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VINE VOICEon 20 October 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Usually when choosing something new such as a stereo, I will carry out some research, comparing spec and prices etc. As this is a vine review, it means I haven't had a chance to do this, and so I'm not sure how it compares with other players.

From our point of view as a family, we are very pleased with it. Firstly, it is a CD player, with a motorised door which glides up and down. Secondly, an ipod or iphone can be attached to the front and played through it. Basic controls work thorough the remote, and you also have full access to the ipod, to change songs etc. As well as this, there is a USB and MP3 connectors, for other models. Finally, there's an FM radio, and reception was fine. Unfortunately it's not a DAB radio, which would have been a nice addition. However, you should be able to play a radio app on your ipod. I will edit this review when I check.

Added: I can confirm that radio apps work well, as does spotify, youtube etc. I've also tried my ipad, and it's quite cool to be able to watch a video whilst playing it through the speakers.

Onto the sound - I've seen other reviews state that the sound isn't suitable for a large area, and is better in a small room. We, however, have no concerns with the sound, and it's loud and deep enough for both myself and my teenage daughter! I do have one issue with the sound though - this player boasts Digital Sound Control and Dynamic Bass Boost, but we really couldn't hear a difference. It's only a small issue, as the sound certainly seems adequate for this price range, but if this is important to you, you may be disappointed in the results.

The stereo itself has a nice appearance and size, and it's light and easy to move around. As digital downloads are becoming more popular, we do use MP3s more than CDs, so it's nice to have the two options in one. We are quite happy with the product and the price, but would recommend.
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Phillips centre offers all round music options and is brilliant as a kitchen unit due to the slim and unobtrusive design, raised from the floor by a stand for cleaning around.

This unit comes with wall mountable options, not as useful as you think as the cables have still got to go somewhere.

The power is via a plug in transformer, bulges from the wall socket, so not so invisible.

The FM aerial is a black wire, although it works well, I wish there was an external co-axial socket so I could plug an external roof FM aerial in for better reception.

There is no DAB, this doesn't matter, we have a Sony with a silly wire and DAB and can pick Zero digital stations on it, unless we put it on the bedroom window sill.
It's not missed as FM doesn't drop out - so don't bother with DAB unless you have proven reception. Kitchens are not good places for reception. This unit works there.

Sound - quite honestly the bass boost button and various sound modes do not make a valid difference. CD's show no noticeable difference, but MP3 files from the iPod do, basically leave it on. The sound is rich, but has no real teeth rattling bass due to the slimline small speakers. The sound levels are comfortable and don't do up to extreme loudness levels either, whereas the Sony unit has terrifying bass and can fill a room with sound, ie much better.

The iPod doc charges the player as well as letting you access it from the supplied remote control. Of course from a distance you can't read the ipod display! Sound from the digital MP3 files is actually very good indeed.

The clock, we thought it would be a good bedroom unit due to the clock and the alarm. It's not.
The clock is a right pain to set and loses power the second a power break occurs, yes we had a power cut at 3am, the phone and other clocks re-set themselves, even the oven. This unit just lost it.

Can you see the clock at night? NO.
My wife put her £5 alarm analogue clock back on the bedside table.
Is it easy to set the alarm to play FM /CD/ipod in the morning? No.
Once set - it is easier to repeat, but changing the setting (and time) is non-intuitive and a right pain.

Why can't designers actually test these things for real life scenarios?
Well I just have - next time chaps, send me the prototype and I'll save you a fortune.

Is it useful?

YES for a small flat, kitchen or bedroom player.
No as a bedroom alarm clock 'radio' or main room unit - but it wasn't designed for that.

Good simple unit and it satisfies as a kitchen player very well indeed.
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on 10 March 2013
Reading through the reviews I decided this would be good enough for what I wanted (an inexpensive stand-alone CD player with reasonable sound quality and extras), as long as I got one that was not broken in some way (iPod dock, CD cover...). I therefore paid the extra and bought it from my local Tesco for take-it-back peace of mind. As it happens the first one I brought home is fine, perhaps Phillips have got over some teething trouble.

I was concerned about the wall-wart power supply, but it works. The clock sets itself by RDS, but I can believe the comments about the alarm function being difficult to get on with (not something I need). If the power is disconnected the clock resets and starts all over again when the power comes back - a time-keeping backup battery would have been a good idea. Contrary to some write-ups I have seen, the dock even managed to show "charging" on my iPad, and there are keyhole slots in the rear for wall mounting.

Don't get me wrong, if you are after the ultimate in sound quality this is not for you, but it is better than those cheap CD player boom-boxes, and for me in quiet house there is more than enough volume available and the quality is sufficient for casual listening.

Pros: CD; MP3 playback from USB stick; RDS FM radio, iPod dock (old-style connector) with no obstructions - it even docks my iPad and plays from it; line-in jack; remote control of all functions.

Cons: Does not resume playback at the same point from CD or USB when turned off and on again (even without cutting power from the mains). This is a defect Phillips should address, it's not nice that hours of MP3 tracks start from track 1 again, and is particularly galling for talking books. That said, the review which said the player treats a CD as all one track must be mistaken (either a faulty unit or an incorrectly burned CD), I have seen no such problem.

