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on 23 May 2012
Wow! these headphones are simply brilliant. Got a bit of a feeling i might start rambling but here goes:

Looks are a bit of a hit or a miss but the retro look, is great IMO. Build quality is great as you have probably come to expect from philips, masses of padding, the result is one of the most comfortable headphones i've ever worn. Would have prefered a detachable cable but you can't have everything. Only other negative is the volume control is manual gain, therefore it's pretty useless and you still have to control from your source. Sound is where things get interesting. Bass is perfect. Doesn't overpower in rock and pop kind of genres but is still there but not over dominant. However it can hit hard if it needs to in genres such as dubstep. But most importantly it knows when enough is enough. The result of this is that there's absolutely no recession in the mids or treble. Such a nice listening experience. Soundstage again is excellent, it seemed like instruments were coming from all angles. Due to the ammence amounts of padding there's very very little sound leaking which is great. Must buy very close to the Audio Technica ATH M50, maybe even better due to the more tolerable bass and at £40 less than the M50 these are an absolute steal!
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on 11 April 2013
Another idiosyncratic headphone which philips appear to be so expert at making in recent times. This time the oddity lie in the sensitivity and cable, Ill come to those later.
Style, comfort, Durability and Portability: Philips have kept the construction simple. Aluminium frame running through the headband supplemented with tough plastic for the capsules with ample faux leather padding. Very lightweight which affords hours of listening pleasure. I feel they are best suited to home listening. However this is where the oddity lay. The cable is fixed to the capsule and is of a fairly short length with a 3.5mm jack only, though it does have volume control and control talk for IOS devices.
Sound Quality: These cans provide an accurate representation of your music. Treble is very crisp, highlighting percussive instruments and symbols very well. The bass isnt wooly, it feels tight and controlled though not overly dominant or rich. Between these two ranges is where the philips fall short, the midrange appears to get lost in the void and your presented with quite a clinically cold sound. On the whole though a pleasing accurate presentation.
Conclusion: On the whole good value for money, well built and good sound. However, Be aware that portable mp3 players may lack the power to drive these well. Especially post EU volume capped Ipods.
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on 24 December 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Philips aren't one of the big names in headphones though their recent more expensive sets have had good reviews. The SHL5905BK/10s in brown look rather austere (there are other colours) as if they would be most comfortable playing smooth jazz and classical, but can they rock? They are certainly well made for the price; the padding around the earpieces and across the headband is soft and very comfortable, though over-ear closed back 'phones like this can make your ears sweat a little bit.

The padding and cushioning is said to help keep your music in, and keep external sound out. In practice I found that isolation of music to me was very good, but I could still hear some external sounds during quiet passages of music. The cable is flat and designed not to tangle as much as a cylindrical cord; this does seem to work though it does look a little cheap. Other reviewers have found that it can break, though having broken several more expensive headphone leads in my time, I'm perhaps naturally careful now. There is a volume slider on the the cable but it does not control your playback device and is best left set to maximum. Finally the mini-jack at the end of the lead features a right-angle connection which might not fit all devices so a small extension is provided with a straight connector for Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson phones. If you have a protective case on your phone, like the Otterbox I have on my iPhone, you may find you also need to use the extension.

So far, so good but how do they sound? When reading reviews of headphones it helps to understand the tastes of the reviewer so upfront I should say that I listen mainly to rock/blues and I am far more interested in enjoying music than worrying about how much bass there is, for example. The last pair of over-ear headphones I reviewed (the Sennheiser HD449) were disappointing but more expensive than the Philips so my expectations were reasonably low. First test was a purely musical one - could they get my foot stomping with some AC/DC. The plodding Sennheisers failed miserably in that respect, but the Philips weren't afraid to boogie. I plugged into my iPad and started with a track from Powerage; I'd listened to most of Highway to Hell before remembering I was supposed to be reviewing and not just enjoying myself. Switching to my normal Bowers and Wilkins P3s, there was immediately more depth, detail and a greater sense that you were listening to people and instruments rather than just sound. But then the P3s cost 4 times as much as the Philips.

As I've listened to different types of music through the SHL5905BKs that element of enjoyment has remained. There is a nice balance to all types of music; bass, midrange and treble, nothing is given prominence to the detriment of anything else. Whether this suits your own taste I'll leave to you but they're well worth trying.

One other important thing to note - headphone drivers, like loudspeakers, are mechanical and need to run in for a few days before performing at their best. They will loosen up over time and sound less 'brittle' so give them a chance before judging.
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VINE VOICEon 12 January 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got these headphones to go with my recently purchased Kindle Fire HD. They sound great and are very comfortable to wear for long periods, and I have found I have used them with my PC in preference to the USB Skype Headset when listening to music.

The short lead means you are unlikely to want to use them when listening to a hi-fi, unless you are sitting right next to it. I haven't use them when travelling on the underground as they are quite large, and my in ear headphones are more suitable in that environment, but the next time I fly, I will definitely be taking these along, as I have fallen asleep a few times wearing them at home.
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VINE VOICEon 16 January 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These are by far the best headphones I have tried. I love the retro design to them, the headband is very comfortable and cushioned unlike my very expensive sennheisers that i'd previously depended on for years! Having used the others for so long you really notice the differences - these have an amazing outside noise reductor which I find incredibly useful as I'm a musician and I use these while I play along and I can hear the tracks clearer despite the noise i'm making! I keep a pair of these for the studio and a pair while i'm on the go as i can never keep the ear buds in and i'm aware while commuting that everyone else could hear my nusic but you'll never get that with these and as your sound isn't leaking you don't need it that loud to get the full impact, it's crystal clear, and beautiful quality.

