snapshot enthusiast.
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on 16 January 2013
I got the Sony DSC-TX20 camera when my TX10 broke after one too many drops. Many people have questioned the sturdiness of this camera and may see this as vindication. I will admit that this didn't last as long (Sep 2010-Dec 2012) than previous shock/waterproof cameras I've had (Olympus & Fuji) but I have put it through A LOT.

It is waterproof, with only a temporary glitch occurring after using it in Budapest's thermal baths, including one 40 degree bath that is at the edge of advised parameters. This resulted in unclear pictures for the next day, due to condensation in the camera. Fortunately it recovered with some care and was fine by the end of the day, for normal use and even some submerged shots in Croatia's Plitvice National lakes the day after. I have used this on nights out; in fresh water; sea water and pools. The only scenario I haven't used this in is for scuba diving as I don't have a 40m housing for this model. Down to shallow depths (around 5m) it appears to be fine.

The camera itself takes great pictures for a handheld digital camera, let alone an extreme one. The design is great and easily fits in one's pocket, making it easy to carry around. It has a great selection of options that automatically adjust the settings to various light and motion conditions. It also has the option for a degree of manual adjustment or tweaking of existing settings and some software gizmo's allowing you to play around with effects. There doesn't appear to be any hardware difference between the TX10 and TX20, so I wouldn't suggest buying this if you already have the TX10. However, for me, it seems to be the best camera available in this area of the would be interesting to see what they do with the next model though.

I personally love the touch-screen but it isn't for everyone, so this should be considered when deciding whether to buy this particular camera. Fortunately it has a few buttons for the power: shutter button; one touch movie recording button; and a zoom paddle, which makes point & shoot photos easy to take. They particularly come into play when water is involved and the screen cannot be used as easily.

This is fantastic for taking decent shots when you're on the go and don't want a bulky camera. The menus are easy to use and have explanations for the various settings, of which there are a variety to cover most situations. If you are more erudite in photography you may want to get an DSLR. The optical zoom is limited and not so good at low light (photos look great at normal size but lose crispness when blown up) and the flexibility for manual adjustments is limited when comparing the TX20 to a decent DSLR. But if you want something that you can take anywhere, fits easily in your pocket and takes a decent photo in a wide variety of situations and environments, changing the settings for you, this is a good camera to use. I plan on having both the TX20 and a DSLR (probably a Nikon D3200 or D5100) but this came first as it's the most flexible.
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on 6 June 2012
I bough this camera for a trip to Thailand hoping to use it on the beach, swimming etc. Firstly the touch screen is terrible. It's either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. This makes it near impossible to swipe though photos since you skip past where you want to view. Changing settings it just as hard as you struggle to press the right button. In water or even with a wet finger the touch screen doesn't work at all. So you need to set everything how you want it before taking any pictures.

The sliding cover on the front is a huge design flaw. It will trap any dirt/sand/grit that it can. Then when you open it it scratches the front on the camera. Mine is scratched enough to get through the black paint.

After 2 weeks of use the camera developed a crack in the corner and a piece of the case came off. I'm battling with Sony to either repair or replace it, but they argues that the warranty doesn't cover physical damage. This is meant to be a shock proof camera!

Avoid this camera if you're expecting to have something you can use the waterproof and shockproof feature of. Have a look and the Panasonic range, they seem to be much better.
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on 9 May 2013
This is a great and tiny camera. All features work real well and the shots are crisp and clear. Action shot can have a little blur but if you know what your doing with the settings its easy to rectify. would have rated this camera at 5 stars if it didn't leak. that was the main reason for buying this camera, we followed all instructions about taking it in the water bur it still let in the h2o. All in all it's a good piece of kit but be weary in the great blue.
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on 26 November 2012
This camera is fully waterproof within specifications.

I'm writing a review on here mainly to answer the "it doesn't look like it's too rugged" and "I don't think I'll take it swimming" statements in the other reviews.

I have the model prior to this one - the sony TX10 - which has a 3m waterproof specification and I use it all the time in the Atlantic Ocean. I'm a surf instructor in Ireland and I have taken some great photos and videos with the TX10 in waves up to 3m high. My camera is 2 1/2 years old now and still works like the day I bought it. The touch screen even works with wetsuit gloves on. A real bonus!

The image quality is what you'd expect from Sony - great, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either the old TX10 or the new TX20 to anybody. A great family/travelling/adventure camera.

