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on 9 March 2012
The tv is well built and sturdy, very attractive bezzel and attractive colour. All ports feel sturdy, no flex or move in them. Very Impressed.

With the different sound modes and the ability to use the inbuilt equalizer which greatly can improve the sound. In most big tvs the on board sound can be tinny or weak. The sound from this tv is pretty awesome.

With the big 47inch 1080p display with a massive contract ratio the picture is so crisp. Using sky hd the image colors are solid. There is no screen bleeding at the edges and the led lit screen provides great brightness and is easy to view in bright rooms. Watching blurays, playing games or whatever your doing on this tv. It will look great.

4. 3d
As for 3d on this tv, ive never been a lover of 3d itself. But the tv does it well. Like most passive 3d tvs it will use light weight 3d glasses. The same ones u use at the cinema, so if u have a pair of those hold onto them, they will work on the tv. If you have the correct equipment for 3d playback then its sweet. The 3d is crisp, and with more and more 3d content becoming available there will be plenty for you to watch.

Great for family movies, or just having loads of friends over

Overall the only thing i didnt like about the tv was the remote, its a standard Panasonic one, and no quick selection options for the picture mode or sound move.

Other than that, 1000000% buy
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on 4 June 2012
The picture on this TV is fabulous, sound a little bit less than expected in quality so intend buying a sound bar. 3D effects are stunning. Well made as to be expected from Panasonic with plenty of HDMI connections for Sky, DVD and BT. The built in wireless works very well and was easy to set up.
I have two grumbles though. The first is that the screen is so shiny, it is almost like a mirror, so that the reflections in daylight make viewing not very good with too much loss of quality. Also in the dark, it reflects any room lights, even small table lamps so I have had to switch them off and reposition them, which is not the best solution as they were chosen to fit the room.
The second grumble is that the Sky HD box control, when calling up the tv guide, is now very slow. The time lag only appeared with this set and was not there on my previous one that I replaced. It is annoying, even though it is is only several seconds delay. Can't seem to fix this problem.
Otherwise, a very good product, but the grumbles loose it one star.
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on 11 September 2012
Bought this TV to replace a Panasonic 32" lcd i'de had for about 8 years and was stunned by the increase in picture quality over the older model.
2D is amazing, and 3D just amazes even more, was swayed to the passive 3D as I suffer with migraines and on the occasions i've watched 3D on my brothers active 3D it has triggered an attack due to the "shutter" action of the glasses which I could also see flickering (back in the early days of TV they flickered) so passive was the only choice and to be honest it looks better, clearer and not so dark, and the glasses are ten times cheaper too. the design is simple, it has HDMI, SCART, USB & SD CARD SLOT.
Being a SMART tv it has a "Full Web Browser" unlike some smart tv's which have a limited access to the web, but get yourself a cheap keyboard or better still a wireless keyboard and mouse as you'll be using the remote to navigate web pages and type addresses and it is quite labourious.
Overall i would fully recommend this TV (but shop around for good deals)
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on 1 December 2012
Really impressed by the picture quality straight from the box, especially compared to my old Samsung 40" LE40 LCD TV bought 5 years ago. There is a massive improvement in contrast, colour range, and detail, no doubt attributed to the IPS panel.
High definition video looks amazing, there's really good clarity and detail even in dark scenes. The black level is good, even in a dark living room, the black is very dark and there is no light bleeding at the edge of the panel, impressive.
I was also quite impressed on how natural and realistic the picture is, it really is convincing. The motion processing makes video more life-like, fluid and real by making extra frames to smooth the movement. However, this can be disconcerting, especially when old films look more like modern digital video. It can be a strange effect, but probably more realistic motion and I guess this would be good for sports. You can adjust the motion processing as you like it.
3D works effectively, glasses are pretty comfortable, and even from a few meters away, the effect is convincing.
The TV is packed with extra features such as internet, wi-fi, SD card slot, 2D to 3D conversion, video recording etc, I will probably never use any of these since I have a dedicated PC connected through HDMI, but it could be useful all the same.
Above all I would recommend this TV, I could have bought a cheaper and slightly larger Toshiba or Samsung for the same money, but I am happier with the picture quality of this set.
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on 30 September 2012
I was looking for a 40 to 42 inch 3D TV to replace my 5 year old 26 inch Sony Bravia LCD. Upon reading a number of reviews and trying hands on with Sony, Samsung (Active 3D) and LG, Panasonic (Passive 3D), I settled for this model.

