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3.8 out of 5 stars572
3.8 out of 5 stars
Style Name: N300 wall plug|Change
Price:£19.99 - £79.77
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on 19 April 2010
This wireless range extender is great at what it's supposed to do (even though the manual isn't very clear - see other reviews for detailed instructions), but I've held off on giving a review until I've found the source of the problems I've been having with it. So here it is: this device works great, but is *extremely sensitive to signals from surrounding electronic devices*. In my case I originally placed the device next to computer screens, behind a PC and next to a sound speaker and there were regular, inexplicable problems with the device not providing a complete signal (DHCP requests and/or answers were not passed). The solution was to place the wireless extender further away from any sources of interference - 1.5m seemed enough. After that, the device has been working great.
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on 23 September 2009
We live in a concrete-framed house with the main wireless router upstairs. The steel mesh in the floors severely attenuates the signal and getting a connection downstairs used to be very unreliable. I installed this EdiMax access point in its universal repeater mode and put it downstairs on top of a cupboard directly below the router. It receives the signal from the router (through the floor) and then re-broadcasts it to the computers downstairs with no wiring required (apart from plugging the mains adapter into a nearby socket). Setting it up in this mode was not entirely straightforward, but the resulting signal strength is excellent and we now have full-strength access from anywhere in the house.

The booklet did not include instructions for repeater mode, but the PDF manual on the CD is fairly comprehensive, although it doesn't have step-by-step instructions for repeater mode. They might take a bit of figuring out if you're not familiar with IP addresses, subnets, etc., so here's what I did:

1. Change your computer's IP address so you are on the same subnet as the access point, then log in to it (detailed instructions are provided for this part). Don't forget to make a note of the previous settings so that you can set it back again afterwards.

2. In Basic Settings, select Universal Repeater mode, set your MAIN ESSID to something meaningful (like "EdiMax Repeater"), then click "Select Site Survey" to locate your main router's signal.

3. Select your main router (there may be neighbouring routers listed too) and click "Connection". Now click "Apply" to save the settings.

4. Go into System Utility and change the IP address of the access point (see * below) to match you main network. Once you have done this you'll lose connection to the access point until you change your computer's IP setting back to what it was originally.

5. You can now reconnect to the access point using the new settings. If you can't reconnect, you can reset the access point to its original address by holding the reset button for 10 seconds and then you can start all over again.

6. The access point is unsecured by default, so you will need to configure its security mode as detailed in the manual. You'll then need to reconnect your computers using the new security code.

* To choose an IP address for the access point you need to make the first three numbers the same as your main router's address and the last number different from anything else on your network. If your router allocates IP addresses automatically (by DHCP) you will need to avoid whatever range it uses. In my case the router was on and the DHCP range was to So I chose for the access point.
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on 11 November 2009
I bought this to extend the wifi signal in my house as it can be a bit patchy although I use quite a good netgear modem router already. This was working within 20 minutes and would have been quicker except for my typing ability! the cd manuals are adequate however I will confess to knowing what i am doing...
The coverage I now have is 5 bars everywhere and the garden is good too. It is also very small and coloured white which is great for losing it on the wall somewhere.
So in summary, it is small, not too bad to confure, very flexible in how you set it up and very very cheap!
I view it as a bargain - don't waste £80 on the mains based extenders or wired ethernet extender systems - this does it as well if not better! I hope this helps others.
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on 17 January 2010
Purchased this as a Range Extender for a friend after reading amazon reviews.They had a Belkin Router but Belkins's own Extender is not Vista Compatible.
The Edimax is cheap,compact,inobtrusive and both VISTA & XP Compatible.Also MAC according to another reviewer.I tried all the various ways of setting it up according to the various reviews-see Steves's ,Iain etc.

I have set out what I feel is the easiest step by step guide to use it as a Range Extender:
1.Access your own router (see your manual or CD and type in to address bar on Internet Explorer e.g. )and write down the IP Address of your Router (same as what you used to access it).Also write down subnet mask e.g and the DHCP Range e,g. to ).Also channel number.

2. Go to the Edimax website -choose support-enter 7416APN and download the Set Up Wizard File -it works for Vista and XP.

