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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 4 December 2012
These two authors have compiled other anthologies of paranormal fiction based around more "normal" things, I have three of their previous collections themed around Christmas, birthdays and weddings. Each of these has original short stories by a variety of different authors. I enjoyed the other books I had previously read but found this one very disappointing.

For this anthology the authors used the theme of DIY as a hook for authors to use to create their contributions around. Authors did use this theme in a very remote fashion with most of the stories concerning ghosts inhabiting an old house where new people moved in. Some were a little more inventive with the "home" being a faery enclave or a tomb but the plots were much the same.

This collection is not a success. The individual stories are difficult to differentiate and they seem to struggle to use the theme in a creative way. None of them is particularly memorable and I have not sought out the work of any of the contributors as a result of their offering in this book. By the time that I got to the end of the book I was heartily tired of these tales and didn't want to read another paranormal DIY story ever again.
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I only got the antho for the above two authors - I read pretty much whatever they put out, but I am glad that I relied on my friendly librarian and didn't buy this, as I couldn't get into the other tales.

The Sookie Stackhouse one is the best of the two that I read in full, and takes place just after Tara has had her twins. Whilst remodelling her house to create space for the babies, a bloodied hammer is discovered...and a spirit is unleashed in the house. ...a really good tale with Sookie, Sam, a new nanny who happens to be psychic and Tara and hubby.

The Patricia Briggs one comes very close to being as good as the SS one. Elyna is a vampire, who has come back to buy and renovate the house where she and her husband were so happy until his her hands. She had been abducted, held for several days and managed to escape, not realising that she was changed, but then overcome by bloodlust, she killed her beloved husband. She's part vigilante, part rebel vamp, trying to change the established vampire hierarchy and traditions...a sad but also happy tale.

Was the antho worth paying for? Not at the hardback price. I tried to read the other tales, but one featured zombies, another ghosts, but none other than these two appealed.
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on 9 December 2012
Fantastic collection of short stories with a lot of wit, surprises and excellent writing styles. Unfortunately I liked Charlaine Harris' story least but I still give this book 5 stars as all the other stories were brilliant - they make you want to read more. I don't want to give away too much but if you like contact with all kind of supernaturals (including working zombies and ghosts) doing home improvements or hindering these, then this book is for you!
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on 13 November 2011
I have never read a anthology before due to thinking i would not get the stories since most of them are extended stories from other series. However I'm glad I took the chance. The sookie stackhouse was fantastic. The others took a bit of getting used to since I was unaware of the other authors apart from Patricia Briggs which I have yet to read any of and after reading her short in this I'm looking forward to reading more. The only thing about these anthologies since reading this I am looking for others like revamped and many bloody returns is that amazon no longer has them and you can only buy them from other sellers at high prices.

There was a story by James Grady I basically flipped through because it was weird and did not make sense even the style of writing did not make sense if u are into obsecure it's perfect for you.

I loved the wizards home security story it takes a little while to get into but had a perfect statisfying ending. Talking of endings I got into squatters rights right away but halfway through the story it just got bizzare and the ending confused me. Who endings like that. And I don't mean a ending that makes you think it's either went that way or another. It's not even a ending. It seems a bit like reading a preview chapter it has no real ending. Very dissapointed.

Another great story was Blood on the Wall. Now I have looked up other books of this author and would not purchase any but this story was fantastic. I recommend it. The style of writing makes it flow really quickly and your dissapointed when it ends.
The Strength Inside by Melissa Marr is just weird. It's worth a read but it does not get you excited or unhappy it's just there as a book filler I guess I had to empathy to the characters apart from the ARS chair who I started hating but as for the sisters none whatsoever the author does not make them endearing just the opposite but a good revenge story nonetheless.

Now a story I thought I'd hate but ended up liking was woosleys kitchen nightmare. He is the Gordon Ramsey of the translifes as he calls them. A translife is any supernatural creature. He used to own kitchens but ditched it and now goes to resturaunt to resturaunt giving tips on how to turn the place around and how to make a great centre piece. That centre piece being a human surrounded by veg lol. I've said to much already. I started the story by reading the first couple of pages. Thinking this is crap and skipped a few then I forced myself to read another page before completely dissing it like I did with the James Grady Story and I liked it and the ending was abso superb. One of my favs in the book.

There are other stories left in the book to review but I can't do them all. I will say this book has introduced to me to a very talented author who I look forward to reading more from and after reading Through This house by Seanen Mcaguire which is a series about fae and other mystical creatures I found it the most entertaining story of all. Even beats sookie and that's saying something. Especially when halfway reading the story I went and ordered her first book of the series rosemary and rue. So far it's about a woman called Toby who is a changling. Her dad was half human and mum half fae. Her mom encouraged her to seek her fae side to keep her safe. In this story it's about her moving into the countesses mansion so to say and you can only get to it through a door on the mortal side which leads to the fae world. Now does that not sound familiar. Remember the fae in sookie lol. However it's nothing like sookie and the author is a genius. Very quirky and you never want the story to end.

Verdict buy it If you have the money it's worth it. However I prob would have borrowed from library if I had one as I never read books twice and usually sell them again on eBay or sometimes amazon once I have read them to save my hubby stumbling over them in our room. Yes I do have to many. Lol. Now all I have to do is get the other anthologies of chatelaine harris etc.
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on 11 October 2013
This is a great book with a variety of stories that range from creepy to laugh at loud funny.

If you don't have time to stick your nose in a book for a few hours or have a short span of attention this is for you.
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If there's one thing that Charlaine and Toni do, is bring together a whole host of talent from the Urban Fantasy genre in order to present a series of stories that not only work their way into the readers imagination but give the reader a chance to try out other names for a smaller outlay to see if the writing and characters are to their taste.

Each book has a theme and whilst each story has their own way of dealing with them, it presents the reader with something from all aspects of the genre that will work their way deep into their imagination. They're all snappy, they all have wonderful prose and solid pace which, when you add the ability to dip in as and when you want, gives you a book that is a cracking addition to any collection as well as giving the reader a solid sense of tales for all occasions. Great stuff and a wonderful collection for the Jo Fletcher stable.
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on 25 March 2012
Short stories about home improvement - bit of an odd choice I thought. I bought this for Patricia Briggs' story which was quite good. Its about a vampire who is being haunted. I wasn't so interested in the other stories mostly because of the subject matter, but if you know the authors already I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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on 1 May 2014
This is much better than Games creatures Play. I liked all the stories but my favourites are IF I HAD A HAMMER, [Charlaine Harris] GREY [Particia Briggs] and IN BRIGHTEST DAY {Toni P. Kelner]
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on 27 December 2013
The item was in excellent condition making it the perfect gift which was required. The arrival time of the product was superb, meeting and exceeding any expectations I had of the items.
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on 8 June 2014
I enjoy having a book of short stories on the go and these were all good reads! Some were better than others but that is just a matter of taste. Well worth a try.
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