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on 11 April 2012
I bought this as an upgrade for my Garmin 200W which I loved. I live in the North of Scotland and use my Sat Nav mainly for holidays. I wanted something with junction view and lane guidance because when you don't drive regularly on motorways some junctions can be quite daunting. Also I wanted the unlimited map updates because a real downsides in buying a Sat Nav is paying to keep the maps current. I've just returned from a trip to Glasgow so I've had a chance to try the various features so here's the review.
Firstly this unit DOES NOT have bluetooth or voice control. It does have a 5 inch screen, unlimited map updates, unlimited traffic, photoreal junction views, lane guidance, spoken street names and speed camera locations.
I had no problems updating the maps using the Garmin Lifetime Updater. The maps downloaded and installed reasonably quickly and with no problems. However the maps are still slightly out of date. The new Glasgow M74 motorway extension is still not included. This is where unlimited map updates are great, because I was keen to have this stretch of road included on the unit and I'd have been annoyed if I'd have to pay for this update at some point.
I have encountered problems updating the unit software using the Garmin Dashboard. Although I followed the instructions and I think the software updated, whenever I connect the unit the unit it flags the software as not being the most up to date version, but when I try updating again the same message still appears. I've had a look on the Garmin forums and I think this may be an issue with some series of units. The unit seems to operate regardless so it's not really an issue.
The 5 inch screen is clear, although in sunny conditions I did have to crank up the brightness. I did find the photoreal junctions useful, but slightly difficult to make out sometimes even with the larger screen as it appears as a split view with the map. I would have liked the option to choose whether photoreal real junctions appears as full screen, rather than having split screen as a default. The unit also re-routes very quickly, and I had no problems with the routes selected. The Points of Interest such as nearby Petrol Stations and Parking work really well and are a huge improvement on my previous unit. The spoken street names also work surprisingly well although it would be too much to expect it to get every name spot on.
I discovered the traffic information is only going to work when I am near the motorway network, and will not work locally. I seemed to work fine in Glasgow telling me about busy conditions on the motorway I was on. I did not have the opportunity to see if it would divert me round standstill traffic.
I was not sure if the unit had traffic cameras included when I bought it as this is not mentioned on the Amazon or Garmin websites. I tried to download a trial version of Cyclops speed cameras from the Garmin website but it would not install. I believe this is because the trial version was already installed. A one-off update costs £4.99, and a years updates for the cameras cost £14.99 from the Garmin website. I'll probably do a one-time update once a year.
I had one problem with the unit when I was trying it. I could not get it to switch on one morning, and had to do a reset by holding the power button down for 10 sconds or so. This was a minor irritation and may have been because the day before I had been messing about with the settings when my wife was in the supermarket!
All in all this is a good unit and a big improvement on my older Garmin. I would have given it 5 stars if I had not had the issue updating the unit software. There are a couple of minor niggles (only split screen photoreal junctions, and one freeze), but reading all the reviews for Tom Tom and Garmin units there is no such thing as a perfect Sat Nav. If you are looking for a Sat Nav you could do much worse, and the unlimited maps are a great inclusion.
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on 26 May 2012
I value other peoples product reviews as it helpful to me in making my mind up but when i see negative views it puts me off buying a product and this happened in this case, My Mio 4.3" was out of date and i read the Garmin reviews and some were discouraging and so i got another Mio but as that was faulty, soI looked around again. "Bit the bullet" and went for Garmin 2545LMT. So why the change of heart. 1. Map Updates are free. 2. Superb quality. 3. £30 back from Garmin. 4. 10% of other Garmin accesory (I got the camera update). 5 Garmin support. Initially I had a problem when faced with downloading the device software and map update alongside the map updater but quickly resolved it myself but i did ask the Garmin support team who gave an instant reply on what might have happened and a detailed resolution. The discount certainly helped sway my mind as i have only spent an extra £35 on a better satnav with free updates. But the satnav is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. There are many different options to search for the best routes, i like the Where To where you set up your favourites like Banks, Attractions, Garages, Hospitals etc. The dashboard is also good as once the route is set, you can then modify the dashboard to include a trip computer and get trends of your driving. I have used it today for the first time on my local roads and it performed well. I will test it next week on my holidays and then i will update this review. But so far I think its superb. Down side wasnt the lack of the manual as downloading onto laptop is quick and far easier to read but the lack of a case to protect it and a ac charger would have been handy. I'm happy to say that my week on holiday and testing this satnav went very well. I especially liked the Where To where I could select a trip or search for Attractions, Parking, Petrol Stations etc. For example I wanted to use a voucher at a certain Supermarket and at a press of a button, it produced a list of all these Supermarkets in the area each with the store telephone number and you could add this as a destination. TheTrip Planner is also very good to select Via's ibnto the journey. There are so many different options for display and navigation. The only thing i would say is the use of shortcuts that still appear on Faster or Shorter calculation methods - I followed a "Turn left followed by turn right and before i knew it i was faced with a short but very steep hill and next turn left onto a major A road with hardly any vision. (The saving was 1 mile - but i ignored this after the first day!). I haven't figured what Picture Viewer will do. I purchased the camera option which was very good and picked out majority of fixed, average, red light camera and would also showed the location of known mobile camera locations. All in All a great Satnav worthy of 4 ****
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on 18 November 2013
I've had several SatNavs over the years, and as my hardware running the excellent IGO8 was becoming less reliable, I decided to buy a new SatNav. I eventually decided on Garmin Nuvi after reading many reviews.