3. See the Edimax manaul on the CD to connect the Edimax.Go to show connections or network connections.Right click on the LAN Port and change the TCP/IP properties as on the edimax instructions to

3. In the folder where you downloaded the Set up wizard compressed zip -click on the file.Then click set up wizard,then click English,then click Wizard,then click o AP Main.It will ask you to extract or Run.Choose Run.

4.The Edimax Wizard screen will open.
5. Connect the Edimax to your PC via the LAN Port-DO NOT CONNECT IT TO THE ROUTER
6. The wizard will detect your Edimax.
7. Follow step by step instructions.It will find your existing network and router.
8.Enter IP address for the Edimax on same string but outside the range of your router -if range say is to the say choose for the edimax.Subnet mask same as your router e.g
and the Gateway is the address of your router e.g.
Enter your network security settings e.g. WPA AES and the password-suggest same as your current network
The wizard will accept the settings and reboot the edimax.
Then simply use one of your wireless laptops to connect to the Edimax network.You will be asked for the password/passkey.If connects successfully you are done.
Simply unplug the Edimax from the LAN port.Remember to change the TCP/IP settings of the LAN Port to what they were.
Now choose a site for the Edimax within range of your router and plug it in to a mains socket.
Connect all your laptops one by one to the edimax if they are nearer to taht than your main router.

This method works,and you never connect the Edimax to the router.

Hope this helps
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on 7 July 2012
The EDIMAX EW-7438RPN N300 has been a pleasant surprise. Having struggled with previous versions that were complicated to install, needed reference to web-manuals/blogs, and had the normal wires and aerials, it was great to open the box, run through a clear 10-min (max) setup and get going. Does what it says on the tin !!
The other good thing is being able to move it to find the best location in the house for it without losing the setup-an obvious 'feature' but one that could have been missed !
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on 3 August 2010
I bought this unit to solve a problem of wi-fi through thick walls, which it does perfectly! I'm an IT professional, but I have to admit I had to trawl the internet (and read other reviews here) before I managed to get mine to work as required.

This will not widen the range of an existing wi-fi network, but rather create a new wi-fi network which links to your current one - so some reconfiguration of devices may be necessary.

I've read a lot of postings stating "it doesn't work" - it does, you just need to persevere. Once you realise the manuals aren't particularly descriptive or helpful, you can begin.

There are several modes of operation, but like me I suppose most people will want to extend the range of their home wi-fi network. Before you start, you'll need several pieces of information assuming a standard wireless router setup:

1. Your current wifi SSID (name that appears when you browse for wireless networks)
2. The current encryption mode & Key (Wep, WPA etc)
3. The IP address of your existing router
4. The IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server used by your PC. These are usually configured and issued automatically by your current router
5. The DHCP range of IP addresses served up by your wireless router

1. SSID = "home Wifi"
2. Encryption = WPA2, Key = 12345678
3. IP of router =
4. IP address of your PC (Issued by DHCP = IP / Mask = / Gateway = / DNS =
5. DHCP Range or Scope : to

When switched on, the Edimax Wifi Extender has a default IP address of

The simplest way is to connect you PC directly to the Edimax with a standard ethernet cable, then configuring your PC with an address on the same subnet (manuals DO describe this well and suggest an IP address of mask which works OK)

Once connected bring up a web browser and point it to the Edimax - Default login name:admin password:1234

From the admin page, choose "Basic Setting" from the left hand menu.
Settings should be as follows:
Mode: Universal Repeater
Band: 2.4GHz (B,G & N)
Main ESSID: (Whatever name you want for the extended network, eg. Extended Network)

Use the "Site Survey" button to locate you existing wifi network. Once it appears, select your with the radio button (other surrounding networks may appear - choose your one) then click the connection button. This will automatically populate the "channel" and "root AP SSID" fields. If your wifi network is hidden, you'll have to enter the channel & SSID of your network manually - be carefull - the SSID is CASE SENSITIVE and if the channel doesn't match - it won't work!

Click Apply to continue - the box might reboot.

Reconnect again, this time choose the "system utility" menu. Change the IP address to an unused one on your network and use the same subnet mask and default gateway (usually your router), i.e. / /

The DHCP server should be enabled, with the settings to be issued to match you present router BUT WITH A DIFFERENT, NON OVERLAPPING IP ADDRESS RANGE, e.g.
Default Gateway IP:
Domain Name Server IP:
Start IP:
End IP:

Click Apply, then apply again - device reboots

You should now be able to restore your PC's IP address setings to what they were before - connect the Edimax to your network, and reconnect using its new IP address you've just configured.

