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4.7 out of 5 stars73
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2012
The new Samsung 840 series has just been released, however the Samsung 830 series is still currently a better buy for your money as it stands.

If you upgrading your SSD and already have either a 830 or SSD of similar performance consider moving up to at least the Samsung 840 series PRO to make it worth while.

The performance of the 256GB models is below so you can compare. (IOPS = In out Operations per Second)

Samsung 830 SSD | Read 520MB/s (IOPS 80k) Write 400MB/s (IOPS 36k)

Samsung 840 SSD | Read 540MB/s (IOPS 96k) Write 250MB/s (IOPS 62k)

Samsung 840 PRO SSD | Read 540 MB/s (IOPS 100k) Write 520MB/s (IOPS 90k)

As you can see the 840 has a much slower write speed; this is due to it using TLC NAND. The write speeds for the standard 840 is still adequate so is a great choice versus the cheaper 830s if you want a slightly higher read speed. If you do however require to be able to write a large amount of data on your SSD drive and you don't want to spend the extra money for the pro the 830 would be a much better choice giving all around great read and write speeds.

Overall to sum up, if you already have a 830 SSD upgrade to the 840 series PRO or stick with your current SSD.

If you upgrading from a much slower early SSD or are buying your first SSD drive, the 830 series would be an ideal choice and offers you the best value for money. However if your not cautious about money the go ahead and buy the Samsung 840 PRO SSD as it provides unrivalled performance.

Just as added information when using this SSD set your Motherboard Bios setting to AHCI for this drive.

Please note the Basic Kit will not include a 3.5" to 2.5" bracket, to install the SSD in a 3.5" slot in your pc you will have to purchase one.
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on 23 January 2013
Hello potential Samsung SSD buyers. Thought I'd write my first Amazon review, mainly to help other people who are wondering if it's worth upgrading their macbook or purchasing a new one...

I installed the new SSD in a matter of minutes and did a fresh install of Mountain Lion. (I made a bootable USB Mountain Lion disk before installing the SSD). Once this was done I immediately noticed the increased performance! Now boot times of around 30 seconds, vs previously well over a minute (and a half). When macbook runs out of battery and is plugged in again it starts straight away like when it was new. Applications load instantaneously, and can now for the first time in ages be very productive and do all the work I want without becoming frustrated, which is what I was experiencing before the upgrade.

It's been a couple of months since installing it and I'm still enjoying the upgrade. Has given Macbook a new lease of life, so it's good for another year at least!

I bought a 32GB flash memory from Sandisk (Extreme) that I use with this as I don't want to fill the SSD up too much.

One thing worth noting too is that I already had 8GB RAM installed (from Crucial Memory).

Hope this review helps in your decision.
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on 12 August 2012
Samsung Solid State Drive 830 Series SATA 6Gb/s

The 256Gb "Basic Kit" is supplied in a slim box with a plastic inner tray containing the SSD.
The box states 3 year limited warranty, that the SSD is compatible with both Desktop and Laptop PCs, and that the SSD dimensions as 100 x 69.85 x 7mm

Being a "Basic Kit", no bracket is supplied, so for desktop (rather than laptop) use, some means of securing a 2.5" drive is required.

The box also contains a printed 'Quick User Manual' and a 'Samsung software & manual CD'.
The software CD includes Samsung's "Magician" SSD management software, along with Norton Ghost, a Quick User Manual and an Interactive Manual.

Samsung recommend that BIOS disk management is set to AHCI for optimum performance.

SSD installed in Lian Li A71F case using a Lian LI HD-321 3.5" to 2.5" adaptor/bracket, with Asus Sabertooth X58 motherboard.
BIOS disk management set to AHCI prior to 'clean' installation of Windows7 64bit.
Installation was smooth and uneventful. SSD is (silent and) noticeably faster than previously installed HDD (WD Velocitaptor).
SSD used as OS drive, with HDD for documents and games.