I bought it with Currys along with a WP220 BD 3D player as a combo as they were giving 10 % cashback for a limited time on Quidco for all purchases and the price after cashback was the best price I could get.

I've paired these with Sony STRDN 1030 amplifier and Tannoy HTS 101 speakers, and they work together very well :).

The only problem I had with this TV is that my favourite action movies looked like TV episodes, i.e. picture widened and action scenes "slowed" down a bit and with too much of clarity lacking that grainy feeling of the cinema. I wasn't happy with this and after looking into available settings I figured out that the TV can tweak HDMI output and do an intelligent calibration for you. After switching off all these intelligent display settings, I got my chosen look and feel back. It looks like too much of engineering went into this in my opinion and when applied on Sky Movies HD, takes out the juice from the movie scenes by manipulating the original picture.

Since I don't use this display settings, I give it 5 stars as I don't find any flaw with this TV. Oh, the 3D is awesome. The 2D to 3D conversion does a fairly good job as well.
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on 30 August 2012
I agree with other reviewers' generally positive judgments, but have a couple of gripes. The basic Internet functions work fine (iPlayer, YouTube,...) but navigating the cursor using arrow keys is a pain - particularly when entering text with on-screen keyboards that don't wrap as you get to the end of a line of keys!. The TV has USB ports but doesn't support (I asked Panasonic) an external pointing device (e.g. mouse) - a remote bluetooth mouse would be fantastic. Similarly, the web browser works but doesn't support Flash, which limits its use.

I find the 'Favourites' facility (your own lists of favourite channels) awkward. You can select the Guide to display Favourites (a klunky manoeuvre in itself), but when you turn the TV off (standby) and on again the Guide shows All Channels again. I regard this as a bug, maybe they'll fix it.

The Operating Instructions are poor - the index does not even contain the word 'Internet' and I'm still searching the 106 page booklet to see if it explains how to use the Favourites lists (I'm finding out by trial and error).

Another gripe which will be common to all Freeview HD TVs - the text/red button function does not work on BBC HD channels (despite the info banner saying text is available). Press text or red and no reaction. Neither Google nor Panasonic were able to help me on this until I discovered, tucked away on a BBC website, that Freeview HD does not support red button/text (note: Freesat HD does).

So not quite the full armchair browser I would have wished, but a good TV nonetheless.
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on 9 March 2012
I bought this before any reviews came out because I wanted a wide viewing angle and LED backlighting. However, I had concerns relating to passive 3D LED TVs.

Edge-lit LED panels can show unpleasant cones of light coming from the LEDs on the bottom edge. Off-axis, blacks can take on a blue hint and passive 3D pictures are poor when the viewer is off the vertical axis. Light-weight sound quality afflicts recent flat panel TVs.

So, how did the TX-L37ET5B do? Well a lot better than I had expected. There were no visible cones regardless of picture, room lighting or viewing angles. Yes, off axis blacks become a pale blue when viewed at extreme angles but for normal angles, black is very dark (frankly, black) and not tinted. The 3D is very sensitive to vertical viewing angle so your eyes really have to be situated close to perpendicular to the screen centre although horizontal angles are very good. Think about this if you are going to wall mount it.

With good source material, pictures can really come to life in 2D and 3D. In 2D, the picture is lively and detailed - stunning on the Avatar Blu Ray. Believe it or not, it's run close on some FreeView HD material though a large number of FreeView HD transmissions aren't that high in image detail.

