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3.9 out of 5 stars235
3.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2013
Colour Name: Black Denim|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Very good! You could spend three or four times this on a top-end set of celebrity endorsed cans - but I'd wager you won't get anything more than these Philips have to offer.

Coming off my iPod in-ear, it's telling how tweaked Apple's white trademark buds are, and how they make MP3s sound big and bold. Hence, any headphones are going to sound odd at first. However, a quick re-balance of my laptop's graphic equaliser, and I was really taken with these.

First off, the dynamic range is very good. Everyone has their preferences, and thanks to hip-hop a lot of sound balances are weighted towards providing a heavy kicking bottom-end; often at the expense of clear trebles. Yet these Philips give a really pleasing 3D space, in which the bass kicks harder than your average without distorting, and the top end is crystal.

The ambient noise cancellation is very good too. As soon as you put these on, the world outside disappears. Not 100%, but darn near close enough that you are immediately in your own environment. Personally, I think the design on these is ace: minimal, smooth... and they're pretty darn comfortable. I've worn some headphones which I couldn't wait to get out of - but these are fine. The black denim strap is, well, it's a clever idea - looks good, isn't obtrusive, and it's not that flash that it'll look naff in six months time (unlike some hip headphones out there).

Extras? Beyond the above, the lead is unlike one I've seen before. It's the style and thickness of a large rubber-band. Not sure how they've done it, but it's great. Oh, and there's a mic cut-off switch, so if you're using these on a smart-phone, you're covered for conversations.

So, in short: for the money, these are highly recommended. There's a bit of chance taking buying headphones, but, honestly, I'd recommend these to anyone!
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Colour Name: Black Denim|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These Philips Headphones look fairly cool with their denim headband, they are also very comfortable to wear for long periods due to the memory foam ear cushions that do a good job at keeping outside noise out and music in, there is very little sound leakage from these headphones, which is a bonus for other people around you.

Sound quality is acceptable for this budget of headphone, it's crisp and clear but muted on bass, I tested using my Fiio F17 DAC/headphone amp with my Sony Tablet Z as the source and Poweramp as the media player, I tested with a variety of music and found the mid range to be a little overpowering so tweeked the EQ to suit, Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon on a moderate volume sounded very good, clear vocals and cymbals and a controlled (if slightly muted) bass line, I then moved onto to something very demanding 10,000 Days by Tool the track I picked was The Pot, this track is very good at showing any kind of distortion as it is highly driven, these Philips headphones surprised me and came out unscathed when being driven hard, they remained undistorted and stayed clear and precise, again bass was a little muted. I've heard headphones costing double the price that fail miserably on this particular track.

Build quality looks fine but I have my doubts on the flat 'anti-tangle' cable, this type of cable is notorious for developing fractures, so the more the cable gets pulled around the more it is likely it will fracture, rendering the headphones unusable as the cable is not replaceable.

These headphones do not fold up for storage, they also don't come with a case or quarter inch to 3.5mm adaptor, but remember they are more in the budget range.

Overall I'm impressed with these headphones, they will never sound like the big boys(Sennheiser Momentums) but they cost 3 times less, great headphones for anyone wanting a decent set of good sounding headphones on a budget, would also make a great Christmas present for teens would seen to live with headphones on, they are available in different colours too.
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on 31 March 2014
As it it less costly than leading brands, I chose to buy it, but when you do buy it it is amzing, I cannot hear anyone around me, it blocks out alot of noise, unless the voulume your on is low, it also doesnt let out much sound either, unless it is full blast, when on full volume on any device it is just a bit of humming heard by people around from your head phones.
Only problem can be if you speak too quietly the microphone wont pick up your voice well.

Overall I love the product and very good price for a very good product.
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Colour Name: Black Denim|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Philips SHL5605 headphones are offered in a range of styles and some of the earlier models are currently available from Amazon for very competitive prices. This model is finished with a black denim headband and looks pretty good - however, it may be advisable not to wear in the rain and may be difficult to clean for those with greasy hair!

The sound of these phones varies quite a lot depending on the source used. When used with my CD Walkman and an old FM pocket radio they sounded pretty good - but when used with more modern digital sources such as iPods and iPhones they showed their limitations - or the limitations of the source material. I found the phones quite comfortable to wear, even over fairly long periods, with a little noise isolation. The build quality is good with what appears to be a steel headband underneath the denim cover; they don't fold for carrying - but that makes them stronger overall. No accessories are provided but there is an inline mic for Smartphone use, and the tangle-free cable is quite effective.

