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4.8 out of 5 stars123
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2013
I enjoyed the first series very much, was happy watching (but not so enthralled) with the 2nd series.

But have LOVED the 3rd. Most of the episodes are wonderful. Those that aren't, are still good.

It's superb family TV. Of course it is a bit formulaic, but what isn't that runs for more than a few episodes? There's still twists you don't see coming, and I think the actors are having fun. I've long been a fan of Nathan (since firefly). He's very enjoyable to watch and the chemistry with Stana is lovely.

Of course there is almost nothing original now about any new(ish) detective series and the 'they love each other but don't quite get together' tension has been used many times before. Yet Castle is still fresh and funny and on occasion very moving.
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I love a good murder mystery, but I prefer them on the lighter side of things. Add some humor and I'm hooked. So you can imagine how much I enjoy Castle, a show that mixes mystery with humor. Season 3 continues the fun.

This season picks up a few months after the last season ended. It's been a few months since Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) has heard from writer Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion). Last she'd heard, he was heading off to the Hamptons to finish up the second Nikki Heat novel he's writing based on her, the reason that he shadows her at work and helps her solve cases. So you can imagine how surprised she is to find him leaning over a dead body when she responds to a hot tip. Yes, she arrests him, but they quickly work through that issue by finding the real killer, and their partnership returns to normal.

Which means we get 24 episodes of fun mysteries. The 200 year old bullet in a corpse leads Castle to think they are hunting for a time traveling killer. A psychics murder comes complete with a letter predicting her death. An alien abduction appears to be the cause of death for another murder. They've got cases involving magicians and strippers. And in a fun twist, the actress set to play Nikki Heat in the movie version of Castle's first book shows up to shadow Beckett to better portray the character.

But it's not all fun, games, and unusual cases. A serial killer returns to town and picks up where he left off. Plus there's a terrorist threat that almost spells the end of Castle and Beckett in a thrilling two parter. These episodes are definitely more serious than the normal episode of the show.

And then there's the case of Beckett's mother. This unsolved murder has haunted Beckett for years, and she takes some big leaps forward in solving it. Unfortunately, one of the twists in that case took a not so pleasant turn, one I really feel the writers forced into the story. It doesn't feel quite believable to me, although it's not so unbelievable that it will ruin the series for me going forward.

While Castle and Beckett are the main focus of the show, there are plenty of supporting characters. At the precinct, there's Captain Montgomery (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), coroner Lanie (Tamala Jones), and detectives Ryan and Esposito (Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas). To help flesh out Castle's character, he lives with his mother, aging actress Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan), and his teenage daughter Alexis (Molly C. Quinn). Everyone in the cast does a great job with their parts.

As so many other shows like to do, this one plays up the will they/won't they between Castle and Beckett. While I didn't buy any sexual tension between them in season one, I completely buy it now. I am on board with wanting them to get together, although so far they have found believable reasons for keeping them apart. Hopefully, that will continue.

Meanwhile, the mysteries are entertaining while I wait for Castle and Beckett to finally give a relationship a try. Most of the time, they do a good job of confusing me, but then again I'm very easily confused. Even when I do figure things out early, I still have a lot of fun getting to the end.

And that's where the humor comes in. Castle is always willing to float some wild theory early in the case, and Beckett's reactions are priceless. They keep up a pretty good verbal battle of wits, although underneath it, it is obvious they care for and respect each other. Meanwhile, Ryan and Esposito have a serious man crush on Castle, and their treatment of him is often quite funny. There's usually a good laugh and a few chuckles in every episode.

The 24 episodes of season 3 are preserved on 5 DVD's in full surround and wide screen. Extras include an audio commentary, new cast and crew interviews, a couple of featurettes, and the usual deleted scenes and bloopers.

Castle continues to be an entertaining show that serves up a decent mystery with a large helping of fun. Don't miss your chance to get season 3 to enjoy for years to come.
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on 4 October 2011
I bought this on the assumption that it would be region 2 and therefore playable in this country on a standard DVD player. However, the DVD has arrived this morning and it's region 1 but having corresponded with the seller she assured me that it would work here and it does and I have therefore edited this review to reflect that.

Castle season 3 is wonderful but I wish Amazon would get all three series and the forthcoming series 4 released properly in this country. For goodness sake it's being shown on terrestial TV as well as Sky!!

There's no point me going in to detail of how good this show is because anyone who has watched it will know that fact. One of the best US shows on TV and I wonder why we can't make similar programmes in this country. The chemistry between Nathan and Stana is amazing and I can't think of any British actors/actresses who would be as good.

Terrific programme - watch it and buy the DVD. Amazon take note - please release this here for Region 2.

Since my original post someone has stated that possibly my copy might be a pirate copy.

If it is, it's a very good, high quality, one. I can't make any further comment on that except to say that if it is a pirate copy I'm very unhappy as that's one route I would not knowingly take to buy anything.

