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on 23 October 2012
This is certainly a good upgrade from my previous Samsung 720p model. The overall picture quality of HD channels is excellent. As expected SD channels arent any clearer with this tv so dont expect SD channels to be any better than a 720p tv.
I like the way the hdmi & usb ports are easily accessable on the left side of the tv rather than hiding a couple on the lower back of the tv!. I like the external toggle so i can jump from tv to htpc in one press.
One quibble is that there is no internal tv speaker mute. I wanted the tv sound to work solely from my soundbar because the soundbar and tv sound together has a noticibly bad echo. So you often have to check to make sure the tv sound is down to zero.
My second and so far only other real quibble is that when you switch on the tv the default if the freeview section and and not hdmi1 where the cable is connected. freeview is nice and all to have as a backup but surely the vast majority that would have one of these tv's have a paid cable subscription to SKY, Virgin, UPC cable etc and prefer if it goes to their cable instead of the freeview section every time you turn on the tv.
My only other real quibble is that video playback via usb isnt very intuitive and the volume level for me is way higher than cable and the same can be said of freview but maybe this is a soundbar issue to some extent.
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on 5 August 2012
The picture quality is fine on HD channels. SD channels do not look very good - I realise this is the broadcast signal, but I thought the viewing experience on SD channels worse than the 32" plasma this screen was intended to replace.

I could not accept the lag on audio output when viewing HD channels. I have read many posts about issues with ITV, but I experienced problems with the audio being late watching BBC1 HD - channel 50. Panasonic national help line were no use, denied this is a known issue, and referred me to the local Panasonic repair centre. The local centre explained I would be liable for a callout fee if there was not a 'fault' identified. So, I borrowed a 2nd TV and freeview HD box and set things up side by side using an aerial splitter: the images on both screens looked in sync, but the audio out of the Viera (internal speakers or via the digital output) lagged that from the other freeview box significantly. Muting the Viera - so audio from the other TV - lip sync no issue watching either screen: muting the other box with audio from the Viera - lip sync gone: having audio from the Viera and the other TV - hear a clear echo due to lagged audio from Viera.

I visited a Panasonic shop selling this model: the lip sync was awful there too. The salesman tried to explain this was due to using a home cinema audio system (as if that makes it OK) and instead let me listen to the audio from the TV's speakers. To my eye/ear the same issue persisted.

I am disgusted with Panasonic since I don't believe this is a one-off.

So I am returning this set. I will try an alternative (plasma as it happens) model - forced to stick with Panasonic since no other maker appears to be making budget screens with freeview HD tuners at 42". If that has similar issues it too will go back, and I will purchase a separate HD Freeview box (same as the one I borrowed that worked) and a screen that claims to be 'HD ready' but which does not include a freeview HD tuner.

Full marks to Amazon for their returns policy: I hope they can pass the cost back to Panasonic!
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on 4 August 2012
We purchased this TV as our Sony Bravia just died. After much research we were informed that Panasonic had the best reviews at this present time. We didnt want a 3D television and the TX-L42E5B seemed the best bet. It is really easy to install. The picture quality is fantastic. Having the internet connection makes the TV even better. We have registered with NetFlix which has an amazing amout of choice and now the kids are happy. Having Youtube accessible means my husband can watch his weekly tv program without having to hook up the laptop to the TV. I have only nice things to say about this tv. We spoke to a TV repair man who stated that the Panasonic range for 2012 is the best. Having LED means that the TV is cooler that that of LCD so it lasts longer. It is also cheaper to run than a normal LCD. It is very attractive looking and very slim. I give this TV 5 STARS and recommend it to everyone.
Buying this product from also saved us quite alot of money. It was £150 cheaper than the cheapest place we found and nearly £400 than some shops. Amazon delivered it on time. We were even given an hour slot that it was to be delivered in. Well done to Amazon.
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on 21 August 2012
Black border screen with transparent (plastic ?)edging surrounding black border. Probably looks real nice next to late 1990's ceiling mount GU50 ceiling fittings with similar clear glass or plastic surrounds. Picture a little blurred and had to max out sharpness thingy setting for better picture. Connections and cables on rear suited to wall mounting. Poor access to CI slot when wall mounted. All HDMI connections are on the side and are positioned close together so 90 degree side entry connectors are not suitable for this television when using all four HDMI ports. Volume control operates good. No built in cinema amp. Back panel on screen is made from metal. A+ energy rating. BBC iplayer is accessed through pressing INTERNET button and selecting bbc iplayer and not through BBC text option select. 3 status indicator LED's on front lower facia. Quiet. No over excessive packaging. Pleased with purchase other than set came missing 4 screws used for securing set to stand. aftersales customer service excellent.