To me, 3D was a sales gimmick before I got this TV. However, this TV makes a superb job of 3D. Despicable Me is fantastic fun and will have kids and wives screaming and ducking to avoid objects flying out of the TV. I couldn't see any obvious degradation due to the 50% loss of vertical resolution in 3D. Trying Avatar 2D in 2D to 3D mode was interesting but it made a sufficiently good go of this to make it a viable option. Having a big head(!), I found the supplied 3D glasses far too tight but just popped on a pair I got from the Cinema. I've never seen active 3D on TV but this passive 3D appeared comparable to the experience seen in a 3D Cinema.

The sound quality is fine for general viewing but is lacking base even when maxed out. You can wire a separate optical sound feed to your A/V amp that is not affected by the TV volume or mute controls.

The frame is not black but a dark grey surrounded by a clear edge. It's a classy look. The stand is silver so will be dust resistant. The connectors are a wee bit fiddly on the back.

Overall, a stunning effort with only minor flaws - I've never seen a perfect TV. No regrets, I'm glad I went for this one.
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on 7 August 2012
Being a bit of a self confessed geek when it comes to TV's I spent a lot of time researching for a mid range upgrade to my current Toshiba 37" LCD & didn't want to pay over a grand.
Wanting a larger, brighter screen for Sky HD, PS3 Gaming & watching Blu Ray mainly I decided to go for the newer technology LED rather than plasma or LCD.
I am very particular about picture quality over and above anything else so this was really important and with this set I have not been left disappointed.
After setting up I spent a few hours here and there fiddling with the settings to get the picture I wanted.
There are a lot of options on this set, I found the Dynamic setting gave a great picture but created some motion blur due to its enhanced settings so I set everything onto GAME mode, even for watching TV programs.
This setting I have found gives a great vibrant picture with no motion blur at all, I have been watching a lot of the Olympics & a large range of fast moving sports so have tested it well; blacks are deep & whites are bright & all the detail is there & through the integrated HD freeview & the Sky HD the picture is stunning.
Standard def is fine, don't expect HD quality though, as you get used to HD the standard will naturally look poorer anyway but the SD picture is perfectly acceptable through both Sky & freeview.
Sound; at first is poor but there are a lot of settings to adjust this; I set to SPEECH mode upped the Bass & put V-audio surround on & I'm very happy with the sound, in fact I have a surround system but don't need to use it for day to day TV, only games & blu-ray.
3D; this TV uses passive 3D, the same technology as the cinemas; quality here is brilliant & great fun, although not sure how long I could sit watching it for as eyes can take a little bit of adjusting; glasses are really cheap too & you get 4 pairs with the set.
Internet; built in WI-FI connected in seconds, tried Netflix & built in browser & have found it quick & easy to navigate.
Gaming, including, it has enhanced my gaming experience already; very smooth & vibrant,images are crisp & there is depth to the picture; not tried 3D game yet but will try Arkaham City later!
All in all this is a great looking TV, big screen, thin frame looks the business & for the price your getting a top brand that does everything it says on the tin.
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on 29 June 2012
This Panasonic TV has fantastic picture quality, superb 3D imaging and a great modern design. I enhanced the sound quality with a Yamaha 2200 soundbar system which comes into its own when coupled with my Cambridge Audio 3D Blu Ray player.

The only let down for me and the reason for dropping a star is i have been unable to access the Viera/internet service because the Wi Fi connection keeps dropping out when trying to download software upgrades ( which are needed for the system to operate!). This has become such a problem, particular to the TV only, i have now lost patience and given up on this feature.

