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on 28 May 2015
I thought I'd give this a look, just to read the kind of baseless unscientific drivel I suspected this book to be. The problem with the majority of high profile climate change deniers is that they're republicans, current or former businessmen with vested interests in the status quo and in carbon based industry, as is senator Inhofe. He has no scientific qualifications and therefore his views on climate change are utterly invalid.
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on 4 December 2014
Awful pseudo-science nonsense. A man who knows nothing of science who claims to know better than every scientist.
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on 17 January 2016
Fantastic book, it clearly shows how radical environmentalism and hard core environmentalists want to take over world governance by any means possible, foul or fair, and as this book shows - mainly foul. I've witnessed this scam building over the past thirty years or so, and to claim , as the alarmists have that for billions upon billions of years, ice ages, tropical climates, back to ice ages, back to temperate, back to ice ages again over hundreds of thousands of times was down to mother nature, and yet the last 'THIRTY' years - man. It's a whopper.

The other really annoying thing is the selfishness and arrogance of the alarmists who don't care what the majority think. Very recent polls worldwide reveal that the majority of people do not believe the hoax, and further to that, are much more concerned about the longest recession in a century, how they can afford to put food on the table, and how they can afford to heat their homes after having to fund the expensive and useless green energy fantasy. I know all about this. I live in the UK where our Utility bills have risen by over 150% over the past decade in the 'rush to green'. How would the Americans feel if their Utility bills suddenly rose to $3500 to 4000 per annum? Or how would they feel paying $7 - 8 per gallon? Well, I can tell you, if Obama follows the GEF, that's what you'll all be paying.

In the recent UK elections, the Green party polled one million votes out of thirty three million. The Green party are the voice of environmental democracy. UKIP who promised to scrap all green taxes and the stupid climate change act which costs the UK $30 billion per year polled two million more at three million votes. So why, when alarmist parties are so unpopular with the majority of voters and cannot win enough votes to become elected are they pulling the strings behind the scenes undemocratically? It's not on and must be stopped at all costs.
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on 8 March 2015
total bollocks
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on 23 June 2015
This book is a welcome add to a growing body of literature which threatens to expose Climategate and the misery and misfortune it brought. While the book is not only political, it is also scientific.
You simply can't write a book nowadays and take politics out of it - because we're surrounded by it. I live in a country where I've experienced relatively little to absolutely nonexistent evidence of any global warming caused by human activity. We've also got something warmers will never comprehend - winter and we're known as Iceland. Maybe we should change our name to Niceland to suit their silly world - view and to attract more visitors. The author of the book however is not trying to sell us a different view of global warming but attempting to tell us the truth about what, precisely, global warming is. Which today is considered largely to be a hoax by a growing number of well meaning scholars. We aren't the naive people we used to be. We've grown accustomed to an internet which has brought us together and which can never be successfully controlled by a few despite numerous failed attempts to bring it under 'one world control'. We thus see a future where science - NOT PSEUDOSCIENCE and therefore the scientific method will play a key role in our modes of thinking. Because we, as thinking, feeling beings cannot possibly reject the importance our imagination plays in the role of scientific research.
Nor has the academic community officially accepted the reality of global warming. Instead claims of manmade, global warming have been adressed by the academic community - but that doesn't have to mean that the community itself accepts overwhelmingly the content of such questionable claims. No rest for the wicked. Well done!!
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on 5 April 2013
Senator Inhof is a courageous man who dares to stand up for what is right and truthful when it is politically incorrect to do so. We depend on people like him for our freedom, no less! His forthrightness makes him a hate figure for some but he has battled on and is now no longer alone. Here he has pointed out the dangers of what is afoot both in America and beyond.
The book is a good read as well as informative and should at least get you thinking.
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