Picture quality for movie playback as good as sets selling for twice the price of this great energy efficient 2012 Panasonic HD TV.
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on 29 January 2013
By Adrian Cox
I was looking for a TV with Freeview HD but didn't want 3D (I only have 1 eye so can never see anything in 3D) but all the TV's I researched were also Smart TV's. After much deliberation I chose this Panasonic which was a really good price - it has gone up in price by £100! What a bargin and what a TV. I also bought the dongle to be able to use the smart feature and am surprised how much I use this facility, mainly BBC I player and Youtube. This is without doubt the best TV I have ever owned the picture is fantastic although I expect that if I paid megga bucks there are other TV's out there that would beat it hands down but for the price even at the current level you would be hard to beat it. The only downside is the sound quality as with all modern flat panel TV's and am currently researching sound bars. I would recommend this TV, and have no hesitation in giving it 5 stars
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on 11 December 2012
Well, it's Christmas 2012 and what better present for an elderly couple than to replace their 28 inch CRT TV and DVB box with a lovely new 37 inch Panasonic with HD Freeview? Well, in theory nothing. Especially if you choose a trusted manufacturer like Panasonic.

We always recommend Panasonic to friends and family - I just think their sets are better than their piers at each screen size and price point - never judge a set by looking at it in Currys under flouresent lights and with 'showroom' picture set up, this tells you very little about how the set will perform at home in lower light conditions. I still feel that the less fashionable plasma technology easily beats all this trendy LED stuff when it comes to a good detailed natural picture, and setting up this little LED set from Panasonic does nothing to change my view on this.
Fundamentally it is a good set for this price point, but the picture takes some fiddling to get a good neutral picture that is not overly contrasted and is neither too warm (yellowy) or too cold/cool (to much blue). But the picture is miles ahead of the grainy blocky pictures you get from Korean made sets (Samsung and LG for those who don't know their geography. And I say grainy because once you turn the contrast, colour and brightness down from the factor 90% setting to get an unsaturated picture, then you see the grain and terrible natural colour handling on these sets - IMHO).
However this is the first Panasonic that I have been slightly embarrassed to recommend because of a glaring design fault. There is a time difference between the sound and picture on both SD and HD content from the internal Freeview receiver. This annoys me intensly and I couldn't live with this set as a result. As mensioned, this set was not purchased for us, but for an older couple and they seem happy at this time. But I suspect one of them lip reads more than they let on, and lip sync issues will make this harder. This lip sync issue may be limited to the internal Freeview decoder, so using Blu-ray or Sky may be fine - this particular set is only used to watch Freeview TV and the occational VHS (yes, I did say VHS!)
Come on Panasonic, this is basic stuff to get right! Sound and vision must be synced - end of! The early days of DVD players saw a lot of lip sync issues, again you may not be sensitive to it, but if you are and you watch Freeview, you will be disapointed in this set from an otherwise excellent manufacturer.
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on 3 September 2012
Ordered the TX-L42E5B on a Friday at 15:30 and it was delivered by Amazon on the Saturday at 11:30. Super service! I found the colour, out of the box, to be too saturated, glaring, vivid, almost cartoonish, giving a soft texture to most images, SD being the worst, HD better but not great. Didn't get a chance to fully explore the settings as the set failed after 6 days.
Contacted Amazon on the Friday evening and by Monday 11:30 I had a replacement set and the faulty one removed. More super service from Amazon.
This time around I was able to correct the colour settings as follows...
Into MENU and go into SETUP and set ADVANCED (Calibration) to ON. Get out of SETUP and scroll up to PICTURE settings, into PICTURE and then scroll down to ADVANCED settings (2nd page) and GAMMA is there with other settings. From reading professional reviews of this set I picked up the following advised settings...
Gamma 2.4 (see above for accessing Gamma).
Contrast and sharpness, around 60%, colour and brightness around 40%. No numeric values are shown on the
scales so it's guesswork.
Viewing Mode Normal.
These settings greatly improved the image in my opinion.
So now I'm happy with the TV, although, given my experience with the first set, I'm a little concerned about long term quality. Have had two Panasonic TVs in the past and they were excellent, one still working after 20+ years, so here's hoping.
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on 10 May 2013
The Panasonic TX-L37E5B is a well built set, I purchased mine on 1st May 2013 from Argos for £449 down a hundred pounds or so from it's launch price in 2012 presumably because it's last years model and the E6B range has now superseded it.

This set has some very good features such as wide angle 170 degree viewing thanks to Panasonic's own quality IPS screen panel (even if a little reflective in sunlight) and you can connect this TV to a internet router wired or wirelessly with a additional dongle, this TV comes from a pedigree manufacturer.

