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on 27 June 2013
I had high hopes for this book from all the reviews but unfortunately having almost finished it my mind is only focussing on the negatives. As someone else wrote, the author/publisher needs to hire a proof reader - missed words, missed letters, sentences that do not make sense. Really annoying to read! Also the author discusses the fact that Google hates spam and so do I so the constant references to go to his site for free reviews, site designs etc are not welcome when I have paid full money for a book. One reference is fine, another at the end of the book fine but to be spammed constantly with references/sales pitch to go to his business is annoying. Will the audit really be free with no strings attached? I would like to think so but if you are going to be bombarded with emails or calls afterwards then its not free of hassle so I shall try it and see!

The positives - a lot of great tips and up to date too. Rich snippets, the latest directories to list with and the whole section on Google Places/Local and advice on linking back to this. Would be great to have screen shots to show how to register with these things. Proof read, cut the spam/sales pitch and add some visual screen shots and I would give it 5 stars.
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on 8 July 2015
I have just set up my own interior design company and, as the budget is very tight, I am looking after my own SEO and online marketing. I'm not a techonophobe but I do go cross eyed at a lot of SEO websites as they are full of technical information and things that I don't understand. I came across Tim's book whilst I was on holiday and read it front to back one day. I've just got home and have been implementing all of the tips and suggestions and doing lots of planning on longer-term goals. I found this book incredibly helpful and love the way he writes - it feels as though he's talking you through it rather than regurgitating a load of complicated jargon. I have already recommended this book to some friends and will continue to do so! (Also, I emailed exposureninja with a question and got al reply on the same day - really helpful!)
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on 29 February 2016
I actually downloaded this book for free as a Kindle Unlimited member. After reading the book I decided to buy it and keep as a future valuable resource for what I do online.
There is so much valuable information in this book I still can't believe my luck in stumbling across. I immediately passed it on to one of my clients and he also bought the book right off the bat.
This book is worth every cent I paid for it and more than! The information in this book is incredible and I would highly recommend it to anyone,
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on 1 February 2016
I specialise in SEO and as the industry is ever changing and reliant on hours of testing by search professionals, it's always nice to catch up on the findings of other professionals in the field. Tim is one of the few SEO experts who shares the same ethos as me. His book outlines almost word for word the methods that I use and teach with a few tips that I hadn't before seen and which make perfect sense. A great read for anyone wanting to improve their position in the search results. No dirty tricks, no underhanded nonsense, just ethical, simple and common sense methods that work.
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on 16 November 2015
I'm just in the throws of setting up a new business with a colleague and we don't have a large budget so have been trying to do as much as possible ourselves. Being new to marketing we feel as if everything is a bit of a mine-field and, as other reviewers have mentioned, there is so much complicated jargon used in books and "how to" publications that it's easy to give up before you start! Finding Tim's book was therefore a real breath of fresh air.
What is so good about it is that, although there is a lot of technical information covered, it is approached in a very step-by-step manner and his chatty, humorous way of writing actually makes a complex subject into an enjoyable read. It can't be denied that there is a lot of information to take in in his book and it needs to be worked through systematically, but he shows you clearly how to do this. I have read all through it once and we have made a few changes to our website already but am now re-reading the book more slowly so that we can fully implement every idea. I think most people will need to read it several times to get the most from it.
Tim is also a shining example of the approach he advocates - giving excellent service and value for money. The bonus offers and materials which come with the book are incredibly useful, and the communications I have already received from him/his office made me feel respected and valued, which is surely how a customer wants to feel.
Brilliant book, highly recommended.
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on 28 August 2015
Great book, covers all the important points without getting too techy. Have seen a small number of negative reviews here on Amazon and find them incomprehensible because this is a very sensible, accessible and helpful guide to the key issues.
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on 4 February 2016
I am creating my tourism business so my focus is to get things done effectively and simple.
After reading lots of SEO blogs and "experts" I ended up more questions than answers, so I decided to pull the trigger on "How to get to the top of google" mostly because the reviews appealed to me as well as the price.
This was my first SEO book and the last: it is all crystal clear, non geek language and a very practical hands on approach that anyone can follow.
I truly recommend this book if you want to take action now in your website as it lays out a reasonable plan to do the things needed to rank higher on google.
Thank you Mr. Tim Kitchen for this one, I honestly recommend this book -you will read it in 2 or 3 days and have homework to do for weeks and results to be expected in months.
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on 11 November 2015
I bought this book to help me in the creation of my new website, just to make sure I was spending time inputting content in a way that Google would recognise. I read through Tim's book initially to get an understanding of what I should be thinking about before starting the creation of my website. I created my website, and believe me it took me some time as I'm not technical and have never created a website before, but I realised that I needed to incorporate the advice provided in the book to make my site successful. I read the book a second time and picked up more information second time around, tweaked my site accordingly, as I had a better understanding of the process and terminology of creating a website. The book provided useful sites and also offered a review option. I applied for my analytical review and Exposure Ninja (referenced in the book) were excellent. They provided me with a video review and more helpful advice. Thank you Tim and the other Ninja’s for helping me create a successful site for my new business.
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on 5 July 2016
This book is the Bible of SEO, when read and applied it works 100% I have 5 websites all based on Window Cleaning, so far 2 are dominating the search results and making my phone ring every day. The other 3 sites are lead generation sites and I have yet to give them my undivided attention, but when I do I am completely confident that they will climb to the top of the search results as well, I feel empowered with this knowledge and insight to SEO. Thanks Tim n Team.
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on 12 February 2012
I actually came across this book after finding the author's website, where it is on sale for £20! I thought I'd do some backgroudn research on the book and found it on Amazon and got it for kindle.

What peaked my interest in particular is the really neat 'rich snippets' technique he uses to get the websites to show up with ratings stars next to the search results in Google. The video on the website showed a load of sites he had made for people which were showing up in google and they really stood out on the page. My business is always getting reviews from customers on our Google business page and now I can add these to our main site, it's a really nice trick and we're the only business in our category that uses it.

Overall well worth the £8 (or £20 depending on where you buy it!)
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