Reconect & login - select the security menu.
Change these settings to match your current wi-fi network (WPA/WEP & correct key) - apply & Reboot.... That should be it!!

you should be then able to disconnect all network cables & use the device completely wirelessly!

Bugs: Can't always connect to admin page

Can't use device without LAN cable plugged in - check Security settings - Edimax needs to "talk" to your existing router to work
Can't browse internet - check Channel & SSID used (my router when it restarts chooses a random channel, I changed this to a fixed one so it maintains the config needed by the Edimax)
Can't connect to the Edimax - you must be in the same subnet - check your IP address
Duplicate IP addresses - Check the DHCP pool of your ols router & edimax do not overlap. A short lease is a good idea

Overall, a very cheap solution, and recommended.
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on 3 March 2010
I bought this as a range extender, but I would not be surprised to find out that this device performs well as an access point also. It's really small (think two cigarette packs small) so you can tuck it close to the ceiling. It even comes with two screws to attach it to the wall. And it runs GNU software, which works seamlessly. Setup was a breeze, this is a cheap, no nonsense piece of hardware/software that was obviously designed by someone with a brain.

It looks like it works as a bridge when in range extender mode, although there is the option to turn on the DHCP server. I loved the fact that when you specify the encryption parameters for the master wifi network it automatically replicates the settings for its own wifi. So if you have an encrypted wifi network at home, you tell the device the network key once and it automatically creates an extended network with the same key. Neat.

Only little drawback: the power cable (and transformer) is black, which makes this otherwise unobtrusive gadget rather conspicuous when placed on a white wall.
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on 31 December 2010
My SKY broadband router was not man enough to cover the whole house. Upstairs was a no go area as far as wireless signals are concerned.

I am pleased to say that installing this little gem and getting it to work turned out to be far easier than anticipated. In fact it's a doddle. It took under 5 minutes to install. Here is what I did (from memory)

1) Selected a convenient location in the house to place the Edimax, say halfway.
2) Connected the Edimax to my laptop via ethernet cable.
3) Plugged the Edimax to mains using its adaptor, of course!
4) Loaded the Edimax CD onto my laptop.
5) Chose English as preferred language and pressed install :)
6) I was prompted to input a password which is 1234, given in the pdf manual found on the same CD.
7) Edimax found my network automatically and prompted me to input its key, which is written on my SKY router.
8) The software asked how I'd like to use the Edimax, I selected as Wifi extender.
9) Finally, I disconnected the laptop and left the Edimax to do its job. We now have have excellent signal coverage everywhere in the house and probably in the garden too! Best wishes.
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on 7 February 2010
I needed a range extender: I have a router (Zyxel, model P-660HW-T1 v2) in the far back bedroom upstairs, and the wireless signal in the front room downstairs was unusable.
I looked at Amazon (& other) reviews of various 'solutions' and chose this Edimax because: 1. compatible with Vista & XP (unlike some others), 2. relative ease of setting it up (unlike some others). As a bonus, the Edimax is very cheap & compact! I am very much a novice with this kind of equipment, so before purchase I decided that I would do the installation by following the instructions contained in the review by D.Mahatme (17 Jan 2010). Following delivery, I followed his instructions nervously, slowly, and very carefully, apprehensive because I'd never done anything like this before - later that morning I had success first time!! The router still resides in the back bedroom, the Edimax is in the front room - the signal in that room is now very strong (5 bars). I could not have hope for more. Many thanks Mr Mahatme (& others) for your very useful reviews.
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on 6 February 2013
Setting Up Edimax 7416PN V2 router (extender mode but works for AP mode also)

I spent far too long trying to figure this little white box out but with a little help from technical support, here is a basic guide, and this is from a guy who hasn't got a clue what the difference is between a subnet mask and a Default Gateway. As such, for those who know more than me, which is most, please excuse some of my language/advice but if it works then who cares.

Notice I don't use the disc provided as I lost it but I found the AP wizard on the site worked well - download instructions below. I also don't mess around with my computers IP settings which never seemed to work for me anyway.