I've been using it for a couple of months and here's my view. I think I've included many things that I wanted to know but couldn't find out.

The initial connection to the PC for registration &c, was followed by a 2Gb+ update. Fortunately I have a speedy internet link, but it still took about 45 minutes. Beware if your link is not 8Mbit/s or faster.

No user manual was supplied. This is downloadable from Garmin.

Easy to fit to windscreen
Easy connection to and detection by PC.
Quick switch on and locking onto satellites.
Good menus for setting most straightforward destinations
Generally speedy and responsive.
Micro SD card slot.
Links to Garmin's "Base Camp" for personalising destinations and POIs, which appear under Favourites.
"Base Camp" easily imports locations from Google Earth.
The default view showing every single restaurant and other POIs can be switched off.
Voice reproduction of street names will make you laugh, e.g. Clydesdale becomes Clidd-is-dale, Mellington becomes Mu-ling-ton, &c.
Switching off the car's ignition switches off the device.
Battery life seems good.
Arrival time seems to become earlier during the journey, suggesting better than average progress.

Map display/route not as clear cut as it could be. A better colour scheme would help.
Auto zoom could be better, zooming in closer at junctions. (It may be adjustable, but I've not found the option)
3D view takes some getting used to, the range displayed is hard to work out as it keeps changing.
Limited data display. It's not possible to show distance to travel and arrival time simultaneously, though a touch will produce another screen with it all on. (If I'm wrong, please tell me how to do it.)
Options for routes are poor - "fastest" or "shortest". It really should have "easy" and "economical" as well.
Only the next manoeuvre is displayed. Where two manoeuvres are close together, it's too easy to be wrongly positioned for the second one as there is no advance info.
At junctions and roundabouts, the road name is often shown without the road number, and so instructions do not align with the sign post. (e.g. "Take the third exit, London Road" rather than "Take the third exit, A6")
The abbreviation for "mile" is odd, with the "M" above the "i" (or is it "l").
The countdown to a juction is in tenths of a mile. Hundreds of yards would be better.
The warning for a speed check zone is a nuisance as the text covers the whole top line, hiding the details of the next manoeuvre.
The images of motorway exits &c are generic and not much use. I'd like to switch them off.
SatNav to PC USB port cable very short.

