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on 18 April 2012
I've had this television for a fortnight now and have hammered it to see how it performs - and it is a superb telly!!
Prior to buying it, I spent a lot of time wandering around Curry's/Dixons/Comet etc looking for a (non 3D) t.v. with a knockout picture and this was the one that stood out.
So I checked out all the features and it soon became clear that the features packed into it were above and beyond any other tv at this price, so after one more trip to curry's to check out the sound, i bought it!
I've not been disappointed.

1) Freeview HD picture quality is outstanding. I got the tv on the weekend of the US Masters golf and even though i don't like golf, i found myself glued to it because of how good it looked. It is a very leafy golf course and the details on the trees in the distance was brilliant, and you could actually see the ball flying through the air!! I've since watched the Chinese Grand Prix (again, i don't even like formula 1) and the FA cup semi final (Chelsea-Spurs) both in HD and they were both perfect. To me, the Freeview HD on this telly is like looking through a window, it is that clear.

2) Standard definition Freeview is also excellent. I have an 18 month old daughter, so we watch a lot of cbeebies!! In the night garden in particular is a show with loads of bright colours and they show up incredibly well defined.

3) The SCART socket. I have Sky+ (not HD) and initially, when i hooked up my scart lead to the supplied adapter, the picture quality was awful - there was terrible interference from the built-in freeview channels. This was most apparent if the freeview channels had text-heavy programmes such as news channels - if you left one of the many shopping channels on and turned to the sky feed, you could clearly see all the details of the products being sold and for what price in the background of the sky programme! A quick look at google made me realise it was my cheapo scart lead that was the problem, so I ordered a fully insulated cable with metal heads for about 7 quid (from amazon) and bingo, its all sorted!! Not HD-standard obviously, but very clear SD which is fine by me.

4) The HDMI connections allow me to connect my laptop to it. My laptop has a HD screen, but when its hooked to this telly, the picture is so much better that now it is difficult to use the laptop without the Panasonic screen anymore because the difference is so great!

5) My dvd collection has had a lick of paint as well. I got a Panasonic Blu-ray player to go with the tv, and tested it with my star wars dvds. Lots of black and white space scenes, and lots of fast action and explosions, and the tv handled it brilliantly. Awesome stuff.

6) The SD card slot makes pictures from our camera look out of this world! The slideshow mode looks fantastic and way better than any digital frame I have ever seen.

7) The smart tv works very smoothly. I have it linked up via the ethernet socket, and it works very quickly and easily. There is a very good list of apps included (bbc iplayer works very well) and the layout is very nice too.

8) The sound quality is perfectly acceptable. You know with this kind of tv that the speakers are only going to be small and not so powerful, so you just have to accept this or buy external speakers. However, they do do a job and i won't be losing any sleep over them because they are good enough for me.

I hope thats covered eveything - it is a tremendous television, is an excellent addition to our living room and i highly recommend it!!
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on 9 May 2012
This is a new model by Panasonic for 2012. Surprised to find it at Amazon at this price. It was delivered within a few days and has proved to be an excellent product. The features are excellent and with the correct dongle, again purchased from Amazon, the internet options are fantastic. Easy to install and works well with our Panasonic surround sound. The picture quality and exceptional sound quality make this a good buy
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on 15 August 2012
UPDATED 6th September 2012.

Regarding direct record to USB hard drive or SDHC stick mentioned in the review below. I contacted Panasonic over this and got the following reply today:


I am sorry for the lenght of time it has taken us to respond, However I am affraid that it is not possible to record to either USB-HDD or SD card on this model, the USB's are for a USB Keboard and the USB skpe Camera and the SD card slot is for displaying Video and JPegs.

Hope the above is useful.

As with other reviewers comments this TV produces a great picture for the price with plenty of connection options. Very sleek and slim design.

Easy to set up and was up and running as soon as it was out of the box. Connected to the internet straight away (using a Panasonic dongle) and have experienced no streaming problems.

Sound is a bit tinny (not unusual with TVs) but acceptable. I have a Panasonic SC-HTB10 soundbar connencted to it using the SPDIF cable and the sound is now stunning.

Bought it for mutli use, not just watching TV. PS3 and FreeSat box connected via the HDMI ports - fantatstic! I have connected my computer to it using a DVI to HDMI cable (sold by Amazon) and this has produced a great picture at 1600 x 1028 dpi without any blurring or loss of detail even with fast action and graphic intensive games. Also found it very good to work with documents/spreadsheets as I can get two pages on the screen at the same time and read them with ease.

Using the DVI to HDMI lead means no sound is carried via the HDMI lead and this has to be changed in the settings of the port used. The TV comes with an additional sound port and adaptor plug. If using it for a computer though you need to get a phono to RCA splitter and the phono leads themselves. The adaptor that comes with the TV only has RCA connectors. Both were easily obtained at B&Q for under £10, the sound then transfer to the soundbar.

