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on 25 September 2010
This book by a non-specialist dramatises climate change and predicts trouble for a society experiencing overpopulation and decline in oil supplies. It begins with an alarming sketch of what might happen if climate change in Britain starts now with a run of really cold winters. Sudden changes in climate have occurred many times in the past. The sun's magnetic field affects temperature in our global greenhouse. At sunspot minimum more cosmic rays enter the atmosphere and seed more clouds, which reflect sunlight and cool the earth (C.T.R.Wilson showed with his cloud chamber a century ago how droplets form round the tracks of atomic particles and the connection between cosmic rays and clouds is explored in Svensmark H, Calder N. The Chilling Stars). We are now at the beginning of what looks like a very weak sunspot cycle. If the trend continues we may be in for a repeat of the solar minimum associated with the Little Ice Age and the frozen Thames in the late 1600s. Failing food supplies could lead to conflict. Alternative energy development is suggested, particularly solar power. The book lists references and suggestions for further reading and has been reviewed elsewhere. I found the case convincing and put in some extra loft insulation, but doubtless our climate will continue to tease all theorists.
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on 10 February 2014
Excellent Book! There are a lot of good facts and knowledge in this book, born out by the fact that on average, the world is actually getting much colder. Although Britain has had a mild winter so far this winter of 2014, on average over the past 6 years it is definitely getting colder in the UK.
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on 31 August 2012
I've just finished reading FROZEN BRITAIN and although it's shocking and worrying on the one hand, one has to take a deep breath and think through what lies in opposition to this. As others have pointed out, there are errors of analysis in the book, such as temperatures. In addition, I have noticed that the author feels the need to REPEAT, REPEAT AND REPEAT the same "facts" or predictions over and over and over (see where this is going) and over again, often on the same two page spread! We are not STUPID! If a point is valid, make it once, or at best twice in a relevant context. Frankly I got the feeling he was filling up space. This feeling was reinforced by his inclusion of a large section of an interview with a scientist. Furthermore, on the point of filling space, I notice that a blank page separates the chapters of this already short book, padded it out still further. Then, as you'd expect, there's a bibliography which neatly fills up a few more pages but.......NOWHERE can I find ANY reviews of THIS book! Usually with such non-fiction the back cover has a few glowing reviews of the book - but Mr Cooke doesn't have a single one. A quick Google search reveals newspaper reviews of this book in the Daily Express and Daily Mail, which are WORD-FOR-WORD extracts from the book, rather than actual reviews, which I find suspicious to say the least.
As other reviewers point out, this book warns (you guessed it) AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.....(AND AGAIN...) of the coming MASS MIGRATIONS "to the north and west" of people's who lands to the south become unusable due to climate change. We're warned of the complete breakdown of society as we know it and we're told we'll be governed by extreme right-wing regimes in the near future.
Nowhere in this book can I find any mention of people's common decency, respect for law and order, international co-operation or genuine, well-meaning politicians (who do exist, honestly!). It's all completely loaded to the negative end of the spectrum, thus representing not just a "worst case" scenario, but a nightmare in the truest sense. One wonders if the author lies awake at night worrying about all he has said, or whether the profits from the book are a comforting consolation. One can only speculate. Meanwhile the reader can choose either to panic and run for the hills (but in which direction?!) or to calmly put this book up for comparison with other works on the subject of climate change, some of which are alarming but not necessarily ALARMIST. Few people wish to ignore the dangers of climate change anymore, but hysterical scaremongering does not seem the way to enlist support for these views, rather to alienate readers against them.
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on 30 August 2013
The planet has cooled and warmed over millions of years. We are at the end of the current inter-glacial or holocene period. We are due the next ice age. This book shows how it could begin. Scary. Hope it holds off till i'm pushing up daisies!
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on 28 February 2011
The book 'Frozen Britain' starts off as a plausible, alternative perspective on climate change and the potential for a significant decrease in temperature in northern europe, due to the interruption of the gulf stream. However, reading through the book - which looks as if it is 'self-published' there is no clear structure for referencing and it looks as if the author pulled some of the reference material from the Daily Mail.

Some of the chapters are interesting to read through as a 'what if' scenario, but is best left to the fiction shelves rather than a scientific outlook on climate change.

The chapter on Labour party immigration policy is particularly imaginative, as I don't ever recall Labour party ministers thinking more immigrants would mean more core Labour votes - a bit far-fetched if you ask me. That chapter was one of the areas where I couldn't really see the connection with the potential cooling effects of climate change and what the author was talking about.

I didn't finish reading this book, as I figured there wasn't much point as the facts were not backed up with hard science, and wasn't structured well enough to be a fiction novel.

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on 20 August 2010
T.his is the most gripping and disturbing work of non-fiction i have ever read,I was profoundly shocked by its revelations.
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on 16 April 2015
Scary. Not totally convinced by the authors prediction of what will happen.
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on 2 January 2011
This is an interesting book with little new but written in a popular style. Unfortunately the author looses credibility quickly because of his confusion of different temperature scales. "... during the Little Ice Ages average global temperatures were 1 - 1.5 deg C (33.8 - 34.7 deg F)..." is a correct statement because these temparature are absolute. "... the Greenland Ice Sheet became 6 deg C (42.8 deg F) colder over this period of time ..." is incorrect because this is an incremental temperature change and the comparison should be 6 deg C and 10.8 deg F.

The book is littered with errors like this. The author would have been much better sticking to degrees C in every case without the comparisons. Consequntly one wonders if the author really understands the subject or has just copied material from other sources and altered the style.
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on 1 August 2011
I have read Frozen Britain three times now and keep returning to various chapters prompted by current events as reported on the news. The book is a well researched look at the most immediate threats to mankind's continued existence. It's focus on politics, economics, energy shortages and overpopulation (including immigration) ring true on almost every level. It is also uncannily perceptive about the causes of climate change and it appears the author was the first to point out the role of the sun being ignored by climate scientists, well before the climategate scandal at East Anglia University. The way it is written allows a non-scientific mind to be gripped by the horror of unfolding events and the book is interspersed with sections of non-science that predicts future trends with, so far, alarming accuracy. The spot on warnings about the severity of the last three winters could have saved the government millions, it's like a warning from the future.
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on 22 January 2011
A must read for all those interested in Climate change . Well written , easy to follow , thought provoking .
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