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3.9 out of 5 stars235
3.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 22 May 2012
Colour Name: Grey|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I can't remember the last time I owned a decent Philips product, or even read a good review of one, which is a shame as they used to make decent kit. The brand itself is not synonymous with quality headphones and I have always used Sennheiser myself, my main pair being HD 595s which cost twice as much as this pair from Philips.

The grey is the easiest on the eye of the 3 colours, I couldn't see myself in the very striking pink but the design is nice. Although not immediately obvious from initially looking at the pictures, the metal headband is covered in a soft, also grey fabric which follows under but is not attached to the headband. This provides a decent level of cushioning to the top of the head so that the metal is not harshly pressing against your hair or head - always a plus. The earpads are designed to sit on your ear, rather than around them and are nice and soft. I am slightly worried however that with use these will start to look grubby due to the colour, time will tell. Because the pads sit nicely on your ears, they also manage to block out most of background noise and allow you to concentrate solely on the music. Whilst this is always tricky and possibly dangerous in busy traffic situations for example, it is always a blessing to block out the noisy roadworks or even that annoying family member (we all have them right?)

The flat anti tangle cord is why I love these headphones so much, and it is just the right length to reach from my pocket to my head with the in-cord microphone hanging just below my chin. The cord is 1.2m long, so these are not intended for use with TV unless you have an extension handy. Judging by the advertising material by Philips and the name 'Downtown' these are ideal for use outdoors therefore a long cord isn't necessary - for me the length is perfect. They also include a short 5 or so cm extension cable which converts the 'L' shaped jack to a straight 3.5mm connector, similar to those on Apple headphones. Interestingly Philips claim this is to use with Nokia, Samsung etc. I'm not sure why, as the L shaped jack should work fine with those devices including the microphone as they both have the 3 rings necessary. If however you have an iPod or iPad with a recessed headphone socket, the adapter may come in handy to ensure a better fit, as featured on Apple headphones. I'd go with whatever you feel comfortable with, functionality remains the same whichever method of connection you use.

The microphone has only one button which serves as an Play/Pause toggle and call answer/end on my iPhone. Although the microphone is big enough to accomodate them, Philips have decided not to include a volume rocker, which is a shame. Some users report that the single button can also control volume. I was unable to do this on my iPhone and it seemed too much effort (how can one button control both up and down functions?) Perhaps you could be more successful than I was on a different device, I was only able to test with my iPhone. On the subject of the microphone, it works well and is a nice addition to these headphones. Again, it is apparent that Philips have thought about their intended use with mobile phones and it can be a real pain when someone calls mid-listen and you have to take the headphones off to raise the phone to your ear.

On to the sound quality, and the Philips' certainly don't disappoint. Considering the price and ideal target market the sound is very good - a definite improvement on any in ear buds and much better than cheaper and flimsier over ear designs. The bass is there but it isn't overly boomy - this is bound to disappoint bass heads undoubtedly but I was a fan of the overall 'natural' sound these Philips provide as the mid range and highs were clear, and vocals really stood out in the music. The key here is that these headphones are not suited to or biased towards a particular genre of music - they simply deliver clear, loud and precise sound quality to pretty much anything without you becoming fatigued or underwhelmed with the sound. They feature an impressive frequency response of 18k-22000k, which is nice to see such a cheap pair of phones venture out of the usual 20-20 band you see on many in ear designs.

When I first placed these headphones on my large head, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and soft they felt. The headband is adjustable and takes a little playing to get it right, but once done the headphones sit wonderfully on the head....for about an hour. As far as long term comfort goes this is where the headphones fell down for me and essentially why I had to make this a 4 star review. After a relatively short period of time, my ears started to feel sweaty when wearing this headphones. I think this may be down to the material of the earpads. Whilst not massively uncomfortable,I did find I needed to keep lifting them off my ears at regular intervals in order to allow my ears to 'breathe' Besides this small niggle. the headphones are generally comfortable to wear and caused me no major problems.

I hope this review has been somewhat helpful, I've certainly enjoyed listening to these headphones as a companion for my iPhone. For serious and long period listening I shall always revert to my main HD 595s but for use with my iPhone they are well suited as they are really easy to drive and give plenty of volume output. Besides the small comfort issue which may or may not affect you I can highly recommend these headphones on the merit of their cool design, excellent sound quality and well thought out cable design and in-cord microphone. The comfort issue makes this a 4 star rating. Happy listening.
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Colour Name: Black Denim|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These headphones form part of Philips' `Down Town' `CitiScape' theme to reflect the vibrancy of urban environments around the world. I'm not sure I'm the target demographic for this but these are comfortable headphones which offer good sound quality for the price, and they are not the least expensive of the range. I guess a significant selling point is the use of memory foam in the headphone cushions which means that they are very easy to wear for extended periods and also relatively lightweight for their size. The headphones also come with a microphone on the cable which works well when used with an Xperia Sony Z1 for calls. The cable itself is flat which Philips suggest is less likely to tangle. I'm not sure how realistic this is.