The cups are large, I have a small head and small ears but they don't feel swamped, they are incredibly comfortable for long periods of time and don't slip even when I'm drumming, they are like wearing a cloud, you don't notice them on your head! Very impressed, they have a volume control which is great when you don't want to get up and manually change the sound which my others also do not have and they also have a mic so you can answer calls whilst listening to music, you can switch so you can talk with them on so it doesn't imterrupt you and is another very handy feature.

Very impressed and for the high standards it really is a bargain price - i paid nearly double for a lot less of another brand!
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on 8 July 2013
This is my first review so please be gentle.

I thought that i would put my negative points on first (however please read the whole review to gain a better understanding)

At times the headphones don't seem to play as loudly as they should, however this can be negated by simply turning your music up.
These headphones are very comfortable however i haven't worn them for more than an hour.
Finally i am concerned that universal mic might be a structural weakness as most headphones break aroud that point. Sometimes the mic can irritate the neck region
After checking others reviews the only problem seemed to be they were too small for adults. I found this not to be true.

Now onto the good stuff =)

After searching around youtube the product regarded with the highest quality were these. The sound quality is just beautiful and unless you like your music deafeningly loud, no one will be able to hear your music. I cannot say for all types of music however these made music such as rock, electro, dance, metal, the few rap songs i listened to and dubstep (i'm not a chav i swear) sound spectacular. These are very attractive and comfortable and because of the universal mic i can stop, restart and skip music if i want to. This is a very nice gesture and makes me love these headphones even more.

I would definately suggest these to lovers of music who enjoy listening to a lot of music as they feel like they are definately worth the money. However i would suggest searching amazon for more headphones and checking youtube to grasp a wider range of perspectives. Someone who has more experience with higher quality headsets could give a better review.
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on 11 November 2014
A year after purchase...

Still very happy with these headphones. I like the design of the colour and more importantly the sound.
These headphones have a fantastic soundstage, really amazing to listen ambient or electric music such as Burial, Tim Hecker, Caribou.
I'm still amazed by the sound, clear and not too "bass-y". The soundstage with the bits and pieces that sounds like they would come from next door.

Prior to these I have owned Beats headphones and several other from different brands but these are hands down the best headphones I ever had and were not even the most expensive.
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on 14 June 2012
I expected a lot from these headphones.For the most part they met my expectations, but there are some drawbacks too. These headphones are the most comfortable phones I have ever used. They are light, well isolated and built using quality materials plus they don't push too hard on the ears. The sound is top notch and well-balanced. The mic on the cable works very well with my phone (SE Neo V), so it's very handy when having long phonecalls or Skype calls with phone.

Something that is not mentioned almost anywhere - there's an unhandy little 10cm extentsion cable(not flat) for use with almost everything you want to plug the headphones into. Want to use SE, Samsung or Nokia with these headphones? Have to use this extension. Want to listen from other sources - also have to use either this extension or a similar one. If you don't use this extension, you'll hear a sound that is very similar to the sound when regular headphones aren't plugged in completely to the source, so not usable in that sense. So these headphones would look and feel much better without this little annoying thingy.
The other drawback is the volume control on the cable - it should be smaller so you wouldn't tackle on it every now and then, which might eventually result in a broken cable.
All in all - solid quality & comfortable headphones, which are a great for listening to your favorite music.. but for this price, I expected more perfection.
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on 10 January 2013
First impressions were that they looked great, they have a very comfortable feel to them. On my head they are perfect. The sizing options are easy to use. They are not too flimsy, but they are strong and solid enough to not slip out out of place. The sound is brilliant for the price. I got them for 70 euro, and they are probably the best headphones under 100. The sound is so clear and strong. You can hear every little detail of pop songs, things you might never have heard before, then on strong songs the bass is strong, and perfect. Its not too heavy, and not too light either. The sound isolation (music leakage) is brilliant. The first day i got them i thought the MusicSeal didn't work, because my brother could hear my music. But now i can listen to it loud with a tiny bit (or no) leakage. If i was playing at normal volumes, like on a subway or bus, then I'm sure no-one could hear it, which is brilliant. The sound volume on the wire is why its 4 stars and not 5. Its annoying and pointless. If it wasn't there then these would be perfect. When you try and switch the volume the sound becomes all static, and hardly changes volume from when you change it from low to high, but then when you let go of the rocker it gets high. In other words its nearly faulty, it can slip up and down without you touching it, and sounds can become a little distorted. But this doesn't happen all the time, and they still don't make these headphones bad. These headphones are still the best under 100, for sound and comfort. If i could i would give them 4.5 stars. The .5 is taken off because of the volume control, but its not a big deal at all.
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on 22 December 2014
These are fantastic headphones.

They are super comfortable - bought for a 4 hour daily commute. Sound quality is excellent and clear. There is very little sound leakage.

The cables are a little disappointing on quality and are an unusual flat shape.

The additional volume control is also a little annoying and can rub on clothes meaning you suddenly can't hear anything!

Overall, fantastic headphones for the price!
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