Overall I'm disappointed. The package was not as good as I'd expected, though does do the job. The kit has a fast processor and lots of internal data space, but the software falls short and I'm sure it wouldn't take much to significantly improve it - the processing power is there.
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on 17 July 2012
Like buying a printer satnavs are cheap to buy but expensive to maintain - with this model MAPS and TRAFFIC FOR LIFE cuts this cost without compromising on the quality of the product. Easy to set up and to use but it does take a long time to download maps initially. Very quick to find a new route if you inadvertantly take a wrong turn! As usual excellent service from Amazon
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on 8 October 2012
Bought this as a replacement for my old sat nav which was starting to ignore screen input and the maps were getting outdated (No longer supported so no updates)

It arrived after a couple of days no damage to packaging.
We have now been using it for a couple of months without issue. We did over a thousand miles travelling around northern Spain, the maps where all up to date despite some very new looking roads and obvious changes to junctions. We did miss 1 junction (my fault) and ended up on a non-existent motorway (according to the map anyway) but given that they were still building bits of it I'll let Garmin off with that one. It has crashed on us once but apart from than it has been flawless. Rebooting is very quick anyway unlike my old sat nav.

The display is easy to read and the standard voices are clear. Photo realistic junctions are very good but are only on motorways and possibly major duel carriageways although I haven't been down one major enough to find out yet.

Re-routing after you deviate from plan works well and quickly figures out when it has become quicker/shorter (depending on your preferences)to go by a totally new route rather than trying to get you back onto its original route.

After it arrived I bought and downloaded the European maps. Despite a lot of doom and gloom on various websites about registering (for the free map updates) and loading and updating the maps all went without a hitch.

It's worth the extra for the lifetime updates if you are going to your sat nav a lot as the cost of regular updates can be quite expensive. The problem is you don't know you need a map update until you are lost on a new town centre ring road that doesn't exist on your map and all the suggested routes are now a shopping mall and all the sat nav can do to help is keep saying "please drive to nearest road"

Safety camera notification is excellent but can be a bit of a pain, keeping going "bing" every 5 minutes if you are travelling along a particularly heavily infested bit of road. e.g. the M6 through Birmingham. (it notifies you of each individual gantry that has a camera hidden on the back, Given that they seem to be every few hundred yards it can get on your nerves a bit) But it is easily turned off. Myself I'd rather put up with the bing bing bing than lose my licence. If you set it up it will also go "bing" every time you exceed the speed limit. It only does it once so when you are over the limit stay there.

You can specify a location by GPS co-ordinates which would be fine if it didn't insist on using degrees minutes and seconds while the rest of the world seems to gone over to decimal, not a major inconvenience if you have a calculator handy and know how to do the calculation. Luckily there is a calculator app built in. Other than this minor irritation it would have got 5 stars. (major irritation if you can't do the maths I suppose)

You can either be guided by road number or street name, The latter isn't much use on main roads as street names are not that easy to spot (when they've bothered to put them up.) However when navigating housing/trading estates etc it comes into its own.
Plus it was fun listening to her trying to pronounce Spanish road names while we were on holiday. I'll bet travelling around Wales with road names switched on will be hysterical!!

If you are going to the likes of Alton Towers or such where you car is parked in what seems like several square miles of identical parking bays, or you are hopelessly lost in a city centre, the "remember where I parked the car" app is worth the cost on its own. The unit senses when you stop and automatically remembers its exact GPS location so it can guide you back to the car on foot, even if you left the car in the middle of a field! (As long as you remembered to take the sat nav with you.)

Overall it is a decent bit of kit. Not sure about the "apps". You can upload your holiday pictures, convert miles to km, pounds to Kg etc, there is an alarm clock to wake you up when you get there, a world clock (just in case you want to know the time in Timbuktu) plus it will read a book to you as you drive! Oh there is also a built in language guide but be aware, it stops working 30 days after you first use it and you then have to give someone some money to get it going again, so if you are planning a holiday abroad and think it might be handy don't be tempted to try it until you get there.