As noted, the sound quality is pretty good but lacks a bit of bass. At this price they are not noise cancelling but the memory foam forms a good seal with your ears thus cutting out distracting sounds. Overall if you're looking for inexpensive on-ear headphones these are a good choice and are relatively subtle in design despite Philips `urban' theme. Certainly worth four stars.
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VINE VOICEon 26 June 2012
Colour Name: Grey|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you are looking for a pair of headphones with an excellent sound, comfortable long-wear fit which isolates you from the outside environment at a decent price, you may have found what you're looking for. These headphones have a pleasing but not intrusive bass coupled with a good mid-range and a very clear treble, making listening to rock, jazz or classical a pleasure.

To those of you who, like my offspring, listen to rap (I know it's called something else), drum & bass, dub-step (note the hyphen highlights my ignorance) and various other forms of dance music, I must disappoint you as I have not attempted to listen to these delights and could not possibly comment on these phones' suitability in this regard.

I must admit that the colour did put me off initially. Also, they are just too big (for me) to walk around with so the phone mic is not really used. However, I have seen people with considerably larger headphones not mind looking like an itinerant DJ on various forms of public transport, so maybe this won't be an issue for you.

The 4-star rating reflects the VERY odd colour, I'm afraid. A black pair would have suited me better, I thihk.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 22 September 2013
Colour Name: green|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I get through a pair of headphones every now and then but when I find a pair I like I will replace with the same model. These new headphones from Philips look really great, they are comfortable to wear and are adjustable as you would expect.

They are in green denim and the actual pads are made from memory foam that sits really well on your ears and excludes most background noise so you can just enjoy your music. They have the usual 3.5mm socket which means they fit for most devices. They also have a mic button for being able to talk in between your music for telephone calls. That is the only problem I have had, my button jammed on speak mode meaning my music was in the background and to hear it I had to hold the button down. Well I was going to give up but then held it down for a good 30 seconds and voila it worked. I do intend to leave the button alone now in case it happens again.

The problem then is the sound remains muffled. I compared to three other ear phones and these just do not cut it so I am going back to my twenty pound pair of Sony's that I have had for three years.
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VINE VOICEon 10 November 2013
Colour Name: Black Denim|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The first thing I noticed about these headphones was how light they were. They really have no weight in them at all and are really comfortable to wear. One of the major marketing points is the "denim style". Whilst the headphones look nice I wouldn't say the denim is particularly noticeable from afar and they look just like standard headphones.

They have an ok sound from them, but I sometimes find them a bit heavy on the bass (particularly at higher volumes) which can drown out the other sounds in a song. I also found myself wishing for a bit better performance from them at times where I felt they were not doing justice to the music. The overall sound was often a bit flat and I was quite disappointed. I know they are relatively cheap headphones in terms of true audiophile equipment but for a general music fan they could be quite pricey and I think their audio performance is probably the equivalent of headphones that are available for half the price. Also, they are not noise cancelling and you can hear sounds from around you. Some sounds also leak out when you have them on but this is only at higher volumes and is not as bad as some headphones I have used.

These headphones work with my ipod, iphone and laptop. However, they don't work with my desktop computer at work (can only hear low sounds from one side). After a bit of Googling I realised it is to do with the jack on the desktop which is not compatible with a dual mic/earphone line. I have not let this affect my judgement or review of these headphones as they are designed for portable devices but I thought I would point it out in case anyone is looking for headphones to use with a desktop - check the specifications!

Overall, they are comfortable headphones which are easy to wear for long periods of time. However, the sound performance is disappointing. I am afraid it is a case of style over substance. I am frustrated with the sound quality as they are so comfortable to wear. If they had an rrp of £20/£30 then perhaps the poor, unemotional sound would be acceptable but overall I cannot recommend the sound on these.
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VINE VOICEon 21 May 2012
Colour Name: Grey|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First impressions:

In the flesh these headphones look slightly feminine. The head rest part is made of fabric rather than plastic as I expected from the picture. Though this nicely protects your head from the metal part inside and it's much softer then the padded plastic of my Sennheiser headphones and many other headphones I've had in the past.