As with all things Panasonic great features and great quality but I have marked it down by one star due to the lack of recording ability.

I have another Panasonic (50" Plasma) where you can record to an external HDD. This TV I would have thought could do the same but does not. Although the HDD is recognised and is shown in "Viera Tools" it does not allow direct TV recording or timer recording through the channel guide. Additionally the manual states that a 64GB SDHC card will allow recording but simply does not. Again it is recognised in "Viera Tools" but not via the guide or direct record. All very confusing as the Panasonic website states a 64Gb card allows up to 27 hours of recorded TV. The manual is very woolly on this subject and there is no real guidance on Panasonic's website and no submenus/settings in the TV tools section to set these items up, disappointing.
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on 1 April 2012
Amazon is saying that the Netgear RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N USB Adapter WNDA3100v2 is bought with this TV. Do not buy it because it is incompatible with this TV and so is the Panasonic DY-WL10E-K dongle which Amazon sells. At the time of writing this, the only dongle to work with this TV and others in the 2012 range is the Panasonic TY-WL20E which is not listed by Amazon. Google it and there are likely to be several retailers selling it. Price is currently in the £55 range.
Great TV, easy to set-up. A good purchase.
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on 17 March 2012
The 'need' was for an 'LED' LCD TV that fitted in easily with my home network which includes a BT Vision box, connected to my router via Comtrend Powerline Ethernet Adapter with Filter although mine came with my BT Vision Box.
As an 'ex' Service Engineer for Consumer Electronics, I've always found Panasonic products to be well made and reliable. This replaced a 15yr old 'CRT' Panasonic which had never failed but was now showing signs of a failing crt. This product met all my requirements: -
'LED' LCD 37inch
Full HD 1080p
HD Freeview
Wired ethernet - Much quicker and more secure than wireless.
SD Card and USB inputs
The item arrived quickly and securely from the seller.
To complete its installation into my network, I also ordered: -
2 * Duronic 1m FTP Professional Gold Headed Network Cable - Black - High Speed Premium Quality Cat5e / Patch / Ethernet / Modem / Router / LAN
2 * AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 6.5 Feet / 2.0 m The multi-position plugs make this an ideal HDMI lead for any socket orientation combinations.
1 * TP-Link 5-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Desktop Switch (TL-SG1005D) Plastic Case
Set-Up: -
The ethernet cable from the powerline adaptor went into socket 5 of the 'Desktop Switch' The 2 new network cables coming from sockets 1/2 then went to this TV and the BT Vision box.
One HDMI cable was connected between the TV and the BT Vision Box (Second cable is for future use)
The TV is supplied with a 'full' adaptor lead to convert a scart plug to fit the smaller AV1 socket. I can confirm this does support auto switching ie when connected equipment is switched on, the TV automatically switches to AV1 input.
Now connected, I switched TV on and followed the easy set-up instructions. Basically, the set does it for you, including Internet connection (if hard wired). The only choices/changes I made were:
DVB tuning - I selected 'England Regional' then South East, rather than 'All Regions'
Picture Menu - Adjusted 'Contrast' Lowered as picture was quite 'sparkly'
Sound Menu - Set Distance to wall
Conclusion: Well designed TV, neat and unobtusive. Performs well with crisp, clear pictures with very good colour saturation. The black surround adding to the sharpness/presentation. Obviously the style/design of any manufacturers flat screen TV leaves little room for 'full-range' speakers but, this units performs well. (Watching 'The Three Musketeers' HD, 'all' the effects were heard with no distortion). Easy to use/set-up (Don't be put off by thick instruction book). Intergrates well into my home network with fast access/response to 'VIERA connect' (Panansonic Web Service)
I would recommend this TV to anyone and could not find it any cheaper.
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on 5 August 2012
The picture quality is fine on HD channels. SD channels do not look very good - I realise this is the broadcast signal, but I thought the viewing experience on SD channels worse than the 32" plasma this screen was intended to replace.

I could not accept the lag on audio output when viewing HD channels. I have read many posts about issues with ITV, but I experienced problems with the audio being late watching BBC1 HD - channel 50. Panasonic national help line were no use, denied this is a known issue, and referred me to the local Panasonic repair centre. The local centre explained I would be liable for a callout fee if there was not a 'fault' identified. So, I borrowed a 2nd TV and freeview HD box and set things up side by side using an aerial splitter: the images on both screens looked in sync, but the audio out of the Viera (internal speakers or via the digital output) lagged that from the other freeview box significantly. Muting the Viera - so audio from the other TV - lip sync no issue watching either screen: muting the other box with audio from the Viera - lip sync gone: having audio from the Viera and the other TV - hear a clear echo due to lagged audio from Viera.

I visited a Panasonic shop selling this model: the lip sync was awful there too. The salesman tried to explain this was due to using a home cinema audio system (as if that makes it OK) and instead let me listen to the audio from the TV's speakers. To my eye/ear the same issue persisted.