My only gripe really is that the picture quality on all Standard HD channels (both on Freesat and Freeview) is mediocre at best, overall picture looks blurry and a tad out of focus, HD channels have noticeably far better clarity.

I can tweak all the settings on this TV to absolute perfection but when i change to another HD channel it all seems to go all to pot again, it is hard to set the best settings for all the channels as a whole i have found.

Sound is quite thin and tin sounding through it's own speakers however, connect this TV's sound output to a external amp and the sound quality rockets, the difference is like night and day.

It should be noted that in a ideal world TV transmissions would all be broadcast in 1080P and all in HD, we only have 1080i resolution at present in the UK (which is still very good) with only a handful of HD channels on the Freesat and Freeview platforms, but this number will obviously rise with time.

Technology is deliberately presented to us one slice at a time to sustain sales and the latest HDTVs are no exception to this rule, what was this years sought after range will be the dinosaur models of next year, that is how fast technology is advancing in the digital world.

This tv performs remarkably well with a DVD player regarding picture quality.

Cosmetically looks neat in the living room if not a tad outdated to the 2013 models and the 37 inch screen size for us at least was perfect for the size of our living room (8m x 4m) without looking too intrusive.

Certainly a half decent TV and worth the investment, but audio and visual nivara have yet to be achieved at this price point from Panasonic.
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on 12 January 2013
The picture quality is OK for the price, & viewing angle pretty good.
I've connected it via Ethernet to the home network, and browsing picture libraries on the Windows 8 PC upstairs works fine. Playing videos off the PC doesn't work so well, some it refuses to play at all, others have no audio.

The Viera Connect 'SMART TV' functionality works fairly well, eg can associate it with your youtube account on the PC and push videos/favourites to it from there. Skype is available, but useless unless you buy the expensive camera. There are quite a few other apps (shame no Lovefilm) but most look a bit gimmicky, I doubt I will use these much.

The Viera app for my Android (4.0.4) Smartphone works, but could be easier to use. Have to make sure the TV's configured correctly for it to work. Also shutting the app down on the phone is fiddly-seems like the only way is to shake the phone, then a power button appears which will power off the TV and exit the smartphone app. Still, this app is reasonably useful as it's a full remote control from anywhere in the house, and allows photos/videos/music to be sent from the phone to the TV.

Now the negatives:

The screen is very reflective. We have it wall mounted, and have to turn the ceiling lights off really, otherwise it's annoying.

It's difficult to make the TV go straight to HDMI input when turned on, it always wants to go to terrestrial channel listing. This is annoying since we only have SkyHD and Bluray player connected, there is no aerial. You can change it to always go to HDMI1 input when turned on, which is what we've done (and then connect Sky to HDMI1), but it still brings up the terrestrial/no channels found message for a few seconds, every time. Also every time it's turned on it shows a Viera Connect banner ad at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds- quite annoying.

The sound quality is poor. I wouldn't say terrible, but it's not good. Quite tinny and indistinct so I have to boost the volume a bit.

The TV has a significant processing delay. This is a problem for me since I connect SkyHD to my hifi using phono leads. They are then out of sync (audio coming from hifi is around 1/10 second ahead of audio/video from TV. This echo effect is unlistenable, so the only workaround is to either listen to the poor quality sound from the TV, or turn the TV volume down and listen to the better quality but very slightly out of sync hifi audio. And the solution would be to buy a home cinema amp and speakers to replace the hifi, then use optical out on SkyHD into the amp, and muck about with the delay settings for the optical output on the Sky box, and/or adjust the delay on the amp. Or possibly the TV supports HDMI lip sync - an HDMI 1.3 feature allowing amp and TV to negotiate the delay. I suppose I will have to buy an amp at some point. Still, it's disappointing that the delay exists in the first place, especially since when using my old Sony TV (also a largeish 1080p screen, from 2008), audio was exactly in sync with the hifi. I don't see what fancy processing the Panasonic needs to be doing that takes all this time. In fact I have tried disabling display effects on the TV, doesn't make any difference to the delay.
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on 29 January 2013
Decided when we needed a new TV to go for the largest screen size for the space we have available. We have always gone for Sony TV's before but when we had decided on the screen size (37") we looked round at what was available and because of reviews and looking around we decided on the Panasonic Smart TV TX-L37E5B. The picture is brilliant and the features of the TV are impressive. Simple to attach the Soundbar, our Virgin connection, and DVD player via HDMI cables. We have also got the option of running the Internet via WiFi, and it is easy to look at our photographs on the big screen via a USB cable. So all in all a very good buy - plus we were happy with the price we paid via Amazon.
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