They're also very lightweight and sit on the head very well. They don't feel heavy or like they're squeezing your head from the sides. They also feel nice on the ear.

Down to business:

As soon as I put these on, the sounds of the outside world seemed to disappear. Even as I type this, I can only hear the muted taps of the keyboard, the sounds outside the window are non-existent. Very pleased with this as they'll be great travelling head phones.

Probably most importantly, the sound quality is quite good. I'm not a sound professional so can't rate these compared to high-end headphones though I am an avid music fan and can compare them to sound system output and other headphones I've used, primarily and most recently, Sennheiser headphones and Skullcandy earphones. These are better than my Sennheiser HD 205 II headphones and obviously way better than any earphones. Bass and high ranges are all well represented. The thud of the bass feels slightly less ear hurty than those Sennheisers but the sound is better.

After a while of wear you realise that these are on your head, as by the nature of the design of the ear piece, it rests on you ear rather than around it on your skull as with ear cup style headphones. After prolonged use it may begin to hurt but that isn't a specific fault of these headphones, but all on-ear style headphones in general.

Overall thoughts and use:

Comfortable headphones to wear but not for prolonged use. They block outside sounds well and sound is clear and all ranges are represented well. The cord is a good length and comes with a button control that is for iPod use to stop/start and also controls the volume, though the button press length seems erratic as to what it controls - in theory a quick press starts/stops the music while a longer press adjusts the volume (though I could only get it to turn up, not down!). The cord is also nice and flat rather than the standard round style. Whether or not this lasts the test of time and use is to be seen.

I would recommend these for anyone after a good comfortable set of headphones for use to/from work on the tube or train or while at your desk working or around town. I rate them better then my Sennheiser HD 205 II headphones which I rated well.

-- Note --

Very happy with these headphones after nearly a year, but unfortunately, today (18th Feb) the right ear piece no longer works.
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on 12 September 2013
Arrived promptly and are the most comfortable headphones I have ever tried. They are also excellent on keeping outside noise out and listening to a very high quality. Would highly recommend these headphones
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on 25 February 2014
I got these for a long haul flight, UK to Australia. I looked into lots of noise cancelling headphones and went to a shop to try some on which is when I found these and for the price I was really impressed. They worked well with an airline adapter and just kept them on my head when I was sleeping. I have quite a small head but they fit very well and only experienced minor uncomfortable fitting after hours and hours of wear. Really glad I got these.
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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Philips Downtown headphones are surprisingly impressive: comfortable even after long use, with enough grip to stay on without leaving you with a tension headache, and blocking out sound leakage very effectively so anyone else in the room won't be able to sing a long with the lyrics while you're listening, yet at the same time not quite cutting out the outside world too much. The wire is a decent length too, though it could safely be longer. I'd held off reviewing these for a while in case any design flaws manifested themselves down the line, but after six months they've proved pleasingly durable and resilient. Oh, and the sound quality is excellent as well - though die-hard audiophiles would probably want something with a greater range, these are excellent everyday use headphondes.
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on 14 May 2014
I don’t often write reviews but I thought I would for these headphones.

I purchased these headphones about 10 days ago. I already have some Dre Beats headphones but I’ve always had a problem with the amount of audio the beats headphones let out. I would quite often be on my travels and other around could hear my music, often resulting in them asking me to turn the sound down. The reason I went for these Philips headphones was due to the music seal, hopefully eliminating the leaking audio.

They come in a stylish box, well displayed. Upon opening the box the headphones themselves are a lovely deep blue denim style. It comes with a long cable including hands free easy access set of buttons just below the headphone ear piece.

I connected the headphones to my iPhone and played a selection of different styles of music. I wasn't expecting much from the sound quality as I was used to Beats headphones but I was very impressed. They have a brilliant sound from all spectrums of EQ. I'm a keen musician so I am very critical of audio quality. The bass was very noticeable and clear, with the higher tones also great. I played rock, dance, pop, hardcore and also audio books as a tester. All of the styles of music were fantastic through these headphones.

These headphones are capable of going very loud without distortion. I asked my wife to sit next to me whilst I experimented with different volumes to test the music seal. The seal is very good and she was unable to hear my music. The only slight bass note she could occasionally hear was if the room was completely silent and I had the headphone volume on full. A huge improvement to my Dre Beats.

To summarise these are great headphones, they are very cheap compared to competitors, great quality and extremely private which was a must for me due to travel. My wife appreciates these much more because she can’t hear my music when I’m sitting next to her!

Highly recommended - 5*
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