Hope this helps.
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on 13 February 2013
Just took this Camera to Austria(Soll) with me and I absolutely love it, its really easy to use and I am very happy with the pictures that I took, I am quite fussy with picture quality, but the TX20 did not disappoint. I also used the 3D function on the camera, which takes photos in 3D this is really cool and a nice feature, you can see the 3D effect by tilting the camera, although I don't think this is the full 3d effect(now I just need a 3D TV to look at them properly!!)

I also purchased a helmet cam mount the Camera DemonCamera Demon - Universal Helmet Front Camera Mount Holder with 360 degree Rotating Black, which is a neat little camera mount, so that I could film my girlfriend on the slopes, and it works really well! the TX20 has 1080p res so I got some really great footage, the video button is slightly raised so that you press it while its on your helmet, it also makes a little beep when it starts filming which is really handy so you know when it has started filming. I got some great videos though, who needs a Gopro!:)

All in all its a great all round little camera, its definitely coming away with me again.

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on 24 November 2013
Do not buy this camera as it's does build quality not live up to its advertising, the press release for the product states

Ultra-slim and stylish, the TX20 is your perfect partner for everyday adventures, from skiing to trips to the beach or pool. Resisting water (to 5m), dust, freeze and drops from a height of 1.5m, it’s packed with advanced Cyber-shot™ technologies in a beautifully slim body
This is from

When using the camera for the first night on my holiday the camera dropped from from my pocket while sat down , no more than 0.5m , the screen broke and renedered the camera useless. This meant my once in a lifetime holiday was ruined as I was not able to record the memories and images from my time travelling.

Sony customer care would not repair the screen despite the advertising clearly stating it is drop proof and expected a payment almost identicke to that of the camera itself.

I will not be buying a sony camera or any of their products ever again, sony seem to be a jack of all trade and specialist of nothing company with awful customer service. In future I will purchase products from canon and Nikon as their build quality is far superior and they live up to the warranty and customer care that is required by law.
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on 17 October 2013
Brought this for our holidays to take snaps and quick videos. I have to say it has exceeded expectations. Colours are a little "strong" but easily knocked back a little, with software. I guess it saturates colours a little for the underwater shots. The HD video mode was a surprise, it's really good. In the pool and sea I had some reservations but it excelled. Pictures were clear, sharp and colourful.
I do rinse it off with fresh water, towel dry and leave it in the sun after use in the sea or pool. Don't if I'm supposed to, but it seems to make sense. The panorama function is soooo great. We find ourselves using it all the time to take in the scenery. So small, so versatile, so good.
I would recommend 100%.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
On the outside this camera is small, compact and feels well made. It feels like the slider and all the compartments are built to last. The sliding mechanism feels positively solid and doesn't feel like it will just flip open inside a pocket or handbag. The rubber seals over the USB slot, HDMI slot and battery compartment fill you with confidence, however I don't think I will ever be using this underwater! As it doesn't have that over rugged design and look about it my confidence is a little shaky.

Buttons are kept to the minimum and the zoom slider is small but effective. All other controls are on the touch screen. This can be a little overwhelming at 1st but anyone with a touch screen phone or tablet will soon become very adept to tapping around. The level of menu options are rich but not too heavy. What is overkill is the onscreen icons when taking a picture though you can minimise these if required. Options that you will use most are the scene modes, flash and timer.

When it comes to picture quality I find that this takes really nice shots. The colours are vibrant but not too rich and shooting is quick and responsive. With a fast enough card in the camera its less than a couple of seconds before I can take another shot. In the dark pictures are challenged more. The flash works well indoors but outside it starts to lack over long distance. The intelligent auto mode is pretty much spot on most times when it comes to macro, scenery and portrait shots. Some nice effects are the background de-focus, you can get some great SLR style shots to spoof depth of focus but the subject must be about a foot away from the lens and it doesn't always work, but when it does it is excellent.

Video on the camera is superb, I have never seen a camera shoot interlaced before. As I'm from a broadcast background this makes for a handy little camera filming full HD that I could use whenever I wanted. The quality is excellent while the audio is a little tinny. Transfer of the files to Mac was a little complicating at first but iMove will transfer and use its intermediary codec.

The only cons about this camera is its "Rugged" claims, I wouldn't want to drop it, I wouldn't want to get it dusty or wet though I would probably feel a little less worried if it got a spot of rain on it or some pool side splash. Likewise the lens is well protected when at the beach.

All in all an very handy semi tough little camera for photos and video.
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