I have added a simple bent-coathanger-wire carry handle to make it easier to transport from room to room, and I am contemplating repacing the dangly wire FM antenna with a rigid telescopic aerial.
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on 1 May 2015
Would have been five stars, but there's no "eject" button on the remote. Everything else is excellent. It arrives in pieces, and has to be put together, but this took only a few minutes and is easy. I know that, if you are over 65, the phrase " it's easy " is the kiss of death to anything electronic. But I'm 72, and this really was easy. It's only a matter of putting the set onto the base. The unit is very securely packed, and arrived very quickly. The sound quality is excellent, on both radio and cd's. The centre panel rises up vertically to reveal the cd player, so if you're thinking of building it into some thing like a wall unit, you need to keep this in mind. When open, the cover is 10.5 centimetres above the main body of the unit.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 January 2016
I'm really impressed with this micro system. It's small enough to fit comfortably on a shelf, dimensions are stated on the stats, but in old money it's the size of a 19" flatscreen TV chopped in half, lengthways.
Those like me with little or no spatial awareness will get a better mental picture of the size if I describe it so.There's a dock in the front centre, between the speakers which will play and also charge, many types of iPod and iPhone. Not that I've got one, but I know people who do.

A CD player hides behind the iPod dock and the motorised lid raises vertically to pop your CD in. Neat.
A USB thing on the top so you can play stored music files from a memory stick, if you know about such things, and at the back, there's a socket for an MP3 player so you can hear your music through the speakers. Also has FM radio with stations you can pre-set.

Now, I'm not much of a geek when it comes to technology, so anything I buy has to be so easy to use a two year old could figure it out.
This micro system really delivers on all counts.
Fabulous sound, no tinniness, no hissing or background wobble - just clear and beautiful. Even turned up really loud, there's no distortion.
Even the remote control is easy to understand, and there's buttons on the top of the machine if you can't remember where you put the remote.

Other reviewers on here can talk about the technical specifications, but sadly all of that is way over my radar.

But what I do understand, and what I'd like to be able to say on here is that this machine looks really nice, is really easy to use, and has a magnificent sound, and I'm really, really pleased with it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am really enjoying using this Micro Music System. It has replaced what used to pass for a Micro Music System about 10 years ago, which now looks large and cumbersome beside this sleek and thoroughly modern-looking piece of equipment and of course this does so much more and much better than my old system.

I have installed this in my children's bedroom for them to be able to listen to their audio CD stories, which they both love and also I have collected lots of child-friendly music onto a memory stick for them to dance around in their bedroom to - it is very simple - just plug and play with all the basic functions you would expect, like shuffle, repeat, skip forwards and back etc. The fact that you can wall mount it is great as it can be positioned out of the way of little hands - whilst at the perfect height for me or my husband to change the discs/plug and charge an iPhone/iPod/change the memory stick for a change of music. I listen to music whilst tidying up around upstairs and it is powerful enough to blast the music in the next rooms.

I don't claim to be an expert on music systems, but the sound to me is good quality - nice clear sound - not too light or too heavy on the bass - it is great little multi-purpose system and it would look very good in any room in my house. It has a radio function, which seems to work adequately, although I don't tend to use this as I listen to the radio in the car mostly and I think if you listen to the radio a great deal, you might want a DAB, which this doesn't have. I am sure in 10 years time this too will look clunky and feel dated, but that is the nature of such things and for now and for some time to come I think I will be very pleased with it.
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on 3 March 2014
This unit has a lovely sound and quality to it in my view and I am very pleased with my purchase, I can play my usb stick through it as well as cd's and an iPhone, fairly good radio that could do with being DAB and a longer antenna as reception where I live is not great being in a valley. It is well worth giving this unit good consideration.
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on 30 December 2012
I thought long and hard before choosing this product. I had a lot of boxes to tick and a very limited budget! In fact the only things that I could have wanted more are a DAB radio and wireless properties for streaming music. Saying that I would have had to pay more for any device that had these two extra features.

These are the main plus points

You can use your iPod iPhone and guess what?! Also your iPad yes the iPad!
Fm radio with rds station names
CD player
USB socket for loading mp3's
Compact for the kitchen/diner
Portable (you can also wall mount)
Input for MP3 players and a headphone socket
Straightforward remote control

Ok so it's not five stars in my view but for a sub £80 device it is a cracking little music system.

My minus points if I'm being picky are

Easy to mark shiny plastic
No DAB as mentioned previously
Arial not great for reception with no socket for a replacement
Input to device is only a mini jack rather than phono inputs
The CD draw looks a bit flimsy

But to end, the sound is great for a device of this size, maybe not HI-FI quality but a decent representation.

Had this for a few weeks now and really grown to like this compact stereo, my wife loves it and can't believe that it didn't cost a lot more.
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VINE VOICEon 19 December 2013
I bought this so i could play my CDs around the house and not have to reply on my ipod. Having seen it on Amazon i did a search and found it somewhere else that had it in stock ready to ship. Ive had the Micro Music system for 4 days and im totally in love. Its not as good as my BOSE but as i managed to break that i cant complain. The sound quality is brilliant. Its not as good as the BOSE but what is these days. But its a lovely portable system. Im having trouble tuning mine in. But hubby is due back soon so he can fix that. As its december im playing a CD of Carols. The sound is really good on that cd. Happy me! At last i have found something that is to my taste.
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on 17 September 2013
I was initially looking for a docking station then realised I needed something for CDs as well. This little package met all my requirements and more as it includes MP3 and radio. Not one for the perfectionists as the radio is not digital! The sound is fine for me on all modes and it is on most of the day. This system has great flexibility and is quite compact with a vertical CD player.
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