Samsung "Magician" software updated to v3.1 and used for 'OS Optimization' which disabled Super Fetch, Defragmentation, Indexing Service, and applied Samsung power schema.
Software also used to remove Windows installation temporary files 'Temporary file cleanup'.

Ultimate satisfaction shall be from proven longevity and reliability.
But for now, so far so good, so pleased, and so recommended.
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on 19 March 2013
As an SSD virgin and IT Pro I chose this SSD after much research, reviews and cost comparison. Samsung has proved to be a reliable and efficient product time and time again. From design, installation, migration and drive management software everything it seems is covered. I installed this in my HP laptop to give it a new lease of life.

Initially Win7 booted up noticeably faster than HDD as did applications like Photoshop and Lightroom. After a few boots and ggeneral use there was a noticeable slight reduction in speed i'm guessing after the settling in period. Fortunately I realised that Windows 7 requires optimisation to run effectively and efficiently on a SSD whilst also prolonging its life. This can be achieved by running the included Samsung SSD Magician software post install or copy over of Windows. Simply choose and activate the OS optimisation rules to Y in the menu. Once this is done Windows is aligned to the SSD technology insuring consistent performance and speed. The "Performance Optomisation" is also worth running on the SSD once, upon install of Windows following OS Optomisation.
And that is it, a great product which bodes well in versus test with other similar rivals and provides consistent performance with great management software. I have been using this SSD for everyday and extended use for close to 7 months without any technical issues. Admittedly I am a technical optomisation obsessive.

I have tested this SSD with Apple OS X Lion which supports SSD technology and the difference from boot up to application speed relative to an HDD is phenomenal.

Note: This SSD is SATA 3 (6gb/s data transfer rate) and is backward compatible with SATA 2 (3gb/s).
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on 18 December 2012
Having converted all laptops and desktops to SSD, I have a few SSDs (Crucial M4, C300; Intel 330, 320, M25; SanDisk; Kingston) and finally got an 830.

- While not important (after all it goes inside laptop/desktop) - it looks great, with a shiny Samsung logo - unlike the other SSDs. It looks "expensive".

- At 7mm it fits notebooks and some tablets (e.g. Lenovo X230/X220) but has no shim for 9.5mm. Usually this is not an issue unless the laptop HDD holder has no screws and relies on drive dimensions to plug into SATA port.

- While any SATA600 SSD should be fast enough, it sustains 500MB/s read, 470MB/s write with both compressible and uncompressible data. Crucial M4 can match it for read but not write (270MB/s), Intel 330 can get close only with compressible data. IOPS are competive, 4kB blocks performance is similar.

- It remains cool under use, even when compiling large projects, no stutter.

I would thus rate it above the Crucial M4 - though I would buy whichever is cheapest. Without benchmarks I doubt you could tell the difference. I would rate it above SandForce SSDs as while most issues were worked out with never firmware - why take the chance? Also performance depends on what data you use, if it does not compress easily performance drops a lot.

It is thus a pity the 830 MLC is being replaced by the 840 TLC; based on the reviews the 840 Pro would be superior to the 830 - but at higher cost. Thus the 830 is better value both in size/price and performance/price.

Until the SATA interface gets upgraded from SATA600 or there is a big break-trough in I/O performance, the 830 - if you find it - is not likely to be "dethroned" from its position.
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on 16 October 2013
If you have a mac, I would advise people to steer well clear of this. Got it in the post, installed it, copied over the harddrive, restored it from time machine, got into my mac finally after a few hours and it was slower than before. It got the dreaded 'beachball' (swirly mac logo) several times in the first day which essentially means it had crashed. So it was crashing 5-6 times a day if not more while I was performing simple tasks like going on instagram and facebook. Pathetic.