I'm currently watching series 4 on iTunes and it's fabulous so please I appeal to Amazon again please issue region 2 - it's worth it for the many fans out there who want to buy legally.
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on 22 August 2014
I admit that it was my husband who got me interested in watching season 3 of Castle because this is one of the television shows that he loves (he has multiple seasons 3 and 4 of Castle in his itunes account). Additionally, he has been watching this show since 2009. Anyhow, it is easy to see why he enjoys this show. The tv show of Castle centers around the story of an author who works closely and gives his best professionally to a detective that he is actually has romantic feelings for. Castle is a popular and successful author who also enjoys helping the detective because many of the cases give him strong material for his books. He also is shown interacting with both his mother and daughter who he loves very much. There are multiple suspenseful episodes in this season that it is hard for me to choose a favorite. However, one of the episodes that clearly sticks out in my memory is an episode where he is tasked with solving a tricky murder case that involves a celebrated psychic as the victim, especially because the killer was the last person who I would expect to do such a cold blooded act. One of the women who currently star in the Witches of East End series (I believe that it may be Rachel Boston as Ingrid) plays the surviving daughter of the murdered psychic. Another episode that stood out in my mind was that of a murder of a metro worker that also ties into a boy’s abduction. What complicates matters is that the parents had divorced and the mother had moved on to a much wealthier man than the father. She is shown scolding at the father while standing next to her new partner (this show definitely also knows how to create heart string pulling drama). The third episode that stands out in my mind is that involving the murder of an attractive male stripper and one of his wealthy older female lovers as a suspect. The stripper was only trying to turn his life around financially when he was murdered. Another episode that stood out to me was the murder of a gifted astrophysicist. Lyle Lovett stars as one of the mysterious government men (possible Men In Black theme) who make a guest appearance. There are many more brilliant episodes to season 3 of Castle, which is a good show to watch for those who are open to watching keep you guessing type of suspense.
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on 18 June 2014
The season opens with Castle getting on the wrong side of Beckett and co as they try to solve a murder. Justice is served eventually through the usual bouts of humour and action, and Castle getting back on side with the others of the precinct, mostly by saving Kate's life as she saves his from the murderers.

The series carries on with a much better set of storylines than season 2 and the guest stars shine just as brightly, all the while acting as back-drops to Castle/Beckett, Esposito/Lanie and Ryan/Jenny, alongside the ongoing saga of who ordered the hit on Johanna Beckett. To start with Rick is still seeing his second ex-wife, Gina, though their relationship is heading for the iceberg, again, and Kate is seeing a doctor who flies all over the world in the equivalent of Medicins sans Frontier - she is still seeing him by the season finale even though she and Rick have a series of moments - kissing in the street to distract a hired thug and huddling for warmth in a freezer container where she is cut off from saying something important.

The season finale is action-packed and heart-rending - loyalties will be tested to the point of no-return, and everything we thought we knew will be turned upside-down in relation to Johanna Beckett - the end result being the death of one season favourite and the near-death of another, and the revelation that could turn the entire series on its head (not that fans have been waiting for it).
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on 20 August 2012
Season 3 opened up and did'nt disapoint. Castle back in trouble with Bekett as normal. These two have great chemistry on screen and I'm sure plenty of laughs when making this. All the supporting cast are also back on form and of course Castles daughter the only adult in the household. Plenty of humor and action. A few new clues to her mothers killers but nothing set in stone as yet. In short a great season for Castle and if you've never seen it no worries theres always a quick Castle catch up at the beginning. As it says Crime has never been so much fun!
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on 24 May 2014
Being a true Castle fan then this is a must have item. Just to be able to watch the episodes over and over again is truly wonderful. The DVD box set is an excellent gift idea also. I love the fact that the item came shrink-wrapped. If you have not seen a Castle episode then you will not know how good this programme is. In my opinion this hits all the right areas as it contains mystery, humour, crime fighting etc. You get to love all the characters as they are all portrayed so well.

Ok so obviously you need to get seasons 1 & 2 first but I would definitely recommend that a TRUE Castle Fan needs to have this item added to their collection.
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on 2 January 2012
Every series of Castle is just brilliant. It's a winner.
Well written. Well acted. Well cast.
And one of those series where you really get well involved with the characters.
Nothing else to add.
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on 25 December 2012
castle is one of those love it or hate type series. a writer who works with the police, the story line features his relationshipnwith his very wise daughter and his ex showbiz mother who is abit loopy and a police woman whom he slowly falls in love with but who is blind to his feelings. She is actually damaged goods and not ready for a relationship but their interplay runs through the whole series and really adds to the story. His relationships with the rest of the team and what he brings to the table soon make him a valued partner and the characters are what really make this stand out.
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on 23 April 2012
Shall I admit it?
I saw Stana Katic in the Librarian III (not really a masterwork...) and was charmed.
Buying Castle season 1 for 10 euros in Berlin, I was just curious to see more of her and I can't say I was disappointed!
But there is more to the show than just stunning Stana.
Everything about 'Castle' is GREAT :-)
The actors, the stories, the dialogues... and the guest appearances by Connelly, Lehane, Patterson and the late Cannell!
Not only is everything most enjoyable about the show, it gets better with every season :-)
Me,I have seen the 3 seasons twice and read the first novel "Heat wave"...
Next on the program, the second novel "Naked Heat".
I leave to others the pleasure of providing more complete descriptions of everything that makes this show just MOST ENJOYABLE.
Because, MOST ENJOYABLE is it for sure.
Don't you believe me?
You don't have to. Buy Castle and become a believer !!!

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