So, firstly if you've been messing about with the device trying to get it up and running, reset it by holding down the little black button on the back for 10 secs, leave for 10 secs, unplug it from the mains, leave for 10 secs and then plug it back in.

Mine was set up from a wireless Windows 7 Laptop on a Talk Talk DSL 2780 Router.

Some people advise downloading the latest firmware, I did this to be on the safe side but it should, in theory, work without. If you choose to, goto the Edimax site, type your model number e.g 7416 in the product search box on the top right. Or goto this link unless they have changed it. [...]
Select your edimax box, if you have 7416v2, it's the second image on the page, click the picture. Click `download' on this new page then a click the Firmware link in the download section that appears. Now install it. I did this bit ages ago so cant remember the specifics but it walks you through as far as I can remember. Make sure you give the device time to install the firmware, don't rush it as it might royally screw it up. Once this is complete...:

1. From the same product page/link above, download the `AP Wizard' directly under the picture then extract the file to your downloads folder or wherever you choose.

2. Plug your Edimax into the mains and the LAN cable into your laptop, not your router!

3. Go to the extracted AP wizard file, find your appropriate language folder, English in my case, clearly...then click the AP wizard application. The file will be somewhere like this : C:\Users\YOU\Downloads\\AP_Wizard\English\Wizard

4. A Edimax wizard box pops up and searches for your Access Point. (i.e The Edimax Box). Make sure its selected Blue then click next.

5. A password window comes up, username should be `admin', password should be `1234'. Click next. For some strange reason, I often got, `incorrect password' in this case, press reset button on the back of the box for 10 secs, leave for 10 secs, unplug from mains, leave for a few secs then replug and try again from step 5. If that's doesn't work, restart your PC also. Click Next

6. A wireless access point box pops up with IP, Subnet and Gatway details in.

7. You now need to change the IP address to something within your DHCP IP Range but there is easy way to assign a suitable address, goto the little wireless signal strength icon on your tool bar. Mine looks like a bar chart. Left click to view wireless networks then right click your network (i.e TalkTalk123 for me) and select status. Then click `details'. Look for `Ipv4 address', it will say something like Now this bit is important, you're going to assign the edimax box its own bespoke IP, and it needs to be something new while keeping the first 3 sets of numbers (192.168.1) the same as your router. E.g Lets use (so basically you just copied your own routers IP and changed the numbers .24 for .151 - keep these numbers high, anything between 50-250 should work fine). Subnet should be . Gateway is the IP of your main router (the address you use to get to the admin page of your router). In my case, its Click Next

8. Select your chosen mode - In my case Repeater Mode. Click Next

9. It now asks for a SSID name. This should be different to the name of your main router so just call it Edimaxextender
or Kitchenwifi for instance. Don't set password etc, you'll set the main wireless password to access the router in a sec. Click Next

10. Now you'll see a table with all the wireless siganls/access points featured. Select your main router (i.e TalkTalk123). Click Next

11. A wireless security page now comes up. This is to secure your netwok and is important if you don't want your neighbour using your wifi...So click enable. Hopefully you use WPA security over WPS but to check, goto the small wifi signal icon on your toolbar again. Left click then find your wifi network (i.e TalkTalk123), right click, select status and click the `wireless properties' button. There should be a security tab in there, select it and it will tell your security and encryption type. I'm WPA and AES so that's what I select in the Edimax window. Now you just need to type your main routers password that you use to access your wifi. Click Next.

12. A summary screen appears, it's a good idea to screen grab this for future ref so when you forget how to do it next time you have something to refer to...also check your password is correct, it's the last thing on the list labelled KEY. Click SET
13. Wait until it reboots then click `finish'

14. Unplug the LAN cable from your Edimax box and your computer and then goto into your wifi icon on the tool bar and try and connect to it, mine is now called `Kitchenwifi' - the password will be the same one as your main router.

15. Test it out by going to a website and with any luck, it should be working....

16. Obviously you just need to position and plug the wifi box in within range of your router now, no point in putting it too far away as it wont be able to throw your signal to those dead areas in your house. So just goto where you start to lose a bit of signal on your wireless devices and plug it in there.
Hope this works for at least a few of you and claws back some of the hrs I spent farting around with this. Let me know anyway.
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