I was told that in order to fix these issues I needed to install the firmware update for the drive, so I tried to do this, but Samsung and Apple do not play nice together. Firstly there is no straight firmware update application for mac like there is for Windows, which is s***ty. Secondly, I put the ISO image as instructed onto a CD and burnt the CD. I thought it would work fine but when I tried to boot from the CD to install the firmware the CD appeared and it was called "Windows"....... I facepalmed at this moment as I knew it wasn't going to work and there would be no hope for me as a mac user.

I managed to get into the DOS on the ISO but it gave me an error message, so I just gave up in the end and put my old Crucial back in as the SSD. Crucial are not a stupid company unlike Samsung, and as they realize that alot of mac owners need SSD firmware updates, they have created them in a much more intelligent fashion.

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on 1 November 2012
Ok after a bit of a flakey start I am now very happy with this product. I bought a famous name SSD as I wanted something that a) worked and b) worked consistently. I wanted this as my boot drive and still have my old sata hd to keep data on and to boot from if this failed (!). Installation of a clean install of Win 7 was flawless and quick, from zero to hero in 15 mins. Boots v quick and runs apps etc 30% + quicker. This has negated me updating my graphics card :-)

The downside was that for the first few days I got boot failures. All eventually repaired / recovered but something was definitely amiss, so much so I was prepared to return it and just go with a bigger better traditional hard drive. But having a morning spare I got to grips with it and found that I only get a stable system if I set all my SATA items (SSD, trad HD and DVD) to IDE in the BIOS. Now everything works wonderfully and I am very happy. The Samsung instructions say to set it to AHCI but this doesn't work for me, with my other drives.

My only other gripe is that it says it comes with a copy of Norton Ghost - which it doesn't. The kit also does not come with mounting brackets.

So overall now I'm very pleased and happy but it did take a bit of tech knowledge to get to this point. I can still boot from my old HD if this goes belly up. I'm too old school to let this last bit go I'm afraid.
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on 8 November 2013
The disk itself: Brilliant. I've got an 830 in another machine and they are rock solid. I'd give it 5 stars on Windows, 4 for the Mac or Linux. Hence this score. If you can see a difference in Performance between an 830 and an 840 Pro you are either running some kid of performance test or doing something really serious. This is superior to an 840 or 840 EVO in terms of reliability due to the NAND Flash used.

Use in a Mac. My drive seems to have the latest firmware so no worries: Just as well since I believe the only way to upgrade the firmware is to temporarily put it in a Windows machine. I've tried Samsung's bootable firmware for the Mac and Linux in the past. Just doesn't work! Only Samsung's Windows only Magician can be used.

Included cloning software for Windows users (Norton Ghost): Use something else! I mean no harm in trying but don't be surprised if it fails. Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac is a free trial and more reliable.

To enable TRIM on the Mac visit this site: [...]

You're welcome to try alternatives but believe me this is the best way. Just paste the code into Terminal to avoid getting it wrong!
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on 9 December 2012
I purchased this hard drive to replace the one inside my thinkpad T61.
I Installed Windows 7 fresh rather than mirroring the old disk, and then on a second partition I installed Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V and a couple of virtual machines.
The performance on Windows 7 are great, Excel, Word, Powerpoint start almost on the click. Dreamweaver starts in less than 2 seconds.
Windows Server 2012 boots in 7 seconds. After 7 seconds I can login. The virtual machines in Hyper-V are very fast too, you can really see the difference between a traditional hard drive and SSD here.
I read that SSD drives in general die without giving you any advice, so I installed Symantec Backup to backup my important files all the time.
Overall performance are great. So far so good. Warranty is three years, hopefully will last longer.
Another improvement is bettery life. My T61 is about 4 or 5 years old, and the battery life is about 50% longer now, compared to before changing the drive. Overall 10/10 !, very recommended.
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on 29 April 2013
There's not much you say about this, I've had it as my primary drive in my 2011 Macbook Pro for 6 months, no problems. It's noticeabley faster than the original HDD and it's silent of course. I can highly recommend teaming this up with a 1TB HDD and removing the optical bay. You may not have a retina screen - but you will have over 1200Gb of storage.
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