I am disgusted with Panasonic since I don't believe this is a one-off.

So I am returning this set. I will try an alternative (plasma as it happens) model - forced to stick with Panasonic since no other maker appears to be making budget screens with freeview HD tuners at 42". If that has similar issues it too will go back, and I will purchase a separate HD Freeview box (same as the one I borrowed that worked) and a screen that claims to be 'HD ready' but which does not include a freeview HD tuner.

Full marks to Amazon for their returns policy: I hope they can pass the cost back to Panasonic!
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on 20 August 2012
I have had this TV for a month, replacing a 20 " CRT TV. It was easy to unpack and start, tuned in well and has been easy to use. It has a good set of built in screen, sound and other settings which give you a reasonable set of setup choices. I have not yet explored the detailed setting changes you can make beyond these. We have watched the Olympics and it has preformed well with picture quality. I have not been able to use the wi-fi link to try the web applications due to none delivery of the dongle. I have also not used the sd car reader. I have connected my Humax SD PVR and the playback has been fine, my five year old happy to see her favourite programmes on the bigger screen.I connected it using the included scart adaptor. I have also connected a cheap DVD player using the composite video connections. Play back again has been fine.We have the TV in a corner of the room on a TV cabinet, standing well to the back and it is very stable and we have not had to use the screw hole to fix to the furniture. I my daughter was not five I would have considered doing so.

The remote control is easy and logical to use. The on screen guide is clear and customisable. Improvements would be [a] to have guide and picture on screen at the same time [b] to jump scroll sideways in time. [b] when I start the Humax the picture on the screen at the time is momentarily interrupted, it should be possible to screen this effect out [d] position the ON switch directly on the side or bottom edge of the TV as it is behind the right had edge and I have to locate by feel a screw head and then move up my fingers by feel to press the small ON switch. My five year old at present does not fortunately try to put the TV on for herself as it is only this action that would bring her in to contact with the TV.

Like all LCD/LED TV's the connections are round the back so connecting cables once the TV is in position it awkward give the TV's size. This is one reason I have not screwed the stand to the TV. I took photos of the rear before positioning so I can read the labels and locate connection more easily.
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on 3 September 2012
Ordered the TX-L42E5B on a Friday at 15:30 and it was delivered by Amazon on the Saturday at 11:30. Super service! I found the colour, out of the box, to be too saturated, glaring, vivid, almost cartoonish, giving a soft texture to most images, SD being the worst, HD better but not great. Didn't get a chance to fully explore the settings as the set failed after 6 days.
Contacted Amazon on the Friday evening and by Monday 11:30 I had a replacement set and the faulty one removed. More super service from Amazon.
This time around I was able to correct the colour settings as follows...
Into MENU and go into SETUP and set ADVANCED (Calibration) to ON. Get out of SETUP and scroll up to PICTURE settings, into PICTURE and then scroll down to ADVANCED settings (2nd page) and GAMMA is there with other settings. From reading professional reviews of this set I picked up the following advised settings...
Gamma 2.4 (see above for accessing Gamma).
Contrast and sharpness, around 60%, colour and brightness around 40%. No numeric values are shown on the
scales so it's guesswork.
Viewing Mode Normal.
These settings greatly improved the image in my opinion.
So now I'm happy with the TV, although, given my experience with the first set, I'm a little concerned about long term quality. Have had two Panasonic TVs in the past and they were excellent, one still working after 20+ years, so here's hoping.
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on 4 August 2012
We purchased this TV as our Sony Bravia just died. After much research we were informed that Panasonic had the best reviews at this present time. We didnt want a 3D television and the TX-L42E5B seemed the best bet. It is really easy to install. The picture quality is fantastic. Having the internet connection makes the TV even better. We have registered with NetFlix which has an amazing amout of choice and now the kids are happy. Having Youtube accessible means my husband can watch his weekly tv program without having to hook up the laptop to the TV. I have only nice things to say about this tv. We spoke to a TV repair man who stated that the Panasonic range for 2012 is the best. Having LED means that the TV is cooler that that of LCD so it lasts longer. It is also cheaper to run than a normal LCD. It is very attractive looking and very slim. I give this TV 5 STARS and recommend it to everyone.
Buying this product from also saved us quite alot of money. It was £150 cheaper than the cheapest place we found and nearly £400 than some shops. Amazon delivered it on time. We were even given an hour slot that it was to be delivered in. Well done to Amazon.
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on 15 May 2012
Spent much time checking out reviews and comparable products but have been weaned away from Sony TVs and dont regret it for a minute. This product has superb colour, good sound, all the connectivity one could realistically look for, looks nice - all in all a great product, and with the BluRay recorder we are well set up for watching/recording TV,films,photos etc.
Must also say I ordered this on a Friday, it was delivered on a Monday and the courier even sent an email to advise the 1 hour time slot for delivery and he was there within 10 minutes of the start of the period. What more can you ask for, well done!
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