Be wary with ANY sat nav "Lifetime updates" means "until we decide to stop doing updates"
Navman stopped supporting the maps on my previous sat nav less than 12 months after I bought it!
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VINE VOICEon 28 September 2012
I've used a sat nav for a number of years and got frustrated with the long time it sometimes took for it to get satellites, even up to 15 minutes or so at times,
This new one impressed as soon as I switched it on it had me placed within a second. It also comes on automatically where the older one I had to switch on each time I needed to use it. I realise this is really just updated technology as the previous one was at least 6 plus years old. This one has a 5" screen and although it doesn't give any more detail, It's just clearer. I downloaded the updates and as far as I can see all is ok there. Very easy to use, shows junctions and when you come to a major junction, or change of direction the screen zooms in to give more detail..If you miss a junction it redirects you very quickly, I haven't yet had to use traffic warnings, but from some else who has the same sat nav and travels high mileage, he says it works well. also has lifetime up dates for the same instrument.
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on 24 June 2012
I got this product for my husband and he is very impressed by this product, its very fast at finding satalites and the navigation is top notch. Had no problem loading updates and other pois and veihicles. So far so good no problems yet. Keep up the good work Garmin.
P.S the lifetime maps is a must.
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on 11 May 2012
Firstly well done to Amazon for good price and usual speedy delivery.

Well made, good to look at and tactile. Finds satellites quickly and retains strong signal. Plots routes within seconds and updates quickly if you deviative off route. Clear sound and display. Finds traffic info easily and also spots and warns you of approaching traffic cameras. Quick to download software updates. Battery charges quickly and seems to be long lasting.

No user manual included, you have to download it, but they do send you the Quick Start Guide in 12 languages.
Updating new maps takes ages. Also if you are short on memory on your hard drive the update aborts after youve been downloading over an hour. Top tip is therefore make sure youve got plenty of hard drive space before you start updating.

Overall pleased with my purchase.

I have now had this sat nav a couple of months and used it extensively. Still rate it as 4 stars however what I have learned is that you cannot follow it without thinking for yourself. I recently had to travel back from Wimbledon to home and assumed it would route me M25 and M1. However it took me through the centre of London at rush hour. I put this down as something as a learning curve for myself. ( It is the shortest route.)
This is my first sat nav and I expect more experienced users would not have fallen into this trap.
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on 6 June 2012
I read many reviews before deciding to upgrade from TomTom One to this Garmin 2545LMT. Whilst I do not know, therefore, how a new TomTom would perform, I found on a 950 mile journey through France, Belgium and Germany that the Garmin was near perfect. No problems at all, very helpful to have the spoken commentary, speed, speed limits and junction views. I thoroughly recommend this and look forward to using it again.
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on 26 May 2012
I'm overall quite satisfied with the Garmin Nuvi 2545LMT, and this is why.


- Easy to use most of the times, with many ways to find places, intersections, etc
- Good tracing of routes through intermediary points (to influence the choice of a route)
- Considerable flexibility regarding routes and route features to avoid, e.g., toll roads
- Good text and graphic support during driving, to complement voice instructions
- Garmin provides a tool to load up additional Points Of Interest files
- Good product finish and accessory finish
- Seemingly good value for money, considering Amazon discounted price + Garmin Summer cash back


- Voice instructions sometimes tell you to turn in advance of a junction, and you may turn too early
- When moving off from an intermediary point it utters an undescriptive 'follow highlighted route'
- Some settings, e.g., Satellite Emulation mode, aren't restored when unit goes to sleep and back
- The unit has rebooted twice this month when using certain context menues while reviewing a route
- Downloading maps updates took three hours and it filled the internal memory to the brim
- Live traffic information isn't received unless an additional reception accessory is used

Learning point:

I'll have to get used to glancing at the text near intersections to improve precision when taking a turn.

I would rate the Garmin Nuvi 2545LMT 4 stars out of 5 and I'm overall quite satisfied with my purchase.
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