This model is on offer at the time of review for around forty quid and at that price I will give it four stars - if it reduces to the price of some earlier models (around thirty quid) then I would give the full five stars, or three stars at full price. Headphones are always a very subjective experience but I like this model more than some other reviewers seem to!
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on 12 January 2014
My daughter - a budding musician asked for these and at first I thought she had made a mistake as I had never been aware of Phillips headphones and owning two pairs of good headphones and three or four at this price. I read the reviews and they were excellent although I was still sceptical. I shouldn't have been - these are excellent 'phones. My only complaint is that they are too well isolating which means I can never get my daughter to hear me when I want her to do something (perhaps this isn't to do with the 'phones!
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VINE VOICEon 18 November 2013
Colour Name: Black Denim|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These are the first ever pair of "old school" headphones I have ever owned, having always prefered the "in ear" headphones, and so far I have been quite impressed.

The denim coating on the headband makes for a nice touch that adds some style to the headphones, and the pads are initially comfortable on the years. However, after about 15-20 mins they do thend to get "itchty" and unconfortable and this does make me less inclined to use them when lsitening to an entite album or watching a film on the laptop.

The sound quality on them is pretty good too, its clear, and gives a "surround" feel, but compared to both my sony and Marley "in ear" headphones, the sound from them is much quieter and the bass is far, far, far lower.

Overall, while stylish and initially comfortable, the growing discomfort and generally low levels of noise and bass, has left me slightly underhwhelmed with this product.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 November 2013
Colour Name: Black Denim|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having used a pair of in-ear headphones for a number of years, I was looking forward to trying these because I've found that the in ear headphones are continually falling out, especially when moving around. If these fall off, there is certainly something wrong!

I was rather impressed with the simple styling and the sound quality (on my preferred choice of choral music) was able to cope with both treble and bass without much distortion (there may have been a little bit of distortion at the extreme ranges, but it hasn't bothered me). I do have to say however that I was slightly disappointed in the sound muffling because I've found that the music I'm listening to can be heard quite clearly by people walking around me and not just when I've turned the volume up to full! While it's not like having a sound blaster tapped to your head, I would prefer to be able to listen to my own music without it disturbing other people.

Perhaps I'm just being too fussy and that is par for the course with these types of headphones? Of course, it won't put me off using them, but I will just have to tolerate much lower volumes in public!
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VINE VOICEon 1 December 2013
Colour Name: Black Denim|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
One thing I was worried about with these headphones was the use of denim, that it might look tacky. I needed not have worried, the denim is quite subtle. The headphones actually look quite nice.

Sound quality is average at best. The base is lacking, personally I prefer a punchier base. The sound as a whole feels a little flat and muffled. I have cheaper in ear phones that produce a much clearer crisper sound.

The fit is comfortable for a while. I use typically them for 20 minutes at a time and they're comfy enough for for this. The times I've worn them for longer they do start to irritate because they compress my ears. I don't think they're particularly good for extended use (45 minutes plus). The most comfortable headphones I've used have always been closed cup. I don't think headphones with flat foam will ever sit as comfortably as closed cup headphones.

Overall it's hard to recommend these to anyone who is looking to get good quality sound from their headphones. The hardware itself is fine, but they're really let down by sound quality. You can find better out there.
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on 2 November 2013
Colour Name: Black Denim|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Still on the lookout for an all round excellent pair of headphones. These are getting there, but not quite.

First up, they do look quite attractive. The denim headband is a nice touch. :) They are comfortable and lightweight, with well padded cups. Part of this is because they have the music seals to keep your music from escaping (and the outside world getting in). Never quite sure how I feel about that, from a safety point of view, but it works anyway. Volume control is present (and expected, I think).

The most important aspect of any headphones, of course, is the sound quality. This is where I can't totally recommend them. The sound is fine; it's better defined than I'd expect from my earbuds, but I do feel that the bass while it's good that it's there, does come at the expense of the midrange, especially. The reason I'm a little down on these is they aren't that cheap. They're getting to the kind of price where I'd expect a better sound.

So, while I won't unreservedly recommend them, I do think they're fine and I look forward to getting some good use of them.
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VINE VOICEon 5 December 2013
Colour Name: Black Denim|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
-I love the denim touch on these. Especially on the blue ones although I got the black ones! They denim headband is quite cool in my view. Although the Philips writing on the ears could be much improved.The cable is indeed kink free & very good quality.

-The sound on these is pretty clear & the bass quite well balanced. The sound is not harsh on the ears. It indeed is natural & clear as claimed.
--On laptop, the sound is loud enough to cancel outside noise yet is comfortable.
--on iPhone 5, sound is not as sharp & on loudest setting, I could not hear much outside noise.

- They are fairly comfortable. I did not notice any discomfort & they are quite cushiony.

BUILT-IN microphone allows you to answer calls as you are listening to music without doing anything, Simply answer the call & the headphones takes care of the rest!

Overall, a good pair of headphones which are not the greatest looking but still decent enough. From a brand that is trusted, decent sound & maybe a little over-priced.
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