Overall i would still recommend this TV as one of the best in the current market.
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on 30 May 2012
This was my first foray into large screen LED TV land, having lived with a 22" Samsung LED for about a year after a CRT before that. I spent a lot of time researching as I do for most tech items and I can honestly say I think I have the best TV for the money on the market right now. I went for 37" as this seemed the best fit for my 15' square room and sure enough it's the perfect size as I'll explain later.
I would have ordered from Amazon but a local dealer was offering it for £650 with a five year warranty which looked a good deal and I am always nervous about electrical goods being handled by delivery services, especially one this advanced and expensive.
Setting up was simplicity including the stand and because the TV is so light, I could do this unaided. The TV is aesthetically pleasing and looks really stunning. The screen is quite reflective which is apparent only when the sun is streaming through your windows - the picture is still very visible but you can see reflected items in the room bouncing back at you. I must stress this has not been a big issue as I watch most TV in the evening anyway. Positioning the TV properly will help.

After going through the auto setup routine the first thing I did was switch to channel 50 on Freeview to see how HD terrestrial TV fares. I was knocked out by the quality of the picture and the other three HD channels didn't disappoint. Be warned though: you will begin to resent watching standard definition channels very soon as they now look like 80's VHS in comparison. Having said that, placing yourself a proper distance from the screen will result in very acceptable picture quality on SD - it's just that HD is so good you find yourself drawing close to the TV to immerse yourself. I've found between 9 and 14 feet works best for me.
You will almost certainly need to play with the picture settings, the defaults are either too dark or too bright and garish. Once you have it tweaked the picture looks fabulous. Watching a film, whether broadcast or from DVD, resulted in what appeared to be a video recording. A strange effect that made it look like a news item recorded today and which utterly ruined the filmic look that I love about film. Thankfully this was down to a setting called "Intelligent Frame Creation" which was set to Max. I changed this to Min and it restored filmed material to its rightful look.
The angle of view is outstanding - from either side the picture remains bright and sharp with no noticeable darkening.

TV Guide/Information
I had already read about Panasonic's inability to produce a guide that didn't shut off the channel you were watching when activated so I wasn't surprised to find this TV was no different. But it still mystifies me why they can't sort this out, my Samsung has no trouble showing the EPG with the channel continuing in a small window with sound. The guide itself is very well laid out and clear even from some distance.
You can select an information panel with the remote that doesn't interfere with the picture and sound and can show you now and next for the current channel. This is also customisable in terms of seconds on screen which is very useful.

The sound isn't going to win any awards for deep bassiness but for everyday use I'd say it's very good and at high settings quite loud and clear.

I can't comment on the 3D quality of source material as I don't own a Bluray (yet) or play computer games. I've read the BBC are planning some limited 3D broadcasting from the Olympic Games so will be able to test it then. The simulated 2D to 3D effect is quite good though especially on HD broadcasts and the included glasses are very light and virtually unnoticeable on your head. I didn't really buy the TV for 3D so this is not a great deal for me.

Internet (Viera Connect)
One of the many reasons for choosing this set was the built-in WiFi - I didn't want to be messing around with dongles, especially expensive dongles. It works a treat using the built-in apps that include iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and a few others I'll likely not use. I was disappointed that LoveFilm is not there since I have a subscription and have no desire to watch films on a computer screen. I tried iPlayer and was very impressed by how easy it was to use and the stunning picture quality when HD options are chosen.

Icing on the cake
I found out there was an app from Panasonic called Viera Remote which turns your smartphone into a remote control. I downloaded this free app to my Galaxy S2 and sure enough it allows me to use my phone as a remote control which is impressive enough. What blew my socks off was the fact that I can play videos, music, photos from my phone through the TV over the WiFi network with no lag and stunning quality. HD videos look amazing though there does seem a problem with the ability to stream HD video recorded by the phone which I am looking into (HD video downloaded from YouTube works fine). Photos are displayed as a slide show with overlaid cheesy jazz music which you can thankfully turn down or off.

The only shortcoming for me is the lack of a timer to switch the TV on at a predetermined time which again my Samsung achieves effortlessly. I am used to using the TV as my alarm clock but this one has no such option, merely allowing a timer event to be set so the TV outputs a signal for an external recorder to use.

I would heartily recommend this TV and am very glad I chose it. I would love to give it 5 stars but the guide problem and lack of `on' timer are just irritating enough to knock one star off.
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