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3.9 out of 5 stars38
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 26 December 2013
I've read a couple of Eve Langlais' books now and I generally enjoy them for their smouldering sex, blithely paired with enough levity to ensure the reader isn't too cheesed out. I mean, a plot can get pretty corny and still be really enjoyable as long as it doesn't try to take itself too seriously. I think this is where Ms. Langlais shines. However, I have to admit that this book is hovering around the 2.5 star mark and threatening to sink. It was not one of my favourites.

This isn't to say it was all bad. There were still some good one-liners. The sex was still hot. In the middle section Joe turned from the alpha bad-boy cyborg to a cute, confused cyborg with disarming boyish charm that I really liked. The C791 reveal was a good one. Seth and Solus were fun sidekicks. As with so many of Langlais' heroines, Chloe is described as beautiful and sexy as well as rounded, plump even, thereby breaking from the narrow societal standards of beauty. And though opening itself up for sequels, the story did end. There were some appreciable aspects to the story. So I didn't hate it.

But I did hate the four important aspects of it. To start with, Joe's dialogue was painful. Now, this was addressed. He was said to have not fully grasped human syntax. Fair enough, but there were some awkward passages, especially in the beginning. His first couple sentences in the book made me laugh out loud, and not in a good way. (It did seem to get better as the book progressed.)

Secondly, his character seemed unstable. Like I said, he started out as a strong, bad-ass leader of the cyborg rebellion. Then went all googly-eyed and little boy-like. Then ended up practically a basket case. He was inconsistent at best. Likeable, but undependable.

Third, the air at the end of the book got really, really thick with heavy sentimentality and overplayed emotions. Sci-fi erotica just doesn't have the gravitas to support it, so it felt horribly unnatural.

**Spoiler***Lastly, and to me most importantly, the book employed the infuriating and cheap plot device of providing Chloe a history of sexual abuse that contributed absolutely NOTHING to the plot. It was COMPLETELY unnecessary. It was pure dirty TITILLATION. It provided opportunities for her to be called a dirty whore and threatened with future abuse.

This didn't heighten the suspense for me. It just made me ask, "Why was that necessary?" Answer: It wasn't. Sure, if a history of rape (repeated gang rape or otherwise) is an important part of a plot, I'll endure it. But it wasn't here. The rest of what was done to Chloe was enough to provide her with the necessary anger to move the story along. The periodic victimisation references were not needed. They were overkill to the extreme, unpleasant and came across (to me, anyway) as evidence that the author couldn't or wouldn't dig a little deeper than such a trite overused cliché. Pretty much ruined the book for me.

I have no doubt that this won't be the last Langais book I read. Not as long as she keeps popping them up on the free list, anyhow. But this will remind me to be a little more cautious as I approach them from now on.
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on 31 January 2013
really great read,detailed storyline,maybe a touch predictable but in a nice way,Hot ,Erotic but all in context,Fantastic price would recommend to anyone ,cant wait to read the next book.
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on 11 January 2014
I only downloaded this on to my Kindle as my mother had recommended it to me. I know that she has a penchant for Science Fiction related stories, but I never for a moment thought that it would be "erotica", not that that shocked me, but I was a little disturbed my mother had recommended it to me.

All in all it wasn't too bad, there were moments of eye rolling at some of the prose and the multiple sexual encounters were a little laughable. The premise of the story is reasonable, if a little overdone and lacking in imagination.

Not really my sort of thing, but as chick lit goes it isn't too bad. If you like this genre of fiction then it is worth picking up.
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on 21 August 2014
Nothing new or exciting in this book and I can't be bothered reading the rest of the series.
The story was of part man part machine one I have read a hundred times but this one was just bland.
Of course there were lots of sex scenes, I used the word sex instead of love on purpose, but there was nothing in them to make the readers heart thump. They were so bland I skipped over most of them, it was like reading a 'how to' manual.
This author really needs to discover you just don't write a love story by vamping it up with loads of bland sex. The reader likes to feel the love, to see the passion ooze off the page not a quick bit of 'slam bam and thank you mam'.
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on 25 January 2013
This story has a brilliant little twist.

Lots of action, romance, a little humour, bloody brilliant!!

Ticked all my boxes so roll on the next one please.
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on 7 August 2013
I didn't really expect to enjoy this book but boy was i wrong, i wish it could have been longer and have a bit more action in it but even that did not detract from the story, it was really hot and steamy, it gives laurann dohners cyborg series a run for the money. The characters were great i fell in love with Joe and all the other cyborgs. Chloe was a great character aswell. I loved the twist in the story that i never would have expected and im definitely buying the next in the series.
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on 15 December 2014
I've known of this series for a while; but veered away as did't think that it would be my cup of tea..... BOY was i wrong!!!! Downloaded the free read for the first of the series. Flew through the pages and downloaded the four 4 others on the series.

Yes it's a human/cyborg f/m read.. but you see how both parties learn aboutb each other and human feelings. Well worth reading and would recommend it.

ps. LOVE the twist! ? it to find out this for yourselves!
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on 30 May 2012
Let me start by saying I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, I don't think I've ever read a Cyborg book before, certainly not a Cyborg erotica. Once I started reading though I was hooked! I read it straight through, it's such an interesting world and a fresh idea. I think the fact that the Cyborgs began as humans who were experimented on helped me invest in the characters and the story. Chloe, the heroine goes through so much you can't help but feel for her and root for her to come out on top!

I will be reading more in this series :)
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on 6 March 2015
eve langlais is one of my favourite authors. good story line fast paced, allows my imagination to fire and the stories always excite my enough to want to read on and on. good, strong, developed characters, (editing is good) believeable in an imaginary world. it is a story after all. have read all the series so far and have pre ordered ADAM. hope it continues to grow.
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on 8 January 2014
Oh my this us one hot and tantalising book. Do these types of men really exist? If so I would love to meet one. If fact just send a few my way, you know so I can pick my favorite. I enjoyed everything about this Eve Langlais is a marvelous